Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Show Time!

Very simply put, my absence is due to the KL International Motor Show, to which my company is involved with, and naturally, my colleagues and I are expected to be on duty, till end of this week.

I’m not much of an automobile fan, give me a Murano any day and I’ll be happy as a bumble bee; so I’ve got nothing much to say about the show except its tiring from all the standing (yup, in heels!) and smiling. Oh, hint: our concept car will be featured on Channel V!

Jason didn’t pay visits due to his work commitment and the distance, except for one night where he came to fetch me from work. He was quick to announce that he managed to pick up a few show girls in boots (which one of ‘em is not anyway?), while other guys watched on green eyed. Yeah, bravo!

I’ll try to post up some pictures soon, promise. Yo Jason, I need the camera back!

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