Friday, August 28, 2015

What The Heck Happened Leishia?!

So the last post was dated back in 2013. And then a very long pause. 2 years to be exact. Wow.

I guess the reason I call it a pause is because deep down, I know I will always return to my first love – writing. But there is just this itty bitty fear that is gnawing away in me; fear of not being funny enough, or relevant enough, or entertaining enough, fear of what people think of me as a crap “blogger”, fears, fears, fears.

There is this huge silent fight going on within me recently, “imma go back to blogging today!” vs “nah maybe not. We'll wait and see. Wait and see”. Like seriously, wait and see for what I have no idea man! But today I say, enough is enough. Just start finger-banging the damn keyboard already Leishia!

So here I am.


Wow. I am truly so out of touch with the blogging world (but I'm glad I still remember the password back in here! Hah!). I wonder how it is evolving? What’s up? What’s out? How do bloggers do things now? How are you's?

My last memory of this little space was that I posted about Via’s (my second baby) birthday, she turned 1. Today, she is a noisy, crazy 3 year old! And she will turn 4 next month in September! MAJOR CRAY!
Oh. And did I mention? Baby #3 arrived 8 months ago. Hehe.

And oh! I almost died on the last lap of carrying baby #3. But that will be another story for another day. All I can say is, God is freaking amazing!

Anyway, in between all these, quite a bit happened. We finally moved into our own place, and started a few ventures, had our 5 minutes fame on tv via a "social experimental" reality show, the girls started kindie, if you remember Frappy, she is crazy talkative and very tall now. Gosh there’s just so much to catch up on, haven’t we?

But we shall take it slow, aight? For now, I am just so thrilled to be back. Taking the first step is always invigorating.

So. Taken any first steps lately? :)