Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Just a quick note of hullo buhbye :) We are back from our honeymoon and the whole crazy weekend wedding celeberation! We are so touched with all your kind gestures and presence, really, what else can we ask for? Anyway, I'm so out of internet connection living in my now new home in Bangi. I'll try to get on the net soonest to post pictures and updates. Do send us the pictures you captured on our wedding day, should you have any, for our compilation and developing. Man, I'm so deprived of the net! Alright, I gotta get moving. So keep in touch y'all! Hugs and muaks!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We Are This Close

Last week Wednesday was my last in the office. Yup, I’ve resigned. Tendered 2 months notice, in a blink of an eye, it was time to say good bye (hey it rhymes!). I was totally busy off my head packing and handing over my jobs to my colleagues that I didn’t have time to be happy or sad over the whole “it’s my last day!” sentiment; until by 6pm, after much packing and running around, it dawned on me that, “hey, seriously, this cubicle is no longer yours, there’ll be no more laughing over stupid things with your colleagues-now-turned-really-cool-friends, no more lunch breaks with them, no more petty talks over coffee breaks, no more chatting in the wash room, no more crying in the toilet cubicles…” wow… and then I felt tears trickling down, I had to hold back, silly bambi!

I never expected to be this… gray over resigning. I mean this has been what I wanted all the while but then when the time came to leave, I couldn’t do it! Super duh! Haha.

Anyway! Another heart attack is this: my wedding is next weekend! (like, it's news to you. hehe) This gory truth always makes me want to stick two chopsticks up my nostrils and bend them around up the eyes and stick ‘em back down from the top of the brain all the way down to the liver, you know, just to make sure, I’m not dreaming. It is that… surreal! Like heck, I should have another half a year, where has all the time gone to?! Gahhh!!!!

The “MRS degree”. The new chapter to come… in a week’s time. Someone pass me the chopsticks please.

So yeah, anyway, 1 week has gone by since my last day at work, and in a way, I’m glad to have more time at hand to get things done. I’ve sent out my invitation cards, I’ve, more or less, secured a make up artist (yay!!!) and I’ll get my trial this Saturday evening, just in time for my hen’s night! (so money won’t go a-waste!), I’ve gone for a facial this morning, and a second one to come next week on Thursday. Oh remember the veil? The one that my friends bought for me, and I dreamed that it wasn’t dry cleaned on my wedding day? Well, I sent to the dobby on Monday! *beams*

I also went for my dress fitting last Sunday, and the horror when I saw my wedding gown for the first time after 6 months, instead of falling in love all over again, I just felt that wasn’t the dress I chose 6 months ago! And the girl insisted it was my choice. But it’s a slight sweetheart cut! Mine was an empire cut! Due to it wasn’t in my size and one of the bra cups was out, I couldn’t feel anything bridal about it but I do looked the part of a swollen prego woman. Oh man!!!!

And the unhelpfulness of that snobbish looking sales girl made the whole experience even worse. I don’t like shopping for bridal gowns in Malaysia! Before you sign up their services, they are all sunshine and rainbows, but after you do! Hoho, say adios to your money and wedding dreams and hello to rotten cheese! (Uhm, actually, I have no idea why rotten cheese, but just for the effect lah)

So anyway, I went back there again yesterday, and took my longest time to search for *that* perfect gown. I couldn’t find it (that’s because its non-existent, according to those money suckers) but thankfully, the girl’s attitude was not as bad as before on that day. So I was able to make my decisions without being rushed and forced. I just hope when I go back for my final fitting next week, I’ll taste the “sweetness of falling in love again”, as how other brides would describe when they see their dresses. Hehe.

Oh and we bought the lo…. Uhm, favors! We bought our favors!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! And Jason found his perfectest pair of shoes!!!! And we’ve got our birdcage!

Oh boy, it’s a crazy ride, this whole wedding preparation! One year’s work just for one day’s event. I think crazy is really an understatement! But I thank God to be able to experience all these things with my loved ones and friends. As how Jason would put it, all the craziness, the irritations, the arguments, definitely are bringing all of us much closer! :)

What about you? How’ve your week been?