Friday, May 30, 2008

After Low Tide Is ALWAYS High Tide

I feel a little on the low tide lately. In all, I’ma gonna sum it up and put the blame on work.

And the p.e.o.p.l.e in it. -_-

It’s always the human factor that puts me off balance. Gah! T_T It’s a constant struggle to stay afloat!

But, the fact that it’s a “struggle” is because I’m putting up a fight - a fight to not just stay afloat, physically; but also emotionally and spiritually. It’s seriously tough esp when you have a family to juggle with, and to think I don't even have kids to worry about now! Working married women (with kids - optional), how do you do it?! :(

But I’m just not about to kowtow to any sort of negative thinking and let them drown me! >(

Submit. Submit. Submit! Submit all your plans, and wills, and thoughts, and you, to Him.

Because only when I’m weak, He is strong.

Enough about this low tide rubbish! High tide is coming real soon! Gotta get ready for it because….




And that’s tomorrow! Can you believe it?! Tomorrow we’ll be off to Port Dickson for our church camp and some high tide fun! Although… I’m not a big fan of Port Dickson with all its slimy and shady waters, but I digress!

It’s 4 full days of time away from the office and instead, spent with your favouritest people in the world!!!!! - church members. lol

Hehe. But yes lah, very favourite lah. Don’t you love your church members? Don’t you, don’t you don’t you huh huh huh? LOL

(don’t mind me please. I’m de-stressing T_T)

Church camp goodness aside. There will be a theatre production right after we all come back from the camp - the following weekend - entitled “Revive!”

Come join us (peiling! Yes?)! And watch Jason acting as satan!!! our multi-talented youths doing what they do best on stage!

P/S Autograph session can be arranged at the end of the play. lol

So stop hesitating (it’s free admission lah)! Just come! =) omg I'm so kancheong! :/breathleishiabreath!relaxjustrelaxit'llbejustfine!trustGod!justbreathpleaseholeishia!T_T

Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Life Thus Far

... in Puchong is awesome!

First off, it feels like a house, no more rest house and hotels and whatchapacallit. When we reach home, we actually feel like we are going back home. Tu comprends?

Secondly, it’s so much closer to church and our social life in Subang/Sunway. We can actually stay to make friends and have decent conversation as compared to rushing home with heavy eyelids after every night-time event, especially in church!

Thirdly, we’ve been out and about making friends! Our social circle is expanding like nobody’s business for the past 2 weekends I’ma gonna explode due to too much excitement!

Oh and lookie what I / we did for the past 2 weekends!

First (this post is all about listing, yes -_-)
Played an INSTRUMENTAL ROLE (read: UTTERLY IMPORTANT) in (force) bringing a blog to life. (Insert obligatory blog-pimping act) Check him out here. Oh and the new-born blogger says "only single ladies are welcomed" -_- Cis! The ungratefulness!

Eh wait. What I did last Sunday ah? …. Shucks. I forgot. Zzz.

Had dinner with the 3 boys AND hung out at the car park watching clips after clips of Ana Ivanodunnowatvic bouncing on the field (apparently it's a tennis) court on Dohnie’s lappy (because he made us to!) AND actually stayed for ICE CREAM! 2 friggin’ pints of ice cream baby! Next time, we should get an entire pint of BR’s Rum Raisin, like this we won’t need to fight.

Classic line of the evening:
Jason: She’s very elegant (referring to Ana Ivanodunnowatvic).
Dohnie: ELEGANT! YES! YES! *drools all over*
Leishia: Classy
Dohnie: AH YES! ELEGANT AND CLASSY! (you should see him man. That smitten face! Fuh!)
Jap: *lying on the car hood, looking forlornly into the night sky, acting like so left out, and whispered sadly* then what am I?
Dohnie: O_o *an abrupt change from smitten to a confused and disgusted face*

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH that just cracks me up man! THEN WHAT AM I???? Dude! That's what you are! LOLLLLL AWWWW Kesiannya!!!! Someone's heart's broken!

Crazy enough to agree to a midnight movie at Pyramid (on the eve of a public holiday. Without making bookings x_x) only to be told that all seats for all movies are gone. That’s the shortest trip I’ve ever made to a shopping mall in my entire life - 15 minutes tops.

So instead of movies, we hung out (see! More hanging out!!!) at a mamak nearby and had honey naan, mee goreng, mixed grill, satay, and jumbo sour sop juice! By the time we finished, it’s almost 1am I think (staying out late without curfew!!!! Whoo hoo!!!! If I’m dreaming please please please don’t wake me up! T__T).

JeeJin was nice enough to point out that we can actually go home to Puchong without paying toll and that he’s willing to show us the way, right then! O_O shocking-est news ever! The part where we can skip the toll lah.

And the lovebirds - Jap and Dohnie - were clapping hands in glee in view of a possible “road trip”. There’s something fascinating about going out in the middle of night I tell ya! Everybody loves it!

Sixthly (It's this never gonna end -_- lol)
It’s true! It’s true! There’s actually a way to skip the toll!!!!! Oh yay! So happy! When we reached home, we actually showed our dear friends around the house (at ONE IN THE MORNING YOU HEAR ME?! I'ma just gonna hyperventilate and die here! Excitingness!!!), and sat down on the sofa for random and short but good conversations!

Took Irene’s invitation for Prince Caspian at Summit on Monday; not exactly up to expectations, the movie, but the company was great! Had pizza for dinner (the joint actually carries our magazines!) and made a ruckus in the restaurant, oh and made a new friend! Hello Jamie! I like your accent! :)

And the proudest moment - I pointed out my back and feet which was *ahem* featured on the magazine to the gang! Can you spot me in this month’s issue? xD

Syiok sendiri-ness! xD xD xD I’m beyond help! But just typing this entry already makes me excited all over! L.O.L

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Day My Husband Thinks I've Achieved Kitchen Divahood

Inspired /ahem by anggie, I’m gonna blog about my success story (finally) in the kitchen.

I erm, made lamb stew.

First, you nick a simple recipe from somewhere, anywhere!
Then you take your time to collect and compile the ingredients from markets, hypermarkets, your mom's house etc.
Then you take a day’s leave off work and rise early to cut up the ingredients. (I hate animal blood T_T)
Then you may go back to sleep.
Then you wake up again and stare at the clock to decide which hour of the day is good to start stewing.
Then you take out your slow cooker (kitchen saviour T_T I heart you slow cooker!), dust it, clean it, worship it. Whatever suits you.
When your perfect hour comes, take out all your ingredients, dunk it all in to the pot (ok lah, be a bit more graceful, “layer” the ingredients in lah if you will =.=)
And then you turn the cooker on and you let it cook.
And then you just sit pretty and wait to be praised! :)

How do I define success, you ask? Easy. When the husband kept raving about it for 3 days in a row, that, my friends, is success.

OK, by raving I mean he kept talking about how tender the mutton was and that that was the most tenderest mutton he’d ever had his entire life and no mamak stall on earth can beat my mutton and it was really good! Not just good, but GOOD good. So good he was crying when he was eating it! (I'm not kidding! What do I look like I'm not capable of making people cry with my awesome cooking?! Huh?! >/)

I just smiled demurely and nodded along and peppered my thank-yous in a lady-like manner.


Eh, come to think of it, he raves because the meat was tender, not that it TASTED nice or something... O_-


So now yes. If he tells you his wife makes kick ass lamb stew, just agree with him and pretend you're awed damnit!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yeah Lah! Yeah Lah! I Know How To Spell Stupid Lah!

To Jason a.k.a The Husband,

To save you energy and time and loads of guess work, I’ve already decided what I want for my 2009 birthday! I know right! Such an understanding wife!

A trip to Bangkok!

Specifically to Chatuchak! Thank you so much dear!!!


The wife you said you love so very much

p/s How do you like mutton curry for dinner... erm... one of these days? Heh.

See! Easy peasy! I’m so easy to please I amaze myself!


I missed my company trip this year (in fact I’ve never been on any company trips! :( yes, my companies, previous and current, are cheena like that), on purpose -_-.

I missed it, simply because I thought why bother going when the reason my company bring us there is so that we’ll help them “carry” products through the custom so that they won’t need to be taxed so much (you get what I’m saying? -_-).

Oh, btw, every year, our company trip is only to Chatuchak, Bangkok. /swt

Plus if I were to go with Jason then we’ll have to fork out money for 1 extra pax. Plus my passport expired. Plus I was so full of myself thinking “Hmph! What’s the big deal about Bangkok woh? The weather’s so hot some more! No thank you lah!” Think also didn’t think I declined the offer ady -__- why am I so stupid!

Stupid never mind. Mah bear the consequences only lah, hor? :’(

So, bearing the consequences I am now loh. :'( :'(

I was lamenting to Jason and then you know what he said?! >(

“Ala go lah! You should go what! Who ask you to bring me along woh?”

-__________- See lah! My husband! Then if I don't count him in he'll emo with me pulak!

My colleague went and came back, like yesterday, and yerrrrr bought so many things and on top of that, all meals paid for!!! I was googling for Chatuchak and people’s loot from the market earlier before the trip and I tell you!!! HOW CAN I FORGIVE MYSELF FOR FORGOING A FREE CHANCE TO BANGKOK! Some more when my colleagues (actually the whole office only 2 persons plus 1 boss plus boss’ daughter went only) were out cruising Bangkok streets, we cows were working our you-know-what off in the office (I got underage readers -_- cannot be too free to exercise my vocab skill.Gah!).


So, OK Jason a.k.a The Husband? =D We go in January ya? But we're gonna have to pay ourselves :(

Any takers? Mai lah pergi beramai-ramai! Baru syiok! Think of it as…

… A getaway... to “Celebrate the birth of Leishia!”

/soh genius! See! Found you an excuse to travel!

Eh, but I’m serious ok! Save up money now and we go! OK? Oh can’t wait! :))))

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nah, I'm Blogging

I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT I love my jobs A LOT


I do, I really, really do! *constipated smiles*

Thursday, May 08, 2008

You're My Hero!!!

… when you thickened your skin to do the Bic Mac chant and got me a free Big Mac! *heart*heart*heart*

Free Big Mac!!! I love free stuff! /shameless sial =_=

After days of begging to have McD for dinner, Jason - a hardcore non-junk food (to be defined) freak - finally crumbled and gave in to this poor, fast-food deprived wife. Ya, he thinks fast food is junk food, slow food is not. But he doesn’t consider Ramly burger as junk food because it’s made slowly. So basically if hamburgers are made slowly, then it’ll fall out of the junk food category. Automatically. -_-

Anyway I was so kancheong when he jumped up and declared he will “be your hero once again and get you a Big Mac, my damsel in distress!” =.= So I made him practiced so many times until he got frustrated and threatened not to join T_T why my husband liddat wan!

And then when I finally let him go, the cashiers all went in and out of the office/kitchen/counters/premise looking for a stopwatch! -_______- so in the end we offered them to use our handphone’s stopwatch. So nice of us. For not letting us join the competition on the ground of not having a stopwatch at the time, they will have to compensate us a lifetime of hamburgers! .... O_O eh wait! Then why lah we so stupid go offer them our stopwatch?! T____T

Whatever lah, as long as I get my free Big Mac! Ooo, gembiranya hati aku! xD *explode into a million pixels*

Oh if you don’t know yet, Uncle Ronald is running this little competition - purchase any McValue Meal and get a coupon. With the coupon, go to McD counters and do the chant (phrases are printed on the coupon or visit here), if you can do it under 4 seconds, congratulations, you just save yourself from spending on one meal!

Better yet, make a video of yourself doing the chant as creative as you can and you stand a chance to win RM10, 000. Cool right?! Go check out the link lah! Just make sure after you win, don’t forget me because I’ve played an instrumental role in making you rich! *sad song playing*


We’ve officially moved over to Puchong! Now we just need to get rid of the final coating of dust on the floor and you are most welcomed to come thrash the house. But don’t think you can walk out of the house alive without first cleaning it up ok! This is my strategy to clean the house weekly:

Welcome you --> you thrash house --> you clean up --> house get cleaned --> happy leishia

Your support is much appreciated!


On the first of May Irene Lim came helped to wash the house, and by wash I mean using a hose to hose down the entire house (Jason’s idea of cleaning) and then kept getting electrocuted -_-

We are so gamdong lah this Irene Lim, put aside her entire day and the fact that she’s had leg surgery done earlier and insisted to help us! T_T

“Irene ah. It’s ok lah. We can manage”
*trembling* “yes ma’am…”

And then also there’s JeeJin, Jap, Jared, Aaron, and Lai San! Though you guys were only mesmerised with and interested in the floor polishing machine (and actually had fun riding it until it got overheat -_-) but still thank you so very much lah, climbed so high to lap tingkap and stuff. If not for you all, I would’ve to stay up till 3am just doing that. T_T

As for me, I’m really satisfied with the house. Earlier I thought by moving to a landed house means I won’t get my daily exercise (We lived on the third floor previously and I was pleased with my "steps" exercise regime), manatau, I exercise more than ever here! To get one item we have to run up and down the stairs to find it -_- But yeah lah, I’m not complaining! Heh.

Now, the next thing to look into is! Jeng jeng jeng! Getting a dog dog DOG!!!! :D

*so happy can die 4 times!* xD xD xD

To add to my happiness, my ed just informed me of a press screening of jeng jeng jengx2!!!! THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA 2: PRINCE CASPIAN this Monday! SOH HAPPY I'M CRYING T_T!! How nice if everyday also like this!

p/s must get Jason to do the chant at McD counter again tonight! *wiggle in pure excitement* xD

Monday, May 05, 2008

Been There. Done That T_T

Remember the time I had a stupid doctor sweeping a rat out of his clinic and slapped into my legs as I was walking by? (Yeah yeah the post is some where in archive, go look for it. I lazy -_-)

Well hey this time around, guess what I got.

Just guess lah T_T

No one gets it better than me T__T

A FREAKING FATSO CATERPILLAR IN MY WANTON MEE!!!!! All plump and juicy and wriggled up in my wanton mee!!!!!!!! T____________T

Yay! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY?????????? WHY LIDDAT WAN?!!!!!!!!!

Puchong! Is that how you welcome your new resident?!!!!!!! >(


Tragic is me :'(