Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From BERSIH To HINDRAF - When The Talking Walks.

New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: (1) Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said the Hindu Rights Action Force leaders had made empty promises to thousands of Indians to take part in Sunday's illegal rally.

"The Hindraf leaders had not only defied orders but also (2) caused trouble to the public and the government," he said at parliament house.

Johari said he believed the Hindraf leaders had their own agenda, which had nothing to do with helping the Indian community.

He said (3) just a handful of representatives could have quietly handed over the memorandum to the British High Commission, without having to gather such a large crowd.

(4)"Even if they wanted to hand over a memorandum, why hand it over to the British government, they could have given it to our prime minister.

(5) "The issue now borders on racism and the opposition is having field day over it," he said.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (6) Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said the discharge of the three leaders of Hindraf by the court showed that the judiciary was independent,

He said the courts had to follow procedures and be satisfied that there was fairness.

"Even if we feel it is wrong (discharging the trio) we accept the court's decision. But we have to follow procedure. Everything must be done in accordance with the law," he said.

I read this in bafflement. A few questions popped like mushrooms in my layman mind. Let me try to put them into words…

(1) *gasp* such conclusion! Isn't that... what's the word... sedition? Touchy! But then again, we were all given false promises 4 years ago too leading to today lah!

(2) Why then no permit was granted for a peaceful rally? Literally everyone is asking this question. If permit is granted, proper guidance and routes are given, people’s safety is promised, then the whole handling of memo is made legal and without drama, end of story, happily ever after! So why not?

(3 & 4) True. True. But then, will the head honchos allow for such memorandum to be handed in the first place is a big question, be it according to law and procedures and protocol or not?

Remember the time when 10 minus 1 of our non-Muslim cabinet ministers submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi calling for a review of laws affecting the rights of non-Muslims? The matter was quickly “resolved”, with the ministers “retracting the memorandum for the sake of national interest”. Riiight. Fish(y) and chips, anyone?

(5) Correct me if I’m wrong. As far as I’ve lived, this country is ALL about “the race". No? And why lah every time everything must be related to the oppositions? -_- Whether they are having a field day or not, should it cause so much fear that warnings must be given to the people?

You know there's a cantonese saying - if you can stand and walk straight, why be scared and bring other names in to the matter?

(6) Erm, "the judiciary was independent"?

Just a few curious questions if not more! If I'm allowed to ask, that is. If not, let's just all live in contentment and play pretend all's hunky dory and that this post will auto-delete on its own, long as we get our pay checks to go for mamak and shopping, hor? :) Oh well, here's a few bedtime stories for you to go along with! :) :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Of Joy & Parenting

In about 10 days’ time (according to Jap lah), I’m gonna be a proud parent…. OMG, my heart’s thumping soo fast I can hardly contain it! Jeng jeng jeng!!! A baby lappy’s gonna be mine! YAY!!! World domination!

I can now officially go steal WiFi connection be a yuppie in Starbucks!

P/S Have you any baby names suggestions for my tot? Gender unknown yet. Weeee~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Layout Apologies

Please bear with this ugly layout a little more while :(

... what with the iklan melintang yang terpampang on top of the blog. It's so ugly! (So go click it to lepaskan geram!!! Rarrr!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beat Mine! >(

My friends talk a lot about Murphy’s Law (especially on Mondays!) and how when one thing goes wrong, everything else goes wrong too and I don’t really understand exactly what’s Murphy’s Law (I thought it has something to do with queuing up?!); neither do I bother to find out.

Well I still don’t understand what’s the whole law is about, but everything about my Monday went wrong and it was the most horrijijible day! Boo :(

But I don’t want to make you down reading me recounting about my horrijijible Monday, so I’m going to recount it anyway, but I want you to compare your day with mine and remember that your day is really not as bad and emo as mine and feel good about it.

*This is a community service brought to you by the honourably pooped blogger*

… I don’t even know where to start… le sigh.

See, even though I woke up all tired, I was still trying very hard to boost myself with the thoughts of coffee and the imaginary aroma, and planned my day with all the things I ought to do.

So I drove to work purposefully, still trying very hard to keep my spirit high thinking of striking off the to-do list: write a few articles, do some copywriting for work, do a bit of the translation work I’ve taken in, create quotations, call a client, update my blogs, and have a good, productive day.

The first pooped thing that greeted me at my desk was a cold computer with a DOWN internet line.

So there’s nothing at all that I can do other than to sip a bland 3-in-1 kopi O soaked with Milo cereal, and worry about my translation work which is due this Thursday. The laptop we ordered won’t be arriving anytime soon, certainly not in this 2 days’ time for me to get the work done, and my brother was anal enough not to lend me the laptop at home, which belongs to my sister anyway! So that’s big poop number 1!

And then, my car was summoned for not displaying parking ticket! MEGA POOPED!!! The whole stretch of cars parked there without parking tickets, and I was the only one with the summon! Can you believe that?! MEGA. MEGA POOPED! >(

So fine! I was close to tears already. I know, I know, I’m a wuss! But hey, I’ve got PMS for a reason, do you? Hmph!

And then I found out about someone’s dog is really sick, and is dying. And the family wants to put him to sleep so that he won’t suffer, except for this girl. She refused to let go, thinking that as long as he eats and wags his tail, he’s fine. But now, he no longer eats nor wags his tail…

My eyes were in tears already and I couldn’t take reading it anymore so I quickly click the little x box on the top right corner of the browser and wipe off my tears. But I was abruptly reminded of the dog that I met last night at the friend’s house. She’s old, and her days are numbered. She’s contracted cataract so she’s half blind. When she stands on all 4 legs, her hind legs were shaking uncontrollably.

Oh, great! Now I suddenly remember Jason’s family’s neighbour in Melaka has an old dog too, and his eyes, exactly like this dog with cataracts, so he’s pretty much half blind too, and the owner would chained him up everyday and not treat him respectfully, even a human guard that you hire also have rest days lah! Some people are just plain no brains! This old dog, he would bark at everyone who passes by but when we go back (that’s like once a blue moon), he’ll never bark at us, he's half blind, so how can he identify who we are? He’d wag his tails some more! See, such good smart dog, but the stupid owner must chain him up like some prisoner and never bring him out for walks!

So super pooped lah! T__T

And then my editor told me that my output week will be brought forward (I think the word is...) backward (I can't differentiate damnit!) to THIS WEEK instead of next because the designer has other deadlines to meet next week so we gotta get our materials done up this week! Y__Y

And then I thought of my baby Polly. For the next few months, we won’t be visiting my family so often with various reasons. No one will bring her out for walks and she won’t get to poo, if she doesn’t poo, she won’t be eating properly, then she’ll be depressed and all sad. When she’s depressed and all sad, I’ll be depressed and all sad too. And if she cannot tahan and poo inside the rooms, then she’ll get scolding. Her fault meh?! *fumes*

I miss Polly… T____T

She’s such a sweetheart. Every time I’m over at my parents’, she’d be following me everywhere I go for fear I would leave without bringing her out. She’d eat, sleep, walk, talk, play while keeping an eye on me and Jason. The minute we move, she’d quickly jumps to her feet and tails us.

If we do go out and she thinks we are bringing her out for walks, I’d tell her to wait, and we’ll bring her out later, ok? She’d listen intently, and although I know she doesn’t understand a single word, but she gets it! She’ll listen, and then look at me intently, and then she’ll turn around and walks into the house, and sit down by the door and watch us leave!

When we stay over, she would sneak into the room we sleep in, and hide underneath the bed and refused to go back to her room, which is my parents’ room. I’d keep her sleeping there, but there’s mozzies in the room, what if she kena mozzie bites and get heart worm how? :/

So I had to carry her to her corner in my mom’s room, and lull her to sleep. She’d close her eyes reluctantly, and force herself to open her eyes to see if I’m still around, then doze off again, then force open her eyes again. And eventually fall asleep. But the minute I stand up, she’d be up on her feet again and look up at me and ready to follow. Repeat process x3 -___-

Until I had to bluff her and bring her to the living room, and when she’s not looking, I’d run into my room and locked the door! And then when I peep under the door crack, I’d see her sitting in front of the door, staring eagerly, waiting for me to open the door. And I had to be cold hearted and ignore her! T_____T The next day early in the morning, she'd be the first to sit in front of my room and wait for us to come out.

I cannot continue typing anymore lah! T_T My dream is to have a dog farm!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Of Addiction & Love

When your guy is a emo guy drama king sentimental man…

Him: Hello? Hey dear.
Her: Hey! Waddup!!!! :D
Him: Look, I know you’re busy at work and all, but one quick question.
Her: Shoot.
Him: Did you like, drugged me or anything?
Her: ... Drugged you. As in pot and magic shrooms?
Him: Yeah, as in drug drugged… cos I’m like so addicted to you lah. So did you?
Her: Uhh… busted?
Him: *gasp* You did not!
Her: Haha! I still have some tuna-and-mac leftover. Dinner at home tonight?

... you just gotta out-drama out-wit him. Hehe.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Riot In KL Or Just Another Traffic Jam?

Article ripped from Asia Sentinel

-article starts-

Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters and baton-wielding police turn Kuala Lumpur’s streets into chaos

Central Kuala Lumpur turned chaotic Saturday as baton-wielding riot police used water cannon and tear gas to try and thwart an attempt by tens of thousands of marchers to deliver a petition to Malaysia’s king, asking for royal intervention in delivering electoral reform.

“There is a massive jam all over town, as the police have set up road barricades everywhere,” a witness told Asia Sentinel in the morning. “A lot of entry points into the city are being monitored by the police. A heavy, heavy rain just subsided and one wonders whether this will dampen the turnout for the march.”

It didn’t. As many as 40,000 people struggled to make their way into the city center in defiance of the police ban on the rally before heading for the Istana Negara, the king’s palace. Police said they had arrested at least a dozen protesters demanding change and an end to corruption. There were no reports that people had been hurt.

The confrontation between the country’s nine sultans and the government appears to be deepening as well, with Mizan Zainal Abidin, the Sultan of Terengganu, who currently holds the rotating kingship and is Malaysia’s constitutional head of state, ordering his royal guards to stand aside so that the marchers could deliver the petition despite the fact that police had refused to grant a permit for the rally.

The delegation, led by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, handed the memorandum to the King's secretary at the gate of the Istana Negara at 4 pm, accompanied by PAS' Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin Mat Isa and DAP's Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. The organisers then asked the crowd to disperse Malaysia's mainstream press, owned by the ethnic political parties, carried nothing on their websites about the protest, the biggest in Malaysia in a decade. Popular websites were jammed, apparently by government-allied cyber-jammers.

The protests were led by an organization called Bersih, or the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, an umbrella group encompassing 64 civil-society groups and five opposition political parties. The action Saturday was in direct defiance to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who earlier vowed that the government would crack down on the demonstrators. “We will not hesitate to take action against those who defied our orders," state news agency Bernama quoted Kuala Lumpur police chief Zul Hasnan Najib as saying. The police had refused to grant a permit for the rally.

Abdullah Badawi Friday told a meeting of the leaders of the United Malays National Organization, the leading ethnic party in the Barisan Nasional, or ruling national coalition, that the government would not tolerate street demonstrations. “They are challenging the patience of the people who want the country to be peaceful and stable. That is what they are challenging, not me,” he told party leaders.

The protest is by far the biggest in KL since anti-government protests in 1998 that led to the arrest and jailing of former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, who now in effect leads the Parti Keadilan Rakyat despite regulations that bar him from political activity. The rally demonstrates vividly the growing dissatisfaction with Abdullah Badawi and raises questions of how strong his hold is on his own party or the government, since the protesters largely achieved their goals. And, with a sizable percentage of ethnic Malays as well as Chinese and Indians in the protest, it also demonstrates growing dissatisfaction with Malaysia’s race-based politics.

The protests have been sparked by continuing reports of rigged elections, judicial irregularities, widespread corruption in the dominant ethnically-based political parties, which have been in power since the country won independence from the British in 1957, and the perceived weakness of Badawi. In particular, the protesters point to a by-election in the town of Ijok in April, which the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition won in the face of what looked like a solid challenge by Parti Keadilan.

A Malaysian blogger, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, charged earlier that of the 12,000 voters in the district, some 1,700 were phantom voters, with people as old as 107 still on the rolls. Others listed as voters were as young as eight years old. The ruling coalition outspent the opposition massively and, others charged, also bused in voters.

On Saturday, the government posted 4,000 police from the Field Reserve Unit to block all roads leading into Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square), the former cricket pitch in front of the colonial-era Selangor Club. That brought Kuala Lumpur’s always chaotic traffic to a standstill and nearly paralyzed the city. Protesters abandoned vehicles and streamed toward the city center. They were asked to wear yellow as the color of the day because, according to flyers handed out all over the city, it is “the color for citizen action worldwide and the color for the press-freedom movement.” It also happens to be the color for Malaysia’s royalty.

And, although the country’s most prominent weblogs and Internet publications were largely shut down, the power of the Internet and cellphones was again vividly demonstrated by Malaysia Today, an Internet publication that posted minute-by-minute reports from witnesses, delivering such messages as “Walkers are gathering in hundreds near Jalan Melayu (Malaya Road) Gate.”

As websites were blocked, Malaysia Today delivered messages directing readers to other websites that were delivering eyewitness reports on the demonstrators until it too was shut down.

“Another big group is walking toward the palace and two FRU (Field Reserve Unit) trucks are following them,” anon. wrote at 3:23pm. Said another, “We managed to reach the slope opposite the entrance to Istana Negara (the king’s palace) at around 1pm, the Istana was sealed off! Are they putting our King under house arrest or protecting His Majesty from what?”

At 3:26, the site reported that Malaysiakini, the leading online news site in the country, was running into communications problems. From that point forward, Malaysiakini was only online sporadically.

The website warned people not to wear yellow as they walked toward the city center, but to don the colors once they were inside.

At 3:34, another correspondent wrote that he could see police firing water cannons at demonstrators. “It is shameful for the government to resort to that,” he wrote.

Seven members of Bersih including the opposition party leaders were allowed to go to the gate to hand in the memorandum calling for the king's intervention in bringing poll reforms.

-article ends-

Now that successes has gone into their head, they are using their power to control the country and oppress the people; thinking we are too retarded to see and understand how things work. Or they simply just bank in on Malaysian's forgetfulness (how was this OK but in this instance, this is the reaction? O_o )?

And we are most disappointed with our major national newspapers as they’ve reported absolutely nothing about what happened (but of course! government owned!), except for 3 short columns crammed into 1 page some where along the pages in a certain best selling paper reporting about some massive jam in KL and road closures, and this fella have the cheeks to say this.

What can we say? Malaysia boleh, kan? Tapi, kita pun boleh. If we have eyes to see and a functioning brain to weigh what is right and what is wrong, then we know exactly what has gone wrong with the whole country and its system. If you’re oblivious to what is happening around you, then we are really sorry but why don't you start reading (and no, local newspaper will only keep you under the tempurung, my dears)? And by the time the election is near, you should have your decision firmly made. It's not difficult, really. Those in power simply helped made our process of decision making that much more easier with all that they've said and done.

We're not just another face in this country that can be shoved to the side, you know? Exercise your rights and don’t be made a fool!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And It's Holiday Again!

How time zips T_T

I haven’t even cleared the laundry from last weekend’s trip, let alone blog, and we are bound for another half-week long holiday cum balik kampung trip again. *I hate laundry! Grrr*

And I’m still as clueless as I was the last post as far as new template is concerned. Life is seriously evolving too fast for me to cope. Le sigh.

But the Penang trip was a blast though! We had the mostest kick-asses Indian meal there (reckon they bubuh ganja? Hmmm). But it seriously was really good! It’s at this Little India area, a corner restaurant by the name Sri Anandha… or something; but you can’t miss it. It’s the most happening place in the entire Little India!

We stayed over at Jason’s brother’s place - a quaint little bungalow with an extended lot of garage-turned-abode living space - which was where we put up in. And it was really cool because the entire house is resting on a big patch of grass, and it’s connected to the church - a little door opening at the backyard which sends you straight to the church!

Haha! So cool right? No more driving for 40 minutes to reach church! Just wake up 10 minutes before service starts, get dressed, and walk over! Oh, Jason’s brother is pastoring the said church, so it’s like a pastor’s abode thing. Hehe! So cool!

We didn’t visit many places, but we managed to meet a lot of nice people. So yeah, that made it up. We did, however, made sure we tried the few “famous” Penang food, like keoy teow, assam laksa, oh the glorious Indian food! and… uh… yeah, that’s it lol.

You know the thing about people keep saying how cheap it is to eat there and stuff, I now understand why it’s so cheap -_-. It has nothing to do with the standard and cost of living there. The portion is just simply smaller, like for sampling purposes sorta small; so if you order the “big” keoy teow, it means you’re getting the normal, human portion you’d get here. But OK, still, it’s like 50 cents to 1 buck cheaper than KL lah! So the upside is, you get to sample more food in one sitting! So, yeah still it’s cool. I guess. Hehe. (Hint: don’t expect too much of the hawker’s customer service. There’s virtually 50% none.)

This Deepavali holiday we’re off to Melaka for thosai and curry! I hope you’ll get your good portion of these yummies too! Happy Deepavali! :)

… now back to my laundry and ironing T__T

Friday, November 02, 2007

I Am Officially Spa-ed!

Man, I feel like a million buck Datin!

The spa session was… well a new experience. And I’m so SO glad I didn’t make a fool of myself by getting all ticklish and squirmish! I’m famous for that, you see. -_-

I had the most indulgent mask ever in my entire life! CHOCOLATE BODY MASK. Like, for real, I’m slathered with thick, gooey, chocolaty goodness All. Over. Me. I was so hungry for chocolate cakes as I laid there, all wrapped up. (The only thing that got me all weird was that, well the fact that, you kinda like need to be nekkid =_=''')

Ah, and the best thing is, as I looked through their product listing, they are all reasonably priced! Like, you can have a body massage for 1.45 hours for $70 (it's actually $148 for 2 person)! It’s cheap considering those reflexology joints run either by mafia looking men or totally dingy place, would charge you plus minus 50 bucks for a 45min reflexology – and that’s just your feet.

So yeah. Look out for my write-up about the place this coming December! (Psst, promos for readers ;)

Oh, and tomorrow on till Monday I’ll be in Penang! FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD! That’s basically all I’ve been thinking about the entire week. Penang and food. The last time I was there, which was like more than 10 years ago, you won’t believe me if I tell you that I had a food/culture shock in Penang! The food was totally unpalatable, I mean, coconut shreds on char koey teow? O.o Bleah!

Anyway! I’m sure this will be a good one! I’ve compiled a list of makan placess to visit! Hehe. Anymore suggestions? Keep them coming! I’d love to hear from you!

Oh by the way, I just *realized* that this blog’s layout is all out of structure if you were to view it using Firefox (!!!). That’s so scary! I mean, yeah, my browsers back home and in office are ALL outdated! And my blog has been so frigging ugly on Firefox all the while!!! GAH!!!! *Eyes sore*

OKOK, cannot procrastinate ade! Gotta load new template! I’m actually still searching for a reasonably priced all-in-one graphic/web/host guy who can help me out! Any idea? Maybe I should just change the template on my own first when I come back next week. Let’s just fingers crossed I won’t screw up things here! Darn I’m such a noob! :/

Okie dook! Till next (hopefully with a new look!) you guys have a good one! :)