Sunday, September 18, 2011

*Deep Breath* And Here We Go Again

Here’s to a new chapter of never ending diapers, milk bottles, screaming, crying, and of course, love, laughter, and God’s grace – as we welcome little Olivia Halle Jason into the world. 

Thank you all for your concerns, prayers, and unceasing support throughout these past crazy 9 months! It has been one heck of a ride, fuh! :) 

Friday, September 02, 2011

Frap-Less For A Day!

Was to due on the 31st! Alas, an EDD is just what it is, an EDD. There's no sign of the little one yet! Disappointed? A little, but no one will be pregnant forever, I'm definitely positive she will arrive soon, like duh.

On a different note, on the 30th we chucked Frappy with the lovely Catherine and Diana for a day, while Jason and I dashed off to One U like two overly excited kids! It was such a liberating feeling, haha! We walked and shopped 5 hours straight. Plus, we didn't need to swallow our food, I mean, we get to chew every grain of rice AND actually sit down for coffee! Oh the bliss!

And looks like we were not the only one enjoying the freedom. A few calls and smses exchanges told us that Frappy too, was having the time of her life without two crazy parents hawkeyeing over her. She went to the park, she had her tea time, she got to chat with Daisy the Labrador forever, she was carried around being pampered like a princess, and she got to have a bottle of milk right after she had her dinner, not something she gets everyday!

All those running and walking and shopping did us all good individually that day, because we all slept through. Well, at least I did! (Frappy didn't stir one bit till 10 the next morning! Hee!)