Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Little Bit Of Everything Makes Quite A Bit

Ipoh turf club. Or something.


Outside right view

Inside view.

Outside left view

Obligatory food pics! They are kinda blur, too eager to eat, hah!

Prawn Mee

Uh, wanton mee

Char Kuey Teow

Orh Jien

Assam Laksa
Sun rise

High rise

Check out the hunk... of a sofa! Lameness. Haha!

Look! Falkor!

Turquoise is a colour. Nice colour

A piece of heaven in the mirror

And Braxton from during CNY! She was about 2 months old then.
Honestly now, what is there NOT to love about puppies and dogs huh Jason K people?! Hmph!

Pint size.

She's just born with the aksyen wassup-dude face lah. -_-


So I have been away, not away away, but away enough to be away, however haven't really been away. Yeah.

Losing the blogging mojo. Haiks.

Half of last week was spent on the road to Ipoh and Penang. Jason's work, my holiday *big wide smile* This Sunday we are off to Lang Tengah!!! Goodness, these trips are like, my lifeline. Without which I'd be crying myself to sleep every night.

OK, exaggeration. Heh. But you know what, my working/career life is such a... I wouldn't say a mess, but it's complicated enough to keep me tongue-tied whenever people ask. It's like a... love triangle, I guess.

A is with B thinking B has what she wants but eventually A no longer likes B although B promises to make A a queen over her "castle", instead A have been lusting for C, and finally C is within A's reach and A launched into it, they are the perfect match except A is still attached to B. So A decides to opt out and so she breaks things up with B but B started crying and saying how A is being short sighted and wasting her future away. A being a weakling retracted her breakup letter thinking she'll talk about this another time but B thinks otherwise.

Finally "another time" came and A thinks, hey, it's do or die. So she did it and brought out the breakup letter again. B is playing smart now because he now plays strategy and says please give me some time. I need you, for now you can go back to C anytime you want but those times when you're not with him, stay with me, pleaseeeee. So A thought OK, that's fair (wth! SIN!!! lol). But soon A finds out that B never plans to let her go, he thinks by him buying some time A will eventually change her mind and never ever leave him. And at the same time A finds out that she's pregnant with C's kid(s)!!!!! OMG this is so fun to type I think my blogging mojo is never gone after all!!! =D HAHAHAAH!

But really loh, the story matches my work life now. Sigh. Oh well whatever, I've made my plans and I'm sticking to my plans. If I don't learn to live my life then no one will and life is only once daymnit. (Confirmed chopped signed blogging mojo is back!!!! Oh happiness! Lalala)

Ooo as I erm, crap along I realized I didn't upload pictures from our Missions trip to Melaka last month. Wait, I go dig 'em out.

Oh, I've deleted them from this computer after all! Sorry! Haha! :p

So yeah, let me tell you about my Braxton instead. She's around 4 months old now, and although she's naughty like anything, but I'm totally proud of her because as of Monday, she officially has the whole house to herself without being locked and caged up 24/7, and, get this: she. did. not. chew. down. the. house. nor. did. she. destroy. anything. !!!!!!. Can you believe it?! AND! She pooed at her designated, newspaper-laced corner!!!!!!! T___T Words can't describe how proud I am of my baby! And you should be proud of her too papa Jason! So the house is dustier than usual because she digs the walls, so the house is a little smellier than before because uh, she doesn't wear eau-de-toilet, but that's what makes a house, home! Erm... right? *shifty eyes*


B is calling. Gotta go back to him now. T__T

Till then, let's hope my Lang Tengah pictures turn out divine, the trip and weather superb, the company NICE (hear me! Be nice! You, you, you, you and YOU!), and I don't drown or become blind when I snorkel. Sigh.