Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Mom, The Techno Dino

But! Her SMSes are quite entertaining.

She’s now in Chiang Mai with my dad, on a business cum leisure trip. I received this SMS from her yesterday morning:

Vr going elephant trekking n l8r river bamboo rafting. Very xciting.

(Note all the SMS lingo/spelling)

To which I replied:
Wah! So dangerous. Hold on tight to the elephant and remember your life jacket ah.

(Note how I type in proper English in fear of her not understanding. Yeah, it takes a daughter to mother the well, mother.)

To which she replied:
No scared. Fun.

I remembered them in my prayer this morning, and then I SMSed her:

So how was your elephant ride? Got fall into river?

To which she replied:
Last time, elephant ride’s only 4 kings ah. But scared fall off the back. Have 2 hold tight tight. U 1 2 join us?

-_- sure, mom! I’ll see you in say, 15 minutes?

That’s my mama :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Gong Hei Gong Hei! Kick Ass Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year was so fun because I get to spend time way before the eve of CNY up till last night at my parents’ (As Chinese's custom, daughter who's married are consider out of the family and will only come a-visiting on the 2nd day during Chinese New Year. Since my husband is non-Chinese, this is not applicable. Yay for that!)

And this is also Jason’s first official CNY. He was beaming in glee the whole time because “wah so much of good food! This is the bestest Chinese New Year ever man! Evah!

If there’s anything at all you should believe in what he says, this is the one. My grandma prepares so much of beautiful food, he had to refill his rice like, 3 times! Oh, and if you ask, he'll happily show you his wardrobe full of festive red shirts and polos too. Yes, he is THAT excited.

As the family along with my uncle's is growing in size as well as numbers, our dining room is no longer enough to house the dinner. So dad brought back 3 long tables and we combined it to make it one large table in the living room. We dined in the luxury of an air-conditioned room. It was beautiful (anything without sweat is always beautiful, I tell you).

First day of CNY also means vegetarian food, forbidding oneself from doing bad deeds, and saying bad words. But by midday, my bro and Jason were openly demanding to go hunt for meat. So we went out to tapau McD’s, and smuggled the food to the attic right under my parents’ nose, where we shared the love with my sisters and chomped the juicy meat patties away, and of course, we gambled, by our own rules. It was heaps of fun. I, of course, was the winner! A total of $4.10! So cool!

Second day was meat day again, and all’s happy! We visited my maternal grandma in Tampin, and then headed to my big aunty’s place in Kuala Pilah where we ate more meat! Do you see a very happy boy at the background? Uhm hmm.

On the 3rd day my family went up the mountains for 3 days while I had to stay at my parents’ to take care of Polly, simply because Jason couldn’t get his leave approved thanks to his boss, “You Cina kah?” -_- And then went on leave with the rest of the Malays in the office for the rest of the week. Nice one sir. You came to our wedding, remember? Dad was of course disappointed as he planned for this trip to be a close family retreat with a new addition to the family.

But time spent at home with Polly was not a waste either. I was able to set her meal time right (she refused to eat her main meals for the longest time!) and kept her busy by playing with her and going on walks with Jason in the evenings. She’s a happy, tail wagging doggy again! Now she follows everywhere I go and always casts me that puppy look when evening comes (and refused to sleep in my mom’s room at night when my family came home from Genting! Ahahahaha! Who’s your daddy now?!)

Oh how I love her!!!

Saturday night, the 7th day, was another crazy day of cleaning, preparing, cooking, serving, and entertaining guests as mom threw an open house party. There were the embarrassing pouring rain, amiable wet crowd, more fantastic food, and a culture shock for me…

Stick around to find out what's that all about? Tis to be continued...

More Money? Most Definitely!

PayPerPost is up to something again.

First I got sucked in because I was told I get paid blogging. I wasn’t too into it even after my blog was approved. And then I was told I’ll be paid more for blogging; looking at the dollar signs clearly displayed on the dashboard on PPP, they got my attention.

Today, I was told yet again that some “Big News” is about to burst from the office of PayPerPost and suddenly, I’m curious as a kitty cat! Oh boy what could it be?

My page rank has always been between 0 and 2 although I get satisfying hits. I said “between” because whenever I check my page ranking, the rank differs, at times I even get a N/A. I’m not too savvy with this whole PR stuff but I do know because of that, opportunities to blog for big money are slipping me by and that can be quite sucky when I have a lovely puppy at home to maintain for and their food and medical bills don’t come cheap!

If you ask me, I would guess and hope and crossing my fingers madly that PPP will not just help its lower ranking bloggers boost their PRs, but also come up with a blog directory open to the public to browse through. I think currently their directory is for members only. Anyway, bloggers shall then be paid for the clicks to the open directory from their blogs.

Besides that, they’ll give out freebies to the bloggers who, in return, must give out to their readers in whichever form deem appropriate, i.e. contests organized by the blogger. I think interactions like this are most valuable to boost readership and sales of the advertisers.

And lastly, maybe they’ll launch video-blogging services too! Instead of “writing” about it, imaginative bloggers get to let their creative juices flow free by coming up with videos relevant to the advertisers’ requirement. Well everyone can make a video these days with their digital cameras, so!

Since such jobs will require a little more work and time, the pay shall be higher too! And since PPP pays for real, blogging for a living is seriously no longer too far a dream.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Watchful Eyes Lurking In The Dark

The Blogger Power project is a campaign to safeguard children on the internet from pornography. I was requested to post this up in order to reach out to more site owners and to create awareness.

Although it is common sense that websites with adult contents should be password protected and be made difficult to gain access to the explicit material; however things are still not moving to the benefit of our children here online these days. So I guess a little reminder and request shall be in order.

Here’s The Official Request To All Webmasters Of Adult Sites:

“Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to
explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we
respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate
concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your
websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the
warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts
and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more
“free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information.”

If this matter speaks to your heart too like this mother of 3, simply cut paste the above short letter to your blog or website and let to campaign go on.

Friday, February 23, 2007

It Pays To Have High Traffic

I am so jealous!

Remember I blogged about how you can get paid to blog a coupla days ago?

One of my blog posts-sponsors, PayPerPost, came up with a new segmentation system, awarding bloggers with high traffic blogs. These bloggers can simply earn up to USD$ 1,000.00 per sponsored post! Can you imagine that?

Oh, picture my agony! I can see all those dollar signs but I can’t click on them and claim blogging opportunity because well, I’m not qualified. Boo hoo.

But if you have a high traffic blog, you don’t have to sulk like me now (BOO!!!). Click on the PPP button on my left sidebar, and go to to sign up for an account (remember to mention me as your referral, c’mon! At least share a bit of moolah love ya? :), and you’re on your way to pocketing big bucks.

Are you serious you ask? Well, apparently, PPP only charges 35% of service fee compared to some other sites like ReviewMe that charges a 100% mark-up. Hence you get high paying opportunities.

Having said all this, no sweat either if your blog doesn’t generate a high traffic, because like me, you can still sign up and earn a small decent amount over time. You’ll never know! If you work on your blog hard enough, it might just turn out to be the site that advertisers love!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Review My Post & Get Paid, Interested?

If you noticed at all, some of my postings these days have this button at the end of it,

and true to what it suggests, you will get paid in reviewing my post in your own blog.

If you have a blog, and don’t mind a few extra dollars (who does?!), why not get paid to blog? It’s a neat way to earn a little extra pocket money and at the same time, do some blog marketing for yourself! And this “little extra pocket money” can really add up to a sum! (Oh they sure do! After gotten married, instead of receiving ang paus, I had to fork out money to give ang paus instead, so this really helps to minimize the damage to my wallet. Hehe)

Just click on whichever posts that you want to review from my blog, talk about it in your blog, and you will get a total of USD$7.50 per post. Simple as that! And don’t forget to add the button on your own posting too, because then others can review your posts instead and the good news is, not just they’ll get paid, YOU will get paid too! Go do the math!

So spread the news and share the love. This will help you earn cash and expand your networks and contacts. And by doing so, you will also generate thousands and thousands of links back to your site, and that means for every link and review by other bloggers, your account will grow fatter.

Now is that cool or is that cool? Give it a go!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Of Flu & Fun

So down with fever and cough. Blah.

But on the contrary…

We are going to Genting this Chinese New Year! Dad booked an apartment for 3 days 2 nights. But I think I can only join 2 days, as I’ll be starting work on Friday. Will see how Jason’s leave application turn out…

Got an email to quote for a translation project: English to French. Now that’s a start! My blogging is finally seeing light. Dad has been relentlessly cutting out recruitment ads for me and sis, I was like, “yo dad, I’ve got a kick ass job already! Plus, I’ve got a blog!”, and he went like, “block? Got blocked already some more so happy!” hehe.

Oh and by the way, today is Thursday, and I had frigging no idea! I thought it was Wednesday and that the week had just started! My flu bug is for real, seriously.

Anyway, come what may! Happy Chinese New Year y'all! Can't wait for the yummy reunion dinner!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Starry Evening

It was a quiet night. I was home early from work. Lady boss had asked me to wrap up work at 5:30pm instead of 6:30pm. It was really nice of her. I guess. And I guess I was in such a chatty mood that I held up Jason for a good one hour after I reached home and I talked, and talked, and talked.

We had chicken hot soup, sweet sour fish, and my favourite stir fry bayam with teeny tiny anchovies for dinner. Coming home to our apartment, instead of heading straight up to our house, we hung out at the play ground instead, on the swing, under the starry night sky.

And yes, we chatted. About so many things. Sometimes I shock myself that I’m actually capable of talking non stop!

The eve of valentine’s when my dad gave his blessings to our marriage one year ago. Yes, it was a gorgeous evening, and lovely memories.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Fly Phones

About two years ago my siblings and I chipped in and bought a cell phone for my dad as Father’s Day gift, I was using an old brick Nokia model I had since forgotten, 3330 or something.

Fast forward a month, and you had me in the toilet, a squatting one for that matter. And yes, you guessed it, my trusty old brick was in my back pocket, which I conveniently forgot, and yes, it went tumbling down the toilet hole :)

As sad as I was, I mean my old Nokia was really very trusty; you can drop it however you want and it will survive. In fact, after it was fished out, cleaned, and dried, it still worked. But that also meant I get to have a new phone.

But I was also very broke. And dad “borrowed” me his Father’s Day gift, the one my siblings and I bought for him.

Up till today.

I’m still having my dad’s phone (hey, I’d be darned if I have the cheeks to return the phone back to him!); and so I decided to get a phone for him this year, either for his birthday or well, Father’s Day. Whenever I get to save enough money. I know, it sucks, two years down the road and I’m still broke! :]

I found some really cool cell phone deals at Wirefly’s. My dad is an average, basic phone user and wirefly seems to have just about all the good options. All he needs is to call out (obviously, duh!), SMS, take pictures, and MMS. Most importantly the phone must be user friendly, so I’m looking at Sony Ericsson or Nokia’s as we are so used to using Nokia’s phone by now, and SE’s layout and functions is similar.

But carries a wide range of phones and service providers; they even have unbeatable plans for you to choose from. Don’t know what to get for your pumpkin pie who resides half a globe apart this coming Valentine’s? Think Motorola RAZR in pink or hot magenta complete with a talk plan to sizzle up to. Oh how cool!

I especially like their cash-in-your-old-phone deals. Just find out the phone that you want and correctly assess its condition to get an instant trade-in quote, print out a prepaid shipping label, box your phone up properly and ship over to them free of charge. And all you gotta do now is to wait 14 days for a check. Neat huh?

I might do just that for a spanking new phone!

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Lil Details That Made Our Day

Being different has always been a tune I sing to, well as much as I can! And for my wedding, I’m glad I have my hubby to duet with! Heh.

He’s been a sport and took all my idealistic concepts in and tried so hard to accommodate to. Thanks largely to him, most of my ideas were able to pull through and made a difference, and hence, leaving behind a string of sweet memories for us to savor up to our ripe old age.

Here I’m going to share a few things and who knows! Maybe you’d like my idea enough to incorporate in your events, or better yet, weddings!

This is my favourite. We used a birdcage in replacement of a ring pillow. The cage was bought from a flea market at The Curve's Streetmarket.

I loved it so much, Jason had to part with RM50.00 for it. That’s a splurge, I know. But I love it!

The cage is now a deco on our coffee table, with 2 mini teddy bears in groom suit and gown in it, and a mini plateful of mints!

This is a banner Jason’s colleague got for us for free! We hung it right at the road junction where guests turned into the parking lots, so they could confirm yeah, this is the place.

It reads: You Made It! We’re So Glad To Have You With Us, along with our picture, names, time, date, and venue.

This one is Jason’s “vision”. He saw it in his mind when we were scouting for venues, and came right to this foyer at Equatorial, Bangi-Putrajaya.

We contemplated many other options, one was suggested by his very helpful friend cum bestman, Kevin P, to print curtain-like backdrop on perforated material, so that the glare from glassed wall will not annoy the guests and at the same time, the wonderful view will not be blocked out. It’s a good idea, in fact we may use it as curtains for our home, but it is one costly idea though.

So finally we decided on this one, with the help of the hotel designer, we had this up and it was stunning against the sky!

This backdrop idea was from Jason too. He was flipping through wedding magazines and came across one that is similar. After communicated with the hotel’s designer, this was the elegant result. We still have the doves with us at home. Recently we lend it to another couple who was getting married too and they love it!

We had striking gerberas dotting the aisles. My parents and I went flower shopping a day before and bought these lovelies. I then had a friend who’s amazing with floral arrangement to do this for us.

I really love the splash of colour! I don’t remember how much the gerberas cost me, but I only bought a dozen of them. Do scout and buy from wholesalers instead of your usual neighbourhood florist which will save you loads.

This, is the program I designed, printed on white paper, and had Jason photocopied by the bulk. David Bong was a sweetie in helping with the alignment. And it came out quietly striking.

There’s this little boy & girl figure holding hands walking towards eternity image at the bottom of the program which was not shown here. That’s the special touch I so adore.
The papers was bought from bookstore around the range of RM4.20/60pcs.

The handmade flower cones were made by my friend, Stephanie, it was really quick and easy to roll them up. Just make sure of the size of the cones, cut the papers to halves (or whatever size deemed appropriate) and then roll! You can get the coloured A4 papers from all bookstores for a couple of dollars.

The flowers were bought together with the gerberas and it was a bag of assorted flowers (mainly orchids, which lasted forever!) for RM8.00. I had wanted rose petals which were relatively cheaper, RM1.00 per handful, but then again, I guess it’ll come back to the same: handful vs bagful.

And my favours! They are lollipops in assorted colours. I don’t eat sweets, but I don’t know why I love the sight of lollipops so much I had to have it in my wedding. Wanna know my earlier, idealistic…uh, idea? I wanted a candy bar!!! So badly. A candy bar with big ass lollipops, popsicles, jars and jars of jellybeans. Yes, even though I don’t eat them. :)

I had cupcakes towers at my buffet lines but alas, I don’t have any pictures of them. I didn’t even get to taste them! :(

The necklace was my aunt’s. She wore them during her wedding! They are faux diamonds but totally lovely and blingy! I also love, love, love the earrings, they are my sister’s. Price RM 29.90. (They’ve since become my birthday present! Hehehehhe)

And that’s my beautiful veil. Yes, MINE! Not from the bridal shop. It was a gift from my ex-colleagues from Debenhams if I got the spelling and name correct. Priceless. And I had white roses as my hair accessory.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Living The Dream Shower

13 years ago, when my dad bought our family house, he brought us out for tiles shopping. I loved it! Mainly because I aspired to be an interior designer then but that’s a different story all together.

When we were contemplating over the tiles for the shower, I insisted my dad to get the high-gloss, marine blue tiles on display. It was obviously one of the most expensive tiles there. But they are really cool. It’s as if water was trapped in the tiles, hence making it look super cooling and it’s as if you are in the ocean. (Disney’s Little Mermaid was the “in” thing then for a girl, you see :)

And he never regretted the choice.

Besides wanting cool cookery gadgets in MY kitchen, I think the next most important space in MY house has to be the shower: the only place where privacy is promised.

It has got to be spacious, preferably with dry and wet area. Oh how I love my shower/bathroom to be dry! The shower head and taps would be the stainless steel types, the set of toilet bowl, basin, etc would be porcelain white.

The whole setting must have loads of natural lights during the days and softened, down lights at nights. So darn relaxing!

I found just the site that provides really cool shower/bath sets and parts. You should check out their designer taps! I love, love their designs!!! Really cool stuff. The only boo-boo for me is that the site,, is UK based, hence if you are from there, rejoice! And double rejoice because delivery is free to mainland UK!

Now, if you would excuse me, I should go sketch a picture of how MY future house would look like, just you know dear hubby, for your reference ;)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Hate To Glamorise It But Hey JJ!

One goofy smiles.
Two starry eyes.
Many skipitty heart beats.

Those are what your favourite DJ can do to you by just simply dropping by your blog.

Until, your editor emailed you and gives you an assignment *abrupt halt of euphoric music*


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Me Grandma From Jamaica

Today is, as informed by JJ and Rudy of, Robert Nesta aka Bob Marley aka Tuff Gong’s birthday, da man who popularised reggae outside Jamaica.

It was so darn funny listening to them Jamaican accents, and speaking da patoi, which funnily reminds me of me grandma, who was born in no other but Jamaica, da land of reggae. (Tis whole accent thing is so infectious! Me now slurrin' me words and slowin' me speech pace with da imaginary breezy reggae music at da background! Yah Mann!)

So yeah, me grandma, she was born and bred there as her family was doing business there (and some other relatives in Suriname, up until today). Do you see what I see here? You just dump a Chinese any where you want, and they’ll just start a business and do the whole survival thing for you. Talk about money minded? Or survival instinct? You tell me!

She’s got an old Jamaican passport with her baby photo in it. It’s priceless, really. Back then, da day when she was born in da hospital, they need an English name to register her birth, so da nurses in the hospital actually helped in coming up with a name, and her name, complete with a middle name, kicks arse mann!

Clarice Carmen.

Uhm hmm, that’s me grandma’s name. Me have been thinking since young that maybe me should adopt her name for me future daughter. Heh.

Me have also always thought that had me great-grandpa not fallen ill and was not on his death bed, maybe he would nebba request to travel back to China on a ship that took months to arrive.

And maybe me grandma would actually grow up there.

And maybe she would marry a local tall, 6-packed-abs, muscly-arms, strong Jamaican man.

(uh, not to say that my actual grandpa is not the above, he’s actually a very sweet… actually I’ve never met him in person… but from the pictures and stories, I can say that he’s more of a studious, goody-2-shoes sorta nice man.:)

And me father would actually be a Mista Dominique Lauren Jamaican something…

And maybe me would have those dark olive skin and sexy ringlets me so talked about!

And me name would be Maxine Lauren Jamaican something…

And me would be roaming the beaches in ma bikinis with ma pouty lips, ma big brown eyes, and uh… ma mountainous… front…?

Just… maybe :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

He Remembered The Dates!

And I didn’t.

Last 1st Feb was our 4th year 1st-time-meeting-anniversary which I nicely forgot! Boo! Anyway we were out at my mom’s the whole day and maybe I was too occupied… with the TV. Heh.

At night, when we reached our apartment, I walked into our home with tea light candles forming an aisle and candles all around the house!

Some Italian dude (well he scrambled through my CDs) was crooning from the player and a hand was offered to me for a dance.

He wished me Happy Anniversary, and then I was like, GASP! Yeah hor! :D


We danced, laughed, chatted in the dark amidst the candles and cooling breeze (3rd floor from the ground always promises nice, strong winds in the house… and hence dusty floors too -_-)

It was, indeed, a night to remember, its been a real long while since we had proper time off for each other, and actually talk! Couple talk! Ha! Its amazing how we are just two of us but always seem to be busy with something even though we are together, I wonder how’s it gonna be like when the kids come in!

Happy anniversary to you too babe! May our love continue to grow healthily in a million more years to come! (Hehe, yeah, no running away! :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007