Thursday, September 27, 2007

What In The Name?

I hate it when people call me LISA when I repeatedly say LEISHIA. I mean, so difficult to pronounce mehh?


Oh what the heck! Call me Leeshia or Lee Sia even! But LISA?! It's so... character...less O_o

“Hi, who am I speaking to?”


“Hello! What’s your name?”
“Oh, LISA!”
“It’s Leishia”
“Yes, LISA


“Hello. Please find attached the article for your perusal. Regards, Leishia.”
“Thanks LISHA


“Hi! I’m Bimbo. And you?”
“Hello. Leishia. Not LISA.”
“Haha! You’re so funny, RACHEL!”


“Hey there! My name’s Himbo. Here’s my card. What’s your name?”
“Hi Himbo. My name is LeiSHIA.”
“Ah! Haha! Sorry! So can I get you a drink, ALICIA?”


“... Sure… anything!”


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Little From The Past

My dad is moving his shop to a better, more prominent location in these 2 months’ time. It’s a bitter sweet feeling. I’ve practically grew up living in the back of the shop while my dad runs his tailoring business at the front premise.

My sisters and I would hold tea parties with the mannequins when the shop’s closed on weekends when we were wee bit of peanuts. When there’s no one around, I’ll play make believe and dance with the mannequins smarted up in suits, imagining them to be my handsome knight. Only the knight was headless.

We would hide amidst the rolls and rolls of textiles from my grandma who would shout and hunt us down for us to have our dinners. My grandma is a great cook. When I grew older, and started going to schools, I made friends, whom I could talk to for hours on end, it’s amazing! I would take the cordless phone, and hide inside the fitting room and chat forever! If you ask me now, I serious don’t know how I did it before. The topics that we could come up with!

And when I grew older still, my dad’s measuring tapes that hung around the giant globe on his work desk became my best friend. My sisters and I, we would measure each other’s waist, and taunt each other for being fat while secretly worrying if our chest will ever expand.

Back then, us siblings, all 4 of us, and my grandma, would bunk into a “room” made using sturdy wood planks on a raised platform. That was our heaven for many years. We cracked silly jokes in the still of the nights, swapped eerie ghost stories, argued and quarrelled, cried till our eyes popped from the socket because we failed our exams… all in that makeshift room painted white with a cool sliding door.

Now I can’t say I want to go back in time and relive those moments, but they sure are beautiful memories. And as we grow older, I reckon these are the little things in life that glue a family together.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Barney Song

So, yeah, yay! Our government has nothing to hide, and we are so glad for that because hey! We are looking at the positive side!

Yup. Happy clappy.

I mean, don’t get me wrong! Polly and I love the idea of close one eye staying positive because, c’mon! Money is just an ideology, an illusion if you will. Right? We don’t actually need the money that we earned, and it’s OK for you to spend it for us, buy all the things and build all the facilities that we might or might not need in the future, and reward the suppliers generously. Yup, money is just an illusion. Go riiight ahead!

Sharing is caring.
Uhm hmm!
*cricket symphony*
What’s next? Would directly debiting our salary into your account a better idea?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Puked. I Cried. I Made Everyone Worried

I am sick! :(

Everyone thought I was dying. You can pull my legs up, and tilt my head down, you can do anything to me, and I’d remain lifeless. Oh, did I mention that I puked my guts out all over the place?

Poor me! I must have made everyone worried sick, especially my big sistah! She's ALWAYS paranoid that I will die early due to "negligence". And I don't even know what is negligence! (Psst, I can spell because I use Tee hee! I is smart!).

Dad managed to send me to the vet after brudder called the whole world informing of my dying *rolls eyes*. 2 shots, a bagful of medicines, and 200 hundred bucks poorer later, I'm one happy girl again. I wagged tail, and I demanded food. It was me mom’s birthday yesterday and *they* had chocolate biscuit crusted cheesecake, but I couldn’t eat becauseeee "lest she gets sick again" *DUH* :( Everyone absolutely *refused* to give me a taste of heaven even I used my mostest sincerest puppy eyes and I swear (big sistah said cannot simply swear woh. So "unlady like" haiks) promised it showed, I was even drooling non-stop and kept swallowing my saliva! And all they did was kept cooing how cute I was! *sulk*sulk* >(

But I was rweally rweally hungwee because I puked everything out, remember? Good thing my nana and big sistah steamed a piece of chicken for me, else I would be writing my eulogy now! (ohmygawd! I'm swearing again! >.<). ANYWAYZzzz. I love my nana and big sistah! :D

I need to go play now! That’s my job, you know! Toodles!


Our 1st Anniversary Was Spent…

Movie marathon-ing! Whoo hoo!!!

There was going to be a *surprise* party thing - Jason and the gang was to be the surprisers, and I, the surprisee. And well, honestly? I did kinda know there’ll be one, because I’m sharp and I pick up wind fast. Hehe! And I’m secretly smitten!

And then on Saturday afternoon, I overheard Jason on the phone.

“Hmm…. Yeah….. I never thought of that….. yeah, yes yes…. Oh… yeah lah. Yeah lah. Thanks for pointing out…. Yes….”


And I knew my party is no more!!!! *BAWLS*

Sigh. Apparently someone pointed out to him that this is *our* first anniversary, and how sure is he that I want to have a party? SIGH! Well how sure is *he* that I don’t want a party wohh *pout*

But then I knew Jason was disappointed too because he’s spent lots of time trying to pull things together but in the end he had to call it off. Oh well!

Anyway we both took the day off on 17th. And being the coolest husband that he is, Jason let me sleep-in in the morning while he woke up early to clean up the house PLUS wash the bath and the toilet! You so rock! And made coffee (*heart*) before waking me up (but I woke up before that and saw him doing all the woman stuff in the kitchen, and quickly tip-toed back to the room stifling my laugh and pretended sleeping. Hehe)

*insert meal time*

Movies in the morning when everyone else is working is always awesome! Although Ratatouille was a little blah; but as long as I don’t need to be in the office! Hahaha!

*insert snack time*

I think it was somewhere during The Bourne Ultimatum’s trailer,

An exasperated Jason: Me! My show!*huff & puff* I’m watching THAT show! It’s my show! *huff & puff* Not some RotiTelur show! *sulk*

Aww. He meant Ra.ta.tou.ille.

*insert coffee break*

OK, so RotiTelur Ratatouille was nothing to shout about, but Premonition, on the hand, was a timely reminder for both of us to appreciate our relationship, honour our marriage, and fight for love, hope, and family. You guys should really give the show a go. Sandra Bullock’s timelessly beautiful as usual! Oh, and some uncle fell asleep mid-movie and SNORED. SO. LOUD. -_-

*insert meal time*

We sneaked into a cinema hall showing Hairspray when Nickki Blonsky was crooning “Oh Oh Oh Don’t Make Me Wait. One More Moment For My Life To Start. Good Morning Baltimore!!!!”

*insert snack time*

And finally, we had I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry to end the day. I love Adam Sandler’s lame humour! Oh, lots of eye candies in the movie so it’s not very children friendly. So, people like Jap, Dohnie, and RedJar, wait till you grow older, hokay?

*insert meal time*

So there! Not a very *happening* day, but I LOVE every bit of it! We got to eat loads, talk loads, watch loads of movies with boobies beauties, and just simply spend time with each other eating, talking, watch… erm, yeah, you get the drift. It was rweally nice. Heh :)

Oh I wish everyday is anniversary day!

You know what, whether it’s 1st anniversary, or the 20th birthday, or even just another Monday, celebrate it like you would welcoming a newborn.

The fact that we are awake and breathing, it’s a miracle already

So when was the last time you took time off to spend with your loved ones? Believe me, it’ll worth every second of your 1 day annual leave. Really!

Well, Happy Anniversary y’all!

Psst. I have a surprise too planned out for Jason. OK, not so surprise already because I terbongkar myself -__- Anyway! There’ll be lots of pictures then to post! I hope! Hehe! I’m so excited! Oh dear, I’ll need a sundress, pwetty sandals, dangly earrings… and, and, and I’ll need to stop eating and flatten my tummy so that I can fit into my lengha!!!!

Let's Get Flirty

*this is a sponsored post*

The times are different now.

People used to rely heavily on going to friends’ parties to meet potential partners. Though this is still the case, but now we have many other alternatives to meet a possible life partner, and one of it is none other than online dating.

During my *ahem* times, online chatting was all the rave, you kinda like log in to a random “romance room”, and then randomly pick one “Real Prince Charming” or “Baby Cupcake123”, and then well, just try your random luck.

Now, with niched dating sites like jlove, everyone can meet everyone before establishing any contact. Jlove is a dating site for jewish singles seeking friendships from within the jewish community.

So if you are a jewish single, are still searching, and don’t mind giving online dating a try, do direct your mouse over to jlove and start making friends! A word of caution though: always be careful with whom you get in touch with, exercise wisdom and common sense. Love is a funny thing, in the name of love, people can lose many things and be in danger. Dating sites are actually a great place to meet friends, but there’s no guarantee that some are posers. So ladies especially, have fun, but always be careful! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

MIMS Says It - This Why You're Hot

Dear husband,

It has been one year already, and I can’t believe we made it this far! *give self a pat*

And *yikes*, ninety nine more years to ago! Haha!

But I thank God, that it’s you I woke up to every morning.
I thank God that it’s you I come home to every day.
I thank God that you’re the reason that I become stronger each day.
I thank God that you gave me the motivation to strive for things that I thought it’s unreachable.
I thank God that you’re my compass when I’m at my usual timid-self.
I thank God that you’re consciously honouring your commitment to our marriage.
I thank God that you’re so supportive towards my endeavours to rise up in life.
I thank God that your love for me is so selfless.
I thank God that you’re so patient with me when I’m such a lousy wife.
I thank God that you’d swallow everything I cooked, if any, even though they were un-swallow-able, and yet encourage me on saying I’ve done a great job.
I thank God that you’re so tolerant with me when I’m supremely bitchy with PMS’ and mood swings.
I thank God that it was you who were waiting at the end of the aisle on our wedding day.
I thank God for you - my husband, my partner, my mentor, my friend.
I thank God.

I won’t let anyone bully you. I’ll even punch thebigbully if I see her. I’ll go up to her, and ask, are you thebigbully? BAM! And I punch her. *silly grin*

I know you won’t EXACTLY do that, but that sure cracked me up.

I thank God that he custom made you my Super Bouncer!

Love you loads! May you have many, many kick ass days ahead! Oh, and Happy Anniversary my BFF! :)


Friday, September 14, 2007

10 Things I Miss About You

> That with you, I can go shopping. Never mind the money that I don’t have to spend.
> That with you, I can sleep in till my body aches in the morning, and wake up being drowsy.
> That with you, I can surf the net and chat online till I puke blood and my eyes pop.
> That with you, I can go watch a 10am movie, without a care of the world!
> That with you, I can strut in to McD’s for their big brekkie, and keep alternately refilling my coffee and tea, until my tummy explodes.
> That with you, I can spend *quality* time with Polly, my baby girl, and bring her out for walks, and just totally pamper her like a princess. Not that she’s not one now.
> That with you, I can go buy that oh-so-sinful buy 1 free 1 SanFran coffee with extra whipped cream, and just while the time away watching people.
> That with you, I can curl up in a reading chair in Starbuckkie and just read, day dream, and get bored while listening to Augustana’s Boston on the loop.
> That with you, I can do all the above without getting stuck in jams.
> That with you, I know I can be a better blogger, learning how to tweak designs.

Make it 11,
> That with you, I can laugh at my friends, for not having YOU.

Ahhh, freedom from work. How I miss you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!


I’ve finally, finally, finally finished my translation stint!

So much stress. I can’t even *see* myself anymore in the mirror with my face covered with pimples *gasp* (lol that’s a funny illustration. Euw, but funny. Heh). I’d slept at 1am, woke up at 5am, and worked through the day to get the work finished; the whole time kept thinking about announcing the death of my blog, but the thing is, I don’t even have the time to google for a free eulogy template! Gah!

And here I am! FI.NA.L.LY.FI.NI.SHED

And every victory is NOT a victory until you do *that* jiggly little dance! You just HAVE to do it! So I did. Well, was doing…

when suddenly my phone rang. *beep*beep*client*beep*beep*uhoh*beep*beep*

Says he got another stack of drawings to be translated wohhhh.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

What Goes Around, Comes Around, Malaysia.

You know the saying about choosing the right life partner?

“Watch how he treats his mom, that’s how he’ll treat his wife”

You see my dear country and fellow AMAZING leaders, the same applies.

Because we see, every darn day, how you treat people who are not your kind, animals who are called unclean in your law; we see everything. And if we voice out any displeasure, we are doomed.

We are called unpatriotic. We are called traitors. We are called shite stirrer. We are called goblok. We are called pondans.

But that’s OK. We let it slide, for the sake of peace.

But this????

Catch more than 150 stray dogs within six months and you might just win at least

Under the rules of the competition, residents can work with their respective resident committees or any other organisation, but must deliver the dogs alive.

Photographs of the captured dogs are to be submitted as proof and the council will provide tools for those interested in taking part in the competition.
-- the Star

Somewhere, some one said National Day celebrations are only for children, because they don't know what the true meaning of Merdeka is, yet.

How true.

If this is how you treat animals dogs, can our future generations expect any more better treatments from you?

Oh by the way, why not raise the stake and let us catch the stray cats for you too?

Edit: Go to this site and speak up against this barbaric move!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Operation Pro-Blogger: Failed

So I’ve been deprived of my National Day favourite-past-time, and then I’ve been deprived of my National Day holiday PLUS the weekend! AND I’ve conveniently forgotten about me being scheduled for the Sunday’s backup! Oh, oh! Plus PLUS, I’ve made friends with Maggie the migraine for the first time in my life, and Maggie has been staying over for the past one week, throwing parties with loud-base percussions day after day!

Life’s sweet, ain’t it?

And the really good news is, month end output at my day-job is over. And I’ve translated 77 pages worth of documents with minimal to non-existent sleep, which I can only hand in tomorrow (because I’ve also forgotten that I have a FOOD REVIEW [yay!] to go to today in Cheras [where’s that?! boo!] this afternoon).

Now the bad news is, I have 15 more pages of “essays” to go. Oh, yet another good news is, I’ll be off to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands this weekend, Friday onwards! But of course, my deadline for the 15 pages’ work has to be due on Monday, otherwise where’s the balance right?!


It really can’t get any better.

Side track a bit, I’ve been stuffing myself silly like a pig (poor piggie, always kena victimised) under the pretext of “I’m stressed!”; although my brain kept saying, “slow man slow, we are not rushing, eat slow!!!!” but my teeth just kept chomping the filet-o-fish away as if, the burger'll be *poof* gone within 5 seconds and I'll have no more food for the rest of my life! *Shriek* Totally ignoring the brain! You see the conflict? You see? It was THAT tiring! x_x

And people keep saying I’ve gone down, and down, and down. It’s IRRITATING. OK, I lied. Those words are like music to my ears! When translated, it means, I CAN EAT MORE!!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

But above all these, (OK, clich├ęd part is coming, but really seriously!) I’m soooo frigging touched that God has been with me through every step! Really! It’s amazing! T___T (<-- see, my "gamdong"/touched cry) I mean, when people say God is omnipresent, what does it mean to you?

It meant, yeah, God is like, everywhere, right?

Erm, theoretically right lohh…

Now I realized, God is really just BY MY SIDE all along, everyday, every minute, every second (uh, that means He knows my erm, toilet patterns, tendency to erm… cuss, secret thoughts, and basically, everything else. O.o Boy, how can He stand us man?! We are Ahem. I am so evil!) after the last few fun-deprived days of me beating time, working alone with lots of tears and snorts. What seems impossible was made possible, what seems crazy was made sane. Praise God! I really couldn’t have done it without Him man!

It’s us who got carried away with life, and drown Him out. And then on Sundays we lament with such gusto, oh God whyyy?! Whyyyy are you not speaking to me?! Whyyyyy God! *with outstretched wrinkly hands*

Ahem. Drama-ness. Hehe

The question is, when He speaks, do I hear? Many EVERY time, the voice of my problem is louder.

So loud Maggie the migraine decided to move in and be my BFF! -_-

OK OK, I know you’ve heard this before, your Pastor’s been preaching it every Sunday blah blah blah I also know that lah blah blah blah.

But the only difference is: this is my blog I can say whatever I want hehe before, it was my head knowledge; now, my heart is convicted. I know I HAVE Him with me every moment! Gah!!! I’m so excited I’m going to explode into many, many tweeny, tiny pieces!

Ooh, speaking of tweeny, I have a tweenage-pyjamas night party to go to end of this month! YAY!!!!!! I’m so cool! Tweenagers lurvve me!!

Haha and speaking of coolness, yesterday’s dance performance by the girls was awesome! The girls were sooo yau-yeng man! Gwen and Gwynne, Jen and Vee, Cyn and Mel! (Chewah, like giving Oscar speech!) And the song can’t stop looping in my head now!

I’m not cool but that’s OK! Cos my guy loves me anyway!

Great! Ms. Maggie and Mr. Cool Song are now co-habiting in my head. AWESOME!!!

So how’ve YOUR week been? Tell please tell please! I’m kaypoh! No lah, because I care. =D

P/S Have you watched Evan Almighty yet???

P/S/S Anyone can tell me where to go to in Ipoh? You know, places to get those famous coffee powders, must-have biscuits, mandatory dim sum/Ipoh hor fun/ chicken rice eat-outs’ and all.

P/S/S/S You want anything from there?