Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's All In Order

I received an email in my mailbox yesterday, and was I touched! It reminded me how faithful God is, and how magnificent He is.

At many stages of our wedding planning, Jason and I got very frustrated. We’d have our individuals opinions and tastes, we’d argued, we’d pull our long faces, we’d cry… ok, I’d cry, and hence winning the crown of being a bridezilla hands down, but anyway! It’s just, difficult! Planning a solo wedding is easy, but planning a wedding with and for so many other people spells disaster louder than anything else. OK, I think I’m over exaggerating here. Heh. Anyway!

So two nights ago, our appointed coordinator dropped us a bomb, saying he might be posted overseas in September and that he might not be able to join the wedding. We were freaking out silently.

Yesterday, Jason was on leave, and he went over to our wedding venue: Equatorial, to run things over with the new sales rep as the earlier girl who handles us has resigned, which to us, was another bomb.

With the previous girl, we had to bargain, we had to argue, we had to be stern, we had to press, to the extent I refused to join the meetings with her and let Jason be the middle man and do all the bargaining. But with this lady, who’s in the business for the past 4 years, she’s speaking on our behalf, as a consumer who’s going to put the kachings into the vendors' pockets! She’s getting us all the things that the previous girl refused to give into. She’s even giving us the chocolate pudding that I requested instead of rice pudding! Yay! I can’t wait to meet her to get down with all the details!

I know it’s petty; but do you know how important it is to have total control over all the decisions, just to make sure every thing runs perfectly, and every one would have a good time to remember by? All these little, little things add up to mean a heck lot. Trust me. But then again, I guess you gotta be a girl to understand. Heh!

Jason has been a sweet heart though. Most of the time he was the one who’d pushed me to get things done and give in to my liking :)

I just know, it’ll go fine. All things will fall into its places specifically, not one hair out of place. I just know; because...

“Before they call, I will answer” Isaiah 65:24

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tis What I Really Want!

Tis what I call a real cheongsam. See how it exudes beauty and elegance? When it makes you look good and vintage, THAT's when it's a cheongsam. Not those that make people call out to you in a chinese restaurant for tea refill. Geddit?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wedding Etiquette 101

This makes a good summary of wedding guest etiquette! Here’s what Mrs. Bee gotta say:

Because wedding season is upon us, I thought this would be a good time to
discuss how to be a great wedding guest. When you’re invited to a wedding, the couple has asked you to be part of a day they’ve put so much time, love, and effort into planning. Observing some basic wedding guest etiquette can make the big day just a little bit easier for the bride and groom (in fact, and everyone else!)

1) RSVP. The bride and groom are usually paying per person (often hundreds of dollars) so they need to have an accurate headcount of all guests. If your plans change and you can no longer attend, or have RSVP’d for a guest who can no longer attend, notify the couple.

2) Send gifts to the couple’s home. This way the couple doesn’t have to worry about collecting, watching, losing, cards separating and taking gifts home on an already hectic day.

3) Don’t bring anyone who is not named on the invitation. Do not bring a date or children that are not specifically named on the invitation, and do not write in names on the RSVP card. The couple has put a lot of thought into who they’re inviting, they’re paying per person, and have probably created seating arrangements for each individual guest.

4) Show up on time. This seems like a no-brainer, but I don’t think I’ve ever attended a wedding that started on the actual time indicated on the invitation, due to late guest arrivals. A wedding is a carefully orchestrated once-in-a-lifetime event…
so please be on time.

Now that you’re a great guest, it’s time to enjoy the celebration and share the day with the happy couple. What else would you add to this list?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Exotic Blooms

Frangipanis, gardenias, orchids are awesomely simple, exotic, romantic, and sexy! Don't you think? I'm considering having one of them buds as my hair accesories instead of tiaras and all. You say?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stressed Out

There will be some changes in my work scope, like, right about now. And I’m going crazy, getting nightmares after another. Argh. I love me some holiday!!! Oh, by the way, no more taking leave on Mondays: because that’s the day all my weekly reports should go out. Lovely, isn’t it?

Last night Jason and I surfed through and I think we’ve got ourselves a honeymoon package. Just need to wait for Jason to renew his passport and we’ll book ‘em right after. At least something’s moving.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Marry Me!

I thought this cake topper is pretty darn neat, at least all men would share the same sentiment (even though they were the ones who proposed first)! Heh

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Loving My Sweets & Swirls

This week, I'm loving my lollipops, a pressie from Jason; and this mug mat given by my friend. The lollies gave me a sweet idea for my wedding, and the circles gave me delightful swirls of colors on my otherwise boring desk!

The colors are so loudly retro yet subtly modern. I have them placed at my work desk and I like how they give me a tingly excitement every time I turn to see them happily cheering me on!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Heart Lip Tints

During emergencies, red-tinted lip balms make a great blusher (and the clear ones make a great emergency-moisturizer!). Just smear a small amount onto cheeks for that blushing-bride look and you’re good to go! I’m using Stila’s Lip Pot in Cerise. It makes your lips moist and supple minus the gooey feeling, and your cheeks a healthy cherry pink. Love it!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Say KLIMS & Wha?!

To sum it up, I had fun over the two back-to-back weekends. First there was the KLIMS where we all grumbled about having to be on shift work from Monday to Sunday; meaning straight to the motor show right after your day job in the office and work well into the night, and now that the show is over, there’s still no concrete info about how much allowance we’ll be getting. Chinese company, I tell you! But having said that, I still had quite a bit of fun there, especially during the last day of my duty. We took heaps of pictures with our concept car and made our dorky salesmen do the Saturday Night Fever moves! Heh.

And then there was an impromptu one day trip back to Melaka, to which we were introduced to a doggie, named Doggie (uhm hmm). Well according to Jason’s sis, Doggie’s a stray dog that decided to call her home, a home. And being pregnant and due, and with 2 uber mischievous sons in tow (the sis, not the dog), Doggie is not going to get any attention from her any sooner. But he’s one cool, obedient dog! I’m only sorry he’d come back again and again to be tortured by the kids. Poor thing. So if any kind souls out there who’d like to have a pet dog, let us know? I think he’s trained and very alert! He looks like a mixed Pomeranian and the size of my Polly a.k.a Poppin, and his eyes are a sea of blue!

Ooh, Jason bought me this really cool skirt! It makes me an instant Saree Party Girl! Whoo hoo! And we found 2 shops that we may go back again with my maids for their gowns. Can’t wait!

On the wedding preparation front, well, with our down payment to the hotel made last month, the preparation pretty much comes to a standstill. The only major things to look into now are invitations, the bridesmaids’ gowns, and honey moon. You simply have no idea how difficult it is to get these done, oh no you don’t! Well I look forward to having some time off from work and design the invitations next week maybe, and this time around, HAVE the final say. Heh.