Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Buffet That Never Was

Last night we attended a cocktail party.

Only we didn’t know it was a cocktail party until we were there, where the ladies were dressed to the nines and the gentlemen garbed in exquisite silk batik, while us, well, casually chic. In jeans and flats. -___-'''

It was apparently a soft launching of a hotel in Putrajaya and that was as far as Jason remembered to tell me. Well ok, to his credit, he also remembered to tell me that “the hotel is soft launching the other day… so they invited us to go… try… buffetfood…. eat.... dinner…”

Uhm hmm. Riiiight.

See, mostly he only forgot (key)words like "dainty", "finger food", and "DRESS UP PLEASE DEAR". That's all! T_T

“What? Who reads invitations?! People invite, you come. People invite, you come!” was his defense.


But oh well, we had a good time nonetheless (Read: me chiding the mindless husband and him faking drunkenness and totally ignoring my chiding his mistake. Lovely couple, we are. -_-)

The party area was large and dimly lit, so we sat down by the pond side, munched on bite sized cocktail food – cheese slice, 1 half bite, char kuey teow in cone, 2 bites; smoked salmon wrap, 3 bites; barbequed prawn stick, 2 bites; grilled lamb on bone, 1 bite; mascarpone in spoon, 3 friggin’ licks! How cool is that yo! Talk about staying in shape baby!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Les Petites Joie De Vivre

The days have been a mundane routine of work, eat, sleep. The mornings blend into the nights and the nights to the mornings. By the rate we are going, I thought we’d erase the words “relax” and “enjoy” from our dictionary before 2009 strikes, what with my new boss being a tough nut in approving leaves, and then there’s Jason’s big plan of savings and clearing loans. But I was pleasantly surprised that I’m actually still capable of enjoying and thanking God for the littlest things in life!

Thanking God for this

Yes. Patches of budding grass on my front yard. The two little patches of land on either sides of the porch.

When we moved in, they were infested with weeds and covered with stones, broken tiles and ceramics and basically, they are really an eye sore. We’ve used two big bottles of weed killer, they grew back; we’ve hoed it, and trust me the tough work in doing so, the land’s so hard with all the stones underneath the earth you’d wish you’ve hit a gold pot every time the hoe goes down, but hey, the weed grew back; we’ve mowed it, they grew back too. We got so tired of it I remember we complained and asking God to, hey, You grow them ok please? We give up! We want us a carpet of nice, green grass, not weeds. *grunts*

We are now noticing that grass is growing healthily! :)

Of course we are not pro farmers or gardeners so seriously, we don’t understand a bit about gardening. Maybe all the weeding work has promoted the growth of the grass, or whatever, but we are still awed by God’s hand in all things, down to the petty grass-growing chore! Now I'm thinking if I should throw some seeds on the earth. Hah!

And then, there are these

A litter of puppies!

We always pay them a visit during our almost daily walks in the evenings, and one of the little cutie (I shall named him Indie here forth) got acquainted with me. We’ve made friends!

Last night after admiring the grass and getting so awed, we went visiting the little ones by the road side. And guess what? They came running towards us (instead of running away as they always do when they were a few days younger), sniffing us enthusiastically!

After a short time of playing, we moved on with our walk, but when I turned back, Indie was following us! Haha! When he noticed that I noticed him following us, he stopped and watched and pretended turning back to his pack, so we pretended to ignore him and walk on, he started following again! Gah! Cuteness overload!!! lol


Maybe life is really all about knowing how to enjoy the little things we came along. We don’t have to own them, we don’t have to live with them, but as long as we know how to be grateful to God for them, je pense que la vie sera toujours belle.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What I Learned From My 3-Day Company Training

that 3-in-1 coffee served in disposal cups are much yummier than drinking from mugs! Really! >)

哈哈!当然也见到了原来每一个人的背后其实是背着一些包袱担子,相见时,都是带着笑容和面具, 有泪自吞,多么的脆弱可悲啊!人生真的就酱子冷冷冰冰, 马马虎虎过一生吗?

这三天一路走来,当然时间是超短的,对此类型的心智培训课程也有所接触,也就抱着一个旁观者的心态来参与,所以启发不大。虽然如此,可也学到原来人与人之间的那层厚厚的墙是可以打反的;就以一个“诚 ” 的眼神和“真”的微笑,心房就自自然然打开了!所谓以诚相对, 就那么的简单。但是说是容易做是难,人总是有戒心,把自己重重封锁。 悲啊!


噢,讲师还有一句话,我觉得蛮有意思的。 他说,您是有潜质做鲸鱼在海洋里自由自在畅游的,哪为什么要硬把自己养在鱼缸里,做金鱼呢?




Thursday, November 13, 2008


Jason will be away in KK for 4 days!

No one to drive me around and pay for my food :(

Note to rachel and mingyan: saya ingin menyahut kempen "I need someone" anda. Apakah kriterianya?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You Drive Me Crazy!

I was over the moon last night!!!! ~.~

I played with one of my neighbours’ GOLDEN RETRIEVER! *if I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up! Prays*

A goldie! A GOLDIE leh!!! And he doens't stink! lol

He’s 3 years old, he’s huge, and he’s so… calm, almost like zenning out most of the time. He wagged his tail when I called out to him, smelt my hand a bit, decided I’m not… erm, hazardous, and then, he just totally zen-ed out, standing there quietly while I petted him! He didn’t go all lickety-licky and salivate and pant and stick his nose up you or anything! Good boy! I like!

OK, I think I’m ready for big dogs now! x)

AND then! After playing with the goldie, we went for a walk around our neighbourhood lah, on our way back, we saw this blob of tiny shadow zigzagging like a clown across the street!

It’s a puppy!!! So I went tchuk tchuk tchuking to get her attention. Now normally street puppies or even adult dogs for that matter are quite fearful of strangers, they’d normally go the other direction if you’re coming from one. So if you want to make friends with them, usually it takes a while.

But THIS one!!! This one came BOUNCING herself at my feet! And running herself silly around me in circles while yelping playfully!!! T___T so frigging cute! Sigh~~~

I NEED A DOG LOH! Grr! When ah?

I’ve been considering for the longest time: should I get one before I become prego, or should I get one after we have children?

One before means our children will have a protective family member watching over them (because by then a puppy would’ve grown to be an adult ady and I won't need to fret over taking care of them like they were babies)

One after means our children will have a tiny, cutesy puppy like them to grow up together with!

But Jason thinks we should only get one when I no longer work! T__T Cruelty, I tell you! So all I can think of now is to quit my job! =.=’

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Tsk!

Oh, by the way, I’m not afraid of big dogs anymore! I even dare to touch Uncle Bernard’s dog! Have you seen his dog? Humongous for a puppy! O_O

You know what, maybe I should go stock up some biscuits now lah. Just in case the puppy comes bouncing over tonight!

You think she'll like Tiger’s biscuit better or Jacob’s Weetameal better?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Bookish Bliss

My library has got new mates!

Check out George's middle parting! LOLLLL

My sis got these babies for me from MPH warehouse sales! All for RM55.00!


Another “Favourite” in my movie list now:

Mamma Mia!!! I LOVE ABBA!!! Don’t you? Don’t you??? My sister and I used to watch their concert on tape when we were wee kids everyday after breakfast and we’d get so frigging mesmerized with the glitz!






I almost died seeing that chubby ball of sweet fluff swooshing along the beach so semangatly! Hmm, they must've dangled a really huge piece of ham at the camera's end! LOLLLL T__T watching the trailer made me laughed and cried at the same time -_- Tears of joy people! Tears of joy!!!!!! Marley!!!

GAHHHH *_* /is hyperventilating to death/

Now before I go hyperventilate myself to death, please, let me advise you to go read the book, then watch the movie! You'll feel it better that way. Seriously. Nah, the cover looks like this:

You simply, really CANNOT miss it!

One more time. Just in case you didn't get the picture imprinted on your brain nicely.

Maybe tattoo it on your grey matter is a better idea...

One last time lah.


Erm... maybe I should email it to you all lah! xD GO READ AH!!!!

*suddenly my life bermakna semula! Lalalalalalala*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bukit Tinggi Finale : Stepping Out In Faith

Seriously, mission to be pro-blogger: FAIL lah! -__- Can't even make sure I blog every other day decently haiks!

Life at work is a little crazy and I feel everything - work, social, church, personal life - life in general, is kinda jumbled... in a way. Sometimes I feel as if I'm wayyyy too free that I NEED to be with friends, go out constantly, just BE out, you know; some other times I feel as if life's happening wayyy too fast with too many things going on at the same time I couldn't cope. Why ah! Zzz!

Was supposed to be at my aunt's place for dinner before a meeting, but because of miscommunication and miscalculation of time, I couldn't make it to dinner without being late to the meeting, so ended up Jason went alone. When I came out from the meeting and SMSed my aunt to apologize and thank her for the food (she tapau-ed for me!), she replied back saying "you're welcome. it's not good to take food at odd hours, don't do it so often". And I. just. totally. broke. down =.= Trust me to do things like this. =__='''

Ah yi, this is a bit geli lah I know, but hey, if you're reading this, THANK YOU for everything! (erm of course, hi mom! hi grandma! THANK YOU too for EVERYTHING!!! :D)

Sigh. I *think* I need a holiday.

So let me quickly finish up the last batch of pictures from Bkt. Tinggi so that I can go dream about my next holiday now! Weeee!


At 7 in the AM, we were woken up by this...

The Vietnamese are having their morning service/praise and worship

How vibrant! They were all sweating and panting from all the singing and jumping but their spirit was SO high! Everyone was smiling jovially, singing with all their hearts, and dancing like there's no tomorrow in celebration of a God so full of grace, mercy, and love! I was so touched seeing them worshipping without a care of how others would think. I mean, that's how it should be, right? Jesus willingly died on the Cross for us because He so loved us! And yet all we can give is mere lip service, mouthing the songs week in and week out, standing there, refusing to move *shifty eyes* Do we even mean what we sing? Haiks!


Coffee *love*, meehoon goreng, sausages, bulls' eyes (so many biji you know! x_x I'm afraid we are now overdosed on hormone zzz no wonder I see Jason is acting a little siss weird lately... must be the eggs hmmm), and uh, cucur bawang, a bit salty and oily, but bad fat happifies you, so a *little* won't hurt. Oh look! My shoe! So cute! Hee!

Chillin' after a big, long burp

We don't take picture together alot. This is one of the few. I like it! Because I look good here! (OK lah! Not bad lah! Quarter of face covered up ady of course boleh pass lah! T_T) p/s Jason is now officially botak! xD

And then the guys went for a dip! Like, a real high deep dip...

Testing the water

Awwwww! Another of my favourtest pictures! And please, that's not me ok. =.=

Dead. Haha!

I think my slippers oozes awesomeness!

Lunch! More Food! <3

Curry chicken, stir-fry vege, omelette (more eggs! mm hmm!), rice, and breakfast leftovers.

Holy posing

Group photo, of course!

This was taken after one last round of prayers and worship. It was raining just before and the view was magnificent! Except, we have the vietnameses who just came back from their workshops totally ignoring us and talking on top of their lungs, and was busy preparing/chopping up fruits for their bonfire at night while we sang our hearts out -_- ZZZZ


To be able to spend time with God is a super priviledge. In the name of busyness, we shut Him out and we drown His voice, I'm guilty as charge. But how much He longs to hear from us!

Sure, the first steps are always cold, insecure even. But once you step out and take the plunge, you'll know that He is there to catch you, He is there to envelope you with so much of love and grace, you'll wonder what you've done to deserve it.

He took the first step for us, will you not also take your first step for Him?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bukit Tinggi Pt 2: L'Eau De Vie

Water's super cold!

Sakai #1 and #2

Sakai #1 and #2, posing, demanded pictures to be taken

Sakai #2, #1, #3. S#3 was forced to pose by S#1 and S#2. Unidentified headless creature at the back: erm... what headless creature? Where ah? You're seeing things lah!

S#1: Apparently is the penghulu of the Bkt. Tinggi Timbagwa DoOrDie clan

S#2: It happened here *points*. My pet tortoise, Sang Ninja lost its way home and was drown to its tragic death here:(

I kinda like this shot, but I think there's too much green and that it could be more focused. Heh

This was taken @ Janda Baik... a small commercial hub/town along the highway. There was a commercial farm there. And to see the tourist kids playing in the river water got us all eeuuwwwified... I mean, remember S#1 and S#2 from up there? /swt *shifty shifty eyes*

Our favourite time! MAKAN!

Room service! I grew until so big, never had room service in my life before ah T__T Kak Puteri Bukit Tinggi is the best lah! She made my dream come true!

Homestay kampung style dishes

Ayam merah, assam fish, sawi goreng telur dadar, soup ayam dan sayur, watermelon. My tummy's growling now :/

And then we watched movie lol. Barnyard or something... LOL

This is our guest, Mr. Lizzie. Mr. Lizzie is slimy. He likes insecty snacks. Yum.

Up, up, and away to Genting we went!!!

... just to drink cold drinks in the cold! Besides, we needed the "Starbucks" sign board to show off to whoever's online on msn... that we are drinking cold drinks in Starbucks... in Genting Highlands... Yayaya, I know lah, get a life mah -___-

And that ends our first day in Bkt Tinggi/Genting. I'm actually stealing time before work starts/lunch time/ after working hours to post these pics up T___T so sad lah, no more freedom! Abolish ISA!!!!!!!! OK. gotta go back to work!

Pt 3 tomorrow lah! Tatatillatar!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bukit Tinggi Pt. 1 - The Quest For The Fountain

I’ve decided I won’t be making don’t want to make mingyan cry with my photo taking skills after all. Haiks. Photoshopping is cruel T____T I just couldn't get 'em colours right! Grr.

However! Pictures nonetheless! :D Because I'm naish like that! :)

On our jolly way!

Good looks kill *snicker*

Ditzy Dohnie: "I was mobbed by a frenzy bunch of female fans! Can you believe it?! They just can't get enough of me! SIGH! It sucks to have good looks! *ditzy exasperation*

fact: he was checking out some girl lah and actually attempted to whistle but before he got to do that, he walked right into a gigantic road sign and banged his head right on and suffered survived the cut and bump. lol Did I mention it was gigantic? *rolls eyes* :x

almost there! (entrance to Gracehill Orchard Lodge)

Bumpy one-car-space entrance/exit. I had a brain concussion after that zzz

Ladies and gentlemen! I (we) have arrived!

Camwhoring started while waiting for our rooms to be sorted out

My home in the jungle

We had a mixed-up room saga. The owner's relative came unannounced and conveniently claimed the room which we've booked and refused to swap even we've paid for it! Like that also can! T__T

So we had to compromise *wuttoodoo. ppl so mangsat takkan you go and quarrel right T___T* zzz Jason and I ended up occupying a 6 bedded dorm all to ourselves instead of the family room lol But it's all good because we get a private balcony, amazing view and privacy as we face the jungle/mountain, plus we get to neighbour ps tim and uncle.ditz and we get exclusive room service! The only downside was, to get to my peepee island, I had to travel into the jungle! GAHHH T____________T no lah. kidding lah! Just downstairs. heh :) But still!!!! T___T

Imagine waking up and chilling to these views! Fancy that huh ;)

settling in/setting up

Kak Suteri/Sutri/Putri/Puteri Bukit Tinggi (=.=') was amazingly friendly and accomodating!

The worship sessions was out of this world!!! ps tim preached, uncle.ditz led worship, I backed up, jason was the congregation. Amen! *nods head*

If you really seek, you're really desperate for Me., then I Am right here. I've never been away...

Finding our way down to the waterfall. Ignore the drama king =.=' Spot the drama king!

Family building

When you have nothing to do, no agendas to follow, no activities to get crazy over, no phone, no wifi, this is what you start noticing - perfectionistic insects making babies.

Peeing tree

Found it! We made it! Ma! We made it! Waterfall !!! Lookie! Zee lifez givinz waterfallz!!!!! ... uh, wait ah... how does waterfall look like again? O_- Fail lah

Eh to be continued lah. Very tiring uploading pictures like this zzzzz