Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lookin' Good

This year, is gonna be a good ride.

Work-wise, I have a few plans going on and things are really looking up; there will be a few moves and changes to adapt to but I just can't wait! Will share once things are more confirmed, if, this space is still alive. Hah.

Life wise, here's the deal:

April - Lang Tengah Island - Confirmed
June - Cambodia - Confirmed
August - KK, Sabah - Most probably

Sweet! :))))

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh Button!

“Sleep with me?”



HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA was the screenwriter trying to make a funny scene out of an emo movie?!!!

or maybe it's a Hollywood prerequisite? Hahaha aijoh! kelakarlah! xD

Friday, February 06, 2009

There Is Hope After All!!!

For those who have been in touch with me and Jason in the real world would know about the litter of puppies which we are trying so hard to get them adopted into a loving home.

SMSes, emails, words, pictures were conveyed a million times, friends who were potential adopters in the end turned us down due to various reasons, which as heart broken as I am, I can’t go around blaming them either.

So finally I posted the pups up on, half hopeful, half fearful seeing how they are hundreds if not thousands of cute puppies and pedigreed dogs being listed (free!) for adoption, so what makes me think that our litter of strays will appeal to people for adoption? And what if people adopt them for the sole reason of expecting them to guard their house but they know nothing about treating a dog right?! And puppies are cute to look at, but many handfuls when it comes to taking care of them. Oh trust me on that, I have one at home now so I know! T_T And WHAT IF THEY ARE ABUSED LATER IN THEIR NEW HOME?! AND THEN GET ABANDONED? AND THEN THEY BECOME STRAYS ALL OVER AGAIN AND THEN MPSJ WILL HUNT THEM DOWN AND TORTURE THEM HOW HOW HOW?!!!! T___T

Hence, with a (very) doubtful mind, I started thinking of ways to collect donations to send the pups to shelters, which honestly I really don’t want to, because I know somehow if they are not adopted, they’ll be put to sleep anyway. Aargh! The cruelty! T_____T

I know! I know! Sending them to shelters will help them cheat death a little longer and that even if they do die there, we are still doing them a favour blah blah blah! Excuses! All these are excuses; excuses for us to wash our hands from taking care innocent, helpless animals (and humans for that matter!)!

OK, so I’m stubborn like that. Zzz.

So anyway, back to my good news! :) The day after I posted them up, I received 3 calls from concerned animal lovers expressing their interest to adopt the pups!

That is freaking great news to me! Scrape that, make that seriously HUGE!!! That boosted my confidence level in mankind. Chewah! Hahaha!

I just hope and wish and pray and fingers-cross and double cross and pray some more that the puppies will have a safe, responsible, and most importantly, LOVING home to call their own!

Now assuming all 3 persons will adopt 1 pup each, there are 5 more plus 2 mommy dogs to go! Keep spreading the news (if you need info, email or call me!)! One at a time, baby, one at a time. Man I know we can do it!!! xD

Thank You, God! You the Man!