Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nineth July

Really, there's nothing else to say. You know I know what's going on in this country. We've been too blinded and ignorant in the past - sure, for the lack of technologies. But now with all the information and education we received, if we continue to adopt the close-one-eye attitude, then that's downright irresponsible, and we have no right to complain, not even when you get stuck in the traffic and you want to complain about the transport system. Absolutely no right.

So now that you know I know what to do, we'll take on them giants, however impossible they are, with the Might of God, and see them at the ballot box.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kaki Clubbing

We are finally home after being away for 5 days in Penang and Ipoh! Nothing beats home, no matter how dirty and dusty it is! Heh!

So anyway one night after dinner during our stay in Penang, we went for a little walk in the hotel’s lobby (did I mention already? Frappy can now walk a little distance without being held! And boy has she found her freedom. Zzz. But she still can’t stand up on her own haha!) and we were all drawn in by the hotel’s lounge live band... uh, does one singer + one keyboardist combo consider a “band”? Anyways! Frappy was particularly attracted to all the singing and music going on in there, so we decided to just go in and chill.

And it was here, that both Jason and I look forward to when Frappy is old enough and we can all go clubbing together one day. I mean, she was going nuts over the music! Jigging, shaking her booty, throwing her hands in the air, shaking her head, messing her hair, clapping, dancing with the waiter, and getting on stage for special appearances! -_-

At first I was going all stingy to go in and order drinks, because it was so expensive! Not to mention we were so full from dinner. But at the end of the little visit to the lounge, I kinda felt good. I realized sometimes money really can’t buy you the special moments and experience. And I’ve bought mine with RM12 only mah huhu (that's the price of a slim glass of orange juice =_=).

Kaputed after some hardcore night out clubbing.

Easy Recipes For Kids: Spirally Pasta In Béchamel Sauce

So I got tired of making porridge everyday for the Frap, so I came up with something really simple, but equally boring for her! Haha!

Spirally Pasta In Béchamel Sauce
I thought it looked pretty ok, except a bit bland, which it was la to be honest, but I am very proud of my effort ok! Recipe for the, ahem, Béchamel Sauce (which really, is actually just plain white sauce!):

Plain flour
Salt and pepper to taste

Melt the butter and stir in the plain flour for about a minute, until the mixture turns golden. Then remove from heat and stir in the milk until smooth. After that, return to the heat and continue stirring until the mixture boils and thickens. Season as required.

Voilà! C’ést tout! Béchamel Sauce, how glam!