Saturday, March 23, 2013

On Meds, Quest, And THAT Frappy

It’s been an uninspiring, tiring week. In fact, it’s been an uninspiring, tiring first quarter of the year! Everyone in the family has been taking turn falling sick, rushing deadlines, having no fun at all. :(

This week (and the weeks before, but this week especially!), Frappy decided she has the power to push my patience button, oh and she makes sure she puts it to good use. She would defy everything I say, more so if she’s in a cranky mood and give me that shout-cry-scream-tantrum-mommy-go-away drama. And her voice! Let me tell you, Hakka girls are famous for being loud. And she’s half a hakka. So go figure. I was [this] close to poking my eyes blind with a unicorn! Grr. 

Since the hubs has been working late the entire week, the job to put the girls to bed naturally fell on me and let me be honest, I can’t wait until 8pm roll around when I can herd everyone to the room and get ready for bed!

And tonight, after getting them drowsy with milk (neat for oli, and milomilk for frapster) and saying our prayers, in the dark, Frappy mumbled sleepily, almost begging “mommy, no grrk (you know, like that snoring sound? Means sleep? Yeah that). And so I told her “but the sun has set, outside is dark now, it’s time for us to sleep. Remember that lullaby song mommy used to sing to you?” And I went on singing that 10 little fingers, 10 little toes song. I don’t know why, but I was so touched with the memories came rushing back to me, I had to hold back my tears! Those days (erm, ok just 2 years ago), when she was that little bub and I’d lull her to sleep every night, singing, swaying, that tenderness, that bond, that romantic scene. Omg emotional max. T_T 

I mean, she is but a child, barely 3, of course she doesn’t know her boundaries, of course she will piss the adults off by doing and saying things that she shouldn’t be doing and saying. Of course she will be childish. And it is the adults’ job to not be childish right? Instead we should set the example and guide them on the path to enlightenment right? Easier said than done. But true lah I know! T___T

After painfully finishing the song, I said “we’ll wake up to play tomorrow morning ok darling?”  and she replied sleepily “okuay” (I always thought that's the cutest ok!). After a few seconds of silence, she said “mommy, da mam (good night). I o you (damn right you owe me -__- but what she really meant was I love you). Pat pat peese” and proceeded to stick her butt up for me to pat her to sleep. 

SIGH. How to get angry, you tell me?! HOW?! Well, you don’t. You move on. And you pray for God to help both you and your child to adjust to each other better as you both age and grow. That’s what. Oh, what am I to do without God? :(

And while we are at it, let me just quickly jot this little episode we shared.

Frappy: Girl, girl ah, come *signaling me to go to her!*
Me: What did you just call me???
Frappy: Mommy girl ah! Girl, pikurt peese [mommy is girl. Girl, biscuit please]
Me: *what the!* Are you serious?!
Frappy: Yes ah, pikurt, mommy. Peeeeeeeseeee!!!! 

Don't you agree that kids are always more eloquent than adults? :/

This was during CNY. Our meds! 
Just before that my baby was admitted for lung infection and bronchitis :(
But she was an ace, didn't wince a bit during x-ray and blood test! I was majorly proud of her! And took her meds without drama!
The sisters were separated for 2 nights. So naturally they were darn happy seeing each other again

Only cartoons can keep them down and quiet. Tsk!
Oli stealing a kiss! Haha!

Frappy's work of erm, art.

Going on the right track. Let's just hope she keeps to it for like, the next 30 years.