Monday, June 05, 2006

Say KLIMS & Wha?!

To sum it up, I had fun over the two back-to-back weekends. First there was the KLIMS where we all grumbled about having to be on shift work from Monday to Sunday; meaning straight to the motor show right after your day job in the office and work well into the night, and now that the show is over, there’s still no concrete info about how much allowance we’ll be getting. Chinese company, I tell you! But having said that, I still had quite a bit of fun there, especially during the last day of my duty. We took heaps of pictures with our concept car and made our dorky salesmen do the Saturday Night Fever moves! Heh.

And then there was an impromptu one day trip back to Melaka, to which we were introduced to a doggie, named Doggie (uhm hmm). Well according to Jason’s sis, Doggie’s a stray dog that decided to call her home, a home. And being pregnant and due, and with 2 uber mischievous sons in tow (the sis, not the dog), Doggie is not going to get any attention from her any sooner. But he’s one cool, obedient dog! I’m only sorry he’d come back again and again to be tortured by the kids. Poor thing. So if any kind souls out there who’d like to have a pet dog, let us know? I think he’s trained and very alert! He looks like a mixed Pomeranian and the size of my Polly a.k.a Poppin, and his eyes are a sea of blue!

Ooh, Jason bought me this really cool skirt! It makes me an instant Saree Party Girl! Whoo hoo! And we found 2 shops that we may go back again with my maids for their gowns. Can’t wait!

On the wedding preparation front, well, with our down payment to the hotel made last month, the preparation pretty much comes to a standstill. The only major things to look into now are invitations, the bridesmaids’ gowns, and honey moon. You simply have no idea how difficult it is to get these done, oh no you don’t! Well I look forward to having some time off from work and design the invitations next week maybe, and this time around, HAVE the final say. Heh.

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