Wednesday, January 10, 2007

100 Posts Of Memories

This is my 100th post on letsbrewlove.

Just a hundred posts and we got through what felt like a lifetime of ups and downs:

1. We fought with my parents’ objection to our relationship for 2-3 years, 2006 being the climax because we started talking about getting married.

2. Jason followed my family on 2006 New Year’s day to my ancestors’ graveyard (as invited by my dad) to demolish the tombstones. It was dad’s decision as he feels being a small family with 3 daughters and 1 boy, eventually all of us will ditch going back to Pahang, his hometown, to clean the alters, so he hired help together with us all, dug out our great/grandparents ashes and scattered them down the Pahang river. Kinda like burning the bridge, especially for dad, because there’s no more reason for us or even him to go back there already. I’m not sure if it affected him, but the sentiments of it all makes me feel sad about it.

3. The second day of New Year, Jason and I went on to the bridal studio for our engagement picture-taking. I felt so pretty in those hand-picked gowns. I wore my first pair of fake eyelashes. And I felt like a million buck professional model as the whole shoot took only like 6 hours to complete as compare to a whole day for most couples. And hey, I get a variation of “Leishia you are very photogenic!” statements from A LOT of people! Hohoho! To that I say, of course! Whose genes izzit in the first place hah? :)

4. Had a(nother) serious discussion with my parents at my home. My parents were still hoping we won’t make it with the age-old reasons of racial and religion problems. But obviously, they’ve mellowed down a lot, and they showed obvious signs of acceptance. The day was Valentine's day eve. God is wonderful and merciful to both sides! The whole chat was so lively and vibrant; we had so much of laughing! My parents are amazing! (That explains why their daughter is amazing too :)

5. letsbrewlove was born. And hence the whole madness of preparing for a wedding started too. We didn’t have a lot of money to splurge on our wedding either, so a lot of times we both were torn between practicality and dream-atology, on top of that, being 2 different individuals, obviously we both have different tastes and opinions. Lots of laughter, tears, and quarrels took place. The amazing part? Along came hope and love too, not just between the 2 of us, but with our family too.

6. I quitted my previous company in the automotive line, a place where I’ve spent all of my "formative" years in. God is good; He really does have a whole life blue print for me even before I came to know Him. The day I attended my uni convocation, I was hired to work for the company. From contract based I became a permanent employee, from doing translation and intepretation I became an assistant to the director, from no one I became some one. There were of course, goods and bads, but I went through it all. And on top of that, made a handful of really great girl pals from the office who even after I’ve left the company for good, they continued to stay back after work to practice an Indian dance for my wedding. I was really speechless, up until today.

7. The wedding day came, and gone. Everything went so smoothly and so beautifully we can’t stop thanking God and all who supported and helped us through out. The attendance was overwhelming so much so there weren’t enough seats during the ceremony. Jason was handsome in the mandarin-collared suit my dad tailor made for him. My dad walked me down the aisle like a champ, and he’s my dad! (Damn, writing this line makes me want to cry! LoL). We were able to cover the hotel bills from the ang paus collection, and actually have extras to move on and we splurged a little by treating ourselves to the hotel’s buffet dinner at night after the wedding ended... OK, truth is, I was so overwhelmed with bottled up emotions and missing Polly and my family, I couldn’t stop crying, so in order to stop the tears, Jason stuffed me with food! (Anyway! :)) Oh, and I was transported around in my dream car on the wedding day! How cool is that?!

8. The following day, we rushed in packing and transporting all our belongings and gifts from the hotel to my parents’ place, and my dad, mom and sis sent us off to the airport for our honeymoon. They were so much more light-hearted during the journey, heck, they were in such high spirit even during the wedding dinner which they called for! I guess they felt finally a burden (that can’t be me now? -_-) has been lifted from their shoulders and all’s well, we are a family now.

9. I’ve, of course, moved to Bangi, where my hubby, Jason lives and works, and we started to build a family and a home of our own from scratch. It’s not all rosy, and the house is always in a mess because I’m such a lousy housekeeper but I believe we are enjoying it. And the most important thing is, it’s Jason who’s living in the mess with me and not anyone else!

10. After 3 months of resting (uh, more of procrastinating) God blessed me with a job, no, a career that I could only dream of in the past, in the most amazing way! I’m a writer now. I do creative writing. I go to cinema to watch movie for free before it’s released and test food from hotels and Bangsar-gy bistros and restaurants when you’re sulking over your boss at work (LOL I can’t help boasting this bit, whoo hoo! Oh forgive me dear Lord! Hahaha OKOK stop it, seriously!). I’ve got a friendly team to work with (basically that’s me, my editor and my designer). I’m given free hand to design and write whatever I want in my sections and I hardly get the cut! Seriously, I’d be lying if I tell you I don’t like to go to office now :D And you know what? The beginning of the month is always more relaxing because we’ve finished with the magazine for a typical month, and so, I have all the time and freedom to type this long ass post to torture you readers now!

Here’s to the 100th post of letsbrewlove, and many more 100s to come! And to you, like I always say, who made it this far too! Chin up! :)


Anonymous said...

congrats on your 100th posts. Looking forward to see your 200th posts

Leishia J said...

lol ur cute! i didnt even think of the 200th post thing.

well same goes to u then! many more babies to blog about!

ling said...

blog-hopping. =) it's always encouraging to hear of how God has wondrously brought individuals together in His time and His own way. even more encouraged that you breached the racial differences =) i've an indian bro n chinese sis in my church who are married too, and i'm so proud of them =) they've just been proud parents of a chindian baby a month ago! :) keep the faith, sister.

Anonymous said...

blog moreeee leishiaaa!