Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Mini Ask Me Why "Contest"

I have been asked many times, in many ways, the question “why?” - Why do you get married? Why do you study French? Why is your husband not a Chinese? Why can’t you have a Chinese husband? Why are you not pregnant yet (duh!)? You mean, you write for a living? But why? Why are you like that? Why? Why? Why?

Now I’m not the sort of person who would carefully and painfully think through and list out my answers (and it gets on Jason’s nerves! Hahaha!) in a pink, scented Hello Kitty diary-notebook, so that’s why a lot of times, you don’t hear me talking, a lot; because really, not because I don’t want to, but simply I do not have any ready answers to people’s questions, not immediately anyway. And I get tongue-tied when I speak, well people actually call that beating-around-the-bush and they will stress their point with a yawn. So! (That’s why I prefer chatting than talking! I need only talk with my fingers, not my tongue, geddit geddit?)

But of course, I realized how important it is to have solid reasons when you make a certain decision to do a certain thing, or to do things a certain way. “Reasons” are the… uh…. reason why you persevere on!

So I’ve decided! I’ve decided to have reasons for the things that I do. Why? Because reasons are important. Why are reasons important? Well, because… erm… they sustain my goals! Aha! But why do you need to sustain your goals? Because... my goals... will determine my life directions...?... Why are your life direction determined by your goals lah? Uhh… -_- Argghh!!!! O_o

Stop it already!!!

Wait. No, actually don’t stop. Throw me a question of “why?”, in the most creative “why?” way you can ever thought of. And if your question is the most creative, and it gets my attention (gee, I feel so important!), I’ll not just answer it (I’ll try lah) and give you the reasons, I’ll also give you 2 free movie passes and a combo popcorn set. On me! I'm feeling jayyy-nuh-rose man!

How’s that for a starter huh? ;) Ask away in the comment box (you may ask as many questions as you want, just so that I get to syiok sendiri seeing all the numbers in the comment box! hehe) , and remember to leave your email address. The “contest” ends 31st May 2007 @ 2pm. (People say too short time woh =_=) 1st June 2007 @ 10.59am. (hehe!)

Actually, I am afraid that no one will join my contest *malunya!* but hey, if no one joins means I can have the free movie tickets for myself! Wahahaha! :D

But in any case, no, you can not ask me if I learned French kissing in my lectures, and no, Jason you can not join the contest!

Erm, so... have fun! :]

Monday, May 28, 2007


> It’s that time of the month again! Deadlines.
> Reading tons of fantastic blogs here, here, here, and here. No, I’m not hinting anything.
> Rushed to reach home before 5 on Friday, and took off in less than 20 minutes - pack, and all - to Kuantan, still got caught in jam for hours. So darn far. Zzzz.
> Kuantan is freaking hot! Strong wind but freaking humid! I was practically a walking sweat stick. Very un-glamour.
> I watched an eagle soared in the sky while lying down on the fluffy bed.
> I had dinner by the Kuantan river. The wind was so strong, everything - ranging from my hair to the ikan bilis in my nasi lemak - flew.
> The trip was not pleasant at all - I splat lamb chop sauce to the chair on my right in the hotel, thank goodness no one was sitting there; I also flew the straw out of my empty frappucino cup to the chair on my left in Starbucks, thank goodness no one was sitting there too. But there was a bunch of guys watching checking me out before my exit stunt happened. Just not my day.
> Someone said something that got my heart slit. Ouch.
> Banana and coffee is the new black.
> Bumped into a dog show. So many doggies. I feel at home.
> Hung out at MPH. Jason found his must-have book - Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray. I’m happy for him.
> Sis called from a “fashion warehouse” in Bangkok. Lucky her. Strangely it reminded me my trip to H&M in Amsterdam. Owh! Those summer miniskirts and uh… thongs!
> We watched Hors De Prix. I love Audrey Tautou.
> But I hate that dude who talked so loudly in Tamil in the cinema, and that couple who yakked so proudly non-stop in faked English accent, who happened to sit beside me. I hate it!
> For the first time, Jason laughed while watching a French movie. Then again, maybe it’s due to Audrey’s plunging neckline costumes.
> I can claim my funds sitting in paypal already. Hurrah!
> My best girl friend is flying off tonight to Dubai with her husband and 2 babies. Never thought this day will really come. I'll miss you dearly!
> No more McD’s for me, because some experts say so. Trans-fat and all those crap. Not like I’m obese or anything!
> Life sucks. Some times, just some times.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'll Start My Children Early On Salad, Chicken Salad

I ordered a Chef’s Old Fashioned Salad, with lettuce, tomato wedges, olives, cheese, shredded chicken breast, pickles, ham strips, bell peppers, and house dressing on the side.

Jason: What’s this? Salad? (poking and scrutinizing the greens)
Me: Yeah, salad.
Jason: (proceeded to fork a dainty bite into his mouth ever so carefully) Hmm, I never knew salad can be so tasty! Why got chicken wan?
Me: Uh, because… it’s a chicken salad?
Jason: Seriously! If I knew salad can have chicken in it I’ll eat more of this! I thought salad can only have veges in it.
Me: …

Reckon I should get myself a copy of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus too?

P/S MPH is having online sales! Check out the banner at the bottom of this page for more details. You gotta hurry though, cos the sale’s ending 31st of May.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Than "Good Girl, Polly"

Introducing, the Dog Whisperer... (So much to quote and learn! So little space!!!)

What you need to know to be a dog owner:
DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE. They don't have the same needs, and they interpret the world differently. Dogs are unimpressed by fancy dog clothes, expensive toys, large houses, or what you do for a living. What they desire is regular exercise, a stable pack leader, and affection that is properly earned.

DOGS EXPERIENCE THE WORLD WITH THEIR NOSE, EYES, AND THEN EARS. Many humans communicate to their canine companions "backward," using sound, then sight, and generally ignoring scent. When meeting a dog for the first time, establish his trust by allowing him to experience your scent before engaging in eye contact or speaking to him.

BREED IS NOT DESTINY. Many people blame the breed of the dog for problem behaviors. This is like making a generalization about human races -- like saying all Latinos are lazy, or all Italians are mobsters. Although certain dog breeds have been selected to accentuate certain characteristics, all dogs share the same innate abilities. Selecting a dog with an energy level level that's compatible with your energy and lifestyle is far more important than choosing the right breed.

DOGS NEED LEADERSHIP. Without a strong, stable pack leader, dogs feel insecure and can develop issues -- such as anxiety, phobias, fears, aggression, and obsessions. In order to establish yourself as the pack leader, you must master the walk and be sure to follow the guideline, "Exercise, discipline, and then affection."

What your dog needs but NOT getting it:
BALANCED ENERGY. Dogs feed off your energy, so always remain calm and assertive in their presence! If you are frazzled, your dog will be too. And by "assertive," I don't mean angry or aggressive. Be compassionate, but quietly in control. This is the energy your dog needs from you in order to feel safe and secure.

MENTAL CHALLENGES. All animals need to feel they have a purpose in life. Like humans, dogs get bored. Provide your dog with mental challenges -- like a game of catch, an agility course, or a reward-oriented obedience game.

A JOB. All dogs were born to work. They are at their best when they know what their job is within the pack. For some dogs, the walk alone may fulfill this desire. But other dogs may have special abilities they are dying to show off, such as herding, retrieving, pulling, digging, or hunting.

PROPER WALKS. This is something I cannot stress enough: dogs need walks. Having a big backyard is not a substitute for taking your dog on a walk. To your dog, your beautiful landscaped acreage is just one large kennel. Migration is a primal need for dogs. But just walking your dog may not be enough; you need to master the walk, using the activity to establish yourself as the pack leader.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh! The Horror!

We forgot Polly’s birthday! :( How sucky of us! Boo!

Polly turned 2 on April 30th. She came to our family around June 2005. She was still a teeny tiny baby dot that time. Gosh! How time flies!

She’s a total spoiled princess at home, a tom-boy princess. Well mainly yes, our fault. We pampered her too much. Polly’s a very smart doggie. She has learned how to give hand shakes, stand, sit, dance, walk on 2 hind legs, express hello when you come home and good morning when you wake up, and roll. But she would only do those handshakes and dances when she wants something from you… uh, I think you can call that smart, yes?

Oh she would only dash to her most detests dog biscuit when she sensed that you are bringing her out. Then only would she put on her best behaviour, and eat (can you believe it? Here’s one dog who doesn’t like to eat!). She’d eat one piece, look at you, look at her leash, and look at you. When she sees no reaction, she’d continue eating a second piece, like “see, I’m eating! I’m a good girl! Bring me go gai gai ok?”. Otherwise she’d avoid walking close to the bowl at all cost. Hehe.

I wish she’d live forever and forever! Happy Birthday baby girl! May the angels watch over you the whole time and protect you because you are so naughty and I doubt you remember how to live like a dog. :)

We love you so, so much!!! *oh boy I’m all teary now*sniff*

Monday, May 21, 2007

An Adult's Baby Step

I’m a person who can’t talk in public. I have coordinations problem with my brain and my mouth. But I told a story to a bunch of restless, loud pre-schoolers and I pulled through! Praise God!

I was telling God, oh Lord, you gotta really keep those kids under control, and make them listen to me! Make them find me attractive (the story lah!), and please engage them deeply with me and my story!

And guess what? The kids were, yes restless, but restless wanting to know what happened next in my story! And they kept asking me questions and fighting to answer MY questions! As for those kids who normally like to disturb others in class and basically keep telling you that they want to go to toilet, were able to sit quietly through (though not paying attention) without pulling any stunts! Wonderful isn’t it? Praise God!

There was one part of the story flow where I had to bring across a message of “learn to own up to our mistakes and wrongs, say sorry and don’t point fingers”.

I was wondering how to make sense to the children, and boom, before the story-telling session started, when the kids were supposed to do other crafty work and all, a few kids were running around the classroom just simply going crazy playing with each other, and they knocked over a guitar. And everyone quickly looked at the teacher and said “no, not me! It’s him! It’s him!”

So when my turn to talk, I managed to use that as an example and the children went berserk trying to point out the culprit. -_- kids!

And when I say let’s play a game called “say sorry”, which required the children to say sorry to the friend next to them, they refused to! Saying “but I didn’t do anything wrong, teacher!” all while putting on innocent faces, like kena accused like that! Argh! LoL! After much explanation only would they say sorry to each other, rather unwillingly though. Heh.

Continue to trust and commit to God, and He’ll make all things right in His Timing!

For once, I enjoyed my Saturday afternoon doing this! Heh :p

Thursday, May 17, 2007

They Finally Drew Me!

... but no, it wasn’t a Sony Vaio…

Lucky draws don’t like me. Seriously, it’s just not happening for me during every draw, no matter how many prizes there were, and how little people were around. I just will not clinch anything! =_=

But today, the curse has been broken, the history was written. I. Got. It!

Uh, it’s only a bottle of wine straight out from an Italian vineyard *ahem* but hey, it’s a good start, ya?

Vaio, I’ll get you some day! You just wait!

Oh, get this: I was the first one outside of Milan to try a glass of Gino Wine Cocktail! So bubbly! Yummo! Apparently this is a very popular local drink in Italy and this is its debut in Malaysia.

So. Yeah. Me. :D

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Romancing Chandeliers

I found this gorgeous gigantic chandelier in Carcosa Sri Negara and I was awed. I mean, I’m a mini-chandelier or chandelier earring only person. But this one was majestic! It was really beautiful in person! It exudes a little Old English, Secret Garden feel...

So I kept bugging my photographer to take a picture of it. He was like you want to stand under it?

-_- NoOOo. So not plofesional okay!

Anyway, if you are super rich, or super famous, or super both (Queen Elizabeth II stayed here before!), and are looking for a venue to hold your wedding, you can consider this place; exceptionally beautiful, exceptionally elegant.

Check out this site. It’ll paint the perfect picture for you with words.

You'll Know When You Meet One

I met Jien, Yasmin Ahmad, Audi Mok, and Ivy Josiah finally.

And then I understood what a true entertainer is. They were so funny witty. You just can’t get enough of them talking. It’s addictive. Heh.

Of Maid & Plumber

Talking about being a dutiful wife and a handy husband to have at home…

He: You know, you kinda need to sweep the floor everyday.
She: Who sweeps the floor everyday?
He: Well wives.
She: And I think you should just go buy a strip of rubber mat from the hardware shop and nail it to the bottom of the door you know. It helps to stop dirt coming in from outside; instead of just trying to hire help.
He: Eh? Hardware shop? There’s such thing? Hmm, yeah huh! That made sense!

She: You know, I think you are a better housewife and I a better handyman.
He: That’s EXACTLY what I was about to say! Gimme five girl!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

An Obligatory Mother’s Day Post

The thing with my family, and many of you too, is that when it comes to any festivals or xyz’s days and all, food is the only way to go and to make things merry. Without food, we are doomed!

So, Mother’s Day’s no exception, of course. Our Mother’s Day was spent at my Aunty Shen’s house with the rest of my dad’s siblings' family, crowding around the table, eating.

It took my aunt like, a day to prepare those tables-full of food, and us 40 minutes max to whack up everything. Heh. Nice.

Fried prawn, steamed fish, vegetarian shark fin soup, herbal soup, bak-cham chicken with ginger dip, braised pig’s trotter (yes, Chinese eats everything!!!), chap zhai choy, stir fried mixed broccoli (hey Alvin, yum!!!) and carrot, fried cauliflower, assorted yong tau foo, and boy there were more! So. Good.

For dessert we have hong dou shui, watermelon, that kinokuniyadunnowhat jelly with fruit cubes, watermelon, and of course Mother’s Day’s cake!

Finally, we managed to take a few pictures of the WHOLE family, chuen ka fook. And it was really nice. My aunt was like, OKOK, all the kids come and take picture with the adults, Leishia you wait out. Later the two of you (as in Jason) only take.

O_o But why just the two of us?!

I was so hurted.

Actually she meant Jason and I will take a picture with the “adults” but without the under-aged, and the un-married lah. Hehe. That makes me an adult too, ya? :D

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Turning Pages

I had 2 free movie tickets expiring end of the month. Since Jason will be busy with business trips beginning this weekend, we thought we’d put it to good use.

We weren’t exactly spoiled for choices in Cineleisure, and both our movie tastes are as different as, well a guy and a girl, we “compromised” and chose a movie which had “beauty, revenge, thriller” screaming from its poster. Jason settling for “beauty” and I, the grand piano on the poster. Yeah. So.

When we went into the screening hall, it was eerily quiet, a good thing nonetheless. Cos it means more leg room!

When the show started, I knew we… actually, Jason was in for all the wrong reasons because it turned out to be a French movie and as usual, French movies are s.l..o...w!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Watching French movie is like… playing a mind game. You gotta think. You gotta anticipate. You gotta relate. You gotta taste. You gotta tease. You gotta hold your breath. You gotta see BEYOND the flesh. And in the end, you may not even get the grand ending. It’ll most probably hang you in mid air. And this is so not Jason’s cup of tea! He needs action. He needs uhm… screen sirens. He needs guns and bloods and all things gory. Basically, he just needs the camera to keep moving the whole time. So too bad! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh boy! In GSC, they actually categorise the foreign movies as “International Screen”. And I thought it’s only normal, no? To sorta like "warn" the audience. Now this movie was happily listed alongside Wild Hogs, Terowong Casablanca, and whatever else, with such a deceiving title - Turning Pages.

Jokes, drama, and lameness aside (I mean, from me), the movie actually tackles (one of) a realistic and brutally honest issue - human relationships (more like husband and wife’s) are fragile so you gotta always guard your heart. Or something like that.

Oh well, if you have the time, go watch the movie and tell me what you think of French movies!

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:22-24

Friday, May 11, 2007

Is This Right?!

I was driving happily back home on the south bound highway, and suddenly there were loud sirens wailing from the back, it was appalling! Now this is a very normal scene in Malaysia. You'll see a long line of traffic police on their bikes, followed by a heavily tinted (isn’t it illegal?) VIP’s car, followed by a few other Pajero-like cars with alien registration numbers, followed by another few more police on their bikes. Just keep wailing all the way as if the world's gonna end.

Next, they did what totally cheesed me off (as if they haven’t done so enough yet) by cutting into the queue to cross the toll! Urgh!

Like, hello, you don’t have Smart Tag ah?! Besides, it is YOU people who taught us through your million dollar road safety advertisements/campaigns squeezed from our tax money to NOT cut queue on the road! So whassup lah big shot?!

Because of them, those big shots, the rest of the world had to wait, because well hey, big shots got important appointments that concerns the national supply of air bandung (some rose syrupy drink this people loves to drink during meetings, tea breaks, and whatyouhave, bleargh) to attend. And ironically, these are the exact same people who keep raising the toll rates, increasing the petrol price, and well, basically, doing everything to make the people’s life difficult! How sweet!


Oh now that I’m on this topic, might as well! Another day, another time, another convoy, but same kinda big shot no less, did the same thing, and guess what the smart alec did. This traffic police on his cool bike right, parked right at the curb of a trunk road to the highway where no one taking the turn can see him, ever, and expect drivers to stop to let his boss through!

YOU almost caused a freaking chain accident man! Yeah YOU!

So. Frigging. Angry!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Have Good Friends

So I was ranting about how terrible the weather is lately and yadda yadda. But last night, thankfully, it sort of like cooled down a little rained. When I heard the raindrops pelting in the wee hours, as sleepy as I was, I did a little skippity skip in my heart, and went back to dreamland.

In my dream, I saw Angelina Jolie, and Timothy Olyphant, and moist chocolate banana cake, and virgin margaritas, and Timothy Olyphant, and lots of pwetty clothes to try on, and Timothy Olyphant, oh you got the idea and don't even ask! It was that goood.

And then.
*Ting Ting* Ting Ting*

What the… shoot it. Sleep first. Talk later.

And then I shocked myself up. What if it’s an emergency?! What if something happened to my Polly?! GASP!!!!

I scurried up and grabbed the phone *retrieving message*

“Hello! How are you? Long time no see! Hope all’s well. I and my family are doing great! So what’s up?”

Time read: 04:32:31 AM


PS: hey Tim-tim, if you’re reading this, well hey look! I dedicate this post to you! :) you're something! Missing me in such ungodly hours! hehe

He Rocked It Good!

But that doesn’t make me a reality TV/Game show fan, yet.

So I had the pleasure to be in a cosy cinema hall yesterday, and to have that sound system all hooked up for 2 songs. One being Faizal of One In A Million fame’s 3-songs-medley (We Will Rock You - L.O.V.E - I Don’t Wanna Be). That version totally rock! And man, he speaks good england! Now that’s a very good start. Not that, you know, speaking good england (or whatever other languages for that matter) means you are higher class or any of those shite, it’s just, it’s… important, you know, especially when you’re in the entertainment business. You just gotta be good with it!

Anyway when I heard the song over the radio some time back, I thought hmm, that’s a good one. Now to hear it again, LIVE, is really, really good. It's so good that it got me all worked up wanting to go to a rock concert pumping my fist in the air rocking along to the lyrics like a true blue rock chick and getting all sweaty or something. I missed the Muse’s, I missed Chester Bennignton’s press conference (sorry Cerlyn!), I missed Good Charlotte’s. Oh man!!! :/

Anyway, here are a couple of photos for your eyes. If, you know, you’re ever a fan, not that I am! Just, you know, for you!!!! :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Pancakes & Full Moon

The weather has been painfully hot lately. Skin piercing hot. It’s crazy!

Clouds are scarce. But I saw the most humongous moon ever on Saturday night! It was almost within hand-reach!

The moon was just hanging out there in the vast, lonely black sky, with one dotting star accompanying it from afar. Simply majestic.

We drove over to McDonald’s, just to enjoy the air-conditioning and you know, a cola drink or two, but we found ourselves all wildeyed looking at the hotcakes poster and the next thing you know, we were tucking into 'em (uh, diet plans can always wait?)

3 big, round, hot pancakes in a platter. It’s so satisfying chucking big slabs of butter on the pancakes and watching 'em melt, then drizzled 'em slowly with syrup in all it's sugary goodness. So sexily satisfying!

We ate our pancakes quietly by the window seat and watched the full moon grow. And silently mused at how one heck of an artist God is. A real good one.

Mobile Photos, For Real

After our wedding ended in September 2006, we were swamped by truck-loads of photos. OK, I’m exaggerating, a little. But seriously, I’ve got tons of them sitting in the computer waiting to be filtered and edited, some were requested by family and friends but we didn’t get around in sending them out, some photos are already developed but sleeping lifelessly in the store room, it’s almost sad. Too sad.

I always thought I’ll get around to framing it soon, but then the time comes and I thought, hey, why bother decorating a temporary pad when we’ll be moving out anytime soon? But then again, why not?! And the cycle goes on. Man, I tell ya, this whole home-furnishing/decorating business is really mind-boggling!

And then, I found this: digital photo frame; from, an online electronic store specializing in LCD digital frames. Alright, I sound cheesy here, but for real, this could be just the solution for my photos-incurred headache.

With digital-this and -that dominating our life, it’s difficult to get away from having folders after folders of soft-files. And then it’s either we print them all out to view, or huddle your family and friends around the computer to view the pictures. Come to think of it, it’s quite a tedious job too, even though our life has been digitalized. Ha! Talk about irony!

Just plug in your memory card into the Digital Photo Frame and choose your favourite slide show and that’s it! You can bring along the frame wherever you go and that really save up a big chunk on developing those digital photos! I love it! Oh, and besides your pictures, you can also view movie clips that have been taken with your camera, even play music in the background!

The infrared remote control offers an easy access to the settings and preferences of your photos. There is no complex setup required. Plug your 9V adapter to your Digital Photo Frame and you are ready to go! Its fool proof I tell you!

The frames come with a 3 month warrantee and they ship world wide.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Marathons Are Cool Like That

So Malaysians had a very long weekend starting as early as last Thursday till Wednesday, what with the installation of the Agong, Labour Day, and Wesak Day all happening one after another. But strangely the traffic in the city didn't ease up as expected.

I guess a lot of folks were like us, staying back with no agendas and plans to travel.

And in between our staying-in, rending company to an old friend, having cold sandwiches for dinner, pillow fights, buying shoulder leash for Polly, eating Ikea meatballs and drinking cinnamon coffee, scrubbing toilet bowl, joining a nail biting Bible quiz in church, getting a hair cut, supper with the youths till 2 in the A.M, and basically just being there at every moment, we also had a projector in our care. Hehe.

So we set up an impromptu cinema right smack in the living room, dug out my old movies collection, got cosy, switched off all the lights, and sipped tea.

We started with Apocalypto, a very cool but gory movie which I covered my eyes and ears through out. It was totally bloody and gory. Totally. Mel Gibson is cool like that. I guess.

Life As A House was second in line. A 2001 production I think, but it’ll worth your time and effort. If my words are not good enough a reason for you to watch, here’s one solid reason: Hayden Christensen. And a good one at that. So go watch it.

And then, I also introduced a (rather old, by now) commercialised French movie to Jason: Taxi. I’ve watched this one like, hundreds of time but funny, I was still laughing heartily all the way!

Leng Sim was an ace when she informed us that she booked 18 seats to Spiderman 3. Interested person, just fill in the blank. We did so and found ourselves driving all the way to Cineleisure. It was the first day of
screening, a 1:30pm slot, crazy weather, 45 minutes drive, madhouse traffic, we’ve never watched any of the previous episodes before, and oh, we are not even a comic fan to begin with! I know, we are anal like that.

At night when we reached home, we turned on the projector again, and we screened Pan’s Labyrinth. I had no idea it was Spanish all the way?! I recognized one of the actresses as the one in Y Tu Mama TambiĆ©m. The way she speaks, so cute.

And here comes my most romantic movie of the year: Catch & Release. Totally awesome. Totally cool. Totally romantic, totally sexy, in a tasteful sort of way. Timothy Olyphant = totally HAWT! I need to watch it again on DVD, cos well… pirated VCDs, not cool. -_-

And just for the kick of it, I threw in Amelie. Same thing as Taxi, I still giggle along while watching the movie for the umpteenth time and mused at the fact that
French humour can be quite…. ever-green. Hah!

Speaking of French humour, here’s a Malaysian one:

Jason: Eh, I thought all French movies are hamsap. How come dun have wan?
Leishia: Who told you French movies are hamsap woh?
Jason: The VCD seller loh!
Leishia: -_- … uhh let me go ask my lecturers why ok.
Jason: Cool! OK!
Leishia: =_='''


While queuing up to pay and cross one of those many stoopid tolls.

A: Hmm… how come not many people using Smart Tags and Touch & Go cards ah? See, all jam up here to pay manually.
B: They won’t be waiting for you now if they use those Smart Tags, now would they?
A: -_-

Get A Second Chance In Life

Being addicted to drugs is a scary thought; I think it’s even scarier for the loved ones of an addict, the thoughts of losing them someday to these alien substances which is so totally not worth it, can be daunting. Thankfully in this modern world, help is plentiful; determination to shake off the addiction is all we need to move on.

And is one of such helps. It is a non-profitable drug rehab referral service that allows us to call toll-free to find treatment. The site has an extensive archive of information and articles on various types of drugs, addictions, and treatments available. offers an international network of treatment referrals for all types of alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, duel diagnosis, and chronic relapses for clients. All you have to do is just submit an online assessment at no cost to you, and a team of professional staff will get in touch with you and have you referred to a most suitable program.

The website also featured successful stories of various individuals who decided to give rehab a chance and it’s very touching to see them having a second chance in life. Really, there’s nothing more important than being alive, being loved, and being able to love.

Yes, help is bountiful, but only if you decide to seek it.