Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moments Like This Are Rare. Like, Srsly Rare.

Both Jason and I had a sudden case of food poisoning for no good reason over the long holiday weekend, but that didn’t damper MY plan for some almost-me time! Was planning to send the girls away on Sunday night, but had to do so earlier due to our, erm, condition and didn't want to jangkit them (and apparently we parents weren’t missed one bit by them girls during our absence T_T then again, maybe it's a good thing. Haha).

Anyway, in view of my super lazy bug attack (as usual), here’s a photo blog post to capture my awesome weekend (minus the toilet-runs and the crazy beeyotch of an ulcer because Frappy accidentally head- and knee-butted me, twice! On the upper lip! At the same spot! GRR).

My first visit to a board game café! Played a ditzy game called Cloud 9 with some crazy people and won the game, too!

With super good cards! Got 2 wilds 2 times! Take that!
Had McD's and chatted rubbish with the crazy people till the wee hours, which was especially refreshing cause you get to laugh at lame jokes and gorge junk food without a care of diaper-changing time and go home late!

The next day, splurged on lunch at

And finally got my wardrobe some polka dots and a splash of orange!

Had meant to grab some coffee and quiet time to read or something, but someone’s missing the girls way too much to allow me the luxury so, off we went back to reality of being slaves parents.

I hope your weekend was as good if not better! Here’s to the next delicious me time (and I'm telling you I can’t wait already)!