Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So Tis’ What Birthday Parties Are Like!


I’m uploading these birthday pictures from the most happening place in Kajang now – Metro Point’s Kenny Rogers -_- just so people won’t think I’m dead or something. In fact, far from being dead, I’m actually officially old 1 year older (only). And people who are old 1 year older (only) have got more important things to do, yknow... like fighting for world peace and checking any newly formed lines due to ageing. T__T

Anyway, pictures first before KR closes shop and kicks me out!


Already kena kicked out =_=

My birthday this year consist of nothing but food. For real.

I’ve been given numerous warnings notices about the time I should wake up.

“Next month/Next week/Tomorrow ok. Wake up at 6am, so that we can get out of the house at 7am”
“So early for what? It’s my birthday! Can't I sleep in?” *sulk*
“For breakfast. I don’t care. 6am.”


But we woke up at 7:30am. Haha! Actually I woke up at 5 ady, but shhhh xD

So I was zoomed to some Palm Garden Hotel with half a dead brain and 2 shut eyes at 7:45am, and was made to eat. T__T Now, I’m a breakfast person, I loveeeee breakfasts, they make me happy. Really happy. But that place’s breakfast a bit cannot make it lah. I almost fell asleep eating it, I made a mental note to ban the place and to make sure Jason complain about their food. But on our way out, the Sales Director and the Sales Manager (?) called (!) and wished me happy birthday. So cannot complain already. -__-

And then after we reached home Jason forced me to go back to sleep, because, "it's your birthday! and you love to sleep. Go dear, go sleep" x_x

By the time I woke up, he said “quick, freshen up! It’s time for lunch!”

Whaaa? O___O

So off we went for lunch T__T

But lunch was good. :D

Food! That's not me, just some random aunty

More food!

Yet more food!

Hey whaddayanoe! Food!

By now I’ve gotten tired of eating (leishia tired of eating! LOLLL).

“Uh, dear I don’t want any dinner can?”
“Uh, dinner. Don’t want.”
*gasp* “Then my deposit no more!”

… reserve table for dinner need deposit wan meh? Drama king -__-

So anyway I got back-up practice and by the time I got out from church at 7pm the sky’s really dark and was drizzling already. Jason came picked me up and mentioned about going to 1U to redeem the 2 dozen Big Apple’s donuts (2 friggin dozens of free empty calories! Whoo hoo!) but the traffic’s so crazy plus it was raining by now (secretly skipping in glee no need go to KL for dinner!). So I suggested to just go for a drink near my mom’s house.

So we drove into Giant (this is seriously like reporting *yawn*) and circled forever to get a parking to no success, and he drove out to the nearby Kopitiam, parked, braced the rain, got into the shop, all soaking wet, as I sat down and made orders, he came back from wash room and said “can we go to your mom’s place first? My stomach very pain! Need to go, here no water” complete with the scrunching forehead diarrhea coming out face. And I wonder why I always ignore him when he says he wants to be an actor. sigh.

So we braced the rain and drove like he’s in labour to get back home and braced the rain to get into the house. Only the house was dark (ok, not so dark, I could see from the door crack there were lights flickering! candles! I knew it! >D)

And then! Tada!

SURPRISE!!!!!! A petals-path lined with tealights and a hired pianist in tux! zomg, so touched can die! Oh btw, the pianist is very much available and extremely talented! Plays frisbee too and loves dogs. Strictly females who adore dogs only need apply. Apply within.

I'm only use to be the one-who-celebrates-for, not the-celebrated-for-one, so I made a beeline into the kitchen due to the shock of the booming birthday song-singing and balloons busting. They made me come out and walk on the petals again. -__-

Ooo! Mud pie! 2 faces! Mud pie! You thinkin wha I'm thinking? >D

Now what? No angpau?

Retarded mug shot.

Look! A cake with my name... hey waitaminute! Where's my name?! :( Is that why I didn't get to even try it? :((

Now, for the finishing touches of our famed Butchered Chocolate Mud Pie...

The gifts (got angpau! can see? :)
And the gift of the day! No one can beat this...

An all-over-face mask cum begger bag! For bad face day or when need extra cash for food.

I was told pulling retarded faces fetch more dough. That's easy for me!

If black eyed peas ever needed another member, I'd win, hands down! Doncha see da hip hop pop aura oozing outta me? Ohmmm Yo!

And finally, the master mind...
The guy who deliberately planned the force-feeding program and the shock party. Thanks so much dear. No, I really mean it!

And his pretty accomplice
Poor Polly was tortured by those heartless people who incidentally, also are the ones who gave me the all-over-face mask cum begger bag. You see the common nature there?

"Come, Polly! Sit! Stand! Roll! Hand! Now watch me eat chicken. Hahahaha"
-_____________- <--- That's Polly's face. They are lucky she's nice. And small.

Actually come to think of it, my dad almost bocor rahsia for them all...

when we were circling the car park @ Giant, my dad called, and wished me happy birthday,

“happy birthday!”
“where’s angpau?”
“you’re supposed to give me angpau! Give you house ady, still want angpau!”
“what house?”
“har? Kelana Inn loh” (that’s how my dad refers to his house. An adult man living in denial -_-)
“Zzzz. That’s your house lah!”
So your friends come already?” (Still gullible of the mistake his making. Tsk)
“My friends come for what?"
“Har?... uh, it’s your birthday mah”

(O_O okok, play cool play cool)

“It’s my birthday, but they come to your house for what?”
“Haiyah! No lah! Your own parents also you never invite to parties, invite your friends for what hor? Hahahah”


So there! My 28th birthday. Reporting from Studio B. Thank you for watching and do join us again this Sunday at 2pm! Oh shite!!!!! Jason's birthday on Sunday! T__T Ideas anyone?

*Help* yelp

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going E!

If there’s one business I’d like to try my hands on, it’ll be selling beauty and skin care products, or well, maybe clothing and accessories! It’s virtually every girl’s dream if I dare say to have their own dream boutique and mingle with all these goodies 24/7, EVERYDAY!

To be in the middle of these things that you love daily is quite a thrill, but I’m not so sure when it comes to the actual operations. You know, the administration, the accounting, the finances, the legal aspects, the stock-checks, and blah blah blahs *yawn*

Fortunately, there are many solutions out there for future-merchants to kick start their dream, and one of them is the Ashop Commerce’s shopping cart software. With this affordable web-based software, you can create and have your shopping cart up and running in no time!

Now, Ashop Commerce doesn’t stop at just offering you a fully customizable, affordable, and user friendly software, it also promises live tech support and customer service, making sure your path to success is well, a success. :)

You can have a taste of being your own boss now by operating your dream store even before you sign up and commit! Ashop Commerce gives you 10 full days of trial period so that you may get a feel of the whole software before you launch it. I’d say, let’s get started people!

*Sponsored Post*

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mid Week Holiday Is The Best. Well, One Of The Bests :)

For those of you who celebrate Thaipusam, have a good one! And for the rest of you who don’t, well, do sleep-in till your body aches and then go have a cup of good brew and celebrate life!

Was at a fusion restaurant @ Pavillion to do a review, and check out my coffee! So cute right? Tell me you see a teddy bear!

Upon seeing the picture first thing that came out from my designer’s mouth: it’s monkey god! Cool!

-_____- It’s a teddy bear lah!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'll Stay Positive & Call It Blessings

This week leading to my 28th year on earth... eh wait...... ah yeah lah! 28th -_-, I’ll be blessed with:

1. Food put together by my colleagues Done Ate
2. Food put together by my colleagues Done Ate
3. Food review Done! Awesome ambience!
4. Food review
5. Food review
6. Possible extensive, elaborate breakfast courtesy of the other half
7. Possible food galore at mom’s

I feel… something’s ballooning O.o

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If Only The Clock Would Tick 5 Beats Slower

… then I would've more time to blog. And slack. Zzzz.

I’ve loads of picture to be edited and posted up here! But then [refer to title].
I also have so many things to talk about and to record down here! But then [refer to title].

BUT I had a great time over the past week and things were kicking! Alright, real quick, in point form first! :)

- I watched Game Plan! Madison Pettis is da bomb! I want a daughter like her, with the curls and wit and all. Haha.

- We planned a weekend getaway to… somewhere 5 minutes drive away from home -_- lol It’s Equatorial Hotel! The place where we naively say yes to a lifetime of laundry and dishes! It was bitter sweet walking around the premise again. We reminisced the time we both broke down after the wedding - I in the shower, he along the corridor over the phone with my aunt who helped us a tremendous lot - it was like a huge brick had been lifted up our shoulders, or… maybe it has gotten heavier. Hehe.

Oh along the day we had some stupid you-don’t-love-me-anymore-shriek-kick-tantrum disagreement and he was acting all stern and cold faced and he refused to talk to me, making me feel like stabbing him with the coffee stirrer provided in the room, and then came dinner time, he asked something that made me felt even more like stabbing him with not one, but a dozen of coffee stirrers! Grr.

“What for dinner?”
Then I had to be all jual mahal mah, right? So I said, “Don’t know,” nonchalantly
“We go Metro Kajang lah”

METRO KAJANG?! DID YOU JUST SAY METRO KAJANG???? *flames and sparks and thunders were dancing on my head already chibabom* (oh, Metro Kajang is something like…. erm, Pudu Raya in a small town, a Fajar supermarket in some kampung, except it’s a well, Kajang town, or something to that effect lah)

I couldn’t say no or make noise, because I sedang jual mahal, remember? Nonchalant some more lah T___T

This one “point form” is as good as a blog entry already, so [to be continued] lah! Haha!

- Sungai Gabai waterfalls with the youth on Thursday! Woots! OK, not so woots-y for having to climb the “mountain” to get to the fountain (hey it rhymes!) only to be greeted by a sea of human flooding the river (some were even SHAMPOOING their hair under the waterfalls! Can you believe it?! Gah!) and having to cross a raging river T__T; but woots to the company!

We had a great time! Even for Jason who kept groaning about how he didn’t fit in, age wise. He ended up being the little big boy who kept going on slides tumbling-free-style down the waterfalls and came back with swollen wrists and knees, but hey let’s tumble some more -_-! I later learned that most of the guys got some blue black some where. And they’d all tell me the same thing, and I mean the exact same speech: "ala! No pain no gain mah! You want to have fun sure must hurt yourself wan lah! These are our hero marks”

Yala. You. Hero.

So while waiting for the doctor in the hospital, Jason's arm were put in sling,

Excitedly “eh dear! Look! Sling! It’s my dream to be in a sling or cast since I was young you know! See! Sling!!!!” *giggle*giggle*


- Went to Melaka on the recent weekend and had the famed cendol along Jonker Street! Oh and MY DREAM to wake up at 4 for McD’s was fulfilled! *giggle*giggle*

- Going to the press screening of CLOVERFIELD tomorrow and check out what’s the hype’s all about! I was told I can’t even bring my hand phone in, although my phone is an old, cheap brick Nokia with no camera and Bluetooth, and infrared, and you-name-it-I-don’t-have-it phone. Konon the movie is going to be screened before US does.

- OH. And BY THE WAY, we have decided to move out from Bangi! :D are you feeling my vibe here? Yes? YES? Yes! That means we can keep dogs in our to-be new home! Yay!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Now I Know Why Advertlets Redirected My Blog

Yesterday my number one fan (who else, Jason lah) called me and told me, in a rather nervous voice that the whole morning he’s been trying to load my blog and every single time without fail, after my page was loaded for 1 second, it will be redirected to the advertlets site… or something.

The funny thing was, when I load my own page from my office computer, I wasn’t redirected. So I thought either one of us has screwed ourselves up either with the browser setting (is this even relevant?!) or the ad code (busted! I clicked my own ad! Heh.)

So anyway, after getting Essie to test out and the answer came back the same, that she was redirected to advertlets too. I had no choice but to remove the advertlets’ code (judging by the way I’m earning with advertlets, I’m positive I’ll be able to cash out 5 bucks to buy meself a nice pressie when I celebrate my 100th birthday. Yay.), and the page loaded fine since.

Anyway, I just found out (from Eddie of msb online) that I’m not the only one who’s experiencing the redirecting; almost the whole bloggoland was getting it - turns out blogs are automatically redirected to an empty parking domain as a result of Advertlets' oversight in renewing their domain. It’s soooo good to know I’m not alone and that it wasn’t me who screwed up anything! Pfft!

The worse part, because of the redirecting, Eddie was deducted of his earning with nuffnang because the advertisers didn’t get the promised unique visitors per day. Sucky. I’m just glad I’ve removed mine in time (uh, I hope. Fingers crossed crossed! Samantha of nuffnang please don’t write to me pwease! T__T)

Oh I don’t know. I thought both advertlets and nuffnang were on equal ground when they took off. Look like there’s much damage control for advertlets to do now. Ah well.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Remember, You Were On My Mind When I Tagged You

I’m doing a tag from THE OFFICE now, so that I can blog real stuff from HOME tonight! Because my home is officially connected to the world! … OK, a bit sad case -_-… but what the heck! The whole no-internet-for-1-year-no-life saga is finally over! The dude from streamyx came on Saturday under Jason’s strict order and fixed the whole thing. Turned out, it’s the free modem they gave caused the silent drama. For ONE year =_=.

And the best part is! They are going to rebate us!!! Yes, we’ve been paying faithfully for one year even though we couldn’t, for the life of us, go online/ fix the problem/ be bothered to go fix it. Actually we did. See, Jason went to tmnet shop one day thinking the CDrom to install the dialler is not compatible with our Windows OS because our lappy is running Vista. Then the counter girl, with the most innocent face ever (okok, I’m just assuming since I wasn’t there -_-), asked,

“What is Vista?”

O.o *Flip over and die three times* dying just doesn’t describe the feeling. Seriously. Poking your eyes with a dagger and twist three times is more like it.

What is Vista? WHAT is Vista?!!! WHAT IS VISTA???? =_______=

We saved our breath, walked away, and called a tmnet technician instead.

Oh look! I’m starting my long-winded blogging already! :p So yeah, cut cut cut! Let’s get started with the tag (Jared, this is how we do it dude!) from Cerlyn! She’s super cool, with a super sweet but not overly sweet makes you want to puke voice! I like! My New Year resolution is to imitate the way she talks! xD

10 things found in my bag:
> Hand phone
> Wallet
> Name card holder
> Marley & Me (I’m coming to the end of the book :( Marley’s so old already he’s dying soon T__T)
> Makeup pouch (not like I make up, but the amount of lipsticks in there! Fooh! Can open shop lol oh and eye drop! Very. Important!)
> Pen drive
> Pen and notebook and papers
> Loopy earrings!
> Hair clip(s) and scrunchy
> A digital camera (is going in there soon. No. I’m not kidding! -_-)

10 things found in my purse:
> Money (if it hasn’t run out, that is. Duh. Cos I’m very used to running out of cash and won’t give a damn and Jason has to refill money in there but he’ll take away all my coins T_T man, why he liddat wan. He’s officially appointed the cash-refiller of my wallet! Haha!)
> Endless supplies of receipts (when the appointed cash-refiller hasn’t done his job in cleaning out the receipts. Hmph!)
> All sorts of cards that gives me to-die-for status in the society.
> Tattered tiny picture of us printed out on paper 3 years ago. (My wallet is ACTUALLY a key holder with pockets for cash and coins. So it’s kinda… tiny. In a way…)
> Coins (when Jason doens't take 'em all away T__T)
> …

… it’s really THAT small.

10 favourite things in my room:
This one is a little tough. I practice detachment. Ohmmmmm But we’ll try.

> My clothes, even though I’m still wearing clothes from when I was 22 (slim and slender baby!) and I don’t really like them anymore and wish I can have a whole new wardrobe.
> My side of the bed!
> My pillow!
> The walls! (This is a given cause Jason made his colleagues to come and paint the room with him before I moved in officially! He had ‘em in olive green, one of my favouritest colour, albeit a layer too many. Haha!)
> A chocolate box which I insisted my ex-boss to give me which I’m using to store my accessories junk now.
> The fan (and future air conditioning unit. This has got to be my favourite thing in ANY room for that matter! Don't care lah how spoilt you say I am!)
> My white furniture set.

Obviously I’m running out of things to favourite in my room… so that’s enough for now.

10 things I’ve always wanted to do:
> To fight for species equality for dogs esp in this stupid country where cats are gods and dogs are low. Hmph. own a dog farm
> To do end-seasons shopping in Texas (cos people say it’s really cheap) and Europe like a true blue yuppie but remain dignified and not broke.
> To have a face and not worry about pimples T_T
> Being a girl

… I think I’m really not an ambitious person! I can’t think of anything else to do! T____T

10 things I’m currently into:
> God, for sure. This one here is cliché because almost everyone I know says the same thing. But how can you NOT be into Him after you’ve known Him and tasted His goodness?!
> Empire waist-cut tops
> Cheese
> Eating healthy.
> Uh, bowel movement. (Yeah, yeah I know, gross. But, remember, a good bowel movements make you a happy baby! I’m all about happiness this year!)
> Mika’s happy songs!
> “Everybody smile and wave at Dohny,” says lijen Sleep talking SLEEPING (tis here just to annoy Jason AND lijen! Hahaha)
> Curls! I’m gonna get those and be a real aunty soon! Straight hair’s just totally BORING people! *YAWN*
> Marley & Me
> Being happy!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It'll Only Get Better From Here!

Lalalala Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily Be happy laugh a lot expect big daily

I was telling myself this morning that something big’s gonna happen today. The thought just came and it stuck through out the whole journey as I drove to office. And then at 5pm, wham bam, something “big” sure happened. And I just can’t thank God enough for that!

It’s tough work, but, hey if that’s the way He’s paved for me, so be it. I’ll *try* to do it without grudges! Hehe. Oh, let’s just say new pay checks are coming in :D

Oh well, here’s wishing all of you a super cool, laugh infused, joy overflow year ahead! I’ll be back blogging more, I hope!