Friday, June 27, 2008

Lost Cause. For Now

Hello gohlijen I’m copying your tag.


Name : i'ma punch you in the face if you don't know my name by now! >(

Birth Date : You only need to remember these numbers -> 26.01 >(

Current Status : Lost >(

Eye Colour : I got nice eyes OK! >(

Hair Colour : Also very nice lah! >(

Righty/Lefty : Proudly LEFTY, because lefties are arty like that. :)


My Heritage : Well my grandma was from Jamaica…


My Tough Points : Erm… being lefty?

My Weaknesses : Too kind Cute guys dogs

My Perfect Pizza : Tomato based, loads of pineapples, MEAT! Ham, tons of salty powdered cheese and yes gohlijen! Crunchy crust too!!!


My First Thoughts Waking Up : Whaathe! But I just came to bed! :(

My Bedtime : Is the best time!

Most Missed Memory : well there was a period of time when I looked perfect in ANY pictures at all. I kid you not! I just need to pop in front of the camera, smile and it’s perfect. Where art thou perfect picture period? :(


Pepsi or Coke : Very. Sensitive. Question. Can I coughcokecough not answer?

McDonald’s or Burger King : McDonald’s!

Single or Group Dates : I think group. I know you didn’t ask but I want to tell you the reason anyway so come, lemme tell you why that’s because I think we’ve been like, seeing each other every day so sometimes group dates or outings are more fun because we get to order more FOOD and there’s more jokes to go around and you can poke fun and be sarcastic to your friends and yield no hard feelings lah because sometimes if you do be sarcastic to your partner then they will emo wan mah right I know I'd be then you have to pujuk them back damn mah farn lah so I think group outings are more fun but of course quality time with your partner is aww-induce also lah so I think I like both! :)

Adidas or Nike : Well through experience (which was only 1 pair of experience) Nike don’t last.

Tea or Nestea : What’s the difference? Oh I think tea is like teabag tea and nestea is like those syrupy iced tea isit?

Chocolate or Vanilla : You mean people eat vanilla? O_o

Cappuccino or Coffee: Aren’t they the same stuff? I mean most importantly it contains caffeine people! Who cares about the froth?! It’s just froth! And no, please don’t tell me milk moustache is sexy -__-


Smoke : Do I look like I smoke huh huh huh??? Do I huh???

Curse : Do you consider $@#$@#$ and muted cursing as cursing?

Drink : Of course! How do you survive without water lah adui!!! I’m not sure who is more lost now. You or me!

Have a crush : NOoooooOOo! I wish I’m having one of those crushed ice mango smoothies now!

Think You’ve Been In Love : what’s love gotta do, gotta do with it? Tina Turner baby! My grandma’s favourite singer! :)

Go To School : No more :(

Want To Get Married : Why not? Don't you want to?

Believe In Yourself : OK, sure. .... Oh you’re asking me! Uh well, yeah, I guess.

Think You’re A Health Freak : Yes I am but I just don’t have the will to follow through when the food is dancing seductively in front of my face you know now I know how men feel T_T


Drank alcohol : Not a fan of alcohol. But I love all things virgin! You know, like virgin margaritas (YUM!!!), shandy, guiness malta! YUM YUM YUM!

Gone To The Mall : You mean the mall as in Yaohan the mall? Still exist??? Yeah I’ve been there!

Been On Stage : yeah. Well technically at the side of the stage only lah. I was the UV light switch “on-er” and “off-er” at the Revive! production! I thought that was an utterly important task without me the satan won’t look like satan so thank you very much holeishia!

Eaten Sushi : yeah! The raw one even! Bleurgh. Why people like to incur misery to themselves? -_-

Dyed Your Hair : unfortunately I have jumped on the bandwagon. But not like I got silky black hair to begin with lah hehe


Played A Stripping Game : Do you consider it a game when you strip to shower?

Changed Who You Were To Fit In : …Is that why I never fit in anywhere?! *gasp* REVELATION *gaspgasp* MALAPETAKA! Everybody flail your arms around!!!!!!


To Be Married : when I hit 26

To Have Kids : before I hit 30 so I can be considered a hot mom. Actually no lah is for the metabolism sake lah ok the older you are the more difficult you bust the prego weight T__T then have to waste money to go Marie France and then be laughed at for being an aunty so sad right pay others to make you torture yourself so that you can be slim or you remain a fatsoh forever and then be laughed at T__T

To Die : ok this is really getting retarted… -_-


Best Eye Colour : An eye is an eye is an eye

Best Hair Colour : you can’t go wrong with brown. or black. or blonde. or brunette. I used to have a bf who's hair was green and looked like Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl. -_- I blame it on innocence

Long or Short Hair : Short, short

Personality : mellow and gentle and soft. Not sissy soft but gentle lah joh! =_=


A Minute Ago : This tag that insults my intelligence

An Hour Ago : Fretting (let's see... life or death decisions to make, deadlines to meet, puppet script to write, phone calls to make oh did I mention life or death decisions to make? gargh!). That’s why I’m doing this tag that insults my intelligence to numb myself. See! So good of me didn’t use alcohol to numb myself! Kids see that? Tags and memes are good for you!

Five Hours Ago : Sleeping

A Month Ago : Dying to get out

A Year Ago : something… for survival sake


I love : dogs

I feel : lost

I hate : cats

I hide : myself

I miss : Polly

I need : a life

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surviving Fuel Price Hike: 3 Easy Ways To Drive Less & Save Money

Accept it, we are living in the era of expensive fuel. But not all should be bleak and moody in view of the recent fuel price hiked (and there’s already a speculation of another hike in the near future. Yikes!). Here are 3 simple, basic tips that will help you cut down on your expenses and in the long run, save money.

3-in-1s Are Really Not That Bad
If you are like me, who cannot for the life of you, kick off the habit of having a cuppa in the morning or for tea breaks, then think of buying / tapau-ing coffee from your neighbourhood kopitiam as a luxury and stop indulging already. Instead, buy 3-in-1s beverage mix if you're for convenience, or better yet, make your own instant coffee/tea from scratch (i.e mix 1 tbp of instant coffee powder with 2 tsp of sugar, add hot water, stir well, blah blah… Oh! A box of 100-teabags will only cost you like what, a few ringgits only! That’s a hundred day of tea there man)!

Consider this:
A cup of Nescafé from the coffee shop is $1.80. If I were to have my cuppa say, 5 times a week, and this will add up to $9.00. In a month, just my coffee alone will leave a small but significant dent of $36.00 in my wallet, and in a year, $432.00.

Now compare this with a pack of 30-sachets 3-in-1 NescafĂ© coffee mix - that’s a full one month supply - which will cost me nothing more than $10.00 a pack in the hypermarkets currently and all I need is hot water. That’s a saving of at least $26.00 a month, and $312.00 a year compare to buying from the coffee shops!

Couple that with simple home-made breakfast, i.e bread with butter and jam, wheat biscuits, or simple egg sandwich instead of nasi lemak (trans fat!) or wanton mee, you’ll be saving big time and living healthier in the long run!

Eating-In The Hawker Way
Admittedly, I still find it difficult to juggle marketing, cooking, and working at one go. Of course ideally it’ll be me whipping out a piping hot meal at the end of a work day for dinner, that way I’ll save and have healthy food that is good for my body. But come on, let’s face it, not all of us are born with the Nigella Lawson gene and I do think cooking for 1 or 2 pax is at times, more expensive than eating out. Here’s one way you can consider adopting: chap farn dishes!

For those non-Malaysians, chap farn simply means “mix rice” where you’ll be given rice and have at least 10 types of dishes to choose from at the neighbourhood hawker stalls. It’s almost like home-cooked food minus the benefit of MSG-free factor. Mix rice is the most common hawker offering very much loved by students or working young adults who are living away from mom’s home-cooked meals, for the simple fact of wide variety and it’s relatively cheap - generally $3.50 and up per meal of rice, 2 veges/tofu/egg, 1 meat, and normally soup are complimentary, but I won’t usually take the soup because it’s laden with MSG and salt.

To take it a step cheaper, you can always just buy 2-3 dishes in per-person portion without the rice (this normally feeds 2 persons well), which will not cost you more than $4.00 (depending on the dishes: normally fish and seafood dishes are more expensive), on your way back form work; and cook rice at home! You’ll be feeding 2 persons for just a small fraction of the cost of eating-out!

Here’s a tip: instead of packing the dishes in separate containers (usually charges more), simply take and line your dishes in one container neatly. And if possible, bring your own container to save the environment from Styrofoam and plastic pollution!

Online, Off-road
Everything is going online these days, inclusive of bill payments. So why congest the road, waste your time, energy, and join the crowd at the banks/post offices/counters to pay bills? Compile your bills monthly and make arrangements to either pay online, or a standing instruction to auto-debit from your account.

That way, you not just save time and petrol; you also save from paying late charges and interests when your payment is over-due. Trust me, late charges may not be much. Even if it’s just a $10.00 fee, it can very well add up to a whopping $120.00 per year, and that does not include interests yet. Now you do the math!

Unfortunately, there’s no changing how the world changes so quickly, especially in terms of costs of living. However, we do have a choice to adapt to changes and make adjustments to live frugally. So open up your mind, be creative, and pay attention to the tiny details in your daily living. Cutting small costs here and there may seem petty, but it’ll definitely pay off in the long haul.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It's not the miracle that we need, it's the faith. Miracle comes only with visible faith!

And trust God's hand in Andy's life... He is definitely in control.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

English 101

Jason and I have always been amazed with how amazing our younger generation (metaphorically speaking only ok? We are not old! :/ and don't be carried away with the word "amaze" there lah! I'm a blogger, remember?), i.e the youths we met/at church, can speak and write so fluently in English, most of the time we are just happy to keep our mouths zipped lest we make some glaring grammatical mistakes and they'll laugh at you, like really, they'll laugh at you. =.=

When they open their mouths, fuh! They speak English like they are uhh… eating taufufa...=_=’ uhhh, so the statement doesn’t make any sense but that’s the point - to show you the difference geddit?! The verboseness of that and this generation. erm OK, whatever. Zzz.

So I’ve been sharing this with the (take a deep breath now) supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Missy Essie, and she says simply that, it’s not difficult, at all!

See the level of confidence? x_x

So anyway, she sums things up and gave me this, life-saver tips:

Apparently, if there’s a certain type of genre/style which you need to adopt in your writing/speaking, think of these statements/questions…

If I want to…

1. Write/talk like a medic student/scientist/psychologist/disciplinarian/kungfu master - ask yourself - "What would Ming Yan do (or not do)?"

2. Write scripts for children/puppet plays - ask yourself - "What would Cerlyn (the cake?) do?"

And I'm adding these myself:
3. Write/talk expressively when I’m really angsty and still make sense - ask yourself - “What would Juju do?”

4. Write/talk like I’m on hyper-, overdrive, or a histrionic - ask yourself - “What would Essie do?”

5. Be totally bombastic bimbotic and a part of every positive adjective to describe (esp. so) yourself - ask yourself - “What would Jap/Jared/LiJen do?” - for no one represents the SS group better than them.

Essentially, this post is just a space filler and noise polluter because I have nothing better to write about (surprise!), but go ahead, you might just give your dead brain a much needed jolt of life by thinking like them, and well, probably save your to-hand-in-today assignment. (well if you don't know them, go make friends lah! Joh!)

(Eh, almost like I'm matchmaking/social profiling for them ah, if liddat, I might as well add in this one here:)

6. If I want to scold gracefully (and have super sunshiny-I-can-make-you-smile smile!) - ask yourself - "what would dohnie do?!!!"

Ah. It’s good to have friends of all kinds so that you can hard-sell them out when you have nothing to write about in your blog, don’t you think?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Looking For Something?

I wish I could say something about the camp, you know - exciting, fun, cool, anything! But I can’t, words just fail me right now, my thoughts are all over the place… desperation, assurance, thirsty, quenched, disappointment, satisfaction, frustration, joy, anxiousness, fear, contentment, abandonment, loved. All over the place.

I really wish I can be honest to the bones with you here, about everything. Or have something flowery to tell you, so that you’ll be boost up, I wish I can talk about it. But I think there are things, like our personal walk with Him, should be left between you and Him, alone.

As honest as I can get, it has been a wild ride. At least I’m learning now what “walking with Him” really, really means. Wow.

“I love you. You are never inferior to anyone. I love you”

He said. And that is all that matters to me.