Thursday, July 31, 2008

32 Days Of Bliss. Hopefully.

Me time:
-Visit dentist
-Glam up my new wardrobe
-Movie marathon @ home (HK soaps! Crazily time sapping activity! lol)
-Make lamb stew again! And chicken pongteh, and beef soup, and potato sambal, and a yoghurt dessert! Man I might as well throw a dinner party! xD
-Blog like mad and flood the cyberspace with my decade old pictures
-Revive my other blog with proper reviews -_-
-Haircut (how ‘bout chop everything off like Essie’s... or Rachel's! But too lazy to maintain. Le sigh. I need advice girls!)
-Sweat a bucket every other day and tone up for goodness sake HOleishia!!! (see, lijen, no more “hole is hia” ok! -___-''')
-Play with make ups
-Shopping on my own

Family time:
-Shopping with my sisters
-Invite Polly to stay over (Important: polish and shine the floor first!)
-Spend time with grandma at home… Ooo, maybe invite her and her maid over my place for a stay over too! (then got free labour an extra pair of hands to HELP me clean up, of course)
-Dine more at home with Jason
-Cook a full meal for my family!
-Baking with my sisters. Banana bread and cookies! Yum!
-Melaka trip! Gonna fry up a mean curry paste for Jason’s mom and sis!

Friends time:
-Movie marathon @ cinema with Sailorsim
-Day trip to Pulau Ketam (2nd Saturday of August: everyone’s welcomed to join because we’ll be taking KTM!!!)
-Ops. PigOut II
-Catch up with friends (buzz me! buzz me! Me me ME!!!)
-Shopping with friends

Anything else I left out?

* new items will be added to the itineraries as and when.
* looks like all the above agenda will be quite damaging to my Jason’s bank account, so if you have any writing projects/temp jobs, I’d appreciate if you hook me up!


who that?! O_O
love the tie! :)

As promised, TwinnyBoys, here's the pictures I mentioned to give you! :)))

Ta now!

Oh wait, ta for good! The next I post, it won't be from my current office anymore. Oh did I tell you that I resigned? Yeah well I resigned! :D

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ich Bin Your Brother, Brother.

I thought this is some awesome news.

"Imma punch you if you pull that fist on me!" ~brother lovin'

God sure has a weird but funny sense of humour. Ha! It's all good! Really weird, but good :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Mensa Friends & I

Sailorsim says
Someone just asked me what the hokkien word for giraffe is?
How would I know?!
You know ar?

Disfcuktional J-Boo is milked like a cow. Moo~ says
Erm… Hakka I know!

Sailorsim says

Disfcuktional J-Boo is milked like a cow. Moo~ says
Uh… let me call my grandma first!

Sailorsim says

Disfcuktional J-Boo is milked like a cow. Moo~ says
Chong giang look

Sailorsim says
Long neck deer
Must be the same in hokkien!
Gotta think of the equivalent!

Disfcuktional J-Boo is milked like a cow. Moo~ says
I don’t think so loh…

Sailorsim says
No meh?

Disfcuktional J-Boo is milked like a cow. Moo~ says
No lah. So different! Like English and French different.

Sailorsim says
But all Chinese mah! It’s a dialect wor…
Canto is Cheung Geng Luk also right?

Disfcuktional J-Boo is milked like a cow. Moo~ says
Yeah. Canto and Hakka is like English and German

Sailorsim says
OK. Sailorsim’s off! 5:30pm baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disfcuktional J-Boo is milked like a cow. Moo~ says
While Hokkien is like… French and Spanish… the Romanic languages
What??? Zzzzzz
I was just about to revel on a linguistic discourse!
We are discussing on a very important topic concerning the mankind here!
It’s about the giraffe in hokkien!!!!!!!!

Sailorsim says
Muaks! Buh byeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Sailorsim is offline

Disfcuktional J-Boo is milked like a cow. Moo~ says


The Romanic languages, or sometimes referred to as the Romance languages, are a group of languages belonging to the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European family of the world. Among them are French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Occitan, Catalan, and many more! If you listen carefully, they do sound quite similar, right?


Same goes to English and German, they belong to another group of languages called the Germanic family. Dutch is also under the same group.

Can you see the difference? Yes you can, of course! Yeah! Sailorsim boleh! And I’m talking to myself in a chat window! whoo hoo. yeah. =___=’’’

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Out Of The Blue (And Yellow) Evening

We’ve since moved in to our new pad for 2 and half months now and we haven’t officially invited anyone over. Well simply because our wardrobe is still in the living room (!), our CDs are on the floor, the weeds are having a field day, and the paintings and photos are not up!

So finally we hopped over to Ikea on a work-night, hoping to bag some good buys and ideas. Man, I’ve forgotten how long since I’ve last set foot in Ikea! When I was younger (and was all hot about becoming an interior designer), Ikea was D dream company! I'd make dad to bring us over every Sunday after dinner! I just love, love the whimsical ambience there! It’s so cool!

We drifted from one showroom to another, seeing so many new, fresh things, soaking up the ideas, drinking in the ambience, and with the air-con on high, I was reminded of the carefree times when I was in Finland! Oh the bliss!

After all the walking, giggling, and discussing about the furniture like 2 real adults big time designers, we hung out at the cafeteria and chatted over a meal of meatballs, chips, laksa, and chicken wings, and free flow of cappuccinos *heart*. It was so fun and relaxing! I should really, really do this again!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Bane Of Emoness

Sometimes you get so caught up with emo-ing, you can't even remember the reason why you began emo-ing.


Monday, July 07, 2008

I <3 Happy Hangouts & Happy Meals!

That, my friends, has been my tagline for the past few days :D

The Ops. PigOut @ Ogawa Japanese Kitchen was awesome! I won’t speak for the rest lah, but I had a total kick-assed blast! And guess what, the get-together actually hooked up some old classmates which was so cool!!! *feels very achieved having done a good deed. Zen out*

Aw man! Happy food and happy friends make me really one rainbowed happy camper! :))) We should really do this more often!

Actually I’m just really lazy to blog lah, zzzz so I’ll leave you with some pictures (but I colour-enhanced them!). There weren’t much photos taken though, we were busy… uh, pigging out. Next round we should put more effort to invite camwhores to join the party! Heh.

The banquet - ready for its guests

Jap's (I mean Japheth's!) favourite dish from the buffet line - "Wateroo Bungari Kekwako". This, apparently, is very good for your health

everybody get their hot or cold green tea in this plainnnn lookin' short glass. EXCEPT for some dude who came in royally late and still get a whimsy sky blue ceramic cup! Cis!

The happy piggies! (I'd stitch up the photos and make them seamless. But whatddayanoe! I'm lazy liddat :)

And from here on I'm lazy already so no more captions. Food and randomness!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I know I’m gonna get some good flaming for this. But I can’t keep quiet! Wondermilk is such a rip-off!

There. I just said it. -_-

Lijen was raving about wondermilk like, 2 days ago, and yesterday, my colleague’s gf made us all chipped in to buying a box of mini cupcakes for his bd, and that’s a whopping RM49 per box of 50 cupcakes? That’s RM1 each after rounding up.

Yes there are cute, they are sweet, there are pretty and for RM1 you can’t expect a muffin-sized cup right? Fine! I get that. But this! This is … argh! The mini cupcake is mini alright! I could even hold it up with my pinky and it wont topple over! When put in the mouth, I felt…. I felt…. toe curling, mind numbing, eye squinting, brain freezing sorta nothingness! It’s just a teeny tiny bite of baked sugar and flour. For all that I could taste, the cakes tasted sweet and… stony wet, you get me? It’s wet but it’s also kinda hard for a cake. Nothing like you would expect from a cake. I mean, come on! It’s a cupcake for goodness sake! Zzzz!!! You're killing all the cuppy magic!!! :(

And the flavour was apparently chocolate chip. But there wasn’t enough space for the chips to “float” themselves in the body of the cake, so they sink (sign of too wet batter?), and were kinda burnt and stuck to the teeny tiny foil cup. Gargh! It makes me angry just eating them!

I love cupcakes, don't get me wrong. I even had cupcake towers for my wedding! And I used to love them, the brand cuppacakes I mean, the whole concept, the whole fairy and romantic-feel that bundled in with the branding and cupcakes and all, but after seeing and tasting their product now, I’m not so sure anymore guys, I’m sorry. That’s it. That’s what the mini cupcakes make me feel. Extremely frustrated. Like, for real, EXTREME FRUSTRATION AND BEYOND THE GOLDEN UNIVERSE. whatever that means.

And for that price! That sad tray of mini cupcakes! Oh and the amount of colouring that went in to decorate those little teeny tiny cuppies! Let’s just say we all garnered quite a bit of attention on the streets with awesomely gothic black lips and chow chow’s purple tongue (the gf ordered the Rockstar theme, you see. Zzz). -___-

And you’re gonna call me cheapskate. Whatever suits you man. Money is not supposed to be earned and spent that way. For 50 buck (oh we were told delivery charge was RM50! From DU to Puchong RM50! T_T so we had to drive all the way out there to pick them up.), we could’ve bought him a nice meal at Chillis, or for a hundred buck, TWO huge yummy Secret Recipe cheese cake (chocolate cheese!!! YUM!!!) and we'll still get change I think, or if we go to a nice hawker/restaurant, we could have a crab feast! Le sigh.

But to wondermilk’s credit, I suppose it is time consuming to decorate ‘em cuppies, what more, when they are so tiny, it’s hard work! Yeah.

Oh well lesson learnt. Art is not for everyone cheapskates. But cupcakes are! :(

So yeah, I’m just being cheapskate. *slaps self* And don't ask me to chip in to any of wondermilk purchases no more! *roar*

OK End of rant.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Prayer Blunder

All I wanted was to compose myself, calm down, and get a grip. So I took deep breaths and said a silent prayer. Only what came out was this:

"Dear God, please bless this food for my nourishment. Amen"

Chibabom!!! O_='

I *heart* chibabom moments like this. not. -_-