Tuesday, August 28, 2007


... it’s not easy, I tell you. It’s exciting, yeah, yeah, but it’s so… emotionally demanding.

OK, NOT complaining! -_-'''

Leishia: Ish! So uncomfortable! I need a proper work table man!
Jason: Uhm hmm *tweaking the old piece of metal dubbed the computer*
Leishia: I need to set up a home office already! Hmm, where should it be? *survey the house while juggling the giant of a dictionary and documents on lap*
Jason: Of course.
Leishia: Maybe the guest room? Or this corner here?
Jason: OK. (note the non-connectivity >_<)
Leishia: Hmm, but there’s no fan, no air con!
Jason: *mumble* We’ll get a table fan *eyes affixed to the computer screen*
Leishia: No carpeting? Oh, I’ll need a chair too! You know, those swivel chairs for bosses?
Jason: … sure….
Leishia: And we’ll need to move out the beds too! I mean, it’s an office! Hurloww? *roll eyes*
Jason: *slow-mo turn around and drama 2 sec silence* bring back the money first, and then we talk.
Leishia: O_o Ala!!!! *sulk*emo*pout* >(

On another note,

EVAN ALMIGHTY so rules!!!! You've GOT to watch it! So farny!!!! :D

Friday, August 24, 2007

My Fetish For Electrical Appliances

Jason: Eh dear! You haven’t told me that one thing you want for our anniversary lah!

Leishia: Uh, what do I want?

Jason: How I know ah? Nah, if you don’t tell me, you don’t scold me if I go ask other girls (Read: I just want to sweet talk to other girls) what you might like ah!

Leishia: Duh. What’s the point you asking other girls? Any girls at all would have nothing in common with me except we are, uh, girls? People’s interests are different lah! (Read: You cannot talk to other girls!)

Jason: Then how lah? What you really really like?

Leishia: I told you ade wut! I rweally rweally like Gadgets! I luuurvvVe gadgets with a capital V!

Jason: Like?

Leishia: Like, laptop! *eyes all beaming and sparkly*

Jason: We already discussed about laptop, laptop is later this year mah.

Leishia: Erm… handphone! I love that NOKIA RED flip phone thingy, from the N series.

Jason: You want so high tech phone for what???

Leishia: PSP! PSP is a game console, can play games lah, can listen to music lah, watch videos lah! Very very cool!

Jason: Not practical lah! After awhile, you’ll dump it aside wan.

Leishia: Then just give me ang pau lah. -____________-

Jason: *silence*…. You accept post dated check?

Leishia: O_- Can also lah.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cuh Ray Zee!

1, 2, 3 PUSHHHH! *Inhale*Exhale*PUSHHHH!

I... argh... cannnn dooo tis! *_*

Friday, August 17, 2007


11Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. He did the same with the fish.

12When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, "Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted." 13So they gathered them and filled twelve baskets with the pieces of the five barley loaves left over by those who had eaten. John 6: 11-13
… and so that is how the money in my hand keeps stretching and stretching, and I’m never short of it no matter how bad the times can be.

These verses reminded me that God is faithful. He was then. He is now. He will be tomorrow. It’s a promise He has given, but our foolishness to not accept it without doubts.

We should be careful and thrifty with our spending though, not letting any to waste, however small the amount is. Because although God’s promise stands true but it’s not to be taken for granted, for God can bless, He can also take it away.

Praise God! What a wonderful living God that we have with us! It’s amazing isn’t it? The more you dwell in His Word, the more burdens you will shed, the more your eyes will see. I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited about Him!

May He grant you peace too. Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I’m Not Obsessed Lah! But Here’s 6 Things…

Un [uhn]
I’m (mildly) obsessed about keeping the car that I’m travelling in (as in, regardless I’m the driver or not) is driving WITHIN the lane. It annoys me whenever other cars keep eating into another driver’s lane, especially when they are negotiating a curb. It’s rude, hokay! >(

This (so-called) obsession (but it’s not lah) started the time my dad told us children “Always drive within your lane and be mindful”. See. Me good student. *beams*

Deux [duh]
I’m (also) obsessed about “perfect” parking. When I do my parking, I’d try to anticipate if my way of parking will cause trouble or make it difficult for other bloggers drivers; and when I got used to one spot, I MUST HAVE THAT SPOT.

Just the other day, over at my office car park, I found a nice spot, albeit it’s not really “a spot” per se, which I don’t usually park at. So I putter along to where I usually park, albeit it’s not really a parking lot (haiyah, long story lah, the car park has not enough lots ok).

After I parked at my usual spot, I kept staring at the new, vacant spot I found earlier. After 5 minutes of struggling, I fired up the engine and drove over to the new spot, parked and re-parked (since it’s not really a parking lot, I have to make sure I don’t cause any inconvenience for others mah!), and then finally was satisfied. Kill the engine and proceeded to my reading.

10 minutes later, I felt uneasy. I became fidgety. And now I kept looking over at my usual spot longingly, all the while kept arguing with myself if I should go back there or just shaddap and read (yes, I know the option is OBVIOUS -_-)

Another long story short, I went back to my usual spot loh. Hehe.

Trois [twa]
I’m obsessed about being meticulous… but only when I want to, and it doesn’t necessarily mean I must be like, perfectionist in ALL things I do, hokay?... although, I AM quite a perfectionist, but only in the things that I want to be; otherwise my façade *ahem* is more of a procrastinator, which I am too.

Sigh. It’s complicated.

But there are things that I must be totally meticulous about, and that is…

Quatre [kartr]
I’m obsessed about the things I type out in Word program. When I do type/write, I must be like, totally inspired to. And when that happens, I’ll type, read, revise, retype, realign, revise, retype, rephrase, re-read, re-read, re-read, and then only I save/post/publish. And then I’ll go back to re-read 324 times for 3 consecutive days until I’m satisfied with my own erm, humour... I do a lot of self-amusement, you see... heh.

Cinq [sank]
The same goes to HTML codes. (Disclaimer: I am NOT saying I’m an HTML expert, hokay! I just NEED my layouts to be nice, clean, aligned, and coordinated.)

Six [seaze]
I’m obsessed about being punctual (like at least 10 minutes early sorta punctual). I just need to be early for everything or else I’ll die have no rest. I’ll be grumpy and grouchy. I’ll be extremely nervous, I'll also probably be sarcastic and aggressive or something.

So you know of any good, cheap shrinks?

Sept [set]
I’m obsessed about animals’, especially dogs’ welfare. This doesn’t count, because that’s just being loving and kind hearted (iaitu sifat mencintai haiwan-haiwan dan tumbuh-tumbuhan dalam buku teks Pendidikan Moral. Tidakkah anda juga belajar tentang sifat mulia ini?)

I can’t think of any other obsessions lah! *sigh long long* So I’m not really such an obsessed-freak after all, right?

Duh! I forgot to mention, this tag’s a combo from Peiling-uist and Adino the wife beater. And I'm tagging you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hello! I’m An ABC + XYZ. What About You?

Ever felt honoured and insulted ALL at the same time? *sweat*

Sim: Haha. Hey I’m reading your blog!
Leishia: Yay!
Sim: Khimmy says your online persona is a mix of sailorsim and kinkybluefairy. Sailorsim elements are the “actions”. *ahem*
Leishia: O_O
Sim: Hehehe.
Leishia: It’s just a leishia lah! Why you all always give me all sorts of characters but a leishia wan lehh??? *kick*scream*tantrum*wail*


I mean, I lurve sailorsim (I want a Tall Starbucks Mocha Frappe with dashes of cinnamon and chocolate powder hokay?) and I love kinkybluefairy, like, love love! She’s like the tai kar jie of allll party scenes and a natural joker fairy.

But, hey, how about "a leishia" for a change eh? I’d love to be leishia man! Donch chooo?

Ermm… OK, you know what, on second thought, don’t answer. Just. Don’t.

P/S Psst, while you’re at sailorsim’s blog (I know you kaypoh chees will surely click wan lah!), check out her Kirohige Kiki Ippatsu post and tell me how you would PERCEIVE it. LOL That joker!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Boo hoo! No More Jalur Gemilang On My Cake!

Ain’t it amazing what our big guys up there can come up with? Like, jiak bao boh dai zhi zho meh? Now that I’m robbed of my favourite Independence Day activity, what am I to do??? :(

Hokay! Too many things’ going on (in my head and outside of my head), I feel almost… like…. You know, restless, and weak! You know, wobbly sorta weak? Oh wait, if “weak” then shouldn’t be using “!” right?! Because I’m supposed to be “weak” mah! Like, boh lat like that, so how can use “!!!’s” right?

Oh gee, somebody stop me please! I’m not even a hokkien!!!

*Foo*Foo*Breath*Breath* There, there, now lemme see…

Kicking off a small biz project real soon. Pray all things will work to our favour. Oh I don’t think you’ll feel our presence not unless you’re in our area! Hah! Will (maybe) update later. [uh, Jason, is this project a top P&C thing? Erm, woops! Now the whole world knows!]

Someone need help! And we so hope we can help in all ways we can!

I’m getting a little tired of blogging but hey, I started another niche blog nonetheless. Yeah -_-

I’m looking at kick-starting a French club; simple, mindless, for good-ole-fun sorta thing while keeping my French polished while introducing the language to my friends. It’s really fun! JeeJin had a good time bombarding me with all the sweet talking words he could ever summon in English in his entire life and made me translate ‘em to French and have ‘em drafted and saved in his phone so that he can go sweet talk girls! *roll eyes* Tes yeux sont comme les étoiles dans le ciel! Pfft! *snigger*! Anyhoo! Any takers??? :) You'll learn good stuff like this above here! Girls just dig those, you know!

I’m looking at getting a MacBook, because of really good price.

I’m looking at how to get the money if I do, in the end, decide to go for a Mac, because the amount is not accounted for in our budget (yes, married people make budgets and balance sheets. *feel so adult* And we’ve just learned to look at these stuffs in a brand new light!)

One of the many reasons I’m considering a Mac is the designing tools - something much needed for another project I have in mind with a friend.

I’ve got so many TAGS to do until I sleep also dream about them! Confirm I “moh york gau” ade! Blogging’s ruling my life.

That reminds me, I want to blog about something on… uh, blogging? Argh, I’ve lost it!

Trying to grasp and apply as much as I can from my *official* financial guru. I want to disclose his name here, but what if you laugh at me? *sweats*

I’ve since love tra-la-la-ling the finance management/ management aisles in MPH. I’m looking for good books on Ray Kroc too. Tsk. What've gotten into me?!

Next month 17th is our 1st year anniversary! *gasp* so fast?! *faints* I have NO idea what to do! Zilch! Nada! Need to assemble a team of the smartest, craziest, funniest committees ade!!! Oh... did I just give away too much?

Bro Lam vetoed Jason and I to be the actors for the Charade round in Bible quiz… citing reasons such as we are the youngest in the group and that our bones are more agile. O_o''' Act. Stage. Audience. Me. Sweat.

Oh yeah! Suddenly remembered, I just gave some items for my mom to test out the market in her shop! Follow up! Follow up!

Oh yeahh!!! Another friend! Another project! OMG!

[[insert here whatever else that comes to mind later]]

Basically, my life is still a mundane, dull from-home-to-work-to-church-to-home routine, but can you see the speed of my mind?!!! It irks me so much to see all things keep flashing in my mind but always: not the time yet, not now, gotta wait till next month, next Saturday, push this forward, on hold first, no budget now, it’s only happening next week, johhhh! It’s driving me cuhhh-rahhhh-zeeee!!! I want results, and I want them NOW! *ROAR*


I think I just shocked myself there.
O.M.G…. Backup next OMG what was I babbling about?!!! It's THIS Sunday. I suddenly KANCHEONG ade…. How ah…. What to wear?!!! This crazy music team got weekly dress code some more!!! How lah??? I only got Superman teeshirts and a pair of torn jeans only lahh! OMG!!! Stand on stage!!!! OMG!!! HOWWWWW LAHHHHHHHHHH????????? T_T

Friday, August 10, 2007

Let's Do A Little Naughty SEO Talk

If you are a paid blogger, Google PR’s and SEO’s are important jargons. And if you’re well versed, you would play with your words in the content and the title, just so you’ll attract traffic (you can check out Adino’s blog just to see what I mean. Nyehehe >)

Now obviously I’m not even a semi-pro blogger here to give you any lessons and advises! But I just want to show off a teensy bit of how a blogger feels to see things like this:

erm, I think you gotta like, click to enlarge. But rest assured the first in list is ME! :D

Haha! So cool! Above acne.org! I know!!! Exshiting!

Hokay! Bedtime story’s over. Anyway! I’m looking to revamp this blog. A new layout and stuff. Now I love tweaking HTML and make friends with it, but at times, it really gets on my nerves man! *grunt*grunt*grunt* You know, just like some friends and people in your life. Woops! :x

So if you have any good sites that gives free downloads of great templates, please point me to the direction, or if you are like, a budding graphics/web designer in the making, and you need a guinea pig, Me! Me! ME!!! See I let you be my guinea pig offer to be your guinea pig for the sake of your future! Hehe. Well in any case, I just need a simple, very clean layout.

Mean time, stay tuned! (and happy weekend! :)


*GASP* life. undressed just hit it’s 10,000 clicks! Although, half of it was probably generated by myself. Hehe!

ANYHOOO!!! Ohmygodohmygod! 10 frigging thousand man!!! See! See! Didja see the 4 zeros? Didja? Didjaaa? Got puppies to celebrate with me some more! (Just ignore the cats please! OK?!)
I just can’t get anymore anal than this. Seriously. Need. A. Life. -____-

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Open Beauty Secret: Aspirin Mask

I’m lousy at keeping secret.

Especially good secret that is meant to share!

Girls (and guys, admit it lah, you're vain too and you’re curious as a kitty! Nyahaha)! Introducing, jeng jeng jeng! The Aspirin Mask! (sounds so anti-climax right? lol)

Yup, you read right! If you’re a die hard beauty-cosmetic fan, you would have heard of this wayyyy before already! Yes lah, I’m slow lah. But when I first heard of it, my jaw almost dropped to the floor, I mean, aspirin?! It sounds so…. chemically wrong. I mean, ASPIRIN?! O_O

Aspirin is actually a form of Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHA’s, which are found in
many skin creams and work by exfoliating the dull, dead layers of skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath. Over time, BHA’s can help clarify skin tone and promote healing of blemishes.

After googling (love Google!) and reading about it for days, I thought how bad can it be right if I were to try, right? I mean, everyone’s using it! It’s getting rave reviews! And besides, it’s aspirin! How bad can it be right?! It won't cost me my limbs right?? Definitely not that bad lah!

So, I went out and got myself a box of (24 tablets) aspirin, whip up the concoction, and tested it on Jason. Hehehe.

What??? O_O This is call work smart, hokay?!

Oh, may I point out that, Malaysia is not a fan of Aspirin? Panadol (Paracetamol) is, Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid) is not. In US, you can easily get a bottle of 200 tablets for USD 0.99, can you imagine?! And I got my box from Guardian for RM5.40! Gahh!!! Daylight robbery!

So anyway, let me just, put it bluntly, that the mask works! My guinea pig Jason’s skin’s so much cleaner and smoother after each application. We’ve by far applied 4 times already. My skin is the most sensitive of all! And it has been red and blotchy my whole life, but now, after 3 applications, it’s no longer blotchy, the skin doesn’t peel, the redness’ almost non-existent, the pores' shrinking, and no more breakouts. Woots! (But don't expect it to be flawless lah! I mean, all things take time! So don't come splattering your saliva on my face next asking "why your face still liddat wannn? no change oso!!!" -_-)

Yes, yes! Here’s the recipe! Tsk! No patience!

>3 tablets of non-coated aspirins (that’s salicylic acid, NOT Paracetamol OK!), sprinkle a little water over the tablets, just a dot or 3. [edit: I've since cut down to 2 tablets per application as it gives a good coverage already!]

>Then, squeeze 2 or 3 dots of honey (yes! Those you eat with your waffles! I got mine from Tesco for RM4.50 a tub) on the tablets.

>And for a kick of AHA - that’s alpha-hydroxy acid, add a few dots of plain yoghurt to the concoction, and

>Use a teaspoon to crush the tablet, mix well. The tablets should dissolve easily and you should get a grainy texture, but it shouldn't be too runny.

>To apply, simply spread the mixture on your freshly cleaned face, carefully avoiding the eye area and from breathing in the aspirin (I don’t think it’ll cause you permanent head damage, but it’s always good to be careful, ok?), and leave it on for awhile and chill out as it dries. I normally leave it on for 10 minutes, and no more than 15 minutes, just in case it got too drying for my skin.

>After the times’ up, wash it off, and at the same time, very gently rub the aspirin grains in circles with your fingers for about 10 seconds, that’ll exfoliate your skin nicely.

>Then rinse off with water. REMEMBER to apply toner to clean off any residues, and moisturise.

Use this mask no more than 2-3 times a week. And you should know your skin better, so monitor any changes on the skin as you go. However, if you are allergic to aspirin, well then too bad you can’t use the mask.

With this mask, I have lay off buying those fancy schmancy designer products and I can see my skin problem diminishing. Jason was awed and kept raving how much better my skin has become since day one he came to know me. So yeah. :)

I’m not hard selling this, waitaminit... I AM hard selling, hahaha! But! I’m not like, getting any profit out of this hokay!

See, I lub you onot? *smile big big with expanded big wet eyes* nyahaha

Don't take my word for it! Go read up, do your own research and be equipped, knowledge is powah! *Roar* And google is a great start! Hehe. Happy masking y'all! :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

For The Love Of Tapping Showers!

It was just yesterday I was telling Jason how both our apartments’ bathrooms are so small, and always full of problems. For one, the toilet’s leaking. So yeah. So we promised each other that when we shop for a house, besides it must absolutely be a landed property, the toilets and bathrooms must be like, spacious, well-lit with lots of natural lights, and have a separate wet and dry areas. Nothing irritates me more than wet toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens! Urgh!

So being a freak like that, imagine my delight when I first came to know about taps4less.com! I almost squeal in delight seeing all those stainless steel faucets, taps, sinks, and the endless ranges of showers and bathroom suites!

I’m so eyeing the 4-piece designer bathroom suites range! Those square-ish sinks are so old-school and clean! Oh, did I mention my love for all things WHITE ceramic in bathrooms? It’s like a pre-requisition for my washrooms. Hehe.

Do check ‘em out! And good news for the British! Taps4less delivers for free to mainland UK. So you really got to give them a thought if you’re shopping for all things washrooms!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Humming To Impromp-tuness

There are just so many things I wished to say here but I can’t! Time for a new anonymous blog? :)

Well for the sake of a record and in summary: we went out of the way last evening to meet a couple from the States whom we’ve never ever met before. So obviously we didn’t know how each other look like, but still, all we could think of was, oh dear, quick, gotta beat the traffic and rush to KLCC man! They are waiting already! KL traffic! *shudders*

I was a little upset of course, I was dead tired, there have been many late nights (on weekdays!) lately - coming home late from everywhere, rushing to everywhere, going to bed at 1-ish, waking up at 6-ish, rushing to work, and its all over again, e.ve.ry.day. I thought if I continue to not getting enough sleep, I’d break down.

But yeah, we promised to meet them and even arranged for time and venue already, so we kept to our words (the irony was that, given any other times, we might very well just cancel the meeting! Not that any of the meetings are not important lah, don’t terasa, we love meeting people cos we got bored looking at each other ade, hanging out with friends and family, joining in the activities and festivities, just you know, circumstances lah, we stay in Bangi, REMEMBER?)

So I got off work early at 6pm, rushed back to Bangi, Jason not back yet, *grumble*grumble*, Jason came back, freshen up, rushed to Palm Garden Hotel to pick up his brother who came visiting (who’ve been cancelling the trip for umpteen time!), rushed to *gulp* KLCC (I hate going down to KL! Hate it!).

But the funny part was, the traffic was almost non-existent, for a KL standard. We found a parking lot effortlessly, plus we were almost on-time too despite taking a wrong turning and had to make a big u-turn. Go figure.

Amidst the crowd, we identified the guy from afar, and his back was facing us for that matter! We ate at the food court, sharing, telling stories. And this is one true happening guy, so on fire for God! It’s amazing! His testimonies were miracles after miracles!

His American wife was so animated. Haha! Love her humour and her “roll-eyes-like-duhhh “Hairrr-loowww?!! Anybody home?!!!” expressions. And their kids were just gorgeous! Proud products of interracial union :)

Every word coming out from him hit all 3 of us in the heart, unique to each of our situation. It’s just, timely. Simply fantabulous!

I had a great time, sitting there, sponging in every ounce of the energy from this missionary family. For awhile, I regreted my protest earlier.

There’s just so much I want to point out here, so much I want to share from the meeting with you guys. So much. But hey, for now, I’ll just have to learn to differentiate right and wrong timing and place lest I be a stumbling block, aye? Pray I can be a positive testimony and be an encouragement to others too, just like Ps. Dennis, and this beautiful family…


So much for “just a summary”. Hah!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hey, Got Face?

I'm on Facebook! Officially. *celebrate with virgin margaritas!*

But I don't know how to use it. Pbbfft!