Friday, May 17, 2013

The Diary of A Noob Gardener

Lots have happened since I last blogged here, I shall catch up slowly with photos as proof, haha. But for now, I just want to talk about my "garden", and that is all I want to talk about all day, everyday!

I don't mean to offend any gardeners, but to me, planting stuff is for old people, aunties and uncles, I mean, who has time for gardening?! Pfft! And then something in me snapped, or clicked, or whatever. Or maybe it's just the aging thing (I am now an aunty!), I now love planting stuff! How magical lol! But, right now, I'm only interested with planting edible stuff. Decorative flowers and bonsais and the rest are a waste of time, and it's just me, ok! Please don't take offence!

If you remember, I did briefly blog about planting a sprouted onion some time back, and then due to my total noobness and impatience, I killed the plant by pulling the whole damn thing out too soon too fast. And that was it. And then a friend gave me a baby basil plant last year end, which I almost killed too, but it's really quite hardy. It's still alive to this day, growing shoots and the leaves are looking lush and green and all that, only I have not an inkling why its... erm, "main" branch looks as good as dead - you know, looking like dead thick twig. But I figured it's ok, as long as it keeps growing shoots, that's the sign of life to me! The best part about having a pot of basil plant at home is that I get to pluck it fresh for my cooking!

And then I got my dad to get me a few Styrofoam boxes from the market and soil, and I started planting whatever I can't salvage for cooking anymore - started with a small piece of sprouted ginger, and then I also threw into the box a rotten tomato, a rotten lime, the leafy top part of a beetroot, and carrot, oh and a sprouted potato, AND I've saved 2 avocado pits. They are sitting in a cup of water now, once the roots start showing, I'll move them to the pots.

So there! Anyway, interesting noob story about my gardening adventure - one day I saw a bunch of seedlings started shooting up like crazy in that styrofoam box in one corner, and in another corner another plant seem to be growing too (and at first I thought it was beetroot, later I decided it's tomato, yes I decided.), so I took  a picture and showed my gardener friend and asked what were they. She told me those shoots look like weeds and she didn't refute me for calling the other plant as tomato, so it was set in my heart that yes, I have a tomato plant growing and I need to re-pot it, which I did.

Until yesterday, after the cleaner closely scrutinized my plants, there were new findings - I first thank God I didn't remove the "weeds" - cos that's the tomato plant, and the plant which I called "tomato", is actually a lime plant! Noob dao~~~~~ But it was all good. The tomato plant has since been repotted and looks ok to me in the new container. Fingers all crossed it'll grow!

Ah, now, picture time! Let me also say, these are my pride and joy (I can't believe there comes a time in my life, I'll utter these words about plants -_-)!



tomato plant (earlier these were weeds haha!)

lime (I thought it was tomato earlier! don't laugh)

potato plant