Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm A Geek. I Know.

I’ve come up with a, what I call, super die hard luxurious to-buy list. It won’t be a wish list because it’ll remain just a “wish” if it’s so, however a “to-buy list” means there are chances I’ll get it, either as a present *hint* or I’ll save up enough for the items, in a matter of time. It's all in the mind, ya know.

Yay! Just the thought of it gives me orgasmic shivers! Heh.

In no specific order, I present to you: Leishia’s 2007 Super Die Hard Luxurious To Buy List! *cue Superman theme music* Together with the justifications of why I need these babies.


Why I need it? Because when it comes to punctuality, no one can beat me. In another word, I’m always made to wait. Now with my job I get to travel a fair bit, I always ended up being early, (as early as 1 and a half hour before the events start; why so early, you ask? Well I have a reason for that too, that’s because I live so far away from the town, so being early is the only way to make sure I’m not late. Another reason being, I’m a punctual freak, I can’t stand being late.) So being early means I need something to occupy my time; no, having breakfast and reading newspaper won’t cut it, because I eat and read pretty darn fast, and I don’t want to lug a book around. So OBVIOUSLY, playing games are the bestest past time :D

P/S: If PSP is really, really out of reach, Nintendo Gameboy Advance is good enough too.

Numero dos: A Canon digital camera. I haven’t done my rounds of research, but so far, my heart is for the Powershot and Ixus series: for its reputation and shape.

Why I need it? Because I am a *ahem* writer. It only makes sense that I have a camera with me to do my write up and couple them with photos from my point of view. OK lah, I lied. The real reason is being I got fed up with my current RICOH camera, because it’s just so… not nice to use? The picture quality totally sucks too! So it’s sitting in the drawer at home now. I haven’t even download my pictures from our honeymoon trip 3 months back!

Numero tres: A laptop. I don’t know much about brands and their models, but so far, just judging by the appearance and woah factors, I’m salivating over a wide screen Sony VAIO and a Toshiba Satellite, in black or chrome, can act as a mirror too! Mwahahaha!

Why I need it? Because I am a *ahem* writer. It only makes sense that I have a laptop at my convenience to capture *ahem* my inspirations and that I’ll be able to *ahem* work from everywhere. Me professional onot? ;)

Numero quatro: Fergie’s Dutchess album.

Why I need it? Because I love Fergie’s husky-but-sweet-and-almost-sultry-full-of-attitude voice. I love her attitude. I love London Bridge. I love the beat. I love how the music puts me in a party mood. I love how it makes me feel I’m full of attitude too. Hohoho. Never mind the fact that she is loud, and she can be vulgar, beyond this I see an entertainer in her and she doesn’t pretend or find the need to prove that she is a good, nice, girl next door. The rawness. I like.

Numero cinqo: An iPod MP3 player. In white, or black… or silver, fuchsia pink is OK too. Nah, I think I’ll stick to white…. Or black… argh.

Why I need it? Recently I find myself listening to loads of hip hop and R&B stuff, with some alternative and rock thrown in, besides some numbers I grew up with too. OK, that’s basically everything. Urgh, never mind. Bottom line, I’m getting back into listening to music, and I find myself strangely having cravings for a hitz fm morning crew dose every morning, and frankly, I can’t get enough of them. Hmm.

So yeah anyway, if my PSP tak jadi, then I’ll love myself an MP3 player. The reason for an iPod is because I like the colours and I like the shape. It’s all about appearance, I know, very shallow. But I want!

So there you have it! That’s basically all that I want, and that basically I’ll need a whole life to work for these babies. Oh well, no pain, no gain! :) Happy New Year y’all!

P/S: While I’m at it, I’ll also need a big ass, stylish bag, preferably in white synthethic leather, to carry all my babies everywhere I go! Yay! *Orgasmic shivers* again. Ooooh!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Throwing In Some Updates & A Recipe Too

The past weekend had been a glutty one! Starting with Friday night, the 21st of December, where Chinese normally celebrates the “arrival of winter”, or dong zhì. My mom asked us to go back home to have dinner; my grandma cooked so much of beautiful food which I haven’t eaten for like, ages! OK, I know what you’re going to say, that I should learn from my folks and cook at home. Go on, hit me.

But the point is, my grandma is the best cook on earth! She brewed one of my favourite soups! Onion chicken soup! It’s awfully easy to make, just boil a handful of onions till its soft and almost mushed and dissolved, taking care not to overcook and burn them, then put in some cubed carrots if you will and chicken parts, and some pounded pepper, (pepper powder is fine if you don’t have the grounds). Bring to boil and simmer over low heat for a couple of hours and add just a little salt to taste before serving; then dish out with more pepper powder if you like, and a dash of soy sauce. It’ll be finger licking good! I especially love the chicken breast when dipped in soy sauce (I love soy sauce in my soups! No need for salt, soy sauce is the way to go!)! Yummo!

So after dinner, we went straight on to join our home-life for another round of food! Not many turned up, but it was a good, quiet fellowship; until Jason brought up my creepy story in Mid Valley, then all hell broke loose and everyone shared their creepy, ghost stories! -_- I cannot sleep after that lah!

So with all the food to digest, and ghost stories to stomach, I couldn’t sleep till pretty late, and ended up waking up late the following day, the day which we were supposed to wake up early, clean up the house, and balik kampung to Melaka. Jason was a sweetie; he didn’t wake me up but cleaned up the whole house himself (which is what he does almost all weekends. Oops! :). Piggy me slept through the whole time what with his splashing of water to wash the toilet, and moving of furniture to sweep and mop. Heh. Tired mah.

Flash floods hit our southern states with Johor being the worst hit state during the pre-Christmas week. Melaka wasn’t spared either but thank God my in law’s place wasn’t affected. Scenes of submerged houses, floating cars, and rising death tolls bombarded the news and we half expected to see a ghostly Melaka town, but Jason (not me ah!) was rather disappointed to see all things were rather normal, and life goes on like any other day; but if we look closely, of course we see the terrible aftermath of the flood. Every family threw out minimum one set of their furniture, and all things were taken out from the house to be sunned, the houses were muddied, and evoked terrible fishy stench. And most victims are like any one of us, an average income earner with a family of youngs to support. It was sad.

We put up the weekend over at Sis. Chye Hong’s and we had a wonderful time fellowshipping. Her son, Zeph and Jason joined the church members and went on cleaning rounds to help flood victims to wash their houses on Christmas Eve. Jason loved it and said this should be the way to spend Christmas day - helping peeps in need instead of spending money for luxuries and jollies. The guy’s got a point.

I, the lazy bum, spent the day at David Bong’s cyber café to clear up my pending write ups; I still have 5 more articles to cover and it’s like what? 5 days more before New Year’s Day! But I’m so proud of myself because yesterday saw me churning up 3 magazine-page full of articles and by these 2 days I shall be good for the New Year countdown.

We’ve also met up Jason’s boss who’s spending the weekend holidays in Melaka, and we had thosai and Masala thosai! (I’m now officially a Masala Thosai fan!); spent Christmas Eve night having home cooked dinner prepared by Sis. Chye Hong before we headed out to the lovely Catherine and Say Wee and their daughter, Rachel’s place, where we had more food, Christmas carols, root beer float, Mr. Poo’s witty banters, and loads of laughing. The couple is one of the best house decorators in town; Christmas house decoration is an annually custom. And the home is a cosy whimsical land every year, without fail. We bought a Christmas cake and spend the quiet Christmas night with Sis’ Chye Hong and her children. It was nice. Too bad Chei Keat can’t be home for Christmas, but we all look forward to his home coming for New Year though! Oh, and Sis Chye Hong blessed us with Christmas lunch organized by the church, and we had scrumptious, village-style Chinese dishes!

You tell me, how not to get fat ah? Oh, and for Christmas, Jason bought me Starbuck's Coffee Frappucino and a box of chocolate! Bliss.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Lai Det Sure Kena Wan!

OK, I’m not complaining and I don’t want to complain, but I just find it extremely mind boggling every time I chew over it… what just happened this morning.

My company is having this little pre-Christmas party gathering thing, you know, with food, can drinks, and lucky draws. So the hype was building up since the beginning of the month about the lucky draw’s prizes: DVD and CD players, an expensive watch, thermos flasks, luggage bags, and oven. Every one in the office was eyeing the DVD player, of course. And its exciting for me too considering the prizes up for grab during the lucky draws at my previous company were, well can foods from the hampers presented by the suppliers.

So as the morning party started, food was shared and can drinks were popped, the time came for lucky draw too. Employee’s name was called one by one to pick their destiny. I thought I didn’t want to be an anti social so I joined the crowd, only to go back to my desk when I waited forever and got bored waiting. Many minutes later, some body called my name from across the room signalling me to “come draw your lucky number!”

I went over, and I saw only 2 numbers left, which were meant for me and the other new comer guy. And then I realized, hey, the container that housed the numbers was different. It was a pink Tupperware earlier, and now, it’s yellow. And hey there’s still quite a bit of nice items left, so how come both the new comer guy and I got the same item from a different but smaller box? We both got a ball point pen in an aged plastic box; obviously kept for many months, if not years.

And then it dawned on me, they actually categorised the numbers into 2 or 3 sets. One set of numbers was meant for the management / office execs, and the other set was for the so called lower ranking peeps, like the promoters, despatch, and new comers like me and the guy.

So naturally, all the good stuffs were for the first set of people, and the pariah things were for the latter. You tell me, got like that one or not ah? Where got lucky draw like that wan? They already predestined what we get. Cis! That's cheenaman company for you! :)

P/S The big boss got the expensive watch. Surprise!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Night At The Museum: History's Never Tis Real

Ben Stiller rocks my world! Totally!!! And “Night At The Museum” is the proof. I just came back from the media screening and it’s a beautiful world all over again after all the chuckling and laughing!

Stiller plays Larry Daley, a dreamy, almost geeky father who’s divorced with a son. Even though he’s perpetually down on luck, he believes he is destined for something big. The “big break” came when he accepted a job as a graveyard shift night watchman at a museum of natural history. What seemed to be a quiet night turned out to be a circus when the exhibits in the museum magically came to life after sun set.

As things spiral wildly out of control, Larry must find a way to control the magic to stop a nefarious plot and save the museum.

There are too many scenes that I love, love so much, and IMHO, I really think this flick is a good de-stress-er. With Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Robin Williams, Patrick Gallagher, and Brad Dumb-Dumb-wants-Gum-Gum Garrett, the movie sure came to life and sparks off many funny, heart warming scenes.

A sure way to go if your looking for a good time out laughing with your friends and family this coming Christmas! Night At The Museum will be released on the 28th of December 2006. I want to watch again!!!

On a very different note, I arrived at Mid Valley rather early this morning, at a little before 9, and I desperately need the toilet but all of them were locked and the mall was eerily quiet and dark. I managed to find one 1 floor down from the cinema and in I went. On my way out, there’s this kiddy-ride machine with a life sized boy figurine on it, “looking” at my direction; when I was nearing it, the figurine uttered “Hello! Would you like to have a go?” and I instinctively answered “No, thank you,”


After I said it, there was an explosion in my mind, like those when a rocket takes off, boom! And I was like, what the heck?! I answered a talking statue who was… talking to me?! And why is the machine turned on at that ungodly hour for a mall?!

Hey Mr. Shawn Levy, I think “Night At The Mall” will make a good sequel.

S.P.O.O.K.Y I tell ya!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Of Inhumanity & Strays

Last night we were out having dinner at one of those dirty chinese food court, and I met this most beautiful dog, well after my Polly! Hehe.

She has a coat of almost shiny short black fur; a pair of most striking, dark grape-like eyes, but she was kind of limping on her hind leg when she runs; it breaks my heart when I saw the fear in her eyes whenever she came across any on coming pedestrian, and she’d jogged away, with her limp tail tucked between her legs. Jason would call me paranoid (so you won’t be the first lah) but I really did feel what she felt!!!

You know how people cast you “puppy eyes” look? When they tilt their heads down and look up slightly with a subtle hint of plead and fear? That’s exactly how she looked at me when I fed her my stick of satay. So I begged and pleaded my way to Jason and got him to buy 2 pieces of duck… uhh… body part where it houses the brain to feed her (well they don’t sell chicken bones!) and went around searching for her. And finally she emerged from the crowd, and was wagging her tail when we motioned her to come over.

Came over she did, rather cautiously, and when she knew there’s no hostility, she went on to indulge her dinner. I was so happy! Well, at least if tomorrow those evil, worm-infested municipal council homo sapiens were to come for her, she’d at least die with a full stomach.

Edit: I took out my previous post full of uhm, bad words, on what I saw those brainless murderers did to harmless stray dogs near my office to keep you from getting shock with my beautiful vocabulary and language competency. If I’ve astonished you in any way (which I’ve already did to some, hehe, I was really very angry mah!), my apologies, however I reserve my right in free speech in my own personal blog. So unless we seriously strive to make this country a more humane place for all (stray dogs exclusively included), there’ll be lots more for me to bitch about.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Beauty In Me: We're All Born With It

An invitation to Maybelline’s The Beauty In Me finale came to our office last week, and I was asked to go along. The dreading part? It’s down in KL, at the Espanda Club and I’m expected to drive there myself! (And the parking cost me $6.30! Gah!) Blah. But thank God! I braced the traffic and the whole idea of driving down to KL, and back! All. By. Myself.

I got first hand view by having a seat right beside the catwalk aisle and it was all cool. You can see the models’ facial scars and uneven skin tons! They are human after all! And the whole time I was wondering how they can stay so stick thin! Gosh! It’s like the slightest force will break them into 2. But they’ve got this attitude thing oozing from every part of them, and I likey! The only down side was I didn’t bring my camera. Ish! Speaking of which, I’d really like me a Canon or Sony. Fingers crossed I can save enough for one! You can really see the difference between a, oh I don’t know, say Sony and a… Ricoh? Heh.

Oh yeah, what’s the contest’s all about huh? Well Maybelline’s gone to all colleges to hand pick the girls to be groomed to the next top make up artist. About 400 girls from all over applied and it was down to 10, and along the way, 1 girl dropped out because she couldn’t cope up with the pressure and hence, last night we saw 9 young, college girls at work, vying each other for the grand prize of a paid trip to New York to learn make up from Maybelline’s top make up honcho, Troy Surratt. They are all so cutesy and small in size, and nervous too! The hosts were 3R’s girls: Rafidah and Celina. And the theme to which the girls have to work their magic on was “New York”.

The girl that I rooted for didn’t win, I love her model! First she looks like Lucy Liu, and then, she’s all smileys besides being cool, at one time she was wearing this huge ass white rimmed sunnies on her head, and the next she was wearing a camel coloured newsboys cap, with her hair all tied up to a pony tail and then plaited, and then I love I LOVE the way she interprets New York! She looked so fun, so autumn-y, so happy, so… New York! But alas, she didn’t win. Blah.

The show ended literally, with a bang, which scared the heck outta me with its boom of confetti, I hope no cameras captured that picture of me jumping off my seat. Hehe.

Oh hail Lucy Liu! How I love you!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Chic Est Mon Nom, Chéri

OK I know my wedding was 3 and a half months ago, and I'm practically got tired of arranging my wedding photo albums (alsthough I still feel very pretty every time I look at those pictures hehe). But here's a quiz no girls can resist, so I had to act all teenage-y and take the quiz and walk out being a "Monique Lhuillier Bride". Me happy! Je suis très chic et stylo, sais toi? :)

Which Beautiful Wedding Gown Are You?

You're a Monique Lhuillier gown! Tres chic and stylish!
Take this quiz!


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Friday, December 08, 2006

Gimme 11!

What tunes do you loop on your mp3 player while lunging for breath in the gym or out exercising?

On another note.

I’m a little cheesed. I was actually, supposedly, essentially, matter of fact-ly, get to go watch GIFA’s football match today, but my bigger boss wanted us to cover another event because the organizer’s our advertising partner, and hence making it important. But heck, what is more important than watching hunky, sweaty bollywood stars chase balls?! *sulks*

I mean… not that I so die-hard like hunky, sweaty bollywood actors lah…. No lah, not at all! *die-die also won’t admit!*

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Phone Of Our Own

The Telekom man finally came late last evening after much postponement! Today the line will be activated and we’ll have our internet connection and a, get this, house phone number to call our own soon! Yay to that!

Just a little before that, I covered an event of a newly opened karaoke joint; I even did it interview-style! LoL. Well it was funny. Uh… anyho! I guess I’ll be doing more reviewing jobs now on, which I kinda enjoy it, I mean I get to go places, and meet people instead of sitting in the office processing paper work to make OTHERS’ life easier. Plus I can punch out on time without bosses making noise of me “not staying 15 minutes more to socialize”, man I couldn’t get over that one! Ha!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

After This Our Exile

Just came back from the screening of After This Our Exile (Fù zi in Chinese, meaning father and son) starring pop singer/actor Aaron Kwok, Charlie Young, and the lovable Ian Gouw Iskandar. The movie will be opening in Malaysia on Dec 7, so be forewarned that spoilers are ahead, hehe.

The story takes place in a small town up north of Malaysia about a man past his prime whose unwedded partner left him for his incapability of taking care of the family both financially and emotionally, leaving behind a young, innocent son, caught in a messed up adult world. The movie saw Kwok taking on a challenging role as a husband and father with a streak of abusiveness in him, trying desperately to be loving in order to keep the family together, only failing miserably due to his addiction to gambling and a proud attitude.

After this Our Exile won the Best Asian Film and Best Artistic Contribution at the recently concluded Tokyo International Film Festival, and has also garnered 3 wins at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan for Best Film, Best Actor (Kwok), and Best Supporting Actor (Iskandar).

Well, I don’t know if it’s just me or well, me. I feel both the lead actor and actress are trying really hard to speak with the Malaysian Cantonese accent which makes it a little awkward, for me at least, to totally immerse myself in the story and feel “Malaysian”.

But having said that, the movie brought a refreshing touch of reality which reminded me that how blessed most of us are to be surrounded by supportive loved ones, have education, a job, and basically a whole life in front of us to live! So what is it about a quarrel with parents, squabble with siblings, calculative boss, and bank loans to repay when tragic family dramas are taking place every day in some corners, away from societal help, resulting in irreparable endings?

It’s been awhile since I last saw this genre of movie, I enjoyed the slow pace set through out the film; it’s like a walk down a quiet kampung lane in the hot, humid afternoon: enthralling yet, disturbing.

If you have the time, catch the movie, and ponder, what’s the world like outside of your comfort zone? Think about it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Staying Sweet

I think I’ve developed a sweet tooth lately. I’m all for cakes, muffins, pastries, and now, I’d give anything for a huge piece of warm chocolate (or apple crumble!) pie drizzled with some yummy chocolate or vanila sauce and a steaming hot cup of frothed coffee, like really now!

Oh boy, it must be the air con that blows directly to my face, I’m trying to keep warm with layers of clothes and cardigan topping it off with my shawl yet I still feel miserably cold.

Ah… I dream of pies and something hot to drink…

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Come Back Note

I’m at work! Well that sure sounds good. Hehe.

Life’s great, it’s getting back to how it used to albeit changes and adaptations got to be made, of course. At least I’m getting back on the job market. It’s a small company but I think I’ll enjoy it, especially with my job scope! I mean, hello, no administrative work!!!! Bring it on any time!!!

My write up on a restaurant last week will come in print this week, I’m excited. I mean, after all, it’s my first article gone public ;) I shan’t be complaining too much, despite for the fact that my computer has no UBS slots for me to stick my pen drive into. Heh.

So anyway, here’s just a little update, saying I’m alive!

Last weekend we went back to Melaka because Jason’s mom wasn’t feeling too well and got hospitalised, thank God she’s doing fine now. We attended a wedding too, one of Jason’s old church member’s daughter. It was simple and nice. How weird, just a couple of months ago, it was ours and it was practically madhouse. Hah. Anyway, no pictures, because need I remind myself? My computer has no UBS slots! Gah!

Oh yeah, a happy belated birthday wish to Michelle who celebrated her birthday on the Nov 30th. We totally forgotten it was her birthday and just went about having breakfast with her and David until the clock struck 12 midnight that day. Hehe. Good thing we had dim sum and we paid. So consider the meal was specially for you lah! :)