Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Week In A String Of Jokes

> I met the best-in-JB-and-Singapore-and-some-say-Batam funny man. Very chiselled. Very handsome.

> I ate my first piece of raw meat in my entire life. Very bizarre. Very I-no-like.

> I saw sakura plant in person for the first time in my entire life. Very white. Very overrated.

> I tasted my first sakura meal complete with sakura tea and ice cream, made of sakura petals and leaves. Very expensive. Very proud.

> I tried my first scoop of authentic wasabi ice cream too. Very weird. Very surreal.

> I watched 300 with a theatre-full of audiences, who laughed their heads off during every bloody scene. Yeah, I did feel better.

> I heard the funniest joke ever, and it went straight into my World’s Best Joke Book. Very funny. Very classic. It goes like this:

Crazy frog was in her Kancil car with a young male friend her age. When came to a junction to turn right, the traffic light turned red. So crazy frog positioned her car with her steering veered towards right, halted, and very much so obvious that she’s about to attempt a U-turn.

While waiting in silence for the traffic light to turn green, there was suddenly a loud, booming thunderous voice breaking the still, humid, afternoon air.

“ABC 2345. Sini bukan tempat untuk U-turn. Jangan U-turn disini!” said the stern, autocratic voice.

Dumbfounded, crazy frog and male friend froze in the moment.

“Hmm, that number sure sounds like my car’s number…” crazy frog thought aloud.

For a good 10 seconds, they both didn’t dare to move their heads. But being the curious crazy frog that she is, crazy frog decided to peep into the rear-view mirror carefully without so much of moving another muscle besides her eyes’.

And there it was, parking quietly behind them, 2 police man in their handsome white police car, laughing their heads off behind the wheels.

> Another joke that qualifies to the world’s best. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s so classic, you just can not not spread the joy!

A couple went to have dinner in a supposedly 4 stars hotel. Half way through, a bunch of men walked into the restaurant, plonked themselves down next to the couple’s table, and started puffing away their ciggies.

They got irritated, dramatically picked up their belongings and food and moved across the room to another table.

The chief waiter came, asking if anything’s wrong. The couple, ever the drama queens, started saying: They're so uncivilised! Smoking in an air-con room, puffing into our faces. We asked for non-smoking section and was given that table! How could they smoke right into our faces?!

The chief waiter was embarrassed, and replied: Sorry sir, this IS memang the smoking area. Uh, would you like another table?

=_= Doink! Doink!

> Don’t you just love to have a taste of my life!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Friskily Frisbeed

God responds to faith, not us tormenting ourselves emotionally. The Promise has been given to us! Claim It!


Jason is away on a business trip back in his home state, Malacca. So this spells freedom to me, whoo hoo!!!! (I mean, whoo hoo I miss you so much dear…of course!)

So I went to church alone, and joined the youths for lunch after service and after a play rehearsal. Really cool bunch. And due to high turn over rate of players, Japheth *so* kindly invited me to join them for a game of Frisbee. Right before I send a yummy piece of oily, fried chicken into my mouth, he dunked a 5 inch thick manual to me, and sombrely said: see you in 2 hours time.

Eh, you all call me aunty but expect me to learn up an extreme game, by the rules some more. A bit the not right wohh…

He promptly held up his palm stopping my sissy-ish protest, flipped his hard-gelled hair, with slightly upturned lips and a voice of a stern, poker-faced commando, and mouthed these words: Two. Hours. Time.

-_- Yes sir lohh…

It’s been ages since I played any sports, actually I don’t ever do sports! Heh. I hauled my cousin with me to the field (which I promptly found out his a trained Frisbee player), and made myself looked like a fool running all over the field, not so much of catching the darn disc, but to stop my opponent from getting the disc. But damn were they good! Oh, you slimy little young ones!

But I love my flushed skin after all the running. So, thank you very much guys, but the next round, maybe I should just P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E flying the disc before I fly myself into the game only to make my team, whichever you are, to lose pathetically. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Damn. My joints hurt now.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coffee & Friends, The Ultimate Pair

It was a nice, sleazy afternoon to catch up with friends. Leng Sim, Li Khim and I had a taste of the old school days again when we caught up over coffees (big doses of ‘em!), and chit chat for hours on end.

We gossiped about Khim’s HK trip and hot plumbers; lusted for cool computers and gadgets; moaned about changed faces, a few bad apples, single-hood, and growing up years; it was all so recent yet… familiar, to hang out with the girls again.

A shame the initial makan plan didn’t work out (anyway which time they did huh? Ha! It’s almost impossible to organize a meeting with us!), and Lynna can’t join us, some freak incident. Heh. Get well soon babe! You were dearly missed ;)

Friday, March 16, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me - Yay! I'm A Freak!

Ain’t it cool? I keep getting tagged! This time by Nicole.

So 6 weird thang about me? If this question was given to Jason to answer FOR me. He’ll HAPPILY do it for you.

> I eat only sour fruits. Yeah I’m ok with sweet fruits and stuff, but I don’t enjoy sweet ones, like papaya; honeydew; red apples (but I love green apples!); ripe, mushy mangoes (only semi ripe/ raw ones), sweet pineapples (only sour ones with salt - totally kickass!). But the only sweet exception for me is DURIAN! They are funky and they kick ass! And maybe bananas too, I used to hate it with a vengeance but now I like it! Moist chocolate banana cakes, sinfully good. *grins*

> While taking the escalator, I MUST be on the LEFT side before I get onto it. If somehow I was pushed/squeezed/made to be on the right side, I’d be wobbly, like my feet and right hand’s totally jello. I don’t feel safe damnit!

> Before I start a journey i.e. driving or taking public transport, I absolutely NEED to mind-map out the whole route, like days before the journey begins! But this mostly applies to KL and unfamiliar roads. Especially KL roads. They are killer. And it sucks so bad that all the events are confirmed-chopped-signed held in KL! Grrr!

> When I listen to music/songs, I HAVE to drop all other work to concentrate on the lyrics. I multitask pretty well, but not when it comes to music and doing other stuff. I MUST be able to understand what the singer’s singing/mumbling or I’d go crazy. OK lah, not crazy but it’ll… give me no rest. Normally in a matter of days I’d be able to sing the song already. Oh and I HATE CDs with no lyrics!

> If given a choice, I ONLY eat chicken breast. No other parts of the chicken for me thank you very much. You can keep the drumstick to yourself, I won’t fight with you for it. In fact, I find drumsticks kinda stink.

> There’s this voice in my head ALL. THE. TIME. That voice tends to answer back silently whenever I talk to people, for example, Jason; or even when I’m alone, I’d hold conversations with myself. The cool thing is, it makes all kinds of sound effect too, only it happens in my head lah. So it’s always VERY happening inside my head. I’m now looking for a theme song for myself.

Et voilĂ ! The tag is open to all. Feel free to tag yourself and like me, celebrate what a freak you are! Vive le freakos!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Has Anyone Seen My Shoes?

Aren’t these lovelies yummy? But I can’t find them anywhere! :(

I Heart Wallpapers. But Only This One.

I’m not a fan of wallpapers, but *this* one I like! The possibilities are never ending with this wallpaper. I’d have it up the feature wall of my work room, so that I won't need Post-Its ever! or maybe along the hall way with pictures of my family, loved ones, and baby Polly up! or even a hall-of-fame in the living room! Perfect. This purtty baby is featured in House Beautiful’s June 05 edition, by Graham & Brown.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One Of Those Classic Love Lines

Jason: Babe, what show we watched the other day? What web?
Me: The one where you fell asleep watching? Charlotte’s Web.
Jason: Yeah! Charlotte’s Web! You know, babe, I’ve been wanting to tell you this. Get this babe. You, are Charlotte. I, am the pig.
Me: …. Erm, that’s… nice. You... take up the pig role.
Jason: Yeah!... no…. anyway, see, you are always in the background, helping me to do things, and no one knows. And I’m so dependent on you! I’m the pig!

All together now, awwwwww!

Ladies, young and old alike, this man is taken.

Have Sunnies, Will Travel

I have this thing with sunglasses. I wouldn’t call it a fetish, but I do love them, like, really love them. But it’s just so difficult to find a pair that suits me nicely.

A couple of years ago when I got my salary, I made sure I put aside some money and sunglasses shopping I went immediately after work with my friend, Khim! (When a girl’s determined with her shopping, you better stay out of the way! hehe)

During the process of choosing, trying on, and nit-picking, I realized those Matrix-style, uber urban cool frames are just so not for me! Which was saddening because, well, they are simply so cool!

So what’s left for me? Jacqueline Kennedy-ish retro, Audrey Hepburn-ish classic frames apparently suits my face very well, surprisingly.

But now, instead of going all over places to find a pair of eyeglasses, I now have OpticsPlanet to go to - online, hassle free! is a leading online supplier of eyewear and sport optics.

I’m pleasantly surprised with their wide range of choices, from designer shades, polarized, aviator, designer, safety, to shooting glasses, tennis, golf, and other sport sunglasses. The range is amazingly complete! Oh and not forgetting the line-ups of prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses, and goggles too! OpticsPlanets also guarantees the lowest, best-est price offered; also if you make an order above $29.95, shipment through UPS is free! And if you’re hesitant about shopping online, they promised a secure online shopping experience with knowledgeable customer care at your service.

On top of all these, OpticsPlanet is also a place for you to shop at if you are looking for binoculars, telescopes, radar guns, and flashlights too. So if you’re a fan of all these eyeglasses and gadgets, I think you’ve just found yourself a piece of paradise. Drop on by!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Here’s For The Sake Of Blogger Spirit Again!

This is from one enthusiastic blogger:

1) Who is the first blogger you meet
I don’t remember if I met any bloggers…

2) Who is the ‘Most wanted to meet blogger?’ for you?
The uber cool Karen Cheng, without a doubt!

3) Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
Maybe my friend, Kher Ying, who finally became a blogger! (Here's to life as a backpacker!)

4) Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
Uh, none, yet. Maybe I should organize one eh? Any takers?

5) Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
I guess that’d be my readers. My traffic is picking up rather significantly now, and I know there’s a lot of silent readers (heck, I’m one of them read-without-commenting type), it’d be nice to meet them, make a lifetime friends, and well, get feedbacks on how to improve my writing and pick up new web graphics tips!

And the spirit is hereon pass down to Alvin B, Japheth, Nicole, and Kimmie

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Heart BBQ

Saturday evening was one crazily humid evening. And what would you do on a hot, sweaty Saturday evening? Why, throw a BBQ party and soak yourself in sweat of course! Smokin’ baby!!!

So my bosses did just that and the results were schmelly armpits, oily faces, limpy hair, meat-filled tummies, lots of drunk bloopers, cheesy tricks, and flaming stunts.

Towards the end of it, my colleagues got so high from all the laughing, heat, and red wine (I was good. Only iced-tea for me!), everyone started showing off their really lame tricks, including my lady boss! Hehe.

What with the milder tricks of throwing the cork on table till it stands up-right, and chopstick-in-cup, to the nut-case tricks of holding a lighted cigarette with your thumb and index finger, and (gasp!) stubbing a lighted cigarette out on tongue!

Jason (oh of course who else but loco Jason) stepped up to the challenge and picked up a lighted cigarette, no not to have a puff (if he did, I would definitely report him to Pastor! Be rest assured!), but to stub that lighted ciggy head on his tongue!

And well, he didn’t flinched one bit and that earned him a round of applause (see how lame things got?) upon completing the task. And that, encouraged my ed’s girl friend so much, she was fighting to stick the ciggy head in her tongue; and kept screaming excitedly “holy macaroni, soo cool! SO COOOLLLl!!!” while sticking her tongue out to show the winning troph… erm, ashes on it.


Then, we ran out of tricks to laugh at, so we ran into the house to watch this on the computer which got us all gasping for breath laughing like some mad cows. Be forewarned should you click the link. But then again, its old joke. But then again who says old joke can’t be laughed at twice?! Ha. Ha.

Happy weekending!

1. Show-boys. Don’t ask me why the V sign. -_- 2. Jeans belongs to my sister, but I love it! It makes ME look leggy! Mwahahhahaha. 3. These 2 love camwhoring. Oh well that’s what they are paid to do anyway!

Friday, March 09, 2007

My Day Was As Long As This Post

Yesterday was one frigging long day!

For one, waking up at 6am is no easy feat. For another, hauling my ass up to the washroom is, erm, let’s just stop at "it’s not a pretty sight".

And then getting stuck in the highway-toll-traffic for half an hour for what could’ve been a 3-minute drive has caused millions of my brain cells to commit suicide. I mean, you’re paying an increased toll price of RM1.60 just to cross that thin administrative border (you know, the one where you build many teeny tiny itty bitty toll booths across the highway to earn money wan leh), but ended up still getting stuck in the traffic for hours on end.

Does that sentence even make any sense to consumers?! I mean, you pay toll for what? To shorten your own life span is it? Only in Malaysia. Blah.

Anyway, 3 events were lined up back to back for the whole of yesterday and boy did it zap your energy out when the day ended.

I was at KLCC Convention Centre for a Honda event - the launched of their 3rd generation CRV. Very exciting. Very sleek. But I still love my Murano.

And then popped on over to Mandarin Oriental for a slimming product launch. The spoke person was none other than Singaporean media darling - Fann Wong. With bones sticking out from her shoulder and back, I thought she was a tad to thin but pretty nonetheless!

The Malay girl (MG) next to me was cute.

MG: Excuse me, uh, you kenal Fann?
Me: Uh…. She is… that girl on the banner? *cocked head eye pointing the stage*
MG: Dia tu popular sangat ke?
Me: Uh… rasanya kut.
MG: Kat Singapore saje kan? Malaysia tak kenal dia kan?
Me: Erm…. Dialah actress next to Jacky Chan kat Shanghai Noon. Adik dia tu.

I could think of such intelligent answer's only because I was enlightened earlier:

Me: Fann Wong very famous meh? Why so many bodyguards around wan? And why the bodyguards must be so obvious showing that they are bodyguards ah? What's with the standing posture and gum-chewing, slow-mo eyes sweeping floor movement man! *rolls eyes*
Ed: She’s Jacky Chan’s sister in Shanghai Noon mah.
Me: Ohhh! But didn’t she die during the first 5 minutes?
Ed: -_-“ noOo…

Anyway, the terrible part was, they refused to give me the press release bag because “We already gave your editor”. Duh, so smart, cover your own event lah! Kiamsiap betul!

And then I managed to sneak in a little bit time to buy a pair of shoes!!!

Shoes oh glorious shoes!
Shoes that girls wear.
Shoes that tell my husband that, yes, your wife is in fact, a girl.
Shoes in sheer princess pink.
Shoes that are flat pumped, yet pointy and womanly.
Shoes that are anything but sports shoes...

Like the pair I’m wearing now for the past 6 months. Heh.

Oh yeah, the proud achievement: 10 minutes tops including making payment at the cashier to own that pair of shoes. I know! I’m so cool. *beams*

And then rushed over to BSC’s The Actor Studio for a Coca-cola event. A little “huh?”, a little cheesy, a little retro, a little crowded, a little happiness, a little “whee!”, a little coke bottle in a little coke hardboard box for a door gift, very cool. Can sell on eBay. Hehe. Money minded betul!

Yeah, yeah, pictures, pictures to come. Bleh.

Went back to my parents’ to collect my car, and by the time I reached home, had dinner, ran a few banking errands, pumped petrol, it’s already 11pm.

And hitting the sack was so difficult, because hey! I was so tired and brain dead, I wasn’t even tired anymore! =_=

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ma, I Made You Proud!

I cleaned the house last night.

The husband stayed late over at office, so I rushed home after work, and immediately got on all fours.

Do you know that, putting the laundry to wash, cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the shower, killing mosquitoes, tidying up the coffee table and dresser, sweeping and mopping the entire apartment, cleaning the balcony, taking out trash, putting the washed laundry to dry, and folding clean laundry, all these my dears, are Back. Breaking. Jobs.

No joke.

And for my hard work, I was promptly presented with one set of McDonald’s Happy Meal. Yay!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Yummy Monday Finds

Love the delicious colours! Orly's nail polish in fun Wedding Party series. Burst of spring colours in
new crafty girls' magazine, Adorn.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Gong Hei Gong Hei! Kick Ass Chinese New Year! (Finale)

So long ass, I can be hardback cover writer liow...

24th February 2007

Today is the day my mom decided all of us at home is not hardworking enough. And so she also decided that we should get our asses to work, serve, and spread some foodie love.

She threw an open house. Not just a party, a gathering, a dinner party; no, nothing of that kiddie sorts. An open house. Open. House.

I understand that the term open house is very unique to Malaysian community, whereby mostly during festive seasons, such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, etc, etc; important people like our Prime Minister would throw an “Open House”, where everyone, rakyat or none rakyat alike, are welcome to his house. In the name of bonding, people do come rendering their support, but sadly, a lot of them also come fighting for food. It’s as if they only eat once a year. During festive seasons’ open houses.

But of course, our open house was a “closed” open house. Where mom invited her customers, by the hundreds; dad invited his friends from his Buddhist centre, by the hundreds; sister number 1 invited her friends, by the hundreds; and sister number 2 invited her friends by the tens, but ended up 100 of ‘em came. No less.

So yeah, it was one jolly mad house. Oh and on top of that, it poured in the afternoon, stopped in the evening, and poured again just when guest number 1 arrived. We were so in for a fun evening! Oh boy! Oh boy!

So because of the rain, everyone had to cramp inside our small sanctuary called home until it stopped. Jason and uncle became the ushers, all soaking wet, sheltering guests in with umbrellas.

Although wet, but everyone’s spirit was high as a howling wolf on a full moon night. Mom’s cooking, as usual, was praised and re-praised so many times; she’s fit for a Best Malaysian (Vegetarian) Cook Award. But, no cook can ever succeed without her helpers, and that’ll be my grandma, my aunt, and ME! We chopped, stuffed, cleaned, simmered, boiled, fried for hours on end to prepare those food that you ate tonight, my dears. Jason was impressed with my achievement - one frigging day in the kitchen, and actually looked busy! *beams*

All aunties and uncles were busy going around giving ang paus to my siblings. And I ain’t get no love at all! When one auntie came to know that I was married, she said “oh, no wonder your mom was telling me only 3 ang paus is sufficient! You’re married!


Auntie, my own mom said that?! No, don’t believe her lah. She’s joking with you only!

I went on hahaha-ing, and she went on hahaha-ing, and then moved away grabbing another auntie to talk to along the way. Nicely done.

So bummed. This year’s earning dropped by 90%. Mom said “Ah, who ask you to get married? Get married no ang pau loh”. Blah, blah, blah. This Chinese custom, so calculative! It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

Jason was the star this evening. Guests were pointing and whispering from afar gesturing he’s the son-in-law. Mom was going around introducing Jason proudly: my son-in-law, my son-in-law. She went from one person to the next so fast that he looked darn goofy with his head-nodding gesture.

I wasn’t spared either; dad was calling my name from all directions to introduce me to his friends. This is my daughter! Then everyone will go like, ohhhhhhhhhhhh so desu! Daughteru! So plittiee. So youngeru! And our wedding pictures were passed around like boxes of premium chocolates.

OK, I lied… They didn’t do the Japanese accent. But hey the “so pretty” part was real!

After rounds of introduction, and food were downed, everyone settled down in groups chatting away. I, of course settled down with another star of the night, Polly. She was bummed too, not because she gets no ang pau, but because people had been patting her, hugging her, bringing her everywhere. And all she wanted was just to lie down and sleep. Worse, kids were poking her eyes and pulling her tail and tugging her fur! I took it upon myself to be her bouncer. Stayed with her so that she may rest in peace. Uh, sleep peacefully.

And that’s when I realized Jason was missing. Hmm… but there’s no pretty girls around…

My bro came to me just in time to send an SOS “wei, go rescue Jason lah. You go outside and see, you go, you go,

Eh? So I went out to the porch and saw this: Jason, a la stand-up comedian, except he was seated, surrounded by aunties and uncles, talking animatedly, making the crowd go bonkers laughing.

That went on for a long while, and of course I steered clear from his vision lest he’d pulled me in and make me the assistant comedian. When the clock struck 12 and its time to call it a night, aunties and uncles were lining up to shake his hand and bid farewell. And that’s the perfect time I cue in for a royal wave good bye (I love doing that! The good bye part makes me feel glamorous. Hehe)

“…Mr. Ho must be really proud to have you as a son-in-law!” said one of dad’s friend, “really nice meeting you!” and proceeded to bow down.
…no wonder Leishia chose you as her husband!” said another uncle.
…come visit me some time. I’ll be glad to have you both as my guests,” offered one really nice lady.

Yes. It was THAT drama. But hilarious! You should be there to see that for yourself!

When everyone was gone, it was time for a post-mortem. Hehe. No lah, we just gathered to eat the leftovers and share the happenings. Polly joined in too and yapped happily in intervals and wagging tail when fed. That girl! Heh.

Everyone was beat. But we have to agree synonymously that it was one heck of an evening! I for one can’t wait till next year’s open house.

Hopefully by then the no-more-ang-pau-for-you culture shock will not be such a shocker anymore lah. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

P/S I don’t know why I’m wishing you guys so many times happy CNY in all my posts… but I guess that goes to show how much fun I had. Well I hope you enjoyed yours too as much as I had, and hey, tell me your stories! :)

Birthdays A-Pouring

So many birthdays going on this month, a bleeding wallet is impending.

But here’s to Malaysia’s most loved joker cum laugher cum spinner, JJ of's Rudy & JJ fame, who’s celebrating his… uh, umpteenth birthday today!

Keep the woody-wood-pecker-ish laugh going and well, Man U sucks but we love you nonetheless! Happy birthday!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Laze. Food. Muse.

Have been slacking a bit over here… at least since my last post on CNY; I still owe it to myself to jot down the happenings during the open house threw by my mom last Saturday. Well I’ll get around to it, aye?

Sunday was pleasantly relaxing after 1 whole week of crazy CNY celebration. We stayed over at my parents’ after the party on Saturday night; attended church; our home life leader treated us to lunch after service to celebrate his wife’s birthday, but wife was at home resting, ack? Hehe.

And then I received an SMS from my designer, saying he’s got 2 tickets to Muse concert for that night itself, interested? I promptly replied, no can't do… because we’ve committed to go to another friend’s party. Oh well it was all good. I guess it’s better to catch up with friends over festive mood and drinks rather than head-banging away at a concert eh? Did I mention I ate so much of yee sang?! Oh boy I love, love, love yee sang, minus the sang yee I guess. LoL.

Last night was even better! Jason brought me to Marriot Hotel @ Putrajaya for buffet dinner! Though I wouldn’t say the food was glorious, but I enjoyed it. And the company. I did stuff myself to the brink, albeit slowly. Oh you know how buffet is, you’ll want to try everything, and by dessert, you’ll be 4 months pregnant, only with bucket load of food!

CNY is coming to an end and that’s just too bad, because I had so much fun, I wish it’ll last! Hehe.

Now, I wonder what’s in store for me this New Year from the Lord? More food reviews and happy news, and extra pocket money will be a good start!

Image credit: these beautiful images were ripped from here. Love the rich, gorgeous colour textures!

A Little Humour Goes A Long Way

I have a thing for candid, funny pictures. Especially those of engagement/wedding pictures (I love casual bridal photos with sandals on!). Here's a few stunning samples from their equally awesome photographer. What engraved inside the ring being my favourite!