Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Mr. Smith!

I love simple recipes. Better still, if the recipes include a cleaner to clean and wash up the mess after me. Heh.

I saw this awfully simple pasta recipe on AFC’s Chef At Home by Michael Smith the other day and I was inspired, to have spaghetti, that is. All I need were bacon, onion, rosemary, and a can of tomato sauce or paste, I think!

Since Jason is a non-tomato eater (hah! His loss!), I decided to cook it for lunch. It was however, a huge disappointment when I found out Tesco Puchong don’t sell bacon! -__- So I had to settle with ham.

What you need to do is basically:
- Chop the bacon up
- Brown them in a pan without oil
- Pour off excess of bacon fat
- The chopped onion goes in, sauté till soft
- If you fancy garlic, one whole head will go in the pan too after the onion’s almost soft, because according to Chef Smith, garlic browns/burns way much faster than onion does
- After a few minutes, the whole can of tomato sauce goes in along with a splash of water
- Throw in the rosemary too. I used dried rosemary instead of fresh ones. Sprinkle in salt and pepper, I added a tiny dash of sugar too
- Simmer for an hour. I did mine in 30 minutes heh
- Boil the type of pasta you fancy. Spaghetti is the way for me, baby.
- Top up the sauce
- And dig in!

I added one more step to the recipe:
- Sprinkled some cheese over the dish and baked it for 5-6 minutes in the oven, till the cheese melted and is gooey.

And I did a bruschetta (kononlah!) with the leftover sauce for tea break. Oorh! I can eat pasta sauce everyday like this! +.+ Yum!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Darndest Things Love Happening To Me

Just came back from a haircut; and I feel like it’s-not-enough, you know like, hey I paid 58 bucks, the least you can do is give me a new look man! The only thing that happened was, it got shorter, oooo, impressive ainit! But anyway, that’s not the darndest thing, the darndest was…

So my hair was being blow-dried, and it’s looking good with the big wavy diva curls and all, when suddenly, POOFED! The electricity supply to the entire building was cut off! Hahahhahahah! And after a few frantic phone calls to TNB (I assumed), it was announced that the fastest they can fix the problem was in 3 hours' time. Why am I not surprised? lol

It was amazing! Everyone had to be sent back home with their hair half-done. Can you imagine if I was say, perming or colouring my hair? x_x hahahaha! Will be sent home with the curlers and everything nicely wrapped up on my head and proceed to use my own wisdom to get them hair permed at home? Funny lah! So in the end I had to go back with one side of my hair all groomed and dandy, and the other side all flying and frizzled. Adui! Haha!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Do Dogs Hate Garbage Collectors So Much? ~_~

I read somewhere saying dogs just can’t stand the sight of walking figures (i.e. human) with their heads wrapped up with cloths, wearing sunglasses and hats, etc. They’d go berserk. At least Braxton does. She’d sprint from one corner to the other, bouncing off the walls like an Olympic swimmer doing laps, dirtying my white walls with her paw prints. It’s. Not. Cute. Anymore. T__T


Been going on a crazy reading binge lately. Tackling a few books at one go - topics ranging from marriage to investing to pregnancy (tis a given huh) to business to freelancing, also planning to start on Tony Parsons’ Man & Boy.

Now all I really, really need is settle the darn internet at home! And maybe get a lazy boy too!

A gift from lijenny! Moleskin notebook! Hearting so muchhh. Thanks girl!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

The weather is such a killa! I don't like tropical weather anaymor! Argh, and I can't wait to get this girl outta me! Not that it's heavy or anything, but it's just, in the way, you know. I must sit very straight in order that I can breathe, I must lay like a log leaning on a mountain of pillows in order that I can keep the food down. I must remind myself to w.a.l.k and not run because well, I'm just forgetful like that. It's just... quite, woah, big task, you know. Plus! I'm still getting the metallic tongue! Bleurgh!

But on a more serious happier note, I think my tummy muscles are getting good exercise. The girl's one heck of a hip hopper OR a drummer OR a maestro! -_- My tummy's getting all the kneading and moulding and poking and stretching in all possible directions it has never gotten its entire life, until well, now. She'd squirm her neck, bob her head, kick my guts, and punch my bladder like the world womb is hers. But well, technically it is hers for now. -_-'

But all these grumbling aside *switch to normal-good-parent mode*, of course I thank God that she's growing so well, and to be positive and looking it from a different angle, only 2 months left.

Positive thinking is hard >.< hah!

Right now, Jason and I are running crazy getting all the baby/mother stuff in order. If you guys have any of those things in that category to hand down, please look our way! We'd be happy to give them a temporary shelter until there's another home we can pass it down (or back) to!

OH! ALSO! Very quickly and very randomly, if all the internet and gadget gods love me enough, I should be getting my internet connection at home AND a netbook latest by next month! Can you tell I'm rweally, rweally happy? >D Time to pop the champagne coca-cola Anmum Materna milk powder already (woe. is. so. me... haiks... T_T)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Day He Butterflies No More

She: Eh dear, you know… *rubs bump*
He: Yeah…
She: From now on ah, you have two girls to take care of ady.
He: *pausing*processing*processing*processing*froze*light bulb moment goes off bling!* O_O Oh. My. God. *jaws dropped forever*
She: Yeah. So do you think you'll still have time to *need* to take care of other girls?
He: T___T no more dear! No more! I have enough of girls now! No more! (translate: I’m so dead now on HAHAHAHAHA!).
She: Yeah… fending off boys from your own girl is a tough and demanding job as it is huh.
He: Oh dear God, why are you doing this to me?! T______T

Did I just give away the answer to the poll? Haha! Happy weekending y'all!