Monday, June 27, 2011

A Hungry Tummy Is A Random Mind

I was working on some (never ending!!! Urgh!) translations and got really hungry. And since I was on a mission to clear out my fridge, hence, this weird combo came out of the kitchen…
Kolo Noodle With Mushrooms & Luncheon Meat
... right into the growling tummy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Obligatory Growth Progress Report!

Today I’m going to write about the growth progress of my little Frappy. Well, I’ll TRY to write about it, seeing how it is a practice of all mother bloggers. Anyway it serves as a good reminder too, because looking back, I can’t remember a thing about my first pregnancy since Frappy’s arrival and I have nothing to refer back to now that I’m pregger again. Simply brilliant. Not. So here goes.

(Not for the faint hearted as even myself find this post pretty looonggg… haha)

Frappy is now 13 months old, a very cheeky 13 month-old at that. I have no idea where she learned all those cheeky little quirks from but sometimes it’s scaring me how fast she is growing. It’s as if she’s already a big little girl! (Don’t all mothers say that?)

That femes kapchai aka bieber hair. And cheeky face
  For example, when I found her biscuit/bread thrown on the floor, I’d glared at her and she would tilt her head to one side, shrug her shoulder, give me that puppy eye look, and a cheeky smile!

Or when she throws something angrily on the floor, I’d give her little palm a spank and a stern “No!”. She would hang her head low, tilting it slightly, play with her hands and fingers, and softly hum to herself, trying to play oblivious. Then, to test the water, she’d slowly lift up her head to look at me, and then flash the biggest smile she can summon hoping all’s well. But when I don’t react positively, she’d lean close, stretch out both her arms, hands holding my shoulder, and kiss me on the lips. -__-

Or when she’s angry for some reason, she’d scrunch up her face and give you the palm gesture, you know, the… what la you how can liddat –gesture.

There are also times we both would lie down on the bed, and just simply chilling, baby-talking and singing together, then at the end of the silly singing, we’d look at each other and laugh. And it’s really a priceless feeling.

Since the time she was able to pull herself up to sitting position, Frappy has always loved jigging. She would dance and sway to any sound/noise just as long as there’s a beat. And it’s awesome to watch her boogie her tubby little belly and limbs away. Sometimes if she gets so high on dancing, she’d lift up both her plumpy arms and wave them in the air while sitting cross legged.

And she knows her beats well. Slow songs get gentle side-to-side sways. Fast songs get clubbing/free-style moves. Hip hop songs get head bops and hands-in-the-air moves. And worship songs get hand-lifts. There was once we were at an Indian wedding and the traditional percussion band was at it, Frappy was quietly sitting on the father’s lap while gently groove into the beat with the Indian dance side-to-side head swing a la Stevie Wonder.

As much as she likes to jig, she can’t walk yet. She took a tiny baby step last night, going back and forth between me and my sis, but she’s still at the very beginning stage – you know the pull herself up and walk while holding on to things stage. She’s trying to let go her hands and stand on her own a lot more these days though. But she is super fast on her crawls. And she would pull down everything she can lay her hands on. It’s as if tornadoes have pass through wherever she goes.

Recently she’s learned the wonders of screaming, say, to get the attention of a random little girl she saw on the streets/mall/anywhere! She just loves little children and she’d get so excited seeing them, she’d scream for their attention. But, the problem is, she’s not very good at containing her excitement, because she’d start pulling their hair and slapping them so hard, I swear their mothers are this close in slapping me in return T_T. However, she’s somewhat better now, much gentler, shall I say. She’d reach out her hands in excitement, and just as you thought she’d go all rough again, you’d see her slowing down, and gently run her palms down the random little girl’s cheek, then she’d turn and look at me with the proudest smile on her face /melt. And now that she knows she’s break the ice, she’d lean forward for a kiss, a forehead bump, and a nose rub. Then repeat the routine 5678 times. Or until the random little girl leaves. Whichever comes first. It’s quite tiring, really, for me, the mother, to watch and applaud along, 5678 times.

She’s beginning to “talk” from age 7/8 months on, by making sounds like, mama, papa, be, de (for dog), te (for water), -is (for fish), da (for duck, I think! Or dog?), mum-mum (for food, which is her favouritestestest word), kom (for come), and a whole range of random combo of syllables. .

Glorious food! Biskut pun jadilah!

And speaking of mum-mum, what can I say other than, oh she feeds well. Like, reallllly well. Since young, I have no problem in getting her to eat. She just loves it! As long as we are eating, be sure she must have her food too. Currently, she has 2-3 bottles of milk (6-7oz each), and 2 solids (porridge/vege purees/cereal), and snacks in between (bread, biscuits, bit of rice and noodles, fruits).
She’s been fed all kinds of junk food too (Mentos! Assam! Sweet cakes! /omg paranoid!) during the 4-day church camp recently (and ice creams before this!). My fingers’ all crossed she won’t grow up looking for all these things and that her teeth are still in good condition! ~_~

Ah and speaking of teeth, she has 4 on top, and 4 at the bottom! And she would pick up my finger at random times and bite into it T_____T trust me, it’s really not cute.

She doesn’t like crowds. When people are crowding around her she gets agitated and generally, not a sweet baby to be around with. That said, if she’s in a relaxed environment, no one crowding her, she would turn into this super friendly baby, so friendly, it’s scary. She’d wave at everyone, call out and smile to random strangers, and throw herself to whichever willing arms to carry and cuddle her. But generally she’d avoid uncles.
Other quirks, habits, motor skills:

She does this =O face whenever the dog barks or the alarm goes off or someone sneezes (or farts! Hahahha!) or when she throws something on purpose.

Say whaaa?
She still takes 2 naps a day if not more, and usually 2 hours per nap.

When we say grace at meal times and close with Amen, she would nod hard in agreement and clap hands in glee (because she could finally eat!).

She’s vaguely able to associate clasping her hands together when praying. And she’d keep blinking her eyes in lieu of close-eyes-bow-head.

Every time she does something, say got down from the bed by herself without falling down, obeyed an order, burped, or just whenever you go like wahhhhh at her, she would clap her hands proudly (and expects you to clap along.)

She can climb the stairs, all the way up with no mishap, but coming down is a bit of a problem as she’s found a whole new world on the 1st floor and keep getting distracted.

She can wave hello and goodbye, throw flying kiss, kiss when saying her goodbyes, salam (a peck on the other person’s hand), high five, shake hand, and hug.

She’s learned to cover her mouth when coughing and yawning.

She loves throwing objects.

Understands Yes and No; and would agree along with a nod or a shake.

She can understand simple instructions like “pick it up and put it on the table”.

Enjoys flipping through books.

Sleeps very well throughout the night despite having her nap times throughout the day. (Hallelujah!)

She’s quite stubborn, persistent, knows how to use her temper (and voice and tears and face-in-palm tactics!!!), a total drama queen. She’s also very expressive.

Yet a sweetheart when it comes to bumps and cuts – she won’t cry the roof down if she suffers a fall or a knock on the head. If it really hurts, she’d cry like anyone would, but as long as you pick her up she’s fine and dandy almost immediately.

She’s able to hold her own bottle when drinking milk since 5/6 months old, I think; and also learned to hold her food (biscuits, bread) at about that time.

Before she sleeps or naps, she likes to pull up my shirt, poke the baby bump before planting a kiss or two on it. She’d “sayang” the bump too when asked to. Of course she’d get all carried away and start slapping it. -.-

Recently she’s begin to associate my bump with her tummy. After doing the above routine, she’d pull her shirt up, poke it, and try to kiss her tummy, only to find herself topple over.

Generally she listens to the father more, as in, somehow associates him as the disciplinarian and you don’t mess with him, while she’d bully me, no matter how I raised my voice or pull my face really long, she’d give me that infamous scrunched-face cheeky smile (WTH! Even babies can bully me! Waitaminute, actually pets can also bully me T____T)

Eh I think that’s it for now lah. Been jogging the memory the entire day to come up with this list, it’s sapping all my energy! ZZZ. Time to hit the sack!

The weekend is here! Have a good one people!!! =)

My ray of sunshine