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Thank you so much for dropping by here – a space where I continue to dream and think out loud as a girl, a woman, wife, mother, writer and blogger, and a life artisan wannabe.

I started blogging back in 2003 at now-defunct caffeinated cadence; and then in 2006, life. undressed was born, a sort of wedding diary, to journal the whole process of our pre-, and actual wedding. So when the party’s over, the blog naturally turned into a rambling space for this closet drama queen. 

Now a mother to two beautiful girls and a baby boy, I’m a full time stay at home mom, trying to also stay sane and above the mundane but crazy domesticity while figuring out motherhood and livelihood as best as I can. But of course I adore my girls who, truly, truly are blessings of God! 

Since saying adieu to the corporate world, where I was once a PA to the director in the car line, a translator, a writer, and an editor respectively in different stages of my career, I have been freelancing – offering writing services both online and offline. 

I also co-owned Peter x Jane, a premium handmade sleepwear line with a fellow dreamer/friend. We personally design, hand-pick fabric, tailor, and sew our pajamas and please don't mind me if I say I'm actually mighty proud of our products! They are just super comfy and ah, yes. So proud. Hehe.

Becoming a mother has helped me to develop, and actually enjoy, a range of “tasks” which I’ve never liked before – like cooking and baking (I still hate the preparing and washing part though!). I also love clothes and shoes and bags and all things girly, and of course, being a Malaysian, I love my food, movies of all languages, good books, and coffee!  

OK SO. Reading an “about me” page is really cool, but not when I need to write about myself because, really, I can only tell you this much about me and my kids (all across my social media platforms, can you believe my kids are actually more popular than me - the accounts holder?! *grunt*). Regardless, I love interactions! Questions, comments, ideas are most welcomed here. So get in touch by way of leaving a comment or via the below email, I'd love to hear from you! :)

For advertorial, sponsorships, collabos, or business and PR related enquiries, you can contact me at leishia.writes@yahoo.com . You can also find me on Instagram for a snippet of my crazy life with 3 crazy + 1 crazy kids!

Till then, dream big!

Big love,

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