Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Qualified, Totally!

I just cooked the most amazing tasting bowl of rice wine tomato mee sua with dried oyster and poached egg. I now declare myself a chef *smug*

Oh, by the way, “what’s Moorpark spelled backward?”


(Granpa, Valentine’s Day)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tubby Frappy

I just came to realize that Colbie Caillat’s Capri is a pregger’s theme song! I hereby dedicate this song to baby Frap and myself! =D

Thanks to infant formula, my frappy is becoming more and more chubby *swt* I mean, think about it, babies are drinking “formula” – a composition of… things, instead of plain ole, say, cow’s milk or something.

Anyway! Just me being paranoid. ~_~

Frappy’s been a good baby. She now sleeps through the night after her last feeding at around 11pm/12am, only to wake up at 5/6am for her next (without going through any cry-feed-water-force-to-sleep kinda training! Can you tell already how proud zee mama is? *happy tears*), granting her mama highness some much needed sleep! So when she’s up for her fix, you can always hear her tummy growling and see her mouth puffing like a fish outta water! Haha!

Oh and how she loves to stretch and stretch and STRETCH! Like the hands of a clock, every stretch or squirm will cause her to move (anti)clock-wise. It’s funny and (annoying!) to see how paranoid the father is about this!

I think she’s beginning to learn to smile these days, though still not apparent, but sometimes when I’m chatting with her doing funny sounds or singing to her, she’d look at me with her biggest, widest, purest eyes and then, smile for 3 whole seconds *totally melted* Ah can’t wait till she can smile and gurgle for real!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Been Over Five Years. It's About Time.

Undressing a new chapter, welcoming a new life, wearing a new outlook. Here's looking forward to a better, purer tomorrow! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Let's Go To My Department. The Grocery Department.

He says…

Hey I got my shirt! What do you think dear? The colour is nice right? The cutting is good too, it fits me! *turn left turn right admiring self in mirror* Alright, let's pay and go to your department now. Where’s Giant?

She fumes >(

Friday, June 18, 2010

Like Caffeine. Only Stronger

I'm a big girl now and schleeping is shohhh yeshterday! It's for old pweeeple, like mommy, who makesh a big fwuss about not getting enwough schleep at night. I wonder why!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ticking List

I was planning to bring Braxton to the vet and get her spayed before delivering Frappy. But as things went, Frappy came way before the estimated day and the whole to-do list went bonkers. The best thing was, during the last week of her stay at my parents’, Braxton got loose from the leash and ran down the sunset with her white knight away with a white male dog. But of course it had to happen when she’s on heat -_- It caused me a lot of tears us a lot of time and effort to find her back. But thank God, she managed to come home on her own, but it’s all too late.

Since then, the white knight male dog would loyally visit Braxton three times a day; and even though they were separated by a big, white, heavy gate, he never failed to show his affection and love (I’m not too sure about this though. Men) by silently pawing her muzzle. It was all very… romantic, in a sad way.

But spay we must! So she just came back last night from the vet, looking every bit traumatized, pitiful, betrayed, and violated. Poor thing. She's weak and she refused her favourite food – rice and canned meat (actually, she favourites every edible thing. Zzz), she didn’t even want to look me in the eyes! T__T But it's for her own good. Riighht?

Anyway, after a few hundred bucks poorer, the peace I have now is indescribable! I now know I’ve done my part – by bringing her, a would-be stray, home and providing her a shelter, and spaying her, finally! One down, millions to go; the doctor was telling us that SPCA has to put down I-forgot-how-many-thousands-already of dogs a year not because of illnesses, but because they have no shelters.

As for Frappy, I’m trying to plan a routine that is most comfortable and will minimize her crying after the first day of chaos after the confinement lady left, and it seems to be working just fine so far, at least I'm more relaxed and get to rest that little bit more! She’s asleep now and Braxton’s resting quietly (I LOVE it when she’s quiet and calm!). Time for a cup of hot Milo! Or not. Frappy just woke up. Haiks! Gotta go, peeps =_='

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Life of a One Month Old Frappy

First off, lemme explain. See, I like ice blended coffee. So from now on (until I change my mind to call her something else later) she’ll be my favouritestestest iced frap! Cos she cools me down when I'm all hot, melts me when I’m all tension. She’s the reason for the world to go round everyday. MY baby frappy :)

OK, now on to blogging business. So everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has a new blog template! It’s time for me to close shop and retire. Haiks! Or... just change my template already. But I think close shop is easier! Ha!

But before I do that, let me quickly run a series of piccies of Arianna aka baby frap. To quote mama Cynthia, “she got a lot of pattern wan hor?” hahaha! Indeedy! Like father, like daughter =.= but her smile is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen *melts* like mother, like daughter la this one confirm chop sign! Hoho!

wanna fight?

saturday night fever



Har? O_o

no! it wasn't me! I didn't curi minum the susu!

you wanna shake leg, you shake it right.



Backstreet's Back dance (hahahaa!)