Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why The Chicken Cross The Road???

I cannot TAHAN ade!

For a week I’ve been resisting temptation to open up a Word document to type/blog away - anything at all lah! Because I’m just so simply swamped with so many things! Not just work per se, but of course work is the main part of it all because it’s month end mah.

So yeah, I think I’m trying to like, bullet-train blogging here trying to cram as much as I can remember in here. So you can close your window hereon. You're not obligated to read. But if you do, I'll lub you long time! ;)

Let’s see, what happened during the past one week? Gee, time just flies so fast man! Ooo, last week was another Sony event where they had a VAIO up for lucky draw, again. Yeap, you guessed it, I’m not the winner -_- I know! The lappy’s all white and huge screen, and it went to a cheen… ok never mind. Don’t lah call people name, right? My bad. My bad.

So during the event something drama happened, which went like this: I was bored so I played with the press kit given out to us people from the media. I flipped open the file, took out all the documents, pretended reading a bit, acted in deep thought a little, then put it back, and repeated the whole process.

So by the 45346th times when I was doing that, I peeped too close into the file, and apparently my hands moved faster than my brain, and I poked the edge of the papers right into my eyes! And when I opened my eyes I was like, eh, why so blur? Good thing I have a habit of remembering my contact lenses every time something drama happens, so true enough, the edge of the papers that poke my eyes fished my lens out faster than lightning! But thank goodness it dropped on my lap and I managed to detect it!

Drama right?!

And then an uncle who was very bitter so we’ll call him Uncle Bitter, came and sat at my table, and started bickering away about the service of the hotel, the coffee house, the parking lots, the parking system, the country (I so scared some uniformed people will come and detain me, you know?), the hotel rating, the everything! And for an hour we sat listening to him. How sad right? I wished I poked my eyes then so at least I can excuse myself to go insert my eyeball back into the socket. Bleah!

Oh actually before the Uncle Bitter came along, we spotted an ultra yummy girl at the other end of the room and we were like, whoah, check that out! And when she came closer, my ed went like, uh, I think she ate too much! Cos her tummy was like, protruding out. So we stared on a bit, and suddenly something hit my head and I in return I hit his head with the file and shouted, hoi! Pregnant lah! Joh! -___-

But boy oh boy, she was sooo deliciously hawt even though she’s pregnant! She was in this slinky off shoulder gold fitting dress with a belt under her belly, and she was in heels! Just selamba like that strutting up and down the catwalk/stage. Professional right?! She’s also a proud owner of a sponsored VAIO lappy, paid to own it! See the things you get just by being P.R.E.T.T.Y? Haiks. Oh, did I mention? That’s Daphne Iking.

ANYway! I spotted one of the model who did the L’Oreal show some time back. He’s like so good looking, Asian for that matter, he’s an exact clone of Edison Chen! … or is it? Is Edison the cute one? Erm… the guy in Initial D. La La Laaa.

The next day I had to like join one of the road shows my company is running for a FMCG company, supposedly to interview the people who tried the drink. So this elderly uncle came along, looking all amused and befuddled at the same time. He was given a can of the drink, and started talking, like he’s high on alcohol or something.

Uncle: *mumble*mumble* I’ll buy all!
Me: Oh… so how do you like the drink? :)
Uncle: *mumble*mumble* I’ll buy all!
Me: Yeeah. What do you think about chocolate flavour? :)
Uncle: I have the money you know.
Me: I see… Do you like the chocolate flavour? Cos I think it’s really good. :)
Uncle: See. *take out a stack of cash from his pocket all bundled up using rubber band, whispering, wild eyed*
Me: … don’t you like the chocolate drink?

And then you get kiasu people like this girl.

Pigtailed Girl: I want the coffee flavoured *while holding a can of the chocolate flavour drink*
Promoter: How many cans? (all ready to pack the order)
Pigtailed Girl: No, I just WANT to TRY. I DON’T want to BUY!
Promoter: But… you can’t… you already have a can.
Pigtailed Girl: YEAH. But I just WANT to TRY! *virtual DUH*

Then she stormed off. O_o We DON’T want to SELL it to YOU also lah, miss PIG-tailed Girl!

And yet another lady, who came earlier to our booth, then left. Then returned.

Mung Bean Face: My colleagues want to try.
Promoter: *looks around locating her colleagues*
Mung Bean Face: My colleagues want to try! Can you give me a few cans?
Promoter: O_O uh, no?

What’s wrong with Malaysians?! So darn greedy!!!

I just feel like calling her mung bean face. Don’t ask why.

So that was… Thursday. No drama on Friday.

Friday was one of those days lah, I signed in to meebo, and then immediately Jap messaged me “This Sunday cancelled lah! ZZZzzz”

Like. Roll eyes. I came online to de-stress, and that’s the first thing you must tell me. I mean, I’m not angry or what about cancelling lah, just that, the whole sentence’s like soooo negative right? Ish!

We were actually planning for a movie marathon at our place, and for that, Jason, being the clean freak that he is (bless him!) insisted a thoroughly, squeaky, dust-free, everything-free, clean house to greet the visitors, that comes in the form of Jap, Dohny, and Elle-Jay. Like, its only Jap, Dohny, and Elle-Jay lah!

So yeah, you can clearly see how terrible a wife/hostess I am -_- Anyway we started from Monday, we were like, all fours after work, scrubbing and cleaning, all through Thursday (not Friday cos we attended the service with Ps. Dennis, and we stayed over at my parents’ for the weekend).


ZZZzzzzzzZZZzZzzz! =_=

But the weekend was awesome because we joined the Mission Seminar led by Ps. Dennis. He calls himself an egg - white outside, yellow inside, and insisted he’s Chinese. He speaks better Cantonese and Mandarin than any of us! Yeah, and he’s an American FYI.

So the seminar was truly eye opening! We had the honour to bring him out for dinner on Sunday with my family. And everyone was SOOOH AMUSED seeing him talking non- stop in Cantonese, espcially my grandma. LOL. He really rawks! For those of you who missed it, well you missed it! Haha! (No, I’m not laughing because you missed it, because that’s actually a sad thing that you missed it. but I was just laughing because I thought it was quite funny of me to say like that, you know - if you missed it, well you missed it… Geddit? OK neh mind lah! -_-)

And then Janvier, a fatherly African man (who has been forcing me albeit politely to speak French with him) brought his French Bible and showed me, which was really cool. I think I should start reading my Bible in French. That’s how Ps. Dennis learned his mandarin anyway! If an egg can learn Chinese, so can a banana learn French! Although… I’m not really a banana banana… -____-

Throughout the whole week I was terribly stressed with all the deadlines to meet and stuff. And worse, I had 2 food reviews to hand up with zero inspiration on how to do it! One being a Malay food resto, and I didn’t even touch the food because it was all cold and fishy smelling; and the other, being a steak house’s.

Me: Eh, my ed say I did a very good with the Malay food review. A stark contrast to reality, how I’ve been complaining about it. haha
Jason: ….
Me: Ello? Are you listening to me?
Jason: Yeah! I’m just thinking.
Me: About what?
Jason: That in that case, you’re a very good bull-shitter.


Die or not, this sorta spouse? Argh!

I’ve never had so many courses of steaks in my entire life, at one go! We had like 2 appetisers, 1 big serving of chowder, 1 lamb shank, 1 fillet steak, 1 rib eye, 1 seafood platter, and 4 desserts! And I’m not talking about sharing the food with a table of 3 persons. I’m talking about each of us getting 1 full serving each of the above! And I finished everything! I mean, how can you let Wagyu Beef go to waste right? It was sooooo tasty! The wagyu beef thing.

Go check out my magazine this August! It’s a bumper issue with lotsa stuff in there! Best of all, its free! So, yeah, FREE. Malaysians, its FREE. You like it, no?

And then on the same day, my colleagues and I went out for dinner at Bumbu Bali or something, to celebrate someone’s birthday, and the birthday girl was so moody the whole day. Almost like walking on eggshells around her. -____-

And I didn’t eat anything cos I was just so filled to the brim! So I had a Virgin Margarita instead! My fav fav fav drink! I like the salty brim of the glass. Hehe! I rweally like it you know, except the drink comes with shaved bits of lime skin. Blah. That, I don’t like!

Oh there was one night I reached home from work, made tuna and egg sandwich for dinner, and then went straight to bed and didn’t wake up until the next day at 6:15am, which was time for work. Although Jason was saying in the middle of the night I yelled at him for not blanketing me because I was cold. LOL. I is rule! Yes, R.U.L.E. Not RUDE lah ding dong!

Oh hey, I finally managed to use up my DC SUPERHEROES VOUCHER! WHOO HOO! But there’s nothing much to buy there? Like, I spent an hour or so just sifting through the tees. And it’s so… boring.

So in the end, I bought 2 superman t-shirts: 1 black tee with a huge ass gold Superman logo, and the other a military print. 1 mini denim skirt (no, ming yan, the skirt doesn’t come with lace trimmings, or whatever you call it), and one leather belt.

The belt costs a hefty 60 bucks and it doesn’t come with the buckle. O_o Can you imagine that? The buckle alone is hundred over bucks already. LOCO! comprende? LOCO! Oh I have a Super Girl buckle at home already, so I didn’t need to buy the buckle lah.

And the next day I proudly wear my Superman black-tee-gold-logo to work and the next thing you know, my ed also wear another Superman tee to work (we both attended the event together so obviously we both got the same goody bag). I was like, why you don’t let me know first?!!!! And he was like slapping his forehead all the way and kept lamenting how I know wohhhh.


We didn’t go out for lunch that day. We all tapau-ed and ate in the office. Cis! I don’t want to wear superman clothes anymore!

OK, I HAVE to stop here or I’ll never will. Its way over my working hours ade! How can I be so hardworking?!

Give yourself a pat on my behalf for reading this far! You know I lub you long time! :D


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Must. Have. Dogs.

Can you say no to them? Where's your heart huh huh huh?

World peace!!! >( Adopt a dog!

P/S I think I’m quite a philanthropist material... ‘cept I don’t have the real money yet. -_- But hey!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Walk On By: Blogathon 2007

I have wonderful families, great friends, a career in the making, a great husband whom I share a load-full of dreams and aspirations with, a beautiful silly pet dog, and above all, a loving Father in Heaven.

I have everything. And then I read this.

A group of friends, coming together, entering a blogathon in memory of a dear friend who suffered from bipolar disorder - a psychiatric condition that later contributed to her decision in taking her own life.

It was difficult for them to comprehend why things turned out the way they did, what more for me, a passer-by. But all things happened for a reason, and I’m a believer of that. What happened then is going to bring about a wave of awareness now. Surf on over and read from their eyes.

If you were Val’s friend and will like to say something during the blogathon, please send a copy of your post to us at blogathon07[at]gmail[dot]com. We will post your entry during the course of the blogathon… You can also stay online and cheer us on during the course of the blogathon (from Malaysian time, 9pm on 28th July to 9pm 29th July). And of course, a very practical way of supporting us will be to pledge towards our cause.

So show them some support! Drop by to cheer them on! That will make a difference, and that, is how we pass the love on.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PayPerPost: A Postie's Affair

Sometime late last year, I was introduced to this paid blogging world by a couple (who are now working very hard blogging daily, and earning handsomely! You know who you are. Hehe), actually it was more like coercing me into it! Hmm. Anyway, life has been different since. Well, not different, different per se. More like oh-my-gawd-employment-freedom-so-cool-can-die! different.

So I signed up with PayPerPost then and have been raving about it here. If you’ve been following my scribbling you’d have read about PPP at one time or another. Now I’m not the type of person who’d advertise everything freely without first knowing it has a good product or service and that the customer service rocks, and you know the power of advertisements even though it’s in small scale! I do have my word of mouth ethics and principles, okay! I’m just, anal, like that, if you give me good customer service - a warm smile, a sincere hello, a heartfelt aiding hand, I’m sold!

So PPP has been steadfast in that way - easy to use, nice customer service (they call it customer love ;), and money is paid on time without dramas (if you ask me, this money I earned from blogging is like my personal saving! Wedding and setting up of a home has cost us so much that we actually find it difficult to save for the longest time!)

Through PPP, I came to learn so much more about paid blogging: the ethics, the approaches, the mechanisms, on how to improve and bring progress not just to your bank account, but your blog and your readers. And on top of that, I came to know bloggers around me who are doing sponsored posts too, their sheer determination and will have been a constant drive for me to better myself in not just my writing, but with this blog too, a virtual pad I doubt I can ever bid farewell to!

So if you think you’re up for it and are ready to give paid blogging a chance, look me up! I’ll be glad to share with you what I know! After all, this love has been passed down to me, and so I shall spread it out too! :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Everyday Minerals: The (Girls Only) Parcel’s Here!

Achtung! Camwhore on the loose!

So yeah, I bought some makeup sample kit last month from Everyday Minerals (remember?!) and it arrived! Joy, joy! But the only frowning moment was the lid of one of the foundation tub was cracked, and much of the powder was wasted :(

Everyday Mineral is… A full coverage makeup that is easy to apply, all-natural, long lasting, and truly affordable… Makeup that is just as approachable and real as you are.

Don’t you love it already? Hehe.

I got around playing with it and managed to camwhore with my faulty camera the whole morning the other day, well, I must say, I had fun being a girl! Uh, you know, putting on make up and taking pictures of yourself? *Insert bimbotic laughs*

So anyway, the sample kit is free of charge and it includes 3 foundations, 1 blusher (All Smiles), and 1 concealer, all at your own choice, the idea is that you may blend the different shades to get the right tint for your skin colour, a test and trial kit if you will. And since EM charges me shipping fee anyway, so I threw in a tub of lip colour ($5) too, just for the kick of it!

The powders went on rather effortlessly, though I thought they were a little cakey at first, but I guess that’s only because I was clumsy. Once they were set in, the look was very natural (Even though I over did on the blusher at the first stroke! :x owh man! This whole girly business is so frigging tiring!)

1. Erm, I like this pic. 2. You're suppose to see the blusher colour in this pic, but check out my nose! It actually exists! 3. Erm, filler pic. 4. Erm, for some weirded reasons, I like this pic too. -_- Shaddap! I know lah!

As for the lip colours, personally I find it a tad too dry.

Made from 100% pure: Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Aloe Extract, Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide.

So what I do now is I’ll glide a coat of aloe vera lip balm first before smearing the EM lip colour (Plum Dust) over it. It feels great, it looks natural, it plumps up my pouts, and it lasts quite a while. At $5 a tub (I think that’ll be around RM16), it’s the most reasonable lip colour I’ve ever bought, plus, by the look of it, it’ll last me a lifetime man!

If you’re (as in, my girl friends whom I know personally) interested to test it but for whatever reason (not having a paypal account?) not going to order it online as yet, I can lend you my kit for a try. You’ll only owe me a large McD meal, that’s all! :)

Ba Da Ba Dap Ba! I'm Lovin' It!~

P/S The makeup’s very, very minimal, I only put on all the above mentioned stuff, lined the eyes, and the curly thing… uh, mascara! Yeah. So at least on the pictures, my zits, redness and all are pretty covered and I don’t look pale. Therefore, mission (as a girl) accomplished! Oh did I mention? The makeup lasted the whole day too! :)

P/S/S Hey my room colour matches my blog's colour template! Nyahaha! So cool!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Treating Blues

These pictures always help when I feel like hiding in the deepest, darkest corner, doing nothing but getting emo and punching the wall. Silly bambi Polly hasn’t got her hair cut then; she looks so goofy with the centre parting. Hah!

The green beans are chocolates - a gift my sister bought from Bangkok. I thought they’re perfect as wedding favours. Other than that, everything else seems like traipsing on each other and making a big, ugly mess.

Movie in church tonight! I hope it’s good. It must be good, because I always feel safe and secure just being in that sanctuary. Always.

I hope I get to use those DC Super Heroes vouchers this Sunday, haven’t been on retail therapy in a really long time now. Christine was saying her best bet is crying therapy.

Yeah, that too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

There’s Hope For Kajang!

Not so much for Bangi though. But let’s just leave it as that. Hehe.

You know how we ALWAYS complain about Bangi and Kajang. How these places where we inhabit have no proper food joints, no entertainment, no cinemas, full of erm… you know, certain kind of yalams; basically, there’s just no life there. Period.

Imagine our my delight when one day we decided to venture a little further, just a hundred metre further, after the Kajang Hospital or something, we saw a spanking new shopping centre!

Like, WHOAH!

There’s Kenny Roger’s in there, there’s Secret Recipe in there, there’s a few of those little local cafés in there, OOooooOoo and, and then there’s STARBUCKS in there! LOL Not that I’m a big fan of Starbucks, but you know, Starbucks IN Kajang, like a big leap to civilisation man! :x (OK, I know Jason’s going to toast me for even saying that! Like, I'm so city girl! He’s always got this impression that a city girl like me can never survive a jungle small town life! ~_~ Well you’re wrong OK, partially wrong!)

So yeah. Yay! Let’s get happening yo!

Why The Passion Between Me & Pizza Hut Has Fizzled Out


> Their quality has gone down so drastically, it’s daylight murder!
> Their quality is so inconsistent they had me suicidal!
> Their customer service totally sucked.
> The wait (to summon ANY waiter’s attention, to place an order, having the whole course delivered, etc, oh plus, they'd avoid eye contact!) is long enough for whatever swallowed food to turn into some poison, acidic enough to kill me. And then kill again.
> The last visit, I ordered a Spaghetti Bolognaise which turned out looking like some pitiful left over noodles with left over scraps of sauce with tiny bits of left over meat barely enough to coat the left over noodles. AND, they don’t even bother decorating it with their usual sad twig of parsley!
> The next table’s spaghetti looked delicious enough for me to start comparing! AND he's got a sad twig of parsley decorating HIS noodles! >(
> The last 2 pieces of pizza that I swallowed on Monday, had me holed up the whole night and the rest of Tuesday in the toilet.
> When I visited the doc, I told her I had pizza for lunch the day before, and the first thing she uttered, “Pizza Hut?”
> ‘Nuff said. -_-

It’s time we bid goodbye, Pizza Hut! You and I just won't cut it! So long now! *slo-mo waving*

Friday, July 13, 2007

Step Aside, Genting Roller Coasters

You know what’s more adrenaline pumping than those “chi gik” rides?

By watching the figures under “Page Views” column keep going up every 20 seconds I refresh the page, and the “Unique Visits” remained at a static figure.

Elle-jay, I understand what you mean now…

Erm, it’ll be rweally rweally naish if you (yes, you! The reader :) can like, drop me a comment or something, a wave would be cool too (a moon is… well, not a social norm but if you insist!)!

Just so, you know, I can sleep well at night knowing how much you loved (or loathed. Shucks!) my doodling :]

Buy Those Earrings, Keep Some Cash

I think I’ve slowly gotten accustomed to the idea of shopping online ever since I’ve started earning a little money through paid blogging. And the icing to the cake is having websites offering coupons to give you more value-for-money purchases! One such website is KeepCash that has over 1000 merchants listed on the site with a good dose of computer/IT gadgets deals featured extensively.

I just came across this one website that really got my heart racing! Heck, it will get ANY girl’s heart racing for that matter! EarringPlanet. Uhn ha! Think you like it already? Haha!

EarringPlanet sells earrings in every possible variety you can think of - from diamonds, to pearls, chandeliers, hoops, sterling silver, dangles and drops! When it comes to diamond earrings, I especially love those studs. It’s so simple, yet elegant and classy, most suitable for all occasions that will definitely get you outshine even the host! (Oops, shhhh! :) The diamonds comes with appraisals for the higher priced range to guarantee their authenticity and quality.

And those of us who can’t afford the diamonds and pearls just as yet, they have beautiful, affordable chandelier earrings to match with your trendy lifestyles. Although their 14k Yellow Gold range makes a beautiful match with my aqua-marine blue lengha suit! (Foosh! Got to do more paid postings now on! LoL). Oh, and don't get me started on the hoops!

Currently EarringPlanet.com is running free shipping promotion with any $99 purchase. Simply logon to KeepCash and click the link to activate the discount listed for EarringPlanet.com. In cases where there is a coupon code required, the code will be displayed as a pop-up. Just remember to enter your coupon during checkout and your discount should appear on your order confirmation.

If you do decide to buy anything from EarringPlanet, do show it tome when you receive it in the mail, will ya? :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Open Secret

Psst girls!

I’ve just learned a simple, (so) cheap, at-home, and sure-win facial mask! I think this mask is open secret already lah. But yeah, I’m a late bloomer, I just came to know. Heh.

I’ve bought a mini tub of honey (yum!) already. Oh, excitingness! Can’t wait to try it out! And once it’s proven workable on me, then I’ll spread the love.

You can thank me later :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

God's Blessings - As Seen In The Friends I Have

Check these out!

Yeah baby, my name wired! LoL The artist also packed in some Korean-ish orange chocolate which Jason promptly finished in no time. -_-

On a different note, here’s a reminder for myself,

… we often pray for things we could get, never for things we could accomplish
for Him.

It was a little rushed the other night seeing how you comically wanting to go back to your ice cream dinner ASAP, didn’t get to thank you properly.

So here you go! Thank you! For the crafty pieces (they hold a very special place in my heart cos they mean so much to me now!), the chocolates, and the above quote which came ever so timely.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh Lucky Day! Tis Better Than Winning Lottery!

This is the craziest thing ever! Grrrr!

So I came out from my office, walking towards the coffee shop to buy my morning caffeine fix, I walked past a clinic, and that very moment, the doctor (yes, he’s the doctor, with the whateverscope hanging around his neck so don’t argue with me!) was throwing out something with force from inside the shop with a broom AND it hit my calf!

I looked down, looked to the right, and what I saw was a frigging RAT scrambling for his frigging life!!!!

I looked to the left, and I saw the frigging doctor in shocked with his frigging mouth agape.

I frigging mumbled to him loudly “IT’S A RAT! YOU THREW OUT A RAT! AND IT HIT ME!”

And all he frigging said was “Sorry sorry, close the door! Close the door!” and then he scrambled off into his room with a frigging fake DOCTOR tag hanging on the door!!!

I’m sorry, whaaaa? Close. The. Door???

What the frigging heck is wrong with him?! *fumes*

If it was ME who threw out a frigging rat (what are the chances?! Throwing out rats?! Pfft!) and it hit somebody (oh God forbid! Hit some one with a rat!!!!), oh I don’t know, I would at least offer to STAY LONGER to apologize and offer my TOILET and some COTTON and DETTOL to either wash the part of the pants or let the poor victim kill herself?!!!!! I mean, you run a clinic! Surely you have athousand types of drugs!

Don’t they teach this in school huh huh huh?!!!!

You know what, just gimme a moment, and excuse my profanity. Just one moment...

!@!$@##%$#^$%&%*&&%*&%&*(^(&*)(&)^)^^%@#$%&%*&(&)(*_$^$^#%# YOU!!!!!!!!

(Edit: Check this out! Oh the irony of it! Folks, do ask your docs to wash their hands before even touching you!)

Ahhh better.

Say, don’t you just love my happening life? :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Left / Right

Last week during dinner pre-TRANSFORMERS (SOO COOL CAN DIE!), we were all discussing about left/right brainers/handers at one point, and today Jap and I were arguing debating discussing about who’s smarter and why I’m more CREATIVE than him and all (face it, jap, that’s because I’m left handed and you're a not! Poser! Hehehe); it brought to mind one conversation I had with Jason.

Makes me sound even smarter! *giggles*

Jason: Eh, you know ah, dear, the training I attended the other day, on mind mapping?

Leishia: Yeah.

Jason: Well, the trainer talked about left hander and right hander.

Leishia: Oh, I’m a right brainer

Jason: That’s because you’re a left hander. And I’m a right hander,

Leishia: So that makes you a left brain person! (At this point, do we remind you of conversations you'd have with your children? hehe)

Jason: Uhm hmm :) Do you know, if you face a problem, and you can’t, for the life of you, solve the problem, you know what you can do? Come on, tell me, tell me. *puts on smarty-pants hat*

Leishia: *matter of factly without missing one beat* Just hold the pen on my right hand and write lah. It’ll trigger my left brain and I might just get a solution by doing so! *blink*blink*

Jason: O_O You heard of this before!!!!

Leishia: No!!!! I didn’t! Promise! You asked, I answer lah!!!! I mean, it’s… common sense mah!

Jason: O_o…. you…. No…but.... no, no, no,.... how... how did you….

Leishia: Hahahahahhaha And your company paid how much to send you guys to the training?

Jason: But how did you O_O……. You’re a.......... GENIUS…. *hangs halo over my head*

Leishia: YEAH! I KNOW!!! I mean, who would have thought of it right?! Hahahahahahhaha I’m, like, so totally smart! *bimbotic laughs*

Course attended: RM 1,800
Halo: RM 9.90 (you can get from Sinma)
Being left handed (and outsmart the right handers): Priceless!

Note to Jap: nah! 4 links in total! Reciprocated ade!

Wahey! It's Tag Time!

Here’s for Kim the tagger.

Four jobs I've had in my life My job history:
I volunteered for international events before, I worked as some receptionists, clerks, and sales girls. And then I was a translator and I did some transcribing work; and a PA, and then a blogger, a writer, oh yeah, of course! How can I forget?! A wife too *curtsy*

Four movies I can watch over and over again:
Monster’s Inc (J-Boo! That’s me! :D), Transformers! (J-Boo’s also known as Deltaboo!), Taxi (some French movie I’ve watched for like, umpteenth time.), and Amélie (Audrey Tautou's shooo cute!)

Four places I've been on vacation:
The Netherlands for a linguistic camp, Vietnam for a linguistic camp, Phuket for honeymoon (ooo, speaking of which! My honeymoon photos are not up yet! -_-), erm, and some Cuti-cuti Malaysia destinations lah.

Four of my favourite dishes:
Pelita’s Nasi Kandar, Warm chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream, yee sang, my grandma’s chap choy a.k.a “spicy and sour mixed vege pot"… I can’t think lah! My appetite for food is seasonal wan! It changes! =.=

Four places I would like to visit:
After so die-hardly wanted to backpack, which I managed to do so, alone for that matter when I was in Netherlands, I still feel the best place is where you have your loved ones and friends around. When they are around, even if it's the most ulu place still it'll be fun! And that, would be the places I would like to visit! (Awww! Aren’t you touched yet?! :)

Four most overused words:
I dunno. This one you gotta ask my housemate, Jason. And my most regular chat mates, Jap (which I doubt he can tell! HAHA) and Sailorsim.

Four gadgets that I have:
OK, I don’t like this question because everyone of you (students, underageds, minors!) has all kinds of canggih gadgets and I don’t! So you wait lah, till I get my Vaio/Dell (whichever comes first), and a Nokia N-something (the flip one, foosh foosh!), and a Canon/Sony Digicam (whichever comes first), and a PSP!!!! Gosh, a PSP too!!!!! Then I’ll come back and re-do this tag lah! Hmph!

Four TV shows I love to watch:
I. Don’t. Have. A. TV. Nuff’. Said.

Four bloggers I'm tagging:
You, you, you, and you.

PS Sponsors for the 2nd and 3rd last questions are most welcomed! Cash, cheque, bank drafts, money orders, and paypal are accepted too.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformer Not Just Rawks, It Brought Bloggers Together Too!

First off, have you watched TRANSFORMERS?!


were not exactly part of my childhood; Thundercats, Jam, Little Pony, Silverhawk, Carebears (oh yes, Carebears!) - Yes. So, all the hype about Transformers didn’t move me one bit. Nah uhn! I was strong! *Roar*

And then the fateful afternoon where we had lunch with Dohny, Jap, and the gang, where they so kindly offered us 2 tix to the movie (we paid for it lah! We didn’t cheat small boys’ money wokay!). So while I was still erm-ing in consideration, Jason answered OK! faster than lightning.

And boy was I glad he said OK! SOOOO COOL CAN DIE. The part where Mikaela mentioned how old and crappy the old Camaro was, and foosh! biissaarrrzzzppphoosh! BumbleBee just transformed into the 2008 preproduction of the Camaro. SOOO COOL CAN DIE. Ooh, and the car chase scene between BumbleBee and the bad police autobot, the music!!!! SOOOO COOL CAN DIE!!!!! That scene made me wanted to do 5 times Ribena Berry’s skippity skip!!!! SOOO COOL CAN DIE!!!!! And Linkin Park’s song at the end of the movie. SOOO COOL CAN DIE 3 TIMES!!!!


The anti climax part was from Jason - “why everyone so excited ah? Very nice meh?”

O_O “very nice meh?” !!! -_-'''

Oh so the part about TRANSFORMERS brought bloggers together is liddis: Dohny came with a couple friends. Dohny introduced us. Hello. Hello. *Smile*. *Smile*. Dohny mentioned the name that ends with “no”, or something along the line. It was noisy. So that was it. New friends, old friends, all went watched TRANSFORMERS together. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Then today, I got a comment on my blog:

This is going to be weird but... OMG we watched Transformers together! I thought
you and your husband looked familiar when Donny introduced us...

That came from Adino. A fellow blogger who dropped by my blog through blogsreview.net who did a review on my blog some time ago! *GASP*

Turns out, he’s an old member of our church (or something like that), and so he sorta recognized us! But he kept his cool and didn’t ask (what lah! LOL).

I was like I-can’t-stop-using-exclamation-marks-already!!!! The world is soooo schmall!!!!

See, TransformersSOOOO COOOL CAN DIE right?!!!

OK. Need. Water. My mouth gawked too long already. It's too hot in here. Tongue’s dried up. Typing this post is better than going to Starbucks. I get 10 shots of Macchiato at one go! O.O


Transformers! More than meets the eyeeeeee!
Transformers! Robots in Disguiseeeeeee!!!

Just Another Mundane Sat’day, Until!

It was 9-ish at night and we were tired. Most Saturdays will have us travelling a good 40 minutes minimum in the morn’ to PJ where my family lives, and most activities and friends reside. I have no problem with the distance but it’s a different story with Jason.

Anyway, we were at Kelana’s Giant wanting to stock up on groceries and toiletries. As we entered the hypermarket, there were 2 rows of ice cream fridges lining up the entrance and I was saying hey, let’s have ice cream later. Right after I said that, we both stoned dead midway.

Fuggalingam! The vouchers! O_O We both resounded.

See, miche gave us a $50 Haagen Daaz vouchers half a year ago, which expire on the 30th June. We’ve been savouring them one piece at a time, making sure there’s a good interval of at least 2 months before we use the next.

So the last two $10 vouchers were even more preciously kept and guarded, waiting to be savoured at just the right moment.

So Saturday was 30th June -_-

And we only realized that at 9pm. And we were like, 20 minutes drive away from 1U, the nearest HD parlour before it closes at 10pm. PLUS, may I mention, Saturday night traffic? =_= Ding dong-ly mad!

I was kicking myself! Seeing that, Jason said, let’s go for it lah! Sure can reach wan!

So he dragged and forced me into the car (the only reason for my reluctance was because of this equation: Beating Time + Jason’s Fearless Driving Skills + (Bad Traffic x Jason’s Eternal Hatred For Traffic Jams)² = Messed-Up Hair + A Freaked-Out Me (my heart is weak you see -_-)

But we so managed!!! And we had this to celebrate:

this is called Flower Blossom. Teehee ---^ 6 scoops you knowww~

I know!!! So cool right?!!

SIX glorious scoops of ice creams, hot momma ballooona!!! That night, I RIP-ed slept very well…

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