Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekender Quickie

My weekend was… pretty… normal. Well Polly was sent for grooming and came back with a new hairdo. She now spots 2 mini pigtails with mini blue ribbons just behind her ears; she definitely looks more girlish albeit still very tomboy at heart. It's ticklish to see her plays like a rough boy with those ribbons on her head. Heh.

And then we bummed into a Cuti-cuti Malaysia travel fair at 1U and collected many brochures for our honeymoon reference. We like the much-needed vacation to be on an island, away from the craziness of a city, to have lots of sun, sand, sea, and rest! I guess we both do love island that much more to choose any other places.

Jason is picking up weightlifting again. He used to do taekwando, badminton, and gym. And then things take a sharp turn after meeting a girl whose hobbies are eat, sleep, shop, and more eating, no less.

Its coming good, can you see that bump over his arm? Yup, that’s my big guy’s mus-cle!


miche said...

he is building up his stamina for D nite ya??? kekekeke

Leishia J said...

uhm... contrary to that, he's building up the muscles so that his mucles will be visible from under his shirts during the wedding day. -_-