Friday, December 17, 2010

And It's Up!

Finally got the tree up – our first ever (and I’m so proud of my effort! Jason K you owe me big time!)! With Frappy’s arrival, we are living more like family people now, what with setting up a Christmas tree and planning for a Christmas meal! Haha!

I’m outlining the menu now. There are so many cool recipes out there and I just wish to try them all! I’m thinking an appetizer of pita with pesto/olive oil and cheese dips; vegetarian minestrone soup (for my parents are vegetarians); baked chicken with root veges; a stew maybe? Oh, and cheddar and chives cupcake! But I’m still short on vegetarian dishes… hmm, a stir fry garlic butter abalone mushrooms? Oh I know! A pesto pasta! That’ll fill an Asian stomach I reckon! Awesome!

On the 23rd and 24th, we’ll be in church for a Christmas Musical Production – a proud in-house effort by all my talented and awesomepossumsupercoolio friends – join us! You won’t regret it ;) Plus, you get to laugh at support Jason because he’ll be acting!

So how are you celebrating your Christmas? A couple of years back, a friend made me a card that says “This Christmas, let us not only remember that ‘Christmas isn’t Christmas till it happens in your heart’, but also, ‘till it happens in your life’.”

It finally hit me now… Gift-exchanges, lavish feasts, and all the merriment don’t even come close to the real meaning of Christmas. It’s about the greatest Gift of all times – given with complete Love, and paid by Blood. If you receive it with an open heart, this Gift is eternal.

The Gift of Jesus, have you receive Him into your heart today? :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halloween Came Late For Me

My worst nightmare (ok, ONE of my worst nightmares) finally happened on Sunday.

Frappy fell from the bed. And a pretty high bed at that T__T

The thing is, she was sleeping on my parents’ bed when I checked on her, and then 5 minutes later, there was a loud bang, followed by loud wailing. I’m telling you, when you become a parent, you will understand how that feels. That surreal, heart-stops-beating, complete horror, I’m-dying-right-now feeling. Actually, you know what, there’s just no word can ever describe that moment! I just dieded 100 million times. T___T

I fell hard you know! But I'm a brave girl!

My guess is, she woke up because she pooped, and then she attempted her 360 degrees turn, only it wasn’t that successful this time, she only managed 180 degrees, reached the edge of the bed, slipped, and fell, free style. Onto her tummy. In a room permeated with the smell of poo. T___________T

But my Frappy is a strong and mighty baby of God! She just cried very kesianly for a minute or two, and then she started smiling and playing with me as if nothing happened (with tears in her eyes can you imagine that pitiful face?! T___T). But I’m still paranoid!!!!!!!!! What if she sustained a concussion or whatever you call it! I pressed and rubbed every inch of her skin trying to see if there’s any internal injury that will make her cry. No such thing. She’s as happy as happy can ever be. BUT I’M STILL PARANOID!!!!!! T______________T

Oh but there is one difference I noticed. She’s more smiley than before. After the fall, she was smiling whenever anyone smiled to her, it’s as if her smiles are free (it wasn’t before)! Am I paranoid? Yes I think I'm paranoid! Is it wrong to be paranoid? I'm a mother! Mothers should be paranoid right? What if that's an after-fall effect?! It's that good? Or bad? And I'm blabbering to myself now right? Yes you are, Leishia. And you are calling yourself by name. Great. Kill me now please. =___='''

Jason says looks like she needs more falling from now on to get her to smile more. -_- Don’t you just love his post-incident humour when he was the one who went all berserk asking me how I can LET her fall? Zzzz. Yay for dads.  

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Butterfly Kisses' Playing On My Radio T_T

In a bid to eat healthfully and properly, I’ve started to add one or two super ingredients into our food to boost our diet, well as much as I can lah. I must admit I’m totally not a housewife material, one who cleans, scrubs, sweeps, mops, babysits, tidies, AND COOKS EVERYDAY FOR EVERY MEAL. Urgh. I won't go about putting up a front trying to be a supermom cum wife.
But I digressed. -.-

So anyway, seeing how Frappy is growing and how I’ve started her on cereal, we need to set good eating habits and examples for her, not to mention save a ton from eating out. So I’ve make it a point now to visit the market more (bleurgh!) and try preparing healthier food.

Last night I made Sesame Ginger Chicken, which was a little bit of a failure, because the minute Frappy cried, I over fried my ginger. Zzz. Not to toot my own horn, but it was still nice (there's no way you can fail this dish seriously!), albeit the bitter-ish taste. Gotta remake this dish! Humph!

And this afternoon for lunch, I made a Chicken & Avacodo Avocado Sandwich, using Ramly chicken patty (Hehe! I know! Not very healthy to begin with! But I don’t have chicken breasts hokay!), avocado, cheese, and drizzled with chilli sauce! It’s actually quite yum. Haha! The fact that I’ve packed in a super ingredient in my meal makes me feel good about my effort, and that motivates me to do more!

So here’s to simple but yummy meals and a healthier life! :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Can Now Has Play!

Frappy is growing up fast! At 5 months-going-on-6, she no longer likes lying flat on the rocker doing nothing, while watching mommy going about having all the fun. Naturally, she (fake-) cries a lot for attention (srsly the next generation scream queen -_-); wanting to be carried around, played with, or even if it’s just sitting next to her, doing or saying nothing, she’d be happy.

So until we get her a playpen/ mattress-on-the-floor/walker/high chair/whathaveyous, I set this beautiful white crib (a gift from Dewgem! Thanks babe!) up in the living room for her to roam and nap in. And this is what I’ve got:

I is happyz!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Perfectly Lazy Morning

... for a perfectly lazy breakfast  :)

Sliced banana on buttered toasts, cofee, lappy. Bliss.
P/S Thanks Vicky and Essie for a great time last night! The subs and Daiso are better and fun-ner with you guys around!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Almost Edible

"Look, ma! I 'm a qualified poser now and I'm all ready to conquer the world!"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Still Love You. Like, For Real.

Dear blog, I’m not gonna say sorry to you because I’ve abandoned you for more than a month, again. I guess the art of follow-through is really not my thing. In fact, I owe my future generation the biggest sorry because well, in a way, this is for them, you know, when they need to do a story or karangan about their (great/great/great/grand/) parents mama, at least there’s a point of reference here. I do sincerely hope the words “hot”, “witty”, “elegant”, "smart", “an all around total kick-ass” would appear in their write-up(s). But oh well!

My silly bambi has turned 5 months 6 days old today! And if you keep tab with my facebook, you’d be informed that last Sunday she did her first turn. I am, of course more than proud with her achievement. It took her a couple of days to get to the stunt, because she just couldn’t get her left arm out from under her chest; I guess the fact that she’s a little too chubby contributed to the agony. But now, she’d turn over at will, faster than you can refresh your page.

I took many videos.

Two nights ago, all three of us visited little Theodora, but baby Theo was fast asleep and the sight of a teeny tiny little bundle brought back fond memories and urges. To think that it has been only 5 months ago Frappy was that size and totally fragile; ahh, time o time, why do you fly by so quickly?

And baby Theo’s mama has engaged the confinement aunty who took care of me and Frappy to help her out. Something struck Frappy’s funny bone and she couldn’t stop laughing the minute the aunty started playing with her. All she needed to do was to just lock eyes with her, and Frappy’d go crazy laughing the roof down, it’s as if she’s reunited with her mother! It was really entertaining, to see her laughed herself out of breath.

Naturally, we took many videos, too.

When the time came to bid farewell, the aunty was so fond of Frappy that she, a so-called ex-employee, gave Frappy an ang pau. We were really touched with her generosity and the love she has for children. There’s a difference, confinement ladies/domestic helpers who work with passion and love, and people who work just because it’s their job. This one, is a keeper.

Disaster struck when we reached home. All videos and pictures taken with my much loved Nokia XpressMusic 5800 for the past 10 days were gone. No notice, no signs. Just disappeared as if they’ve never existed. I’ve looked in every nook and cranny of the phone, but they’ve gone without saying goodbye. I was, still am, devastated. But I’m now much calmer, thank you, constantly quoting Taio Cruz’ Dynamite lyrics (although I do heart Mike Tompkin’s cover version better):

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying AYO!
Gotta let go!
I wanna celebrate and live my life
Saying AYO!
Baby, let's go!

Reminding myself there’s much more than crying over lost videos, as heartbreaking as it is. Haiks.

But yeah, gotta let go.

Oh by the way, I’ve been a useful member of the household lately by bringing in my share of income. I’m tutoring a Korean guy. All I need to do is just talk to him and help him practice his English. It’s quite fun, when the students are responsive, instead of just kayu-ing there. Anyway, he just can’t get the word seafood right, he’d go cheeput all the way. This happened with my previous Korean student too. Hmm, gotta dig deeper into this phenomenon, and find ways to straighten them up, uh, in an English-speaking kinda way (hello? Laugh? Are my jokes that lame? -_-)

Ooo! And by the very way, my sister’s getting married this weekend oh yeah babay (uh, and next weekend, too. It’s a Chinese thing. Anyway!) and I’ve finally found my dress! It’s a bcbgmaxazria number and although I can get some used to the strong colours, but I do love it nonetheless – tube-topped chiffon maxi dress. Totally light-weight, totally goddessy. Argh, you have no idea how difficult it is to get a decent dress that oozes “me”. What’s with today’s boutiques??? I’m gonna straighten this problem out too, you just wait and see.

Now, should I also be wearing the same dress next month to Deepa’s wedding too? Wait. Am I invited? Erm… I don’t think I dreamt up receiving the invitation card now… it must be somewhere. Anyway, 1 dress 2 weddings?! Hmm! Decisions, decisions, decisions! Life is tough (and so is updating you)! Haiks.

Woops! Frappy’s up and uh, talking to herself! Haha! Gotta go. You stay alive ok (HAHA!)? I’ll be back with more, soon, erm, hopefully, yeah. Ok. Ta. XOXO.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Whaddayanoe! Look what I’ve found in my yard, an eerie looking creature a beautiful God’s creation.

I’ve seen the little fella hopping around on the patch of grass a couple of times now, I hope it’ll plan a move soon, before Braxton gets to it, that is!

Friday, August 27, 2010

KL Mini Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 @ Artista Restaurant & Bar

Speaking of going out more, thanks to Terence’s invitation, 2 weekends ago we went for the KL Mini Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 (what a mouthful!) at Artista Restaurant & Bar with Ju and Vincent. And boy was the music fun, even for an amateur like me!

I must say I didn’t enjoy the first 2 opening acts much, but when Terence’s band, The Terence Chong Blues Band, came on, I felt they just got everyone hooked lah. Dude, I never knew you were that good! :)

The whole gig and venue weren’t very baby friendly (too loud and cigarette smoke), so Jason had to take Frappy out for window-shopping instead (the place was located inside Tropicana City Mall). But a quick browse through the restaurant’s menu, I thought it looks quite promising. Must. return. try. food. weee! All we ordered was some brownies + vanilla ice cream (the ice cream was yum!) and a cup of latte to share, not bad at all.

We didn’t stay till the end of the gig as the next day was a work day for Jason, which was a disappointment because the music just got better. But that couple of numbers they covered already got Ju and I all pumped and excited! And Vincent said “it got crazier” after we left. Man! -_-

But all in all, it was a fantastic experience and I’m definitely looking forward for more of such outings/gigs.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For The Love Of My Sanity

Jason has bugged me forever to go get some pamering since the birth of Frappy. But somehow, being the responsible mother that I am, ahem, I kept putting things off, for fear he won't be able to cope with a young one at home. Alone. (More like I'm fearing for the young one -_-)

But then along came Despicable Me! And all responsibilities flew right out of the window! :D So I caught the movie with some friends and may I say? It was so cool! So funny! It's been too long since I laughed so hard watching a movie, wait, there was Couples Retreat (thumbs up funny!) some months back, but yeah, some months back, before Frappy came along!

I so wanna watch it again. Because it wasn't 3D AND we were seated TWO rows before the screen! Well, almost felt like 3D haha! It's all good! Love Gru! Love the minions! Love Agnes! Love the soundtrack! Love the colours! Everything! And it's not a good movie if Leishia didn't cry. The ending was so touching when Margo says I Love You to Gru! T_T

AND THEN! Half way into the movie, Jason called, panicking because Frappy wouldn't stop crying. Zzz. Well, eventually he survived the ordeal! Well done mate! Hehe! Will definitely do more of this getting out! Because one gotta love herself first before loving others (excuse only lah! I just love going out! Haha!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Motherhood Rocks

Because when you see that smile, you know it's all worth it :)

This was funny because when she's done crossing her eyes, she jumped when she saw the camera was in her face, and she pursed her lips. Haha!

Man, how fast she grows! Sometimes I miss that arm-length tiny bub that she was. God's hand in her life is so real - from before she was conceived, to the day she was born, and now, moving on with every second - she is truly a blessing to not just us as the parents, but many around her.

Thank you all (you know who you are! But like Cerlyn says, if you don't, then probably it's not you! HAHAHA! Funny, you!) for showing your tremendous love for Frappy and giving us so much of support! I've said it, and I'm gonna say it again and again, the Jason clan is truly, truly, utterly, crazily, madly, totally blessed! Thank God, thank you! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love Tees That Speak My Mind

... so says Frappy. Check out this onesies! I mean, the taglines totally rock, love 'em!!! but I'm not too sure they'll rock as much (for me. Zzz) when Frappy is wearing 'em -_-

This is when my headache begins...

"uh, well, you see girl... heh..."

Thanks a buncho alythelily and jareddy (And all those who belikan Frappy toys!), you guys will be her coolest uncles and aunties! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeling Really Blue

Good morning everyone! I've been going all obssesed about electric blue lately! So, before Frappy wakes up for her bath, here's something electrifying to brighten up your (more like, my) day :) *Love those heels and pumps argh!!!*

all photos by various yummy brands taken from polyvore

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Qualified, Totally!

I just cooked the most amazing tasting bowl of rice wine tomato mee sua with dried oyster and poached egg. I now declare myself a chef *smug*

Oh, by the way, “what’s Moorpark spelled backward?”


(Granpa, Valentine’s Day)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tubby Frappy

I just came to realize that Colbie Caillat’s Capri is a pregger’s theme song! I hereby dedicate this song to baby Frap and myself! =D

Thanks to infant formula, my frappy is becoming more and more chubby *swt* I mean, think about it, babies are drinking “formula” – a composition of… things, instead of plain ole, say, cow’s milk or something.

Anyway! Just me being paranoid. ~_~

Frappy’s been a good baby. She now sleeps through the night after her last feeding at around 11pm/12am, only to wake up at 5/6am for her next (without going through any cry-feed-water-force-to-sleep kinda training! Can you tell already how proud zee mama is? *happy tears*), granting her mama highness some much needed sleep! So when she’s up for her fix, you can always hear her tummy growling and see her mouth puffing like a fish outta water! Haha!

Oh and how she loves to stretch and stretch and STRETCH! Like the hands of a clock, every stretch or squirm will cause her to move (anti)clock-wise. It’s funny and (annoying!) to see how paranoid the father is about this!

I think she’s beginning to learn to smile these days, though still not apparent, but sometimes when I’m chatting with her doing funny sounds or singing to her, she’d look at me with her biggest, widest, purest eyes and then, smile for 3 whole seconds *totally melted* Ah can’t wait till she can smile and gurgle for real!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Been Over Five Years. It's About Time.

Undressing a new chapter, welcoming a new life, wearing a new outlook. Here's looking forward to a better, purer tomorrow! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Let's Go To My Department. The Grocery Department.

He says…

Hey I got my shirt! What do you think dear? The colour is nice right? The cutting is good too, it fits me! *turn left turn right admiring self in mirror* Alright, let's pay and go to your department now. Where’s Giant?

She fumes >(

Friday, June 18, 2010

Like Caffeine. Only Stronger

I'm a big girl now and schleeping is shohhh yeshterday! It's for old pweeeple, like mommy, who makesh a big fwuss about not getting enwough schleep at night. I wonder why!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ticking List

I was planning to bring Braxton to the vet and get her spayed before delivering Frappy. But as things went, Frappy came way before the estimated day and the whole to-do list went bonkers. The best thing was, during the last week of her stay at my parents’, Braxton got loose from the leash and ran down the sunset with her white knight away with a white male dog. But of course it had to happen when she’s on heat -_- It caused me a lot of tears us a lot of time and effort to find her back. But thank God, she managed to come home on her own, but it’s all too late.

Since then, the white knight male dog would loyally visit Braxton three times a day; and even though they were separated by a big, white, heavy gate, he never failed to show his affection and love (I’m not too sure about this though. Men) by silently pawing her muzzle. It was all very… romantic, in a sad way.

But spay we must! So she just came back last night from the vet, looking every bit traumatized, pitiful, betrayed, and violated. Poor thing. She's weak and she refused her favourite food – rice and canned meat (actually, she favourites every edible thing. Zzz), she didn’t even want to look me in the eyes! T__T But it's for her own good. Riighht?

Anyway, after a few hundred bucks poorer, the peace I have now is indescribable! I now know I’ve done my part – by bringing her, a would-be stray, home and providing her a shelter, and spaying her, finally! One down, millions to go; the doctor was telling us that SPCA has to put down I-forgot-how-many-thousands-already of dogs a year not because of illnesses, but because they have no shelters.

As for Frappy, I’m trying to plan a routine that is most comfortable and will minimize her crying after the first day of chaos after the confinement lady left, and it seems to be working just fine so far, at least I'm more relaxed and get to rest that little bit more! She’s asleep now and Braxton’s resting quietly (I LOVE it when she’s quiet and calm!). Time for a cup of hot Milo! Or not. Frappy just woke up. Haiks! Gotta go, peeps =_='

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Life of a One Month Old Frappy

First off, lemme explain. See, I like ice blended coffee. So from now on (until I change my mind to call her something else later) she’ll be my favouritestestest iced frap! Cos she cools me down when I'm all hot, melts me when I’m all tension. She’s the reason for the world to go round everyday. MY baby frappy :)

OK, now on to blogging business. So everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has a new blog template! It’s time for me to close shop and retire. Haiks! Or... just change my template already. But I think close shop is easier! Ha!

But before I do that, let me quickly run a series of piccies of Arianna aka baby frap. To quote mama Cynthia, “she got a lot of pattern wan hor?” hahaha! Indeedy! Like father, like daughter =.= but her smile is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen *melts* like mother, like daughter la this one confirm chop sign! Hoho!

wanna fight?

saturday night fever



Har? O_o

no! it wasn't me! I didn't curi minum the susu!

you wanna shake leg, you shake it right.



Backstreet's Back dance (hahahaa!)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello World!

Yeap! The girl can’t wait till full term, and has kicked her way out of the cosy womb on the 7th of May 2010.

Everybody say ello to Arianna Jaden Jason with your bestest baby talk (which you already did on Facebook, I know, just normal blogging procedure haha)!!!

Even arriving 3 weeks early, Arianna was at a healthy weight of 3kg and thank God, she is doing and growing well. How time flies! It has been 3 weeks since the crazy day that was 7th of May (incidentally, her EDD was yesterday on the 30th. We are just simply too amazed with God’s timing and how He worked things out!) and this coming weekend marks her full moon already.

It’s madness, but I’m a mama for real now (and my blog skin is still un-revamped. Give me a yay! =_=)! Hah! Well, here’s to the new chapter of parenthood! :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Mr. Smith!

I love simple recipes. Better still, if the recipes include a cleaner to clean and wash up the mess after me. Heh.

I saw this awfully simple pasta recipe on AFC’s Chef At Home by Michael Smith the other day and I was inspired, to have spaghetti, that is. All I need were bacon, onion, rosemary, and a can of tomato sauce or paste, I think!

Since Jason is a non-tomato eater (hah! His loss!), I decided to cook it for lunch. It was however, a huge disappointment when I found out Tesco Puchong don’t sell bacon! -__- So I had to settle with ham.

What you need to do is basically:
- Chop the bacon up
- Brown them in a pan without oil
- Pour off excess of bacon fat
- The chopped onion goes in, sauté till soft
- If you fancy garlic, one whole head will go in the pan too after the onion’s almost soft, because according to Chef Smith, garlic browns/burns way much faster than onion does
- After a few minutes, the whole can of tomato sauce goes in along with a splash of water
- Throw in the rosemary too. I used dried rosemary instead of fresh ones. Sprinkle in salt and pepper, I added a tiny dash of sugar too
- Simmer for an hour. I did mine in 30 minutes heh
- Boil the type of pasta you fancy. Spaghetti is the way for me, baby.
- Top up the sauce
- And dig in!

I added one more step to the recipe:
- Sprinkled some cheese over the dish and baked it for 5-6 minutes in the oven, till the cheese melted and is gooey.

And I did a bruschetta (kononlah!) with the leftover sauce for tea break. Oorh! I can eat pasta sauce everyday like this! +.+ Yum!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Darndest Things Love Happening To Me

Just came back from a haircut; and I feel like it’s-not-enough, you know like, hey I paid 58 bucks, the least you can do is give me a new look man! The only thing that happened was, it got shorter, oooo, impressive ainit! But anyway, that’s not the darndest thing, the darndest was…

So my hair was being blow-dried, and it’s looking good with the big wavy diva curls and all, when suddenly, POOFED! The electricity supply to the entire building was cut off! Hahahhahahah! And after a few frantic phone calls to TNB (I assumed), it was announced that the fastest they can fix the problem was in 3 hours' time. Why am I not surprised? lol

It was amazing! Everyone had to be sent back home with their hair half-done. Can you imagine if I was say, perming or colouring my hair? x_x hahahaha! Will be sent home with the curlers and everything nicely wrapped up on my head and proceed to use my own wisdom to get them hair permed at home? Funny lah! So in the end I had to go back with one side of my hair all groomed and dandy, and the other side all flying and frizzled. Adui! Haha!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Do Dogs Hate Garbage Collectors So Much? ~_~

I read somewhere saying dogs just can’t stand the sight of walking figures (i.e. human) with their heads wrapped up with cloths, wearing sunglasses and hats, etc. They’d go berserk. At least Braxton does. She’d sprint from one corner to the other, bouncing off the walls like an Olympic swimmer doing laps, dirtying my white walls with her paw prints. It’s. Not. Cute. Anymore. T__T


Been going on a crazy reading binge lately. Tackling a few books at one go - topics ranging from marriage to investing to pregnancy (tis a given huh) to business to freelancing, also planning to start on Tony Parsons’ Man & Boy.

Now all I really, really need is settle the darn internet at home! And maybe get a lazy boy too!

A gift from lijenny! Moleskin notebook! Hearting so muchhh. Thanks girl!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

The weather is such a killa! I don't like tropical weather anaymor! Argh, and I can't wait to get this girl outta me! Not that it's heavy or anything, but it's just, in the way, you know. I must sit very straight in order that I can breathe, I must lay like a log leaning on a mountain of pillows in order that I can keep the food down. I must remind myself to w.a.l.k and not run because well, I'm just forgetful like that. It's just... quite, woah, big task, you know. Plus! I'm still getting the metallic tongue! Bleurgh!

But on a more serious happier note, I think my tummy muscles are getting good exercise. The girl's one heck of a hip hopper OR a drummer OR a maestro! -_- My tummy's getting all the kneading and moulding and poking and stretching in all possible directions it has never gotten its entire life, until well, now. She'd squirm her neck, bob her head, kick my guts, and punch my bladder like the world womb is hers. But well, technically it is hers for now. -_-'

But all these grumbling aside *switch to normal-good-parent mode*, of course I thank God that she's growing so well, and to be positive and looking it from a different angle, only 2 months left.

Positive thinking is hard >.< hah!

Right now, Jason and I are running crazy getting all the baby/mother stuff in order. If you guys have any of those things in that category to hand down, please look our way! We'd be happy to give them a temporary shelter until there's another home we can pass it down (or back) to!

OH! ALSO! Very quickly and very randomly, if all the internet and gadget gods love me enough, I should be getting my internet connection at home AND a netbook latest by next month! Can you tell I'm rweally, rweally happy? >D Time to pop the champagne coca-cola Anmum Materna milk powder already (woe. is. so. me... haiks... T_T)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Day He Butterflies No More

She: Eh dear, you know… *rubs bump*
He: Yeah…
She: From now on ah, you have two girls to take care of ady.
He: *pausing*processing*processing*processing*froze*light bulb moment goes off bling!* O_O Oh. My. God. *jaws dropped forever*
She: Yeah. So do you think you'll still have time to *need* to take care of other girls?
He: T___T no more dear! No more! I have enough of girls now! No more! (translate: I’m so dead now on HAHAHAHAHA!).
She: Yeah… fending off boys from your own girl is a tough and demanding job as it is huh.
He: Oh dear God, why are you doing this to me?! T______T

Did I just give away the answer to the poll? Haha! Happy weekending y'all!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bird or Bee?

So we've just came back from the ob/gyn's. Our doctor is one who's very smart with the right words to use, if he's not sure, he will put things very neutrally, and it's up to you to make all the assumptions. But this time, we've got a "99% sure" from him when it came to the gender of the baby. Surprise. Surprise.

So what say you? Do you think I'm making a baby boy or a baby girl? >.<

Let me start the poll! I've always felt it's a boy!