Thursday, April 26, 2007

Random Joy

I Miss Ya, Poofy Head!

There’s something sentimentally sad about this picture, probably the colour, something’s morbid and… obituary-like about it


Choi!!! >.<

Pui! Pui! Pui! Ish! Mulut celupar betul!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Little Things In Life

Last week(end) was a little bluey. The Replay event in KLCC had me standing on heels for 2 freaking hours. Urgh. At the end of it all, had to snoogle my way back to Kelana on LRT and it was raining cats and dogs. I mean, raining dogs’ totally fine with me, but raining CATS and dogs?! Damn! Oh did I mention my sense of direction only kicked in when I was half way towards Terminal Putra?

I couldn’t feel my toes for the whole of Saturday and Sunday.

There’s this fugly fatty at the event, was busy acting glamorous with Stephanie C and stood right in front of me and another girl’s face, like fat back-to-face, and totally ignoring us and cornering us out. I was so closed to kneeing him! Just that bit more and I’m pretty sure he’d have to lie on his sorry tummy for a week. Bleh!

Anyway, here’s a picture for my parents and badminton-freak uncle. Rudy Hartono, up close and personal. He was at church, preaching. A very humble yet elegant man. Everyone was so star-struck and crowding him at the end of the service to take picture with him (including yours truly…’s husband! Hah!)

Oh and I cropped myself out, cos, woah! I blew myself away! Jap, it’s time for a new camera macha!

Dangit! Output time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Get On With Life. Stay Free From Drugs & Alcohol

Drug and alcohol dependence is a very tricky issue to tackle. From the surface, it seems all serene and under control for an addict, but it could be one of the worse silent killers that rob us from a normal life.

It requires a lot of effort, motivation, and family’s support to get an addict through and clean. Of course, the pain of the whole process can be shared and lightened with professional medical help from rehab centres.

Stone Hawk is one of such centres that help people to walk out from drug addictions with their high success rate drug and alcoholism treatment program. At Stone Hawk, clients are simply students who are in to learn life skills and how to cope with a substance- and alcohol-free life, instead of being a patient under medical treatment.

They provide practical programs such as Therapeutic Training, Drug Detoxification, Life Skills Courses, and Aftercare Programs. So clients need not worry about relapses as Stone Hawk has a panel of qualified and well trained personnel to see you through.

They also welcome foreign visitors and provide various financing solutions. The bottom line: to get clients firmly grounded on their feet and to be able to move on with a healthy and productive life.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miniescapade: Episode Between Muar & Melaka Part II

We spent the rest of the weekend after checking out from Muar in Melaka with Jason’s family watching Tamil and Hindi movies while basking in the humidity of good old Melaka.

Noticed how Indian movies these days are trying so hard to use the slow-mo, matrix-like shooting technique blending in with a comedy twist in most movies? Or is it just me?

Oh and there’s one topic these movies love to develop their characters/stories on: multiple personality disorder. One was Anniyan, and the other I watched the other day was… I-don’t-know-what-the-title-is-because-it’s-so-darn-long. Not that the movies’ totally bad, but no other topics to talk about meh?

Speaking of which, olden days Bollywood heartthrobs can’t seem to grasp the fact that their time is over. Instead, they still want to play the main role hero romancing underage heroines, and kicking baddies’ asses. Like Kamal Hassan. (The next sentence is sponsored by Oh did I mention how big a fan is Jason of the dude? Says he’s a true blue hero of all times, he's the epitome of all things heroic. A little old, but totally rock his socks and would defintely rock yours too. Even wikipedia has an entry about him! Real big! Heh

Aww, but who doesn’t find themselves enjoying Indian movies? I for one can sit through every one of ‘em just ogling and drooling over those pretty dresses, actresses.

Last Saturday was apparently Indian Tamil New Year. I learned this: putandu valtegal! So I was eager to show off my new learned words by calling my Indian friends and wishing them over the phone. And just yesterday, I saw my friend from India over on MSN. So wait for what? Show off lah!

Me: Putandu Valtegal!
Abhi: Yay! Putandu valtegal to you too!!! :)
Me: Yay! I got it right! I still remember how to say it!
Abhi: Yeah! Yay! Now what does it mean?
Me: -_-

Anyway, if you’re around Melaka, do drop by at Selvam’s, that’s an Indian restaurant down town nearby Public Bank/Tabung Haji. They serve fantabulous apaam hot from the stove! And banana leaf rice too! Hawt!

Oh man, I so want some hot apaam and masala mutton with heaps of rice and fish curry on banana leaf, like now! Anyone knows of any nice eat out places in Klang Valley/ Kajang/ Bangi/ Putrajaya that serves real food?

Oh well, here’s spreading some Tamil New Year joy, putandu valtegal y’all! Peace out.

Miniescapade: Episode Between Muar & Melaka Part I

After the flood ordeal on Thursday evening, we got packed and were ready for a trip down south to Muar on Friday evening.

It was for a training Jason’s conducting there for the Southern region sales team and I get to tag along! 3 cheers for mini escapades!

We checked into a Classic Hotel, and I thought it’s pretty decent for a small town: the room was spacious, tidy, and clean, almost comparable to a 4-star hotel it is a 4 star hotel. But the sales lady’s rigid and immature attitude when dealing with customer (over the phone with Jason) was… well, not commendable, but that’s another story.

So on Saturday when Jason’s at work down at the function room, I was busy slacking in the room, watching Astro, sipping coffee, and chomping salty chips! Syiok!

I caught Walk The Line twice (but damn, didn’t get to the ending both times: once on Friday midnight and the next on Saturday afternoon, nearing check-out time. Ish!), starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. I thought both of them were fantastic actors! Their acting and dialogues delivered the story so... effortlessly and breathlessly. And they were so natural! The talking, the character, the singing… heart it!

And then there was this Turkish movie, which towards the middle, I was already attached to it and ready to call it a good one.

It’s about the intrusion of an invention of modern technology in the 70s into a small town called Hakkari in Turkey. They called it Vizontele or, radio with pictures (that’d be television in modern language). The movie depicts the confusion, excitement, fear, and disappointment of the villagers that were brought by the inanimate object.

My Turkish friend was telling me the cast was a team of famous comedians back home and how they have stand up comedies in local theatres. It was no surprise considering how I was tickled and laughed along with all their jokes and gimmicks even though I understand not a word of Turkish! The ending was very much unexpected!

The storyline is simple yet refreshing. Reminded me of how dependant we folks are on our gadgetries. Once air-con breaks down, we’d be crying in sweat; TV fused, we’d be shouting in boredom; and god forbids, if computers and internet connection gone, there goes our life too!

In between these movies marathon I was laughing myself silly watching Taiwanese entertainment talk shows. Oh it was so good!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Day Flood Means Joke

Yes, when my apartment is flooded. 3 floors up from the ground, and its flooded. How funny!

I mean can you believe it? The apartment was flooded! Oh. The agony!

I came back early from work on Thursday and thought how cool, can enjoy my bath, reading, listening to Mika's CD, and just slack before the sun sets for once! And then it started raining, pouring, storming even! And when I stepped into the apartment, I looked towards the kitchen and saw that the floor was wet. I thought OK, must be leaking from the window again, better go collect the laundry first. So I proceeded.

And with my arms full with laundry, I walked right out to the living room, thinking to dump them on the couch first and then! It happened. The truth unravelled. I felt a puddle of water under my feet.

Yee, why wet geh? Hmm…

I dumped the clothes on couch, and turned around.

Half my living room was flooded! Puddle of water here and there. WTH right? Low land only fear flooding wan mah, no meh? Geography teacher say wan! I’m not even grounded leh!

I quickly walked into the bedroom, and that was it. A little below ankle high was the height of the water level. The same went to the study room and the store room full of MY stuff. MY STUFF. You get it? MY STUFF!!!

I walked back out to the living room, plonked myself down on the couch, SMSed Jason about the joke. And I slept. Heh. Till Jason got home with currypuffs, cakes, and apple strudels.

Of course I ate first!

The owner is looking and engaging contractors to change the old-school windows to sliding ones next weekend. I hope that’ll help. Thank God for his willingness to take action because despite the location of it being out of town, and the whole not non-malay friendly environment, we still like the apartment enough to plan to stay for a while before we get our own pad. The rental is cheap, once you enter the house, it’s a whole different world in there. So! It's a give and take thing.

We cleaned up the house till wee hours (my books were wet!!! Damnit!) and went to Projet’s 7-11 for dinner - Maggie mee in cup and whipped potato! Nice combo for a wet and cold night! Yum!

I Kena Stabbed

…at an event. Cuffed and all. Stabbed. And stabbed. And stabbed. Shiny sword. Sword in. Sword out. It was a conspiracy magic show woh. People actually call that entertainment.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Paid Blogging? It Only Gets Better! -NOT!

For my friends who’ve just picked up the whole idea of blogging for money, here’s another good news for you: Bloggerwave.

Thanks to the ever resourceful pool of stay-at-home-mommies cum bloggers, I came to know about bloggerwave through baby Sean’s mommy, Nicole. And I was only all too glad to sign up.

Riding on the same concept of most paid-blogging web sites, bloggerwave is a new site that lets you write or rather review their listed advertisers and yes of course, you’ll be paid for doing so.

I signed up just last evening and this morning I received and email from the good guys over at bloggerwave saying my blog has been approved. That’s awfully quick for an approval to come through!

So, see for yourself! Click this and give it a go!

OK, after alarm bells were raised over the weekend in the blogosphere in regard of this paid blogging site, I’m discouraging you guys from signing up with it as it spells scam all over (the layout, the content, the policies were very similar to another legitimate paid-blogging site)

I’ve no problem logging in for the past few days but lo’ and behold, error pages keep popping up through out the day, and when I do get to log in, the dashboard isn’t mine! It belongs to a Mr. T... Sailorsim was suggesting that could due to lax security.

Whatever she means, THAT freaks me out! -_-

So I’m stopping association with this site, and I suggest you do so too. I mean, c’mon, lets not get too attached to the money, eh? There are many more ways to earn with our conscience intact.

Just a word of caution, before signing up with any sites that requires your review services, do a thorough background check of the website if you could ya (at least dig around a bit). Google or your fellow blogger friends normally will be able to feed you with useful info. And yeah, never use the same password for your bank account/paypal and all blog/email related sites. I know you know these already, I mean, duh, common sense, but hey, all of us can use some reminder, no?

So exercise a little care and alertness, you won’t be sorry for no good reason.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My (Almost) Oscar Night

Easter had came and gone. Boy how time flies!

This year’s Good Friday was “rather” exciting because, it was my stage debut! Whoo hoo! OK, OK… I take that back, it was my off-stage debut! Whoo hoo -_-

See, I was a narrator for a mime/skit. How… crazy was that? Haha. Leishia? Mic? Leishia and mic? So not a combo!

My hands were shaking when I held Mike the mic (what? can't a mic have a decent name?) and Tori the hand-torch, and my legs too were wobbly even though I was seated (and the script was on my lap, tossing up and down like peanuts on a hot pan). At one point I almost wanted to scream into the mic calling for the director! (Have I done so, I will henceforth be banned from getting near to anything stage-related!... Man, why didn't I do it?!)

But it was all good! Thank God! I didn’t do anything stupid except for messing up one line by reading it before cue. Although I was, erm, shaking all over (rather mildly lah!), somehow I could remember word for word even without looking at the script, and said it exactly without blacking out.

See this thing about blacking out, my mind has a huge tendency of wiping out all info, text, images, data, younameit, on the last minute as it wills without so much of preparing me. And I would just freeze there like a dummy for seconds. Minutes even!

Or, my mind would create and input totally unrelated stuff causing me to translate those data into words like a robot. For example, the script says: eating rice and crapping *toot*. I would… I mean, my mind would make me say: eating *toot* and crapping rice.

Uhm hmm, sweet eh? Totally yeeew-ouch! Hehe.

Oh by the way, I’ve prepared an award-acceptance speech before the play. Just in case, you know ;) Allow me.

“I want to thank my parents, my grandma, my puppy,the sound man, the lighting girl, my costume designer, the awesome script writer, our wonderful director JeeJ. And the cast! How can I forget you guys? Henry and Theva as the guards cum bad guys, Kimmi as the super bad guy, Eric my narration partner, and Jason my husband, as Jesus (!). You guys were lovely to work with!

And P/S director JeeJ, your retro high-waisted, white bell-bottoms were simply gorgeous! *cue winks* I love you all! And to my fans! Love, love, LOVE you all! Without you I won’t made it this far and actually be here tonight along side the fantabulous Austin Power! *cue flying kisses* love you all! God bless America!”

I'm A Girl. Hear Me Roar!

Did I tell you I’m all for jersey wrap dresses? Oh well I’m all for jersey wrap dresses :) I have 2 lovely dresses which I bought recently and I love them to bits. I wore one to an event yesterday and I’m getting loads of attention! Mwahahahaha.

OK, vain pot talking. Moving along.

So I've gotten sick of wearing jeans to work everyday and decided it’s about time I be a girl. I mean, mom didn’t bear me for 9 months as a GIRL for no reason!

So yeah, gotta be a girl, man!

Imagine my skippity heart when I clicked enter to through Coupon Chief (remember I blogged about this site before? Yes! Don’t you just love coupons?!!!). They have dresses of all kinds to choose from!!! Jerseys, drop-waists, formals, tie-backs, long & flirty, LBD, LWD (little white dress!), woven, smocked, social dresses, casual dresses, ALL DRESSES!

Oh grandma-balloonee!!! There’s only this much my heart can take!!!

I love their extensive wrap and patterned range! Really gorgeous stuff! The good news when you shop through Coupon Chief is this: you get promising discounts and even free shipping at your favourite stores! And in this case, from now till 30th of June, when you shop at Target, you’ll get a 10% discount without a minimum and you’ll also get free shipping on selected times! Simply enter the coupon code and you’re good to go.

Ahh, the little sweet details of shopping online. Me happy.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Did I Tell You My Grandma’s Cool Already?

While savouring a steamed-3-eggs dish (in canto: steamed ham-dan, gai-dan, pei-dan) over dinner, Jason praised my grandma’s cooking and mentioned the egg dish was nice. To which my grandma replied:

Ini telur tiga bangsa!

And we went like, huh?

Yah mah! Tiga bangsa! Ada olang Cheena (ham dan), olang India (pei dan), olang Melayu (gai-dan). Olang putih (uh, I think this one is uh…. ham dan also?) pun ada!

How nice. It is confirmed that the humorously WEIRD gene is running in my family *so-proud-i-have-tis-to-pass-down-to-my-kids*

Friday, April 06, 2007

He Died For Me

This day 2000 years ago, someone died a bloody death.

Not for a crime he did. Nor was he a victim of any sorts.

But he died anyway

For the wrongs that I’ll do,

I’m doing,

I’ve done.

One for all.

One for love.

A humble tomb was given.

Which was but a last resting place.

He walked out.


A conqueror.


His name, is Jesus.

Have you met this man?

This man who died for you.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The One Where She Faked Her Wedding

OK. I sucked. I know. Blogging has taken a back seat for the past couple of weeks and I don’t feel like getting back on it anymore :)

Anyway, absence from the blogosphere means presence in the real world. I had a kick ass weekend last week! My colleague’s birthday was on Saturday, she insisted we all have karaoke with her, even if it means she had to go out of the way to come fetch me!

So we were at the Curve. And I bought a pwetty dress before we headed over to the karaoke joint! The dress, so pwetty! Anyone has any weddings coming up? Or functions or whatever? Invite me please!!! I need an occasion to wear it! Haha!

The karaoke session was boring, because I don’t sing. Too shy *ahem* ha.ha.ha. Well my colleagues were all croaking in Chinese songs, and I realized how out of touch I am. Haiks.

AND THEN! Its beef rice time over at Yoshinoya, 1U in the evening with my form six friends! Finally we managed to gather all the girls for a meal together... after Leng Sim faked her wedding and announced it over email :D

Anyway, the beef rice was how I imagined it to be! Sooo yummo. Sooo good. Sooo satisfying. Erm, actually I don’t know if it’s really that good or I have just psyched myself into enjoying it. Haha. But I love it! Another trip with me?

I love the company even more! Remember Joanna? She came too with 2 of her friends! And it was sign-language practicing time all over again, spelling out our conversations with ABC!

And then Lil Li also popped by too (hey lil!!!) with her friend. It’s nice to hear her hearty laugh. Just like old times on ICQ! Haha! We gotta do this more often man! Leng Sim promised to drag May Yen along the next! Which means more aching muscles over non-stop laughing and teasing the next! Yay!

And well, the rest, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Till the blogging bug get me again! Stay safe y’all!