Thursday, August 16, 2012

My First Pre-Loved Closet Sale Party @ TTDI

So I'm finally done talking the walk and am walking the talk! Imma gonna throw a PRE-LOVED CLOSET SALE/PARTY this coming 1st September @ TTDI!

pls click for the fine print.
try saving it on to your computer to read. :)
How exciting is that??? Date, time, venue as stated in the promo poster. My aunt, who's a beautician and runs a beauty salon, is kind enough to lend me her space to hold the sale! /gamdong So. Yup. Here we are!

Organizing this "event" is truly exhilarating yet nerve wrecking! I mean, knowing me, the things I'd worry about is none other than, what if no body comes and not will people buy my junk gems, they are gems ok! T___T *chill chill* but it's ok, at least I try. Huhu

Ok , sob promos aside, please come! Even just to say hello! That'd be a heck load of motivation for me!

Anyway, just briefly - the sale will be held, as mentioned, in my aunt's thalgo salon @ taman tun dr. ismail (address @ the attached pic), from 10am to 4pm. I'm digging deep into my closet (and my sisters', my mom's, and my aunts') and basically took out everything that we are not wearing anymore, and hopefully find them some real loving in new homes. There are some really good brands (brand new and preloved but lightly worn!) here! No worn-out, pariah stuff on sale. Don't worry.

The objective is to clear my wardrobe, which I don't have one, actually, a physical wardrobe I mean. So my clothes are all hung out in a room - a sort of walk in... wardrobe? But it's not working! The dust and the mozzies are bugging me nuts! Besides, I'm just not wearing them anymore, but sayang want to throw out because they are in good condition and are pretty! Really, just for one reason or another, I've grown out of the erm, teen/college girl styles (I mean, a mother? Hello? I can't be donning that H&M mini skirt and I Luv NKOTB BSB band tee anymore right. It's just... off. Age-wise T_T)?

ANYWAYS!!! Giving clothes a second life instead of sending it to the dumpster is good for the earth. So!

I'm also going to donate 10% of the proceeds to Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) - a non profit volunteer group dedicated to saving the strays (receipt will be shown here upon making the donation). I've read a few of their rescue efforts and I'm really touched by it; I can't be on the ground with them, so I just want to do what I can. So, I appeal for your support too! You can check them out on their facebook page.

So yes, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, I'd be glad to furnish you with as much info as I can. But yeah, it's not a complicated event, just make time and come say hello. And re-home my darling BSB tee. Please? /hopeful

Meanwhile, here's google map's link to the said location. So come! Don't make me wait from 10-4 and cry from 4-cows come home ok please.

p/s do bring along your own bag/recycle bag to keep your purchases. Save the earth! Use not plastic! 


Here's some of the pieces that will be on sale that day posted on facebook

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Thoughts + Contest

Concrete Safari

Off the shoulder top, 71 MYR / J Brand short shorts, 1,220 MYR / Green shoes, 595 MYR / FOSSIL messenger bag, 705 MYR / Statement necklace, 200 MYR

I'm obsessed with the colour mint/turquoise! It's so refreshing! Ah, heart! It's the weekend again! We were at Genting last weekend, and it was super cold and foggy! But we are headed for Melaka this week, my fingers all crossed the weather down there won't kill us! :(

Anyway, happy weekending!

p/s Since I joined's Become Our Official Bloggers contest last week, I have been eating the humble pie, everyday - the girls out there contesting are super talented and awesome, just plain style blogger material if you will, while I, out of no where emerged the first place (at the moment la; the contest ends 15th of August) out of sheer love and support by you guys, I'm just speechless!

So yeah, please, go check out other girls' profile (my personal favs are Cute Granny Vintage, Colour Bites, and Evienereal!), you can vote for each contestant once. Or if you still love me so, you can vote for me too haha /shameless much!

This humble pie has taught me to buck up and learn to blog like a pro, even if I don't win a place in the top 15; also, winning is not everything, friendship is. I'm so, so, so happy, really, really happy that these girls are super friendly and nice, even if we are sort of competing each other to get on top, yet they are really nice to me! Such a humbling journey! Thank YOUs! Here's wishing you girls all the very best! :)

OK, as usual, my p/s's are getting too long to be p/s's. -_- Signing off then! Hehe

Friday, August 03, 2012

Hands-On Makeup Course @ MALswisse

Some months back, a girlfriend asked a few of us girls if we’d like to buy a groupon voucher for a makeup course! Now given the me from 3 years ago, I’d have shrugged you off and asked, rather rudely, for what? But since this year I’ve made a resolution to try NEW things, so I thought, heck, there’s no reason to say no. I mean, it’s high time I be a girl already! So after a few exchanged of giggly words, we bought the voucher and waited breathlessly for the day(s) to come. OK, it was just me being all breathless and jakun-ish. Zzz.

A little background - the course was conducted by MALswisse at Empire, and was divided into 2 lessons (dates of our choice) and all three of us chose Saturday afternoons; each lesson was about 3 hours long. The first lesson talked about skincare, you know, from makeup removal to double cleansing (very important!), and all that. I counted, a total of 9 steps, and that should equate to about plus minus 9 products per routine? Like, seriously? So that confirms what people say about being a girl is not cheap. 

The second lesson taught us the basic makeup technique and this, confirms what people say something about there’s no ugly girls but lazy ones. 

And that’s the grand summary of my experience! Haha! Oh I forgot to mention that the promotion cost around RM45 per pax through groupon, if my memory serves me well.

The lessons were pretty fun; there were less than 10 of us in both lessons, so it was cozy and that made me feel less shy to talk back ask questions. The trainer, Sharmaine, was friendly too, which made the whole experience very enjoyable, even more so when I went with friends!

Now, I’m not a full-makeup-on-everyday kinda girl, but at the end of the course, I was more confident with applying makeup on my own, especially applying liquid/cream foundation and eyeliner - the 2 steps that I'd avoid at all cost because did I tell you before? That once, I got a complimentary full face makeup at Stila's counter, and I was to attend a wedding after that. Half way into the wedding, where I've greeted like a gazillion people, I decided to pay the loo a visit, and by golly when I saw myself in the mirror I almost died! My lower eye lines "dropped" and I literally looked like a Red Indian ready for war with all the under-eye war paint. What truly killed me that night, was that when I asked Jason why didn't he tell me that I looked like some crazy woman?! His answer, was as epic as epic could ever be - "well, I thought it's supposed to be like that!". Man, srsly? -___- I died a million times that night, till this day, the thought of it is enough to kill me another million times T____T Since then, I avoided eyeliners like... like... you would a terrible ex from a bad romance. Ah. Those young, ignorant days! We shall reminisce in another post now, shall we not?

SO ANYWAYS! I’m also diligently practicing double cleansing now and I remind myself everyday to moisturize; seriously, the lack of moisturizing is the downfall of your skin. Hello flakiness!!! I think if we do the cleansing and moisturizing steps well, good skin is achievable, no matter how terrible your skin is currently! 

So yeah, coming back to the course, personally it does feel good to be back in a learning setting, given a chance, I’d do this kinda short courses again! Whether to learn, to update ourselves, or simply to network, they are all pretty good reasons to go out and just have fun! :)

MALswisse conducts various beauty courses, do check them out! 

p/s thanks for the fun girls! :)