Friday, November 21, 2008

What I Learned From My 3-Day Company Training

that 3-in-1 coffee served in disposal cups are much yummier than drinking from mugs! Really! >)

哈哈!当然也见到了原来每一个人的背后其实是背着一些包袱担子,相见时,都是带着笑容和面具, 有泪自吞,多么的脆弱可悲啊!人生真的就酱子冷冷冰冰, 马马虎虎过一生吗?

这三天一路走来,当然时间是超短的,对此类型的心智培训课程也有所接触,也就抱着一个旁观者的心态来参与,所以启发不大。虽然如此,可也学到原来人与人之间的那层厚厚的墙是可以打反的;就以一个“诚 ” 的眼神和“真”的微笑,心房就自自然然打开了!所谓以诚相对, 就那么的简单。但是说是容易做是难,人总是有戒心,把自己重重封锁。 悲啊!


噢,讲师还有一句话,我觉得蛮有意思的。 他说,您是有潜质做鲸鱼在海洋里自由自在畅游的,哪为什么要硬把自己养在鱼缸里,做金鱼呢?




Thursday, November 13, 2008


Jason will be away in KK for 4 days!

No one to drive me around and pay for my food :(

Note to rachel and mingyan: saya ingin menyahut kempen "I need someone" anda. Apakah kriterianya?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You Drive Me Crazy!

I was over the moon last night!!!! ~.~

I played with one of my neighbours’ GOLDEN RETRIEVER! *if I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up! Prays*

A goldie! A GOLDIE leh!!! And he doens't stink! lol

He’s 3 years old, he’s huge, and he’s so… calm, almost like zenning out most of the time. He wagged his tail when I called out to him, smelt my hand a bit, decided I’m not… erm, hazardous, and then, he just totally zen-ed out, standing there quietly while I petted him! He didn’t go all lickety-licky and salivate and pant and stick his nose up you or anything! Good boy! I like!

OK, I think I’m ready for big dogs now! x)

AND then! After playing with the goldie, we went for a walk around our neighbourhood lah, on our way back, we saw this blob of tiny shadow zigzagging like a clown across the street!

It’s a puppy!!! So I went tchuk tchuk tchuking to get her attention. Now normally street puppies or even adult dogs for that matter are quite fearful of strangers, they’d normally go the other direction if you’re coming from one. So if you want to make friends with them, usually it takes a while.

But THIS one!!! This one came BOUNCING herself at my feet! And running herself silly around me in circles while yelping playfully!!! T___T so frigging cute! Sigh~~~

I NEED A DOG LOH! Grr! When ah?

I’ve been considering for the longest time: should I get one before I become prego, or should I get one after we have children?

One before means our children will have a protective family member watching over them (because by then a puppy would’ve grown to be an adult ady and I won't need to fret over taking care of them like they were babies)

One after means our children will have a tiny, cutesy puppy like them to grow up together with!

But Jason thinks we should only get one when I no longer work! T__T Cruelty, I tell you! So all I can think of now is to quit my job! =.=’

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Tsk!

Oh, by the way, I’m not afraid of big dogs anymore! I even dare to touch Uncle Bernard’s dog! Have you seen his dog? Humongous for a puppy! O_O

You know what, maybe I should go stock up some biscuits now lah. Just in case the puppy comes bouncing over tonight!

You think she'll like Tiger’s biscuit better or Jacob’s Weetameal better?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Bookish Bliss

My library has got new mates!

Check out George's middle parting! LOLLLL

My sis got these babies for me from MPH warehouse sales! All for RM55.00!


Another “Favourite” in my movie list now:

Mamma Mia!!! I LOVE ABBA!!! Don’t you? Don’t you??? My sister and I used to watch their concert on tape when we were wee kids everyday after breakfast and we’d get so frigging mesmerized with the glitz!






I almost died seeing that chubby ball of sweet fluff swooshing along the beach so semangatly! Hmm, they must've dangled a really huge piece of ham at the camera's end! LOLLLL T__T watching the trailer made me laughed and cried at the same time -_- Tears of joy people! Tears of joy!!!!!! Marley!!!

GAHHHH *_* /is hyperventilating to death/

Now before I go hyperventilate myself to death, please, let me advise you to go read the book, then watch the movie! You'll feel it better that way. Seriously. Nah, the cover looks like this:

You simply, really CANNOT miss it!

One more time. Just in case you didn't get the picture imprinted on your brain nicely.

Maybe tattoo it on your grey matter is a better idea...

One last time lah.


Erm... maybe I should email it to you all lah! xD GO READ AH!!!!

*suddenly my life bermakna semula! Lalalalalalala*