Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Show Time!

Very simply put, my absence is due to the KL International Motor Show, to which my company is involved with, and naturally, my colleagues and I are expected to be on duty, till end of this week.

I’m not much of an automobile fan, give me a Murano any day and I’ll be happy as a bumble bee; so I’ve got nothing much to say about the show except its tiring from all the standing (yup, in heels!) and smiling. Oh, hint: our concept car will be featured on Channel V!

Jason didn’t pay visits due to his work commitment and the distance, except for one night where he came to fetch me from work. He was quick to announce that he managed to pick up a few show girls in boots (which one of ‘em is not anyway?), while other guys watched on green eyed. Yeah, bravo!

I’ll try to post up some pictures soon, promise. Yo Jason, I need the camera back!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekender Quickie

My weekend was… pretty… normal. Well Polly was sent for grooming and came back with a new hairdo. She now spots 2 mini pigtails with mini blue ribbons just behind her ears; she definitely looks more girlish albeit still very tomboy at heart. It's ticklish to see her plays like a rough boy with those ribbons on her head. Heh.

And then we bummed into a Cuti-cuti Malaysia travel fair at 1U and collected many brochures for our honeymoon reference. We like the much-needed vacation to be on an island, away from the craziness of a city, to have lots of sun, sand, sea, and rest! I guess we both do love island that much more to choose any other places.

Jason is picking up weightlifting again. He used to do taekwando, badminton, and gym. And then things take a sharp turn after meeting a girl whose hobbies are eat, sleep, shop, and more eating, no less.

Its coming good, can you see that bump over his arm? Yup, that’s my big guy’s mus-cle!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Feeling Gold

I think tis’ season is all about spring and summer colors, bright tropical petals, and feminine fabrics, I love them all! But at the same time, I’m loving this gold tone too. Check out the hand clutch!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In Point Form

> Had a sumptuous breakfast this morning: vegetable soup, corn, peas, coffee, and bread. Yum.

> Bathed Polly and she’s all fluffy and smells of Johnson & Johnson’s baby talcum now.

> I adopted a pot of dying basil and vowed to revive it till it’s bushy before returning it to its rightful owner. OK, actually my grandma is the one who’s doing the revival job, but hey, I had the vision!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dangling Beauties

It's a shame my mom never brought me to pierce my ears when I was a mere babe. Now that I'm all grown up, piercing my flesh seems to be an extreme activity for my heart to take. These danglers look gorgeous nonetheless. I love the necklace and the earrings in the middle. Lovely.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Shoes, Dresses, Blizzards, & Hot Dog

We happened to chance upon a bridal fair at the mall yesterday. It was impressive, not the gowns though, rather the stage designs with the balloons and lighting, and the music selection: very chic, very Parisian. Awesome! And these, made the gowns look good. Hehe.

Remember the greenish bridesmaid’s dress I posted awhile back? Well, I found a dress almost the same as that one at Warehouse; even the color is very, very similar! I would’ve taken a picture of it if I wasn’t too lazy to get a piece in my size. Heh. I was so excited about it, until I saw the price though. At a whopping $429, I’d say forget about it. Blah.

I saw another A-line dress perfect for a bridesmaid too; it’s pale satin pink in color with a little bustier and netting lining the hem of the skirt, it’s beautiful. I tried that on and I wished someone would make me a bridesmaid, pronto! And as usual, all things exciting comes with a blah factor; and this happened to be all other sizes had been wiped out and I don’t think my maids can fit in to a size 8 given their petite frames, oh and it’s priced at $489 :)

Oh well, no matter. I spotted and tried on 2 different pairs of heels in satin cream with diamante and pretty bows and that made it up. Plus, I had a cup of banana split ice cream blizzard and a hot dog, now that, really made the day!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Album Of Joy II

Did you notice the tip of my sport shoes underneath the gown? I'm so proud of the fact that I was wearing sport shoes instead of heels during my shoot. Heh.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hello Spring!

Thursday was a girls’ night-out. We went to the Curve after work and decided to have dinner at Vivo’s. After the chicken chop and baked fish and choco mallo drink, it was time for some serious shopping (without the guys! Whoo hoo!). There were so many pretty things to look at! Oh, I was also on a search for my little black dress.

I’ve found some really cool vintage clothes in Tribeca. The girl in me wished I could buy them all! The patterns and colors combo were awesome. Argh! I should’ve brought my camera along… and then maybe some cash too. Hehe. But refrain was the resounding word of the day.

I managed to find my cocktail dress for tonight’s wedding dinner. This dress has finally put a stop to my search for that little black dress all these years, which suits all events and occasions! Joy!

After the clothing department, we headed over to Borders and found some really yummy books. Ah… life is so good.

I began to find (window) shopping to be therapeutic. And I began to find myself getting girlier each day…

Anyway, we headed over to Laundry bar for some live band performance after the book surfing. The first guy was good with his guitar and voice, but lacked presence; and then things went downhill thereon. We had fun people-watching though! There were so many shapes of people dressed in so many types of clothing with so many sets of attitude, it’s amazing!

The late night saw me waking up with a hang-over feel-alike the next morning, not that I drank, but the headache was annoying. Age catching up maybe? Oh dear. But I really wouldn’t mind doing this again! I’ve begun to appreciate the colors and textures in everyday things more and more. And I’m happy about that. I’m happy I’m not walking around oblivious about the cacophonies of life anymore. And the mission? To capture them all.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Designing Monogram

I’m looking for a True Type font file to create a monogram of Jason’s and my initials. I've found a few really good ones on the net, but they also cost really a heck lot! So if you have any good ones, be nice and share?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Euphoria Of Love

I'm in love with cupcakes. I love how they are so humble and simple, almost ignorable. I also love how a few strokes of icing and squeezes of whipped cream can turn them into a picture of glamour instantly! I love it!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gems Don't Come Shining In Your Face

It’s amazing how some people come in to your life, make the heck of noise and irritation out of you, and then become one of those most intimate and closest friends and touch your heart all the time, through little, little gestures.

Such is the case of my colleagues. She’s one noisy brat (uhm, mature… brat. Hehehe), and cusses like there’s no tomorrow; and then there’s another colleague, she’s petite but loud, clumsy but detailed, and then yet another, the fairest of them all, we’ve had some… silent friction during the first part of our becoming colleagues, but thank God, things worked out for the better, and now all four of us has become one pack, hehe, we literally stick up for each other, although... all 4 of us are very much in 4 different worlds, but I guess, we are there, just for each other.

The participation level of these girls in my wedding preparation is well, commendable! Haha! These girls are more excited than the bride! They’d collect articles on bridal matters for me, collect advertisement cut-outs and photos of brides with beautiful gowns and styling, go with me to source for florists and fabrics for my gowns, buy me magazines, and guess what, last evening was the most indescribable moment; they’ve done the most unthinkable.

I was presented with a silver gift box with a nice tulle bow over it, exactly like a Christmas gift, only it’s May. It was exciting as I unfolded the gift; I haven’t been receiving gifts for such long time! And there it laid a piece of chiffon like fabric in there, with silk trimmings and comb at the crown. It’s a veil to go with my wedding gown! I was beyond words, utterly speechless. Oh the best part was? They made our DGM to chip in too, and I gave word to with-hold his petty cash reimbursements if he doesn’t pay up. LOL ah well, it’s an inside joke but it was all very… warm and touching. I was really touched. Not because of the gifts and the money spent; but the effort and thoughtfulness. They needn’t do all these things for a colleague, but they’ve gone beyond the boundaries to make the life of a girl that much easier… I thank God for them. And now I know why He insisted me to stay here for this long, just so that I’ll find my gem in the seemingly dark and empty mine; and in this case, I found 3.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dresses & Samfoos

What do you think about this dress for the maids? Lovely isn't it? Well I know I'd like to wear it myself! Speaking of which, anyone here has a cheongsam to loan? (Or better still, sponsor me!) I'm looking for one to wear during the tea ceremony. I'm going to chinesified the whole ceremony; yup, meaning Jason would have to wear those tong sam too. Hehehe.