Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Day He Butterflies No More

She: Eh dear, you know… *rubs bump*
He: Yeah…
She: From now on ah, you have two girls to take care of ady.
He: *pausing*processing*processing*processing*froze*light bulb moment goes off bling!* O_O Oh. My. God. *jaws dropped forever*
She: Yeah. So do you think you'll still have time to *need* to take care of other girls?
He: T___T no more dear! No more! I have enough of girls now! No more! (translate: I’m so dead now on HAHAHAHAHA!).
She: Yeah… fending off boys from your own girl is a tough and demanding job as it is huh.
He: Oh dear God, why are you doing this to me?! T______T

Did I just give away the answer to the poll? Haha! Happy weekending y'all!


Essie said...

Awww you guys are so cute! Hahaha

Oooh a baby girl! Yay! NOW WE BEGIN THE NAME SEARCH! lol

Have a great weekend, you two! <3

Essie said...

Hey I just realized something... You should add one of these posts to your "The Frozen Memories" section on the left column of your blog.

I mean, this is pretty significant, right? More than you 100th post, right?

=D Go go go!

leishia said...

Hahahaha! Maybe I should hire you as my blog administrator after all! xD

peiling said...


Anggie's Journal said...

babygirl ???? envy envy ...... envyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..... hahhahah... but take k

Leishia J said...

eh you blog lurkers are simply FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!! O_O how can your respond time so fast wan?!!!!! omg! almost got two heart attacks! haha!

peiling said...

told u i use google reader ma. it updates me of ur blogposts once u post em up, saves me time to go ur blog.

Ps Tim said...

Oooh, baby gal :) Congrats!

Anggie's Journal said...
contact her ..... !!!!
Yah ... u should hv a shoot during ur pregancy ... !!