Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Gripe Of A Man Married To A Blogger #45915364

“Dear, I just came back from this training, and I got all the participants’ names and contacts. Can you help me to compile it into excel?”

“Uhha” *Takes paper and studies*

“Hmm… who is dayana?”

“Oh she’s…”

“Who’s Lily?”


“Wait! Who’s SITI MARYam? SUZilawati… RahidAYU…. HEMALATHA? YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE!!!” *thunderous wails*

“O_O LOL! No lah wei! All these are fatty bom boms lah!!!”

“Hor!!! You call them fatty bom boms! I’ll blog about it! Wahahahahahah!”

“-_- Great”

*mumbles*mumbles* “… I was about to say aunties… good thing I didn’t say it”

“What did you say?!”


“You said aunties! HORRRRRR!!!!!!”


See who has the last LOL laugh? :) Yes, the blogger. Are you one yet?

Monday, June 25, 2007

OhMyGawd He Just Won’t Stop Bugging Me!

For Yasmin Ahmad’s phone number! Yasmin Ahmad’s frigging phone number! Not that I have it! I've never talked to her before! O_o

Jason. That’s who! The whole of the weekend, why you didn’t get her phone number when you met her? I want to be an actor. Why you didn’t huh? You should mah!!!! Why you didn’t get her phone number when you met her wohhhhh???? But you met her! I want to be an actor! I want to ask her if there’s any vacancy. Why you didn’t get her phone number when you met her huh huh huh?”…. Ngam ngam cham cham the whole weekend.

Until I cannot tahan, I said, nicely, “Dear, Yasmin Ahmad’s style of movie is very different from Bollywood movies lah. You cannot make it wan are not suitable lah.”

Then he gave me a “-_-" look. Then he decided he was offended and refused to talk to me for half an hour. Then he started again.

“why you didn’t get her phone number when you met her? I want to be an actor. Why you didn’t huh? You should mah!!!! Why you didn’t get her phone number when you met her wohhhhh???? But you met her! I want to be an actor! I want to ask her if there’s any vacancy. Why you didn’t get her phone number when you met her huh huh huh?”…. -_-

Ohfortheloveofgawd! The dude's so adamant! What. Got. Into. Him??? What have I done to deserve this??? He. Won’t. Stop!!!

Save… me… *reaches out hand* Save… me… please... Just shoot me!

My Weekend Kicked Ass Because...

I sank my teeth in Burger King’s juicy Whopper Burger!

I popped cherries for the first time! O_O (Wahaha, I love lewd jokes! I know! I’m so farny!) tis' nothing to do with lewdness. It's just cherries the FRUIT!!!

I had durians after soooo long! And now I feel a bit sick. +_+

I get to have bak zhang finally! I almost lost hope of tasting it this year!

I’m so craving for a good old cheese sandwich now, preferably with ham inside! :D

Friday, June 22, 2007

O.O I’m So Frigging Excited!!!

I bought this

which is a FREE sample kit! (How awesome right?!) But since they charge me shipping to send over the kit, so I throw in this to the cart too for 5 buck!

Oh fingers crossed, crossed the parcel will arrive safely and perfectly, and in tact! x.x

I’ll do a review and post again when these all-natural-ingredients babies are in my hands!

PS I’m off to Melaka for the weekend! I hope y’all have a good one too! Sick bugs go away!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don’t Buy New Balance Shoes

...if you are not a loyal sorta person. The shoes’ so tahan lasak, they just will not die on me. No matter what, they will. Not. Die! -_-

I bought a pair of New Balance shoes almost 3 years ago, on discount, so the price tag was like, RM 169.90 plus minus 90 cents. Consider normal price right for a decent pair of sport shoes? Right? I mean Bata’s Power sport shoes also about the same price if not more, right? So give and take a little here and there, the same pair of Bata’s Power shoes will like all fall apart in a year or two’s time, right? So the same should apply to the pair of New Balance mah, right? I mean, give it 1 more year lah, make it four three. I mean, RM 169.90. What more can you expect right?


At first I wore my spanking new NB shoes (with super cool purple splashes) almost every weekend. And then every other day. Now I wear them to work every day. I wear them to church. I wear them to Home Life. Sometimes I wear them to cover events. I wear them while I'm driving and riding on LRTs.

They went with me to Kuantan. They went with me to JB. They went with me umpteenth time to Melaka. Then there’s Langkawi, Penang, Ipoh, Kota Baru, and Seremban. They also trudge the Singaporean ground. They went up to the Pahang cemetery hills and right down to the Pahang Rivers, hiked the FRIM jungle, and along its canopy walk. Then to Phuket island and walked the length of Patong beach and the streets and alleys. And to my officially first church camp in Port Dickson. I explored Bangi, Serdang, Seri Kembangan, and Kajang wearing the same pair of trusty ole NB. And walked Polly around Kelana Jaya in the evenings and picked up her shits too. -_-

Oh, and I took my bridal photographs in them too! Yes, white bridal gowns and New Balance shoes!

I walk in them, jog, run, march, hike, trek, and chase. I go to mamak in them. I discover the Subang eateries with the rowdy beautiful bunch of youth and young adults on after-service Sundays in them.

See, I lived my entire, past 3 years in them (and counting)! And they are still kicking asses left and right!

They still…. show no sign of dying. =_=

Whereas Jason’s Nike kaputed in less than 2 years! LOL Not funny. I want new shoes!!! *whines*wails*tantrums*

*This is NOT a paid post ah!*

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Post-Wedding Man

Husband and wife minding their own business la lala la laaa

Husband: Oh yeah, by the way, dear, your passport is expiring this month, right?
Wife: Isit?!
Husband: Yeah lah, I think so! And you have to renew your passport like, 3 months before the expiry right?
Wife: Oh no! Isit? Owh man! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!
Husband: Yeah well…

La lala la laaaa

Husband: So looks like we can’t go anyway liow on our 1st year wedding anniversary.
Wife: O_o ... =_= You’re just waiting to say this isit?!
Husband: >D

I Ish Shick

So sick. :(

Started with Jason over the weekend. Lucky him, he had my mom and grandma to pamper over during the weekend. When it came to my turn on Sunday evening, I had to nurse it at home with loads of Panadols, and slept Monday out, alone :(

Fever, cough, flu, headache, sore throat. Had to lug my sicko ass to clinic alone some more.

Kesiannya!!!!! T___T

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Linkie Lurve

Right before I leave for the weekend (whee!!!) after downing a beautifully rich and creamy bowl of wild mushroom cream with toasted garlic bread on the side, here’s some links I found deeply disturbing interesting for your eyes :)

> Dogs DO have a sense of humour. Here.
> More Six.4.One Production pictures. Here.
> He’s my fiction hero, currently reading A Painted House. Here.
> Everybody needs some doggie loving. Here. *I heart Polly!*
> Tea break lovelies. Here.
> Ogle-ogles to keep you motivated at work. At least until lunch time.(it's THE weekend! Doh!) your tummy inspired Here.

*At this point I really want to put up a camwhoring pic of me here but alas, damn the camera!*

> Buy a book! Save a starving Leishia! Here.

Happy weekending! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Everyone's Talking About Six.4.One!

So I talk also lah...

1) Where it all happened. 2) at work. 3) Tickets fresh from the oven! Excitingness!

The 6in1 641 production that took place recently in my church reminded me of my schooling days where I was all hot for theatre and plays. Uh, being the audience though, not the actor. I have stage fright. Hehe.

The youth and the young adults were an incredible bunch to pull the whole thing through. Essentially, “641” means 6 plays for 1 purpose. And with that one purpose, everyone traversed differences and became one body, one voice, one heart. So touching isn't it?! (T__T)

Through out the whole time, I was standing at the back of the sanctuary, just breathing in everything from corner to corner. It was astounding! The lightings, the people, the plays, the sea of audience, the UV lights, the sound, the smell of dry ice, the “presence”…

1) The guy's back from sailing, and this is the look you get after spending 3 nights with Jack Sparrow. 2) Nah, Edmond aka Mr. T, don't say I didn't mention you here ah! 3) I rescued the tall fella from the 641 tshirt disaster, but no, he never credit my hard work. Cis! And now you turned in a kangalulu! Wahahaha

When the lights were dimmed for the actors to come to live, I started trying so hard to hold back my tears, alas! It was in fact a difficult task. All because, Esther’s crying and shouting for help was so… real. My heart ached hearing her cry. And then Ai Vee. Urgh. Sakit hati betul!

But God’s love for us was, is, and will be the good news! The purpose of these 6 plays is to bring across the message of God’s love to the world. It was so touching, my tear duct was on full swing again +_+

1) Each and everyone of their finger prints were on the sandwhiches you ate the other night. Teehee. No wonder tasted a little too saltish hor? 2) The Spot Leishia Contest 3) Next time I wanna be the makeup artist! Mwahahaha

OK, I’m a cry baby lah, I cry at everything on the first count lah. -_- Now shattap and ogle at the pictures already!

1) Freaky Resto - here's one waiter you don't want to mess with. 2) Oi! Shtopit! Shtop spinning tum-tum-juen! You are making me dizzy! 3) Wei! I just want to give a kiss oni mah, why everyone turn away woh?!

1) Bee ah maan and join da klu! Just laika me yo Beng! 2) The spot Leishia contest part II

All pictures are taken from here and here.

Smorty and I

Some of you have been asking me about how do I get paid to blog lately. Now for those of you who are interested to blog for money, here’s another piece of (genuine) good news - Smorty.

Simple 3-steps to a fatter account: WLW:

Write your opinion about advertisers
Link them up in your article
Wait to get paid.

Can I be any clearer than this? Hehe. Well, if it’s of any assurance, I’ve been paid by Smorty for my work already earlier on. And I like their simple and friendly layout and usability. Although I must say the offers are kind of little, but then again, that’s maybe because I’m not an active member in reviewing their advertisers. So!

Anyway, if you are serious into this whole paid blogging business, do check them out! Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to quit your day job and turn full time blogging ;)

p/s mucho mucho thank you if you could just click on my links to sign up any of those services that I blog about here as (certain services’) referrals get paid too. Once you get on the ride, you may refer others to the services and you’ll get paid too! Yeah, it’s a cycle, and a happy win-win for all. So, happy earning!

Advertlets' Puttin' Da Bling In Ma Blogging

It’s up! And it’s here! Yes, I’m talking about setting up an Advertlets poll here! I kept putting this signing-up off until just 2 days ago and boy, it felt so good. Hehe. Procrastination to the fore!

Anyway, this blogger would really appreciate if you can take part in the simple, to-the-point poll. And if you are a blogger yourself, after taking that poll, do check out and maybe sign up too (psst, better yet if you are a Singaporean blogger, Advertlets are giving out good moolahs for a buzz about them in your blog currently).

So run along now, and click on the little button that says “cycle thru ads” on the Advertlets ad on the sidebar. Or you can also submit your comments by clicking the other button that says “comment on this”.

Mucho tan-qyus! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Crossing Bridges At FRIM

We spent a day with my ex-colleagues at FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) last Saturday. I remember the last I was there was during my form two year, for a geography project and we were collecting foliage and documenting how those plants grow, and mate procreate. Boy, how time flies!

Anyway, what meant to be a just-for-fun family day turned into a little drama, with Jason tearing his muscles from sprinting to determine one winning team out of two, and had to be carried out. The obstacles challenges were serious boot-camp crap and I’m proud to announce that I managed it!

After that, it was trekking up hill in the jungle for the one-in-a-lifetime canopy walk (which is located 30m above the ground and its 200m canopy walkway is built on tree tops)! At least that’s going to be the case for me! I will never ever walk on any hanging bridges anymore! No more! For a few seconds up there I could feel myself fainting and was about to slump to my right. Bleah. Kesian Jason limped and forced himself through the whole journey. But hey he made it!

When I got down, I could very well kiss the ground and set up a shrine with leaves and twigs and stones to commemorate my being alive!

OK, maybe I exaggerated a little. All I actually did was got down from the last leg of the walk, and started telling every stranger I met at the bottom of the tree house that the canopy walk was not meant for human beings. Run and save your own life! And you see their face all dumbstruck and agape. Hehe.

The lunch was great (huge ass prawns to say the least!) but some how I guess we were all too tired to enjoy it. It was cool, no less. Knowing that I can, in fact, achieve all these things if I put my heart and effort to it. I used to have one so called friend telling me how I will be no one had it not for her holding my hand through. And I bought that. I practically lived my life without so much of an ounce of confidence.

But now I know with God, all things are possible! For He is my strength, my grace, my support. I walked away knowing I’m renewed and secured; knowing I’m somebody in His eyes and heart!

Now having said that, I still won’t agree to walk that damn bridge anymore even if you beg! Unless… you’re talking about a Sony Vaio waiting for me at the end of the canopy walk. Nyahaha!

Book For Sale

My sister was a total sweet heart and she bought me a book (awww)!

The problem is I already have that book in my collection. And then she made me pay her -_- Siblings loving. Ahh!

So now I ended up with 2 copies of “The Bonesetter’s Daughter” by the marvellous Amy Tan and RM33.00 poorer.

I’m letting it go at RM 30.00 though the book is brand new (I didn’t even flip open the pages!).

The story is Amy Tan’s bestest work yet, and was inspired by her late mother. In it, Tan explores the intriguing mother-daughter relationship. A moving masterpiece everyone ought to read. I’m dead serious! You should read it!

So, buy my book! :D

Friday, June 08, 2007


I am back!!!!

Bet you didn’t even notice I was gone -_-

Anyway! I survived it all - boot-camp-like obstacle challenges (which was really inappropriate and uncalled for) in the forest, dizzying canopy walk, 1st (yay!) church camp, tele-match, back-up singing(!!!), skit presentation (ok, so I’m just the kay-leh-fay [extras]), really lousy-but-I’m-fat-now-from-eating-it food, a freelance project, sleep deprivation, and sun burn tans (again! Now my skins are a myriad of shades, sexy!)!!!!

I’m so back!!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

PPP Direct - No Frills Paid Blogging

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

Erm, I think I’m a bit slow in announcing this when the whole blogging world is already riding the waves. Anywhoos!

PayPerPost has been very gung-ho in coming up with new features and offers to excite the blogosphere lately and I was in for a surprise after taking off from paid blogging for a while due to work commitments.

The most exciting of all is that they announced a PPP Direct program. In their own words,

...PPP Direct is an exciting new way for you to make money from your blog by contracting directly with advertisers. PPP Direct allows you to keep more of the money per transaction than any other services out there.

Is that cool or is that cool?! PPP is playing middlemen without being in the way! By them doing that, it actually cuts out the overhead; with competitors like ReviewMe charging 50-100% mark-up and keep up to half our money, PPP Direct only charges a 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing; in the most laymen term possible - we simply earn MORE.

Advertisers can now roam and surf blogs who are hooked up to PPP Direct program, and choose their preferred reviewer to blog about their products after agreed upon a price with the said blogger.

I think this is the ultra win-win-win situation for all - advertisers get their chosen reviewer, bloggers get to make money and be paid handsomely in a secure and safe environment for their hard work, and PPP gets satisfied customers and bloggers. One big happy family! Yay! :)

So come on! If you don’t have a blog, start one already! And if you are an advertiser, check us out! You can get in touch and find out more by clicking on the buttons on the left side-bar.

And The One Who's Goin To The Movie's Is...

Warao! You people! Why your questions so holy-molly-serious-saree wann? LoL Because seriously, I was expecting hoping to see more bimbotic ones. :x uh, no matter, at least you all join hor, otherwise I need to go hide my face in the dark corner of the cinema hall already :p

Well I love you guys SOHHH much, I didn’t sleep the whole night to think up the most just way to name the winner.

And the most ingenious way I could cook up is.................... draw lot :D

I really, like, pulled out the most fragrant, prettiest paper with a little hello-kitty imprint at the corner, and cut it out to 7 nice squares and wrote your names in it and put in a bowl and I got my colleague (see! I not bias) to pick! Oh, and, and, I also Never mind.

So, OK, the winner is…................. Ling! Yay! I hope you'd enjoy your movie!

This mini contest is simply for fun, and the topic of “why” is really quite random; besides I don’t want to hog on the passes and thought I’d share some love and I guess also, one way to say hey thanks for dropping by my site! Now, lets just hope I'll have bigger baits more substantial prizes in the future for you guys.

P/S OK lah, I lied, I stayed up the whole night to watch CSI: New York on the computer lah -_-

P/S/S I really drew the lot and please don’t think I love any of you any less.

P/S/S/S Ling! So how can I pass the tickets to you?

P/S/S/S/S Frank! Thanks for being so sporting and join without *ahem*, me begging forcing asking. Hehe. Really appreciate it! :) And along the way you see alien terms like “sampat”, “lah”, “wah”, “warao”, “walau eh”, "wan", "hor", etc, etc, you need not be alarmed, all these are what we call Manglish - Malaysian English - accents/sounds/slangs/whatyouhave to stress our feelings and sentiments as we speak. We Malaysians, very expressive wan, hor people?!