Monday, January 28, 2013

Olive Baby Products Review

The bug came back to play! T____________T

This time, brought everyone down including the old boy too, but I was resilient, I refused to join in the fun! /fistpumpschest because I'm a goody-two-shoe like that haha. Yeah, so they got my throat itch a little and have to cough a little, but no, I’mma strong as a tough old granny!

The week when the girls first came down with the fever and cough, we had no choice but to feed them medicines, we generally try to avoid these as best we could, because we much prefer to let their bodies fight the bugs and recover naturally. Alas, there are also times, we need to do the opposite when things got a little out of our hands. 

So they’ve been on medications and all that. One thing I noticed about Oli is that, every time she’s put on medication, she’d purge. I assume it’s normal? Does it happen to your littings? I didn’t get to ask the doctor though.

So there were times when she purged, we didn’t notice, especially at night during sleep and she didn’t signal us (which she would if she poos), she’d be wearing soiled diapers and that hurts her skin really badly. The private part area was raw and red, and there was even a wound, and boy did that bother her. :( You should see her when she pooed, and knew that I was going to bring her to the bathroom for cleaning, she’d ran and hid in a corner, crying and screaming murder! How heart breaking! T___T

Anyway, I am glad though, just a week or two before they both fell ill, I was approached for an opportunity to try out the Olive skincare products for baby and I thank God for such right timing! 

Originated from New Zealand, these Olive + Tebe (pronounced as teh-be) skin- and bodycare ranges contain extra virgin olive oil, an antioxidant rich in vitamins and minerals which has been used as a beauty secret in the Mediterranean for centuries. Tebe also contains olive leaf extract which is rich in Oleuropein, a natural antioxidant extremely beneficial for one's skin.

Olive + Tebe products are created by the largest olive estate in New Zealand, Simunovich Olive Estate, with over 40,000 trees producing 150,000 litres of high quality, award winning olive oil every year, much of which goes into the creation of their skin care products. The founder of the estate, Ms Branka Simunovich said that “olive oil is like mother’s milk. It is the one product in the world that no one is allergic to and that makes it perfect for beauty treatments.

I’m sure, for a mother, a woman, that statement is like music to the ears! In these modern days, our diets and hygiene regimens are unavoidably filled with all kinds of unwanted chemicals and artificial ingredients that not just pollute the environment, it also affects the state of our health. So these products are like a breath of fresh air to me and I was eager to put them to test.

And so, soon the girls fell sick and Oli with her nappy condition, I started applying the Olive Baby Nappy Cream on her. Before that, I’ve been using the usual nappy cream – Egozite, which works just as well, except, in this case, I’d much prefer something more natural. 

By now, Oli was suffering with her skin condition and was highly uncomfortable, thus cranky and was unable to sleep through the night. It was a nightmare for all of us! I was pleasantly surprised that the first application of the cream already brought relief.  The skin on Oli’s private part was much better, and she’s able to get through the day a happy baby. Best part, she didn’t ran away from me when she pooed like previously, and allowed me to wash her without whining and crying in pain and fear.

It took around 3 days for the wound to dry up and the skin to get back to its normal condition. So I am really, really happy with the product!

One more thing I like about the nappy cream, is that it comes in a tube with an attached lid. So there’s no fumbling in the dark looking for that tiny plastic screw cap during diaper change that got tangled and hidden amidst the sea of pillows and blankets! 

Another product that I received was the Olive Baby Moisture Milk – a light lotion specifically formulated to guard against chapping, chafing, and dryness – according to the pamphlet. When I received the parcel, I was more excited about this lotion than the nappy cream, because my girls have really dry skin, obviously seen on their legs.

While light in texture, the lotion has a very heavy perfume scent which I don’t like. Babies should smell light and fresh, right (I'm pleased with the nappy cream's scent though!)? But that’s just a personal preference.

That said, the lotion, though looks creamy and heavy, is really quite light and absorbs so well and quickly into the skin! And it doesn’t give you that greasy feel and leave you rather handicapped because you can’t do anything with oily hands? Urgh, I hate that, one reason I don't use body lotion or hand cream! Anyway, after a few applications, I can see that those dry, chapping skin’s not that obvious anymore. Win!

Behold my dry skin! T_T
I'm not sure if you can see, but the fine lines/wrinkles are much more softened and smoother!
The bottle comes with a pump for easy application, but it’d be nice if the pump has some sorta turn-and-lock system to avoid children’s itchy hands from having a pump party and waste all the lotion goodness and slippery surfaces for the mommies to clean! Also it'll be handy to carry around in bags for instant dry skin relief!

Overall, I’m really happy with the Olive products for baby and I’ll definitely restock once I’m out of them! Though a little pricey (both retailed at RM92), the all-natural, skin-safe, pH-balanced formulations are more than enough to justify the purchase. If you need more convincing, here’s why:

- The products is said to be proudly made on the estate in NZ
- pH balanced
- Made with natural ingredients
- Made with pure spring water from the estate
- Fast absorbing, non-greasy formulation
- Nutrient-rich, concentrated formulations
- Recycable and reusable packaging
- Not tested on animals
- Gentle and suitable for all skin types
- Formulated in small amounts for greater quality (the nappy cream and the moisture milk is   75ml and 100ml respectively)
- Scented using natural hypoallergenic fragrances

Both Olive + Tebe have extensive skin- and bodycare ranges for women, men, and baby. So definitely there’s something for everyone in the family! Olive + Tebe is distributed under The Skin Topic and you can find them at Pavilion KL (P.5.12.00, Level 5) and Subang Parade Mall (Lot LGC01, Lower Ground Floor).

Also check them out on their website and facebook page for more info on the products, reviews, as well as promotions and contests to win luxurious Olive & Tebe products!

Do let me know how you like them if you happened to be using them now or in the future,  even! :) 


Anonymous said...

Yum, I like Olive products too. Agreed that they are on the pricey side, though.

John Vonn said...

I would choose the topical cream-- thanks!
baby skin care products