Thursday, August 16, 2012

My First Pre-Loved Closet Sale Party @ TTDI

So I'm finally done talking the walk and am walking the talk! Imma gonna throw a PRE-LOVED CLOSET SALE/PARTY this coming 1st September @ TTDI!

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How exciting is that??? Date, time, venue as stated in the promo poster. My aunt, who's a beautician and runs a beauty salon, is kind enough to lend me her space to hold the sale! /gamdong So. Yup. Here we are!

Organizing this "event" is truly exhilarating yet nerve wrecking! I mean, knowing me, the things I'd worry about is none other than, what if no body comes and not will people buy my junk gems, they are gems ok! T___T *chill chill* but it's ok, at least I try. Huhu

Ok , sob promos aside, please come! Even just to say hello! That'd be a heck load of motivation for me!

Anyway, just briefly - the sale will be held, as mentioned, in my aunt's thalgo salon @ taman tun dr. ismail (address @ the attached pic), from 10am to 4pm. I'm digging deep into my closet (and my sisters', my mom's, and my aunts') and basically took out everything that we are not wearing anymore, and hopefully find them some real loving in new homes. There are some really good brands (brand new and preloved but lightly worn!) here! No worn-out, pariah stuff on sale. Don't worry.

The objective is to clear my wardrobe, which I don't have one, actually, a physical wardrobe I mean. So my clothes are all hung out in a room - a sort of walk in... wardrobe? But it's not working! The dust and the mozzies are bugging me nuts! Besides, I'm just not wearing them anymore, but sayang want to throw out because they are in good condition and are pretty! Really, just for one reason or another, I've grown out of the erm, teen/college girl styles (I mean, a mother? Hello? I can't be donning that H&M mini skirt and I Luv NKOTB BSB band tee anymore right. It's just... off. Age-wise T_T)?

ANYWAYS!!! Giving clothes a second life instead of sending it to the dumpster is good for the earth. So!

I'm also going to donate 10% of the proceeds to Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) - a non profit volunteer group dedicated to saving the strays (receipt will be shown here upon making the donation). I've read a few of their rescue efforts and I'm really touched by it; I can't be on the ground with them, so I just want to do what I can. So, I appeal for your support too! You can check them out on their facebook page.

So yes, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, I'd be glad to furnish you with as much info as I can. But yeah, it's not a complicated event, just make time and come say hello. And re-home my darling BSB tee. Please? /hopeful

Meanwhile, here's google map's link to the said location. So come! Don't make me wait from 10-4 and cry from 4-cows come home ok please.

p/s do bring along your own bag/recycle bag to keep your purchases. Save the earth! Use not plastic! 


Here's some of the pieces that will be on sale that day posted on facebook

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