Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kuhrayzee Joolai!

I typed a one-page essay on how crazy things were in this household and decided truly, I’ve gone crazy to give such detailed report on the happenings, chronologically for that matter, down to the colour of oli’s poop. So I deleted everything and decompose recompose. 

So, in a nutshell, oli came down with chicken pox, recovered, and then, together with frappy, came down again with the flu and high fever bug. That day when all these flu and fever thing was happening at the same time - was hell for me T_T. Thankfully, both recovered overnight after medication (the doc made me insert suppository for them both T____T), but the antibiotic caused oli to purge. She’s coming out of it, though, as of now.  On top of that, jason’s been away a lot this month, like, half a week, every week kinda a lot. So whenever he's around he’s all stressed out from work and I’m all stressed out from weathering this… whole crazy month thing with no break. So yeah. There. More or less (definitely less! Haha!)

My plans to blog regularly is hence, upset. And picking up from where I left off is, so difficult. But I try. 

So please excuse my ayat-ayat tergantung with no apparent writing style nor class. And to make it even more painful for you, Imma just gonna vomit a truckload of some photos to get things started. Erm, yeah. I promise the next post when I come back, I shall attempt to be more regal and elegant. With chanel, blings, louboutin's and all that. Attempt to ok.

So erm, bye?

pre-chicken pox. and silly sisters

Melted chocolates left in the bag. Trust me to do this sorta things. #1

on coffee bean's sofa

life as a city toddler is boring

Hit by the pox!

don't we all love sleeping babies?

cuppa cherries by the AC staff for frappy to snack on. how sweet!

Went for a business meeting and had to borrow a notebook with jack black's face
to scribble on. Trust me to do this sorta things #2.

In sickness and in health

that happy smile :)

posers much?

college. this way. went for an ossum play at sunway college!

epic meal to commemorate epic month

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