Thursday, March 30, 2006

Baby Steps Always Go Very Far

Not much of updates these days as we are still stuck with you-know-what. That sure sucks, to be indecisive and torn between wants, figures, and those unworthy expenditures; but all is well whenever we recall and recount God’s blessings upon us and it helps in refocusing, and I’m sure He’ll continue to see us through.

This weekend we are going to check out this beautiful cottage studio, and see if we can strike a deal in renting the place for the event and bring in our own caterer, that’ll help in saving chunks.

I have this idea of making my own ring pillow, and I have conceptualized it. Will start collecting the materials and do some sewing this week (or worse come to worse get my dad to sew it! Hehe. BTW, he’s a wonderful tailor!). Wish me all the very, very best :)

If you have any inkling for that matter, do give us some ideas on premises/ locations to be rented for our wedding instead of going to a hotel. Mucho gracias.

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