Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Between Cottage & Urban

We visited a couple of sites over the weekend – Tropicana Club House and KLGCC.

Initially I thought holding an event in clubhouses is definitely going to be much cheaper, and then I found out by cheaper, it actually means I’ll have to look into many other major aspects on my own, namely getting my own florist, setting up my own deco, baking my own wedding cakes, sewing my own chair covers, and plus plus. So it was a tiny bit of disappointment, because I’m beginning to buy the idea of holding my wedding at a clubhouse (I’m more for hotels for their all in 1 package with ready assistance as oppose to Jason).

Now between Tropicana and KLGCC, I prefer KLGCC hands down. KLGCC has this beautiful room with a touch of cottage feel, for a casual yet elegantly lazy afternoon event with a row of ceiling windows (triple yay!) overlooking acres of green golf course. It was simply beautiful. The sales lady even offers us the free use of a secluded lobby (with a 2 storey high ceiling window!!! Hallelujah!!!!) for our wedding ceremony, and on top of that, all chairs come with chair covers and ribbons, and we get to choose the color!!!

Tropicana is a lovely place too, just a little well… I shouldn’t be mentioning anything here lest I’d stir up some racial sentiments; let’s just say it’s not so to my liking, though Jason likes the place better. Comparatively, Tropicana comes with a bigger ballroom with a small dance floor before the stage. But I don’t like also the fact that we ought to pay for extras, like the use of the lobby for our wedding ceremony, and the uhm… ugly banquet chairs that come naked in chili red or royal yellow :/

Miss sales girl says: but I include so many things for you adeeeee. And there goes the melting heart.

Now revising my guest list, I’m getting a sinking heart instead because our guests may easily exceed 200 pax. Man! When I expect things to be hold in a hotel, the hotels say we have too little head count to meet their banquet quota and besides the quotations do look pricey (I agree on that dear); but when I finally found a lovely clubhouse and jiving rather comfortably with the whole clubhouse idea, my guest list is growing a little too big for the ideal ball room!

How lah?

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