Thursday, April 27, 2006

Did Some Window Ogling

I found some really gorgeous gowns after hours of net crawling. The one on the far left is my favourite, for its ethereal, silky, classy, doll-like look; the third one is my favourite too, for the ribbon/sash plus its lacey body; oh and the fourth gown is also a favourite, the tube-like top really set my heart a-thumping; and the chiffon train on the far right, oh my, I could wear that everyday!

I've chosen my gown from the boutique, in a way too bad for that, else I'd have it tailor made! Mine has an empire-cut tube like the first gown, except it has nice beading on and under the bustline, and the skirt is of chiffon and trails off like the gown on the far right. Can't wait to bring her home and sleep in it. Hehe.


.:dewgem:. said...

OOohh. sounds like a gorgeous gown! When you bring it back home, take a pic and load it up here! hehehhe.

And about the wallet's always feels nice to do something really good. 'i feel good..nanananana.." hahha. =)

Leishia J said...

nanananana alright!!!!!

i'll not just take a pic of it, i'll squeeze right in and take many pics of me IN it!

boogie on!!!!!