Monday, April 17, 2006

For The Record

The bestest comment by far: you still look like you in your bridal shots (as compare to MOST people who look like a different person after the make-ups). Kekekeke!

Ok anyway, I like it for a compliment so beat it.

Last evening saw us driving from Melaka to PJ in the rain and traffic jam. Jason and I had a nice long chat albeit the intermittent you-ass-I’m-pissed-you-suck-I-pout tantrums (don’t ask!). The conversation was steered to the direction of parenting, and we’ve got a few things straightened, namely our preferred style and… well, stuff like that.

On the subject of ways to bring up boys, I had this coming from Jason:

You know what is the beauty of a man? The beauty of a man comes not from his muscles, nor how strong he is, nor how tough he is; rather, the true beauty of a man is shone when he willingly does what normally is classified as women’s job, i.e house hold chores; when he is not ashamed to cry; when he admits his wrong-doings, repent, and change for the better; when he takes up the leadership roles with a humble heart, if he can not humble himself and go down to the lowest ground, he doesn’t fit to be a real leader; and a real man is also protective of the weaker folks and stands up for them and for the truth.

At this point you’d expect to see me going all mushy limbs and starry eyes looking into the man who just spoke those manly words, ooh-ing and ahh-ing away. Alright, that’s a lil drama, BUT! I am glad and proud too, to say the least, to see that coming from the man who is going to father my children (I still get a lil twinge in the stomach every time I remembered that I’m going to be a wife and later, mom! Yikes!). I’ve met enough guys who “prefer sons to daughters, and have the whole works of plans and visions for sons, and basically eat, sleep, dream about having sons, and daughters are, well, yeah daughters, we love ‘em too, they are important you know, without them, no one’s gonna do our dishes!”

So seeing Jason speaks like that, I was, pretty amazed, not to mention relieved! I thank God for His match, really, He knows better what type of partner suits us best; this applies to our everyday life too. I’m sure glad I’m walking on the road carved by Him! It may not be one smooth sailing journey, but at least I know I’m in good hands and His grace sustains. Thank you Lord!


.:dewgem:. said...

one word for Jason...



So happy for you dear.

Leishia J said...

yo dew! u've been very supportive with my blog here by leaving comments and all! thats really really sweet of you! muak! :) thanks so much girl!

hows things on ur side? (which is not too far away from me btw) hmm, maybe we should all meet up one day! hehe well in anyway, keep the balls rolling and have fun!

.:dewgem:. said...

agreed with the meet up thing ;)