Thursday, April 13, 2006

It Is Confirmed That The...

Seventeenth of the Ninth Month, Year Two Thousand and Six is the date to block.

It’s going to be a day where the sun shines coolly, birds chirp happily, angels sing joyfully, and basically, everything will be something-something-ly. So block your calendar and come join us for a memorable afternoon – Jason & Leishia’s wedding.


David Bong said...

Praise God for the confirmation date. Happy planning and waiting.

But 19-9-2006 is a Tuesday. Your wedding on Tuesday night kah? Not weekend?

Leishia J said...

haisheh man, typo lah! oops hehe

i corrected the date already, its supposed to be 17th, a sunday. the whole day i've been thking of 19th. haiks!

.:dewgem:. said...

am i invited? am i invited? hahaha thick-skin. i haven't even seen you in person yet and wanna go for wedding...tsk tsk..dewgem..dewgem.

hahahaha. sorry. alter ego speaking.

So happy for both you and jason for the confirmed date. wheee!!!

Leishia J said...

hey dew! it'd our honor to have u around! ur after all my sis' friend... i think u've helped out in weddings and organized valentine's night before right? cool, can rope u in to help. hehehhe. (i lagi thick skin!) :p

.:dewgem:. said...

hahahah..sure, i'll be honoured to help you and jason out. ;)

Anonymous said...

hey Leishia and Jason!!

Congratulatiooonns!well, i think i already congratulated y'all a long time ago...but haha... just found this awesomely-pretty-wedding-preppy-coolly earthy blog.. and i am just sooo happy for the both of you so i guess, wishing again ain't wrong right? haha...have a TON of fun with the wedding preps. The ladies are shown extremely stressed out over their wedding preps and i HOPE you won't be, coz... what makes the wedding sweet is a good-enjoyable-pleasant-marvelous-truly-memorable-a-little-stressful wedding prep! =P