Monday, April 03, 2006

Over The Weekend

I’ve been keeping my posting low for the past 1 week even with my coming up with incredible wedding ideas lest it’d be just another “you-say-only-lah” thing. But then do you know how difficult it is to contain genius ideas, do you?! So I was very glad after the sun set last evening, because I’m going to pour it all out! Hahaha!

So the genius idea was this: I found a photo studio operating in a cottage somewhere in Ampang from a magazine, and I thought, this’d be cool, we can rent the studio and have our ceremony and reception there, and we just need to bring in our own caterer. But seemingly, Jason wasn’t too impressed with the idea but nonetheless complied with the idea with an open heart. So I looked it up on the net, found the address, and finally waited for Sunday to come, and off we went to check that place out.

Now being a very excitable girl with her own *ahem* genuinely genius ideas, Jason knows I’m all for the idea, as in ALL, I couldn’t stop yakking about it the whole time through out the journey; to a certain point Jason had to prepare me for the worst case scenario. “Dear, we don’t need to be disappointed IF we can’t have our wedding there, okay?”

So much for support.

So we arrived at the quaint little cottage house set right smack in the bustling city. And yeah, it was nice, like, really nice, except for some part of the ceilings were holed, the wallpaper comes in 3 different patterns in the same living room, the piping of the central A/C was naked and rusty, the garden was not so accommodating, and the glass house was run down, but hey I can take it all! I can do some decorating job and the place will be revamped; as I say it best: “all those imperfections make it perfect!” Oh how I say it best!

But deep down, I know, it’s not going to work. If my I’m expecting a 200 pax crowd.

So still high in spirit, we went off and drove along the city aimlessly, and then I called a colleague-friend of mine, who’s so kindly came out from her house on a lazy Sunday afternoon to show us around the city.

First she brought us to Tamarind Hill. A very… interesting place, what with the pebbled filled stair cases from the main entrance, and big leafy tropical plants, and mosquitoes; I can only imagine aunties and ah mahs cursing us from the first step all the way up the hill.

And then we went to some Japanese restaurant which was closed and undoubtedly a no for us too.

And then we went to this Italian restaurant which, get this, Jason fell in love with! So madly in love with! All because the garden was so quaint and comfy, and beyond the garden was a few acres of jungles and monkeys roaming around. Jason felt very at home. :) hehe In any case, it motivates me a lot to see his dampened enthusiasm was revived after those tiring months we went through in getting a place which suit our date and requirements.

So after laying down all 3 of our obvious choices: the above restaurant, or KLGCC, or our church. We are pretty much set. A few calls shall be in order today, and then the rest, like they say, will be history.


.:dewgem:. said...

hey gal,

it's been pretty interetsing to kept up-to-date about your wedding preparations. Wow, all these choices. If I were to get married one day, I'm gonna be sooo stress because i'm such an indecisive person!! Haha.

But anywayz, all the best in everything. I'm so so so so excited for you!!!

And yes, to be able to see your partner i.e. Jason to be so enthusiastic about something can really lift the spirits and be enthusiastic to do other stuffs. Yay!!

Leishia J said...

hey dew,

its so cool to have some noise in this quiet blog! :)

i've been reading ur posting, do pull ur spirit together (and i'm sure God will continue to pour out His!) and hang in there. it always works when we persevere thru.

big hugs and big muaks. take care now!

p/s: hey ur gym's at celebrity? me too!!!! hehehe