Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hello Spring!

Thursday was a girls’ night-out. We went to the Curve after work and decided to have dinner at Vivo’s. After the chicken chop and baked fish and choco mallo drink, it was time for some serious shopping (without the guys! Whoo hoo!). There were so many pretty things to look at! Oh, I was also on a search for my little black dress.

I’ve found some really cool vintage clothes in Tribeca. The girl in me wished I could buy them all! The patterns and colors combo were awesome. Argh! I should’ve brought my camera along… and then maybe some cash too. Hehe. But refrain was the resounding word of the day.

I managed to find my cocktail dress for tonight’s wedding dinner. This dress has finally put a stop to my search for that little black dress all these years, which suits all events and occasions! Joy!

After the clothing department, we headed over to Borders and found some really yummy books. Ah… life is so good.

I began to find (window) shopping to be therapeutic. And I began to find myself getting girlier each day…

Anyway, we headed over to Laundry bar for some live band performance after the book surfing. The first guy was good with his guitar and voice, but lacked presence; and then things went downhill thereon. We had fun people-watching though! There were so many shapes of people dressed in so many types of clothing with so many sets of attitude, it’s amazing!

The late night saw me waking up with a hang-over feel-alike the next morning, not that I drank, but the headache was annoying. Age catching up maybe? Oh dear. But I really wouldn’t mind doing this again! I’ve begun to appreciate the colors and textures in everyday things more and more. And I’m happy about that. I’m happy I’m not walking around oblivious about the cacophonies of life anymore. And the mission? To capture them all.


miche said...

how i's go on...

oh ya! and we have jason all to ourself :P

Leishia J said...

yeah, happy? hehe :)