Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stressed Out

There will be some changes in my work scope, like, right about now. And I’m going crazy, getting nightmares after another. Argh. I love me some holiday!!! Oh, by the way, no more taking leave on Mondays: because that’s the day all my weekly reports should go out. Lovely, isn’t it?

Last night Jason and I surfed through and I think we’ve got ourselves a honeymoon package. Just need to wait for Jason to renew his passport and we’ll book ‘em right after. At least something’s moving.


Fauziah said...

hey plan the honeymoon well...where to....all the best...need any let me know...take care

Leishia J said...

heh yeah. perhaps your hubby can get us free plane tix?! :D

well hey i hope u've been holding up great. hugs girl!