Monday, July 03, 2006

My Weekend Was Awesome Because...

I had my ears pierced!!!

Argghh! Never mind I’m still walking like a robot, so afraid to move my head one bit lest I inflict more pain on my thick earlobes, earrings are now officially an obligated piece in my wardrobe!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I got my cheongsam!!! Never mind it’s not really a cheongsam, rather just a wannabe. But bottom line is, I exchanged one of my evening gown with a 2 piece cheongsam-collared gown with the bridal shop, hence saving me big bucks if I were to buy it or even tailor make it! PLUS, I look great in it!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I also got my lengha!!! Never mind it’s not a traditional full, heavy, expensive lengha. On the contrary, the skirt is flowy and simply grand with all the blings. And it comes in the color of my choice: greenish aquamarine blue! The gown was left at the shop for alteration. The strap of the top is to be cut off, making it a one shoulder, asymmetrical piece. Jason has given a very tasteful suggestion as far as fashion is concerned! That is to have the back tailored bare, and have the piece pulled back with a string. And yes, we are going with that idea. AND, I look great in it too!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And finally, I got my curls chopped off!!! Never mind I’m no longer sexily curly; I’m walking with one lighter head on my shoulder, thus making my robotic walk to cope with the thick, pierced earlobes much easier. I’m planning to straighten it after the wedding! In fact, I look much younger now!!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHA

Oooh, la vida e dolce!

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